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What I Didn’t Hear Pt. 02

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All characters are at least 18 in this story. Additionally, there is incest and graphic sexual content with BDSM relationships. I would advise you not to read any further.

This picks right up from part 1. If you haven’t read it, I would suggest you do so you will know what going on.

Chapter 2

The next few weeks went that way, I would go to school with her, and we would flirt while nobody was looking. Our nights consisted of pleasuring one another, and we were getting considerably better. It was our routine. Never let it go past oral sex. Life was great, now that I finally finished pressure washing everything. My father had calmed down and ungrounded me from any more hard labor. I was finally going to be able to play golf and enjoy my summer, now that summer school was over for Katie.

On our first official day of summer, we decided to layout, swim in the pool, and enjoy the sun. She dressed in a skimpy bikini that made her breast protrude out both sides, and her low-waisted thong showed off her round ass perfectly. She wanted me to enjoy her body as much as possible but have something on just in case our parents came home early. Even though it didn’t stop her from sunbathing without her top on, trying to give me a heart attack. There’s only so much I could take before my hard cock let my little sister know it was enjoying the view. I did nothing to hide it as it smashed into the fabric and forced a tent in my shorts.

“Do you need me to apply any more sunscreen?” I asked.

“No, thanks, babe,” she said, as she pulled and twisted her nipples between her fingers, “I really just need your cock in my mouth.” She sounded like it wasn’t a big deal looking up, smiling at me, and showing me her eyes that hid behind her dark oversized framed sunglasses.

I ripped my board shorts down and let my cock swing free out in the open, and it was exhilarating. I had never done anything like that and would never even think about doing it at my own home. My little sister sat up immediately and suctioned her lips to the head of my cock, and started to slide her lips back and forth over the rim of my head while flicking her tongue. Her large breast jiggled as she began to stroke my shaft faster. I loved to watch her enjoy me in her mouth, and it was something she wanted to do for me. But, it was all for show. She now knew just how to get me off with minimal effort, with just three easy steps. Step one. Pull me into the back of her mouth, making sure to coat my head with the perfect amount of saliva. Step two. Apply just the right amount of pressure. Step three. Break out the magic wrist and only stroke up and down on the top three inches of my cock. Within a minute, I was blasting volley after volley onto her massive tits.

“All better?” She asked, smiling. Knowing damn well what the answer was, as she rubbed my cum into her breasts.

“Yes, baby. The best.” I answered, and I took my seat next to her.

“Katie?” I said, a little too aggressive, as I tried to force myself to say something I wanted to ask her.

“Yes.” Her eyes were looking a little worried.

“Would you like to…to go out on a dinner date with me?” Her blank face bored holes right through me. I couldn’t see her eyes and began to think the worst almost immediately. Was this too much too soon? Why did you ask her that? I kicked myself.

“It’s ok, just forget about it,” I said, feeling embarrassed and sick to my stomach.

“No.” She said. “I mean, not no, that I won’t go. I would love to go on a date with you.”

“You don’t have to go. I understand. It’s too soon. I get it.” I said, getting up from my chair.

“Connor!” She growled back at me.

“I wanna go! I was… Just shocked that we could be able to go out as a couple.”

“Wanna go tonight?” I asked, feeling better.

“Yes, I would love to.”

“Awesome.” I shot back and dove into the pool, trying to hide my excitement.

This was taking it to the next level. Of course, we had been pleasuring each other and expressing our love to one another, but this was different. We didn’t act like a couple; hell, we couldn’t. We kept our distance when our parents were home and didn’t take any chances when they were awake.

I took my time getting ready. I made sure my boots were clean, my pearl snap was pressed, and my hair was styled just right. I was nervous when I walked into the kitchen. Luckily my mom was more worried about my little sister, than to notice my anxiety. We had told them we were going on a double date: the fewer questions we had to answer, the better.

“Please be careful, Connor.” My mother said, putting both hands on the kitchen island as she glared at me. “Don’t let anything happen to her.”

“I won’t,” I said as convincingly as I could.

