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What I Want

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“I need you now,” is all I had to say on the phone.

See, I got home about five minutes earlier. I set — no I hurled — my backpack full of research methods books and articles into the corner so hard that if it hadn’t been exposed brick, it might have punctured the drywall.

“Puncture the wall, hell!” I laughed at myself. “Fucking puncture ME!”

I was so tired of the grueling week of lectures, papers, and exams, and at the same time I was so fucking energized and aroused by all the tension and attention a coed doctoral student in a prestigious predominantly male program automatically generates.

What?! They don’t think I want to fuck as bad as they do? Give me a fucking break. Fucking gawk, glaze over, gawk, leer, stare, smirk, snide comment, whisper, nudge each other as I walk past.

Dear God, please.

It isn’t because I don’t need attention and a good robust fucking that I sneer back and shake my head.

I look disgusted because goddamn near any one of them could have been fucking me right here, right now, right…well, just exactly right real!

What are they teaching these guys in these mind-numbing programs that I’m not getting? Did they remove a little too much testosterone during those entrance exams – or maybe remove the balls entirely?!

Seth, Roy, and Carl. You are the exceptions. Carl, you were married and a dear. Seth and Roy, you were gay and still made me hotter than anyone else in the program – Carl being married and all.

But Seth, Roy, and Carl aside, I craved worthy attention.

Would someone please just get real and could just one of you, one single one of you leering spineless studs — other than professor Stagnione that is — just fucking come up to me and ask me for some time? For dinner? Say I look good today? Tell me to my face what I need to hear, which is exactly what you are telling each other about me anyway? Hell – just fucking tell me I exist in your paper chase half-dimension world?!

You have no idea, do you, that I am a thousand times filthier and more willing to do anything you can imagine and more than all of you put together HAVE imagined in your nightly tissue- paper, lights-out, quiet-so-my-roommate (who is doing likewise) doesn’t-hear-me, jerk-off dreams.

But even though you talk behind my back, beside my face, hoping I’ll notice you noticing, feeding your jerk-off for tonight – guess what?

You never asked.

Read on and weep as you read. You know exactly who I am. And you know who you are. All of you. You never asked, did you? Not one of you.

There was nobody in our cohort that couldn’t have risen to my occasion with even a medium modicum of testosterone and willingness to want it like I do. I would have.

So, here alone finally in my sanctuary, my small fourteenth story loft apartment, overlooking cold city rooftops and the beckoning harbor glistening a mile away, I knew clearly what I wanted this Friday and for the whole weekend.

I ripped my clothes off. My fingers were trembling. How can I describe what I wanted? Pussy for now. Flesh. Body aroma. Air on my tits. And, yes, I wanted cock and I wanted cum.

My relationship with Sam was exactly for times like this.

Whatever Sam’s Ph.D. program was over there in those dark, cheap buildings along Camden Circle, we need more people in it — if they’re like Sam.

“I need you now,” is all I had to say on the phone.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Fine. I need to let go. Can you come over? You can crash over here and sleep or study or whatever. I’ll need to get back to work sometime before next Friday, but I want to hang out for the weekend anyway.

And I am ready now Sam. Ready now.”

“I’ll be right over,” he said.

“Come quickly,” I said.

He just chuckled.

I hung up the phone and slid to the floor against the wall. I slid my finger along my pussy and felt she was already very wet. I licked my finger slowly and rubbed it over my pussy lips, dipping inside, burning with want-to. Then up across my mouth with those fucked fingers.

I wanted to taste, and smell, and wallow in sex, taste cum, ingest warm human sex, mine is fine for now, nice warm-up.

I met Sam at the door wearing nothing.

I wrapped my arms around him and stood right there in the doorway, not real worried about neighbors from apartments next bizimkent escort door. I put my tongue in his mouth and fucked his teeth.

I walked a circle all the way around him in the hallway, turned him all the way around, until I was standing out in the hall naked and his back was in my doorway.

“God, Jen,” he whispered, looking around a little nervously but smiling, “you are hot.”

“I need cum.”

I pushed him in the door and shut the door behind us. I even stopped to lock the chain fob, then unlocked the chain, thinking ahead.

I walked him into my bedroom and pushed him to the floor with his back against the exposed brick wall. I went to my bed and pulled off several pillows, tossing them at him.

I walked back to where he sat and guided my crotch into his face. I took his cheeks a little roughly I’m afraid, and pulled his mouth into my cunt, spreading my knees and thighs and wriggling around to open up as much as I could, guiding his mouth to a nice fit.

“God, I need this,” I moaned. He only murmured and let his mouth mold to me.

“How do I taste, Baby? Taste my cum. Here let me taste us.”

I reached down and smeared my lips across his lips, trailing my tongue along to gather the musky pussy juice.”

“I need…fucked is too tame, Sam. I need something completely filthy. I need it bad.”

I held his face close and let saliva build up in my mouth, then I dripped it into his mouth and followed the string down into his mouth where I wallowed my tongue around in the mess.

“Are you up for me?” I asked him.

