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Wet Miranda Squirts

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As much as I love to come, and as often as I masturbate, there was something that was still a mystery about the process until recently. I watched Rick jacking off one night, and I suddenly realized that men always shoot out something when they come, and women generally do not. I had heard that it was possible for women to expel fluid, or “squirt,” but I didn’t really believe it. I did some research on the phenomenon of female ejaculation, or squirting, and I learned a few things. I was intrigued for a few days, but I soon forgot all about it.

A few weeks later, Rick and I were watching an adult video, and a woman came in a gushing spurt of ecstasy. I thought she was ejaculating, and Rick argued that she was just peeing. I bet him that with enough training and patience I could learn to squirt when I came. I didn’t expect this to happen overnight, but I knew that it was scientifically possible, and I just had to try.

I decided it was time to learn all I could about female ejaculation. I studied videos of women coming, and I read scientific journals. I learned all about the anatomy. I will spare you a detailed biology lesson, but it boils down to the existence of something called Skene’s gland, which is near the urethra. During sexual arousal these glands fill with fluid and may in some cases be felt through the vaginal wall. The tissue surrounding the female urethra fills with blood during sexual arousal, as is the case in the male. This results in the tissue becoming firm to the touch.

The first thing I learned is that there is scientific evidence of female ejaculation. It is a distinctly separate liquid than urine, and women can learn to ejaculate just like men.

The second thing I learned is that although it is a different liquid than urine, women who ejaculate often cannot control what comes out when they come, and they often shoot out both urine and ejaculate. The ejaculate is an alkaline fluid similar to what is produced by the male prostate gland.

The third thing I learned is that it is perfectly O.K.; in fact it is the norm, for a woman to expel both urine and ejaculate when she squirts.

The key to triggering female ejaculation, according to all the literature I read, was to stimulate the G-Spot while also having the clitoris stimulated. The other two keys were to build up muscles, and to relax while being stimulated. Every thing I read stressed that I should not worry if I didn’t ejaculate. Many sites I studied said not to worry if you pee instead of ejaculate, and they said that very often you will pee at the same time as the ejaculation of the fluid, and that this is very normal.

I spent about a month training my muscles. This had the added benefit of greatly increasing the intensity of my orgasms, as the vaginal muscles become very strong with repeated Kegel exercises. These exercises strengthen a set of muscles known as the PC muscles. They are the muscles that both men and women use to stop the flow of urine. They are also the same muscles that contract and expand during orgasm. I spent about 15 minutes a day for a month strengthening these muscles until they were so strong I could put my finger inside my pussy and grab it so tight I could not physically remove it until casino şirketleri I relaxed the muscle. The orgasms I have had since this muscle strengthening regimen are unbelievably intense.

Once I had gotten the PC muscles in prime condition, I had to learn to stimulate my G-spot. Sure, it always had felt good to be touched inside my pussy, but I embarked on a scientific voyage of discovery to really isolate the spot. I had Rick experiment with his fingers, a vibrator, and a dildo. What ended up working the best was when he stimulated the inside of my pussy, along the upper wall, creating a hook with his index finger. Imagine you want to signal to someone standing across the room that you want them to come toward you, and have your lover do that with his finger. He turned his hand palm up and signaled with his index finger by making a hook, curling it up and straightening it repeatedly. Then he massaged the upper wall of the vagina, about two inches inside. Start out with a very light touch. I had him press his fingers up and toward the front, pointing toward the pubic bone, using the urethral opening as a guide. I made him use tons of lubrication, even though I was already quite wet.

We aren’t even at the point yet were I attempted to ejaculate; I was just diligently learning all about the best ways to get stimulated inside my pussy. Once Rick learned to stimulate my G-spot, I taught him to use his other hand to masturbate my clitoris. He already knew how to do this quite well, but it was tricky for him to have to do this with his left hand, as his right hand was already needed inside me. He soon became an expert at two handed stimulation. Although I could have used my own hand, I figured it would be easier for me to concentrate if I didn’t have to worry about that. I used my free hands to caress my breasts for some added stimulation.

The next step may shock some people. I read that you should do this in the bathtub. What you do next is have your lover stimulate you while you are nude in the tub. What people may be shocked to learn is that for this stage, you will actually pee on purpose. Make sure your lover isn’t squeamish about such things; after all, you will be in the bathtub, so there shouldn’t be anything to freak out about. The theory is that if you don’t worry about peeing, it will help your mind to let go. You actually want to pee the first few times. Drink lots of water first, then strip and get in the bathtub. Have your lover do everything you practiced.

I got naked and filled the tub with a few inches of hot water. I had Rick strip and sit in the tub with me. He stuck his index finger inside me like we had practiced, and then began to stimulate my clit. I felt close to coming, but held back to prolong the ecstasy. This also helps make the final orgasm even more intense. I had him bring me to the edge and then stop about three times. Now it was time for the moment of truth. It was very hard to pee, because society had conditioned me to only do this in the toilet. I had to keep repeating to myself that it was all right, that I had to let go. I thought about Rick fucking me from behind, and this got me really near the edge. Out of nowhere, I gripped his wrist tightly, and felt a hot stream casino firmaları of pee start to escape. Then my hips rocked up a half a foot, and I came like I had never come before. The pee squirted out into the air, and the orgasm was so fucking intense I felt the world collapse around me. All I could feel was pure physical ecstasy, and though I am normally not very loud when I come, I remember literally shouting. My legs spread involuntarily, and my pussy quivered and shook like there was no tomorrow. The orgasm coursed through my veins, and I felt tingly waves of pleasure throughout my head.