Hearing Katie’s heels click down the stairs and through the hall let us know she was on the move and headed our way. The entrance she made was anything but ordinary. Her strawberry red lipstick that glimmered on her pouty lips was the first thing güvenilir bahis that got my attention. Followed by the short black V-neck dress that sparkled as she moved. It was form-fitting and clung to every curve on her body. The two three-inch straps that started just above the swell of her breasts and held the dress up were tied in a bow around the back of her soft neck. Keeping with the look, she was going for, her hair was pulled back into a low elegant bun with one curly strand on each side. She was beautiful, so much so that I couldn’t even find the words at the moment to say anything. My sister, the teenage girl, was gone, and a woman now stood in front of me. How had I been so lucky?

“Katie?” My mother said, sounding concerned. “Isn’t that a little much for a first date?”

“Oh, mom. Come on! Please don’t badger me. I’m a grown woman.” Sounding like it wasn’t a big deal, and knowing she was way overdressed.

“Excuse me, young lady?” My mother gasped as my father just chuckled in the background.

“Mom, Connor is going to be right there. It’s not like I would do anything anyway. I’m not a whore mother.” She shot back.

“It’s ok, Mom. I promise I will not let anyone put their hands on her,” I said, trying to de-escalate the conversation.

“Ok, Connor, just please be careful.” My mother responded, with tears in her eyes.

We headed to a restaurant about forty-five minutes away, called Pappas. It was a Cajun seafood restaurant with really spicy food. It was a popular spot and always packed. It was somewhere that we would blend right in, with everyone doing their own thing. As we waited on the feeder for a minute or two, I knew the parking lot would be full of people everywhere coming and going. I needed to pay close attention not to run anybody over as my four-by-four lifted truck put me at a disadvantage, of seeing what was right in front of me. The two signs with red arrows on them pointed the line of cars and us to the overfill lot just around back. After another fifteen minutes of follow the leader, I found a spot a little further away, where the grass was still high. I hopped out and walked around to Katie’s door to help her down out of the truck. She made sure to spread her legs a little extra for me to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Stopping briefly to adjust the growing bulge in my pants from her little tease, I finished helping her out of the truck. We held each other’s hands and couldn’t help but smile as we made our way towards the door. We looked like a new couple in love.

“Hi, we would like a table for two,” I said.

“It’s about an hour and a half wait. Is that okay?” The hostess replied loudly over the noise of the restaurant.

“Sounds good,” I spoke up.

“Here’s a pager; when it vibrates, make your way back here, and someone will escort you to the table,” she said and handed me the little black box with the logo of the place on the front.

It was nice, we sat and talked about things we liked, what we wanted to do when we got older. The wait time went by fast, and it seemed like we just sat down on the bench out front when the little box started flashing and vibrating.

“Right this way,” she said before handing the pager to the hostess and quickly taking off.

“Oh hell, we better hurry,” I said, grabbing Katie’s hand and trying to keep up.

I hoped it would be a little more romantic for our first date, but I don’t think Katie minded. We sat and continued to talked about everything that came to mind. The occasional peck on the lips was as far as it went as we enjoyed our food and conversation. Unfortunately, the evening went by too fast, and we were disappointed just after we finished our shared chocolate cake dessert. The waiter showed up with the check to basically kick us out and end our first dinner date together. I paid the bill, and we headed out the door, just after a quick stop by the restrooms. We held hands and walked at a slower pace; neither one of us not wanting the night to end just yet.

The ride home was quiet, almost unnerving. My heart let my brain understand everything it was feeling. I loved her, and after tonight I wanted more with her than just the little sister I grew up with. I wanted her all the time now, not just the few nights we had each week. But I had no clue how to start or how to tell her I felt. So I just put the truck in park at the end of the driveway and sat there like an idiot.

“That was the greatest night of my life. Connor, I love you so much. I… I.” She tried to get it out, looking into my eyes, her eyes glossy and filled with tears.

“I’m so happy you had a great time,” I shot back, trying to help her get the words out.

Wow, that sounded so stupid. Maybe you should tell her that, dumbass. My thoughts, not cutting me any slack.

“Yes,” I blurted out. “It was really cool. I can’t wait to do it again.” Jesus Christ, you’re a fucking idiot. You could possibly be the dumbest person I know; my brain continued the insults.

“Well…I türkçe bahis guess we better go in before they start getting curious. I saw mom peeking through the curtains when we pulled up.” She said.