He didn’t answer, but quickly pulled his shirt off and threw it straight up in the air, watching it descend like a parachute and drop over my head.

God bless you Sam. Oh, God Bless You Sam. You so know what I WANT. You ARE so what I want.

He slid out of his pants and shorts and freed his cock. Then he pulled me to my knees and turned me to face away from him, moving — no shoving me — to my elbows and then pulling my bottom back toward him so hard my knees skidded and bounced three times like my last three Delta airline landings in Atlanta, when they actually flew on schedule last week.

He slid down and propped pillows behind his head then pulled my legs back straddling his shoulders. Without any prerequisites, he put his tongue hungrily inside my cunt and probed me deeply, scraping his tongue all around inside me, loading his tongue with me, my taste, my sex. Then I felt him pull out and there was a pause.

“Sam, uh…? Excuse me, but…Oh! There you…are. Fucking yes already!”

I felt a soft heat around my asshole and realized he was blowing gently onto it. I gasped when I realized he was going to lick my ass and I squirmed back into him.

I scrunched myself up into a ball, writhing back on his body until I found his dick and I lowered my face to it, then slid my mouth across his head and then swallowed him slowly — slow, but very, very, very tight, as tight as I could suck.

I lingered in the wetness and ran my tongue around the head of his dick tasting the clear cum that was starting to ooze into my mouth.

Then his tongue touched my ass and drifted around and over it. I groaned and he pressed his tongue flat against my ass, holding, holding, hoooolding, then pressing a little harder until he was probing inside.

“Yes, yes, baby.” I begged him. “Eat my asshole.”

We maneuvered around in several delicious ways. I had him flat on his back and I squatted on his face and opened my bottom widely to him. We tried to see how deeply he could get his tongue into my holes, one at a time. He held his head fairly still and let me move my bottom as I pleased. I fed him first my pussy, then my asshole, alternating holes, impaling myself on his tongue while he held rigid and thrust as deeply as he could into me.

We did this for several delicious moments before I leaned forward and joined him in a wet sixty-nine sucking. I could feel his first orgasm coming. This was what I was wanting.

But I had another picture in mind. I was craving cum and Sam wasn’t going anywhere for the weekend. The semester break gave us at least Saturday free from our studies.

“Here’s what I need right now, Darling. I need to suck your dick and play in your cum while you finger fuck me. I need to take a bostancı escort long time, but I don’t want you to hold back too much.”

I moved quickly back to the pillows and leaned back against the wall, pulled him toward me and guided him into my mouth.

“Come and fuck my face slowly, Babe,” I whispered. “This is what I need. Please just do what I say. Please do me slowly. Do me slow.”

I held my mouth open invitingly and sort of loose so he could move in and out at will. I just let my hands settle to the floor and lay there.

I wanted to be exposed, naked, open, safely vulnerable if that makes sense. It does.

“I want to taste your cum. I want to eat your semen.” I spoke quietly and evenly, saying every filthy thing I could think of. I spread his butt cheeks with my hands and held them apart while I worked a finger onto his asshole. I didn’t probe yet but pressed lightly in and out and around his rim, feeling for the rhythm of his fuck, sculpting his orgasm with my fingers and my teeth and my lips and my tongue and my eyes.

Oh, yes, I smiled into his eyes and sucked his dick, murmuring obscenities the whole time.

“Fill my mouth with cum. I want to taste it. Marry me. Give me babies. Fucking dent my teeth. Bruise my tongue. Erase my fucking memory. Put my picture on your desk. Relationship. Cuddle. Choose my bridesmaids. Fuck my bridesmaids, all of them, all at once.”

I said I murmured obscenities around his gargantuan slickened dick, saying every nasty thing I could think of. I wasn’t the only girl in a world of paper-doll men for nothing. I loved dirty words and how they made my cunt feel.

“Fuck my mouth. Fuck my friends. Jerk off in class. Pussy. Wet, sweet pussy. Taste my cunt. Smell my wet pussy.”

To accentuate my point, I fingered deep in my cunt and reached to spread me on his mouth.

“Eat me while you fuck your stuff into my mouth.”

This is what I was craving after hours of intense study for several weeks. I wanted to taste the salt and the pungent thick cum of a human being. I wanted to bathe in it.

“Fuck my mouth, Babe,” I cooed at him with my most genuine, loving coo. Then he was coming.

It was just what I needed. Learning to swallow a man’s cum had taken a little getting used to, and a long time to fully appreciate. Today I knew I had mastered it. There was not that natural resistance or revulsion.

I felt sperm splash first against the back of my throat as he let out a loud groan. His whole body tensed in waves as he flowed into my mouth. I caught his cum with my whole mouth. I moved my lips and my tongue from side to side, slowing down the gush of sperm so I could play with it longer.

The first cascade was down my throat before I could stop it, and I swallowed reflexively. I felt a rush of delirious decadence as the next thick, rich, salty stuff slid into my mouth. I let the rest flow across my face and I smeared it into my face and hair.

I knew Sam was going to do his recovery crash soon and I started probing my cunt as I ate his cum. When Sam finally fell back against the pillow, I slid him further down and flat on his back. I slid up, straddled him and put my pussy at his mouth, still smearing his thick cum across my mouth.

