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What a Dream

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It had been the week from hell. Running from one crisis to another with barely enough time to grab something to eat and a few hours of sleep here and there. Not even enough time to make a short phone call to tell her he missed her.

Here itwas Friday again and he was stuck sitting in traffic, just creeping along, easing up and then stopping again. It was such mindless work this afternoon traffic that his mind began to wander.

He thought of previous Friday’s and how he would love to be spending this Friday afternoon / early evening like he had spent previous Fridays. In his mind he could smell her. Could taste her skin. Could hear her short intakes of breath as he touched or kissed a particularly sensitive spot. Damn he loved that sound. Unconsciously his hand slipped to his crotch and gently squeezed his hardening cock. Just the thought of her was enough to make him hard.

He thought about how beautiful she was as he remembered her sitting on the floor between his legs slowly stroking his cock. Her lips slowly closing over the head, her tongue gently lick the underside of his shaft, before slowly taking him completely into her mouth. The feeling of her mouth around him was exquisite, like a hot, wet, pulsating glove wrapped around him. It always took all his control not to just let go immediately, flooding her mouth with his boiling hot seed. He always wanted to be able to relish this experience. The sight of her, the sounds she made, and the feel of her around him.

He loved the way she seemed to want to love and devour his cock at the same time. He recognized he was watching someone who was really enjoying what she was doing and that knew she was causing him great pleasure at the same time. What a turn on.

He knew he could not hold out much longer so he wrapped his hands in her hair and firmly pulled her loving mouth off his cock. Her hand immediately tooks it place but he had to push that away also. He pulled her up to him covering her mouth with his. Their tongues fighting back and forth, bent on capturing bedava bahis and enslaving the others. His hand slid between her legs to find her dripping wet. She was always like this after sucking his cock and this turned him on even more. He slow stroked her wet lips as he kissed her. One hand cupping a breast and teasing a nipple, the other stroking between her legs.

His fingers parted her lips and slowly he slid one finger a millimeter at a time up into her wetness. Once again her hand found his cock and began to stroke, and he had to push it away. He took the hand he had brushed away and placed it on her breast and told her to cup it for him, pinch the nipple like he did. He watched as she did this and the sight thrilled him. He loved watching her touch herself for him.

When his fingers judged that she was as wet as she was going to get he lifted her up higher, urging her to straddle him. He took his raging hard cock in his hand and held it straight up for her as she slowly began to impale herself on his pulsing cock. He heard her sharp little intake of breath as his cock began to fill her. She slowly slid down his cock until she was completely impaled on his cock. He could feel his cock pressing against the back wall of her wet pussy as she began to rotate her hips. His hands found her breasts and slowly began to roll her nipples between his fingers, rolling and tugging on them. Using them to gently shake her breasts as she rode him.

He bent his head forward and sucked a nipple into his mouth and let his wet tongue circle her hard nipple. She was beginning to rise up and down on his cock in a faster rhythm. Rising up and letting herself fall back upon his cock. Everytime he could feel the head of his cock hitting her cervix deep inside her.

He began to talk to her. Urging her on. Encouraging her. telling her to ride this hard cock that was just for her. Use my cock he told her, take it all, feel it fill you up. ” You love riding my cock, don’t you? ” he asked her. All she could do was tell bedava bonus him through clenched teeth was ” Yes, dammit yes “.

He could feel her pussy squeezing around him as she got closer to her release. The clenching got to the point it turned into one big squeeze and he felt her let go as he tilted his head up to kiss her. He knew she loved being kissed when she was cumming and wanted this to push her over the edge, and it did. He felt her hot juices erupt around his hard cock and then flow down across his thighs and his balls, drenching him and the chair seat. Damn how he loved it when she came like that. Without a doubt he knew then she had reached a body wrenching cum that she so deserved and that he wanted her to have.

Her gyrations slowed and remained astride him, his cock still rock hard inside her. They kissed as her orgasm faded a bit. But the kissing only started her up again and soon he felt her slowly stirring on his cock. With his faced nuzzled into her neck he asked her if she had liked fucking him? She replied that it was him who had fucked her, but he slowly laughed a little laugh and told her “I haven’t come close to fucking you yet.”

Something about those words seemed to flip a switch and she was slowly sliding up and down his cock again. He kept nuzzling her neck while his hands cupped her bottom and urged to move faster. Her breathing became shorter and more ragged as her pace increased. He softly asked her “Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to feel my hard cock pounding inside you? Do you want my hands in your hair as I ride you baby? “

She murmured a soft but urgent “yesssss”. With that he lifted her off his cock and turned her around and moved her to the couch. He firmly turned her around and pushed her over the end of the couch until she was bent over the arm. His hand slipped between her legs and found her wetness and slowly slid his fingers inside her. He brought the wet fingers to his mouth and sucked her juices off, relishing in her taste. He took his rock hard deneme bonusu cock in his hand and slowly used the head to spread the lips of her wet pussy.

He slowly rubbed the head up and down until the head was totally wet with her, and then he began to press forward, burying his cock one inch at a time into her until he felt his balls resting against her.

He rested like this for a minute relishing the feeling of her around him and loving the sight of her bent over before him. He reached out and let his hand slide into her hair. The hair slipped between his fingers and he slowly closed his hand until it was full of hair. He then slowly began to pull her head back, making her arch her neck until she was close enough he could kiss her. He loved doing that, being buried inside her from behind and being able to kiss her at the same time. He kissed her and slowly began to stroke his cock inside her. He whispered softly into her ear ” Now it is me who is fucking you baby. I love the way my hard cock feels inside you. The way your hair feels in my hand. The way your hips feel when I hold them.”

With that he began to really drive himself into her over and over. He could feel her trying to fuck back at him and he pressed her even more firmly into the arm of the sofa, letting her know he was in control. His cock hammered at her relentlessly. He could feel his temples pounding and he knew he was getting close to losing control. As he thrust himself into her again and again he felt his release start. He felt his balls draw up and the first sharp twinge of his orgasm push him over the edge. He thrust once more driving into the hilt as his cock exploded inside her. He could see her arched back as he pulled even harder on her hair and then he felt her go too. The flood of her juices washing over him even as his cum filled her.

The blare of the horns startled him and when he realized what was really going on he saw that the car in front of him had moved up 100 feet and the people behind him were laying on their horns. As he put the car in gear his hand brushed his crotch, only to find it soaking wet. Well it had been a dream and not a dream hadn’t it he thought as he followed the car in front of him as he inched his way home. Hmmmm, inched his way home had a nice ring to it didn’t it LOL.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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