As soon as we walked the door, the onslaught of questions started. “How was it? Did y’all have fun?, What did you eat? Where did you go, and did your dates behave themselves?”

“Mom, Jesus Christ, one question at a time,” I shot back, sounding a little irritated. Katie never even acknowledged our mother and headed straight upstairs.

“I’m sorry, I was just worried. I hope y’all had a great time, and I’m glad you made it home safe. What’s wrong with Katie?” she asked, watching her walk up the stairs.

“Thanks, Mom. I don’t know. I think she has a headache. It was really noisy in there; I’ll go check on her,” I said, walking out of the kitchen and heading upstairs to my room to get out of the dress clothes I was in.

I put on a little music and started the shower. My thoughts had begun to take over. Going through all the great things about Katie and any bad things, my brain automatically changed those into positives. My love for my little sister was more profound than I thought, and I needed her more than ever. After getting out of the shower, I put on a pair of sleep shorts and laid down to wait for her to come in after our parents went to sleep. I wanted to pour my heart out to her, but I needed to make sure this is what she wanted. I racked my brain, going step by step through everything she had said tonight. She had told me about how she couldn’t wait to start her career and start a family. She was ambitious and knew what she wanted in life. Could I give her that? How would it even work? Could we even have children? I thought I heard somewhere that it could cause birth defects. But I didn’t care anymore, and we would adopt if we had to. With all this going through my mind, and the excitement of the day, I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, it was around nine in the morning, and the sun poured in through my window. I rolled over and yanked the covers back over my head. It was way too early and bright. I laid there trying to wake up and think about what I had to do today. With nothing came to mind, I realized my sister had never come in last night. Or did she, and I was just so out of it? After a few minutes, I got up, hit the music app on my phone, and started to dig through my closet for something to wear. It was going to be a good day, I told myself and turned up the volume on my Bluetooth speaker.

“Ooh, traffic jam got more cars than a beach got. Suck it up, suck it up. Suck it up, fill it up until no more,” I sang loudly as I got dressed. Finally, making it to the bathroom to brush my teeth and still humming the words to my favorite Dave Matthews song, I rinsed with mouth wash, spit it out, and headed downstairs. Man, that smell of eggs and bacon never gets old, finally clearing my head of the song I was humming as I strolled into the kitchen.

“Good morning, baby. How did you sleep?” My mom asked.

“Really good actually, I needed that; is Katie still asleep?”

“No, she left about an hour ago with Marge. Here’s your breakfast, have a seat. Are you going to play golf today?” She asked

“Well, actually, that sounds great,” and reached for my phone to send John a text. “It feels like I haven’t played in a month.”

With two short beeps, my phone went off with a message saying, “Hell yeah! What time?” Just as I finished my last bite of toast smothered in strawberry jam.

“Now?” I shot back through text.

“Heading out of the house now. See ya then!”

“Thanks for breakfast Mom, going to play golf. Love you, see ya later.” I said, heading out the door.

“Where the hell have you been? I haven’t seen you in a month,” John said.

“Man, I needed a break. We’ve been playing so much golf I was starting to get burnt out. Just us playing today, or the hooligans on the way?”

“Yeah, they are on the way,” John said as I strapped my sticks to the cart.

“Hey, fucker, where have you been? I heard you got grounded for cheating in school.” Will asked as he and Mark pulled up to the first tee.

“Nah, it was a mix-up. I accidentally put Katie’s essay in my backpack and turned it in, and she turned mine in, hell she even had to go to summer school. It was bullshit.”

“That’s bullshit that they made her do that, fuck them anyway; aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with their shit anymore?” Mark shot back.

“Hell yeah, now let’s play some golf. $20 a man. Low score wins, and I’ll give each of you two strokes aside?”

“I’ll take that bet,” John said, followed by “hell yeah” from both Mark and Will.

I played great. I hit all 18 greens. The first time I’ve ever done that. I was four-under at the turn and ended up making four more birdies on the back for a 63! Not bad for a par 71 course. Maybe I did need that break. I played exceptionally well and enjoyed the whole round. I felt relaxed güvenilir bahis siteleri and come to think of it and never thought about Katie or anything the entire time. I guess I was just in the zone. The boys and I sat around after the round shooting the bull and making jokes for about 2 hours. I checked my phone several times to see if Katie had sent me a message. So much so that it even got the attention of the guys.