After coming so hard, I just needed to relax. Surprisingly, I did not feel at all self conscious about what had just happened. The theory is that you have to get used to coming this way; that is, you have to get used to expelling something when you come. By letting go, I had prepared myself for the next stage.

We repeated this a few more times over the next few weeks. After doing this in the bathtub, I was ready to move on to the bed. We took off the sheets and put a shower curtain on the bed that we planned to dispose of afterwards. I felt more comfortable on the bed, and knew that Rick would make me feel even more comfortable. We had towels to clean up with too.

By now this had become routine. I would drink a liter of water, and then have him masturbate me for at least fifteen minutes. Rick stimulated my G-spot with his left index finger and my clit with his right hand. We experimented with water-proof vibrators and didlos, but it always felt more intimate when I could feel his fingertip, so we gave up the toys for awhile. I would let him bring me to the edge of orgasm at least three or four times. This built up a huge climax inside me each time, and I got used to the sensation of expelling fluid when coming.

It felt so wonderful to have him masturbate my pussy with two hands while I was free to caress myself and enjoy the stimulation between my legs. By this point I had decided to shave my pussy so I could better experience the sensations down below. This opened up a whole new world, as I could feel his touch in places I never could before shaving my pubic hair all off. It felt so nice to have his bare hands all over my smooth silky skin.

The fifth time we did this, Rick said that he noticed that the fluid I was expelling was not as thin anymore; he said it was kind of sticky, like the lubrication in my pussy when I get turned on. Perhaps I was already ejaculating without even realizing it! I decided I was ready for the next step. This time I made sure not to drink any water, and I emptied my bladder right before starting. I also withheld orgasm for four whole days before. For me this is hard, as I usually come about once a day. I knew that delaying orgasm would help build up tremendous pressure when I got turned on. It was so hard to keep from touching myself for four days, but somehow I managed.

I lay down on the bed stark naked, and let him stimulate me as he had many times before. One finger inside my pussy rubbed my G-spot; and his other hand masturbated my clit just right. I spread my legs as far as possible, and closed my eyes while thinking dirty thoughts. I imagined him plunging güvenilir casino his dick into me and fucking me silly. I pinched my nipples. I started to sweat. I felt the orgasm coming, and made Rick stop for a few minutes. I was breathing really hard. He stimulated me some more, masturbating my clit in circles. I tensed up as I felt the edge of orgasm approaching yet again. He stopped at the last second, not letting me explode just yet. Normally we started and stopped about three or four times, but it was the sixth time already, and he wouldn’t let me come yet! He told me to relax. He put my hands above my head, and told me to just lay still and let him do the work while I enjoyed the touching. He worked me slowly. It was agonizing to be held on the brink for so long without relief. He told me to practice my Kegel exercises. I clenched my pussy muscles very tight, and let go. I repeated this, and each time I let go my pussy felt so relaxed.

Rick started to pick up the tempo, and he told me that this is it. He told me to think hot thoughts and brace myself for what was about to happen. His fingers worked magic between my legs, and the stimulation got faster and faster. I knew that there would be no more stopping; once the coming started, it was going to go all the way. His finger on my G-spot rubbed me oh so good, and he furiously finger fucked me while still masturbating my hard clit. I knew the blood was rushing between my legs, and I felt the first approaching wave hit me…

Oh my GOD, I started to orgasm so fucking hard I thought I would see stars. My legs involuntarily opened even wider, and my hips lurched up a foot in the air as the orgasm rocked my entire body. I felt the same sensation I had felt the other times when squirting out pee. It felt like I hadn’t come in a year and was finally letting the entire year’s worth of tension flood out at once. I felt so juicy and wet between my legs, and felt something wet all over my thighs and pussy lips. My heart was racing so fast and loud that I could hear it. I completely lost all control of my body, and I thrashed around the bed. I also got aftershocks, which felt like my nervous system was firing randomly, a bit like electrical shocks between my legs. I had my eyes closed, so I have to rely on Rick’s report of what he saw. He said that sticky fluid came out of my pussy. He told me it was not a huge gush like in the movies, but it was defiantly not pee, and it soaked his hand up to the wrist. He said it squirt out about three inches above my bare pussy lips.

I fell asleep for about an hour while recovering from that intense orgasm. While I don’t ejaculate every time I come, Rick said he notices a lot more fluid on his cock when we have sex. When masturbating by myself I notice that I seem to just ooze lubrication between my legs, and that it is always extra wet and sticky on my fingers.

I used to be jealous when I watched guys shoot a load of hot white fluid out of their cocks, but now I feel like I know what they are going through better. The exercises have made all of my orgasm even more intense. I can’t wait to squirt again, and feel the peculiar sensation of having fluid shoot out of my pussy and get my lover all wet. Just now, I am thinking about what it would be like for Rick if I ejaculated while he ate out my bare pussy. Would he mind getting his face all wet? Would it be the female equivalent of giving someone a facial? And most of all, how intense would the squirting sensation be with a tongue.

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