He ate me ravenously even though he had just come and I probed and stroked myself into his mouth. For a moment, I looked down at him and let his cum flow out of my mouth down onto my tits and stomach. I took some of the thick spunk in my fingers and traced his lips with it. Then I was coming.

I came in waves, and held his cheeks so hard I left red claw marks as I pumped and fucked and flowed into Sam’s mouth. He licked me hard and evenly, right there where he knows I love it.

After we collapsed, I knew neither of us was through.

We went into one of our free association conversations, we called it coasting.

I lay there loving cum in my mouth. I realized I wanted cum in my mouth every day.

That realization eventually played out in some very hot, satisfying quickies that we would never have had otherwise.

Most guys kiss their wives or girlfriends as they rush out the door.

Sam often as not had a different ritual. He would quietly walk around to my side of the bed and put one knee up, sort of my cue that he was on his way to the shower, and büyükçekmece escort that if I wanted cock, it was now.

He’d dangle his cock there in a very clear, but non-demanding, non-threatening, non-expecting RSVP. Reply within ten or fifteen seconds by oral response only.

More often than not – actually, always – I did.

Sam would slowly stroke his dick and then find my mouth and slide in. He would fuck my mouth for me more than I would suck him, though I sucked as hard as I could being half asleep.

Without a word he’d suddenly gush his stuff into my mouth and I’d swallow and catch what I could to play in while I got off as he rushed off to the shower.

It definitely wasn’t one way, only for his pleasure. I couldn’t count the times, often several times a day, starting on days I had to be up and around first, that I would corner him on his pillow and klutz out of my panties, if I had any on, and get my cunt into his mouth, fucking him until I came my girl cum all over his mouth.

Oh, yes. Sam was very mutual.

But of course I’m coasting here, getting ahead of myself, still break-weekend horny and lusting, coasting for a bit to give my personal Sam some time to get thumping again.

Of course I couldn’t get cum in my mouth every day, but today I could and I wanted badly to revel in it.

“Let’s call Jan and see if she wants us to fuck her tonight,” I said.

“Let’s do,” Sam sighed. “After a nap.”

A couple of hours, exactly 120 minutes later, I reached across Sam’s chest and got the phone, poking in Jan’s number.

Lying there draped over Sam, waiting for Jan to pick up, I licked my way down to his cock and engulfed it in my mouth, holding it there. I was surprised when Jan picked up, since I usually got her answering machine.

“Jan? Do you know that between my mouth and the phone is a huge, wet cock, and I can smell it? Wait a sec. I’m going to taste it. Yep. Tasted.”

“You cruel bitch,” Jan says matter-of-factly.

“Okay. Who is it on? Or did you break it off one of your class buds?”

I go down deep, deep, deep on Sam’s cock and smack my lips loudly and moan into the earpiece.

“Come over and see.” I slurped loudly on Sam, holding the phone close. “Oops. I got cum on the phone.”

“Tell Sam hi.” Click.

Until Jan got there, I tongue fucked Sam’s mouth, being careful not to touch his cock. It was a good thing Jan was only ten minutes away. She let herself in, rattled the open chain to let me know she noticed I left it open for her, and came into the bedroom.

“I figured as much!” she said winking at Sam. She came to his side of the bed and sat down, unbuttoning her blouse.

“Hi, Jan. Happy semester break!” Sam put an arm around her and unhooked her bra.

Jan didn’t say a word. She leaned down and slid her mouth onto Sam’s dick and moved around delicately, delighting in that long overdue fuck taste.

Sam groaned and I felt his body stiffen. I wanted to jokingly remind Jan to share but she was desperately erotic in her silent worship and I watched silently, stroking her hair as hungrily for soft sensation as was her mouth for his dick.

I don’t think I had ever been as aroused as I was in that moment and the passion seemed to flow out of me from every part of my body and mind.

No matter how many times I had sat right here fingering myself watching these friends and flowing into these images and imagining the filthiest fantasies as this was happening inches from my face, I still got more aroused every time.

So, there we were, all totally open and exposed and free to fuck without barriers for a long weekend at least.

Meals to share, feeling each other up under the table. Movies to watch with one of us as a lookout while the other got a little taste, true to Alanis Morrissette’s going down in a theater idea.

Skiing in Pennsylvania. Climbing in West Virginia. Running along Mount Vernon trail. Perhaps dining in Harper’s Ferry. Fucking in parking lots, secluded trailhead branch coverings, everywhere.

Eating for energy, apples and smoked salmon and yogurt. No jokes about, or making lurid slurping sounds with the yogurt of course – we are all adults here.

Image after image after image after delicious image I see as I lay in my quiet austere room and watch Jan’s auburn hair bobbing slowly up and down as I get only glimpses of her rich red lips twisting and curving and embracing our best boyfriend’s eternally ready cock.

Yeah. Okay. Put away the paper-doll man world for a weekend and bring out the flesh and blood and soul and towels, lots of towels, and Sam’s Jeep.

This is what I want.

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