“You got a new girlfriend we don’t know about?” Matt asked, interrogating.

“Nah, just trying to keep an eye on the time. My mom said she wanted me home for dinner on time tonight. So yeah, fellas, I’m going to head out. Y’all wanna play tomorrow?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods,” Will shot back?

“Alrighty then, see ya tomorrow. I’m out.” I said, slinging my golf bag over my shoulder and heading towards the parking lot. As I sat there, having rolled down the windows trying to let the heat out and waiting for the truck to cool down a little. I decided to shoot Katie a text.

“Whatcha doing, babe?” I typed out and hit the send button.

After three or four minutes with no reply, I put the truck in reverse and backed out of the parking spot. I checked my phone one more time before putting it in drive, not wanting to text and drive—still no new messages. I didn’t think anything of it as she may have been in the shower or charging her phone in her room and not hearing it go off.

“I’m home,” I said, taking my shoes off in the mudroom.

“In here.” my mom said from the kitchen. “Are you hungry? I’m making your favorite.”

“Yes, I’m starving.” I said, heading into the kitchen, “Hey, butthead.” I said to Katie, sitting at the bar watching mom cook.

“Don’t call me that!” She hissed at me, clearly in a bad mood.

“Y’all be nice to each other. My mom said, trying to keep the peace between us.

“What’s your problem?” I shot back. It flowed out so naturally after all the fights we had as kids.

She just glared at me. Her eyes mean and piercing. What the hell is wrong with her, I thought. She didn’t talk to me at all during dinner and made a sucking noise through her teeth as I spoke about my round today at the golf course. Even my dad had something nice to say about me hitting all 18 greens. She just sat there and glared at me every time I made eye contact with her. I scarfed my food down to go upstairs, send her a text, and ask her what I did to make her so mad. With no response, I sat impatiently on the edge of my bed with the door cracked and waited for her. I would wait all night if I had to; I needed to know what was wrong. She stayed downstairs talking to mom and dad for another hour or so, waiting for me to pass out. I finally heard her sneaking up the stairs. I rushed behind the door and waited for her to reach the top of the stairs. Just as I heard her reach the top stair, I opened the door. She just stood there looking at me like she wanted me dead.

“What’s the matter? Why are you mad at me?” I asked.

The stinging on the left side of my face was instant and hot. Then, before I could even process what happened, she hit me again.

“You think I’m a slut? You think you can use me whenever you want to?” She hissed. “Fuck you, Connor! Suck your own dick. I’m done doing your chores and everything else I’ve been doing for you. I can’t wait for you to leave for college,” As tears starting streaming down her face.

“That’s not what I think. I would never think about you that way.” I shot back, following her to her door as she slammed it in my face.

“What the hell is going on? What did I do?” I whispered through the door.

She never responded that night or any of the other nights for the next two weeks. I tried to do any and everything to get her off my mind. Nothing worked. Even my golf game sucked. It was really the only thing I had, other than Katie, and it had also left me. I played with the boys over the next couple of weeks and never broke seventy-five. Hell, I even shot an eighty-eight which I hadn’t done in over two years. My heart was broken, and I had a hard time not crying. I missed her like crazy, and she was never around. She stayed gone as much as she could and would even stay over at Marge’s when she could. I had begged her to tell me what I did, I was sorry, and I loved her so much. On the fourteenth day, everything changed when I heard her as she walked in the front door and called out,

“Mom, Dad. I’m home,” playfully and clearly in a better mood.

I headed out of my room to see her and see if she would talk to me. Even if she was mean to me, it was better than nothing. Just as I reached the top of the stairs, I could hear her say.

“Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend. Lucas.” You could hear the happiness in her voice.

My heart sank immediately. It felt like I had been punched in the gut. I started feeling nauseous, and my stomach started to cramp. What the hell is going on, and who the fuck is Lucas? I had to go find out, but I was frozen, and I couldn’t move. I tried, but my feet felt like they were glued to the floor.

“Nice to meet you, Lucas,” I could hear my mom say.

“Pleasure to meet you, young man,” I heard my dad say in a little deeper voice than he casually spoke in.

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