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What Lurks in the Shadows?

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Raya got out of her shower wrapping a towel around her body. She had a hot steamy shower every night, getting refreshed, it gave her a sense of cleanliness, as if the hot steam, and hot water melted away the weight of the world from her shoulders. She felt like she lived in a perfect world after one. The towel she wore covered her ample chest and stopped inches above her butt. She went to the mirror grabbing a brush a she stroked it through her hair. She smiled at herself, she didn’t notice the shadows beginning to swirl and form behind her. Evil red slitted eyes stated at her as its jagged yellow teeth slowly began to grind.
She pursed her succulent lips rubbing a finger around them slowly as he brown hair was still dripping down her perfect, goosebump prickled skin due to cool air slowly starting to filter into the room as she opened the door. She went back to the mirror then, licked her lips and then rubbed her fingers together. It was how she checked if it was a good enough shower. If she could feel a lot of grease on her fingers. Or if she could taste a salty taste on her lips from her fingers. The shadow watched greedily feeling teased by watching her do this in the mirror. She leaned in a bit analyzing her very pretty face in the mirror showing a bit more of her perk apple butt. It watched and admired her beautiful body.
Raya turned around seeing nothing but the shadows and her bedroom. She walked into her room as the shadows peeled off the wall and followed her in. Her large ample breasts barely contained inside the silk woven towel that also went between her ass cheeks.
The shadows drooled over her body, she might as well have been asking for it. And it could imagine the half naked girl begging for it wearing nothing but that towel. It fantasized about what it wanted to do to this girl with such an ample body.
As she walked with a strut drawing her delicate fingers through her hair it followed close, opening its jaw letting out a breath of hot rank air in anticipation. It’s like she put herself on a platter, begging to be ravished to the brink of sanity.
It’s time to strike was now. Until.
Raya’s hands slowly worked down unfolding the tucked part of her towel letting it drop to the floor exposing her young tones body in all of its possible glory pendik escort to the shadows.
It couldn’t attack now. It had to stay and admire her beautiful, pert, ample and voluptuous body. It feasted upon her frame.
It drooled building its appetite for her flesh with every passing moment. Her large ample breasts jiggled slightly with every movement she made. It was lost, staring at her perfect round, tones ass as it swayed back and forth slightly as she walked to her dresser. It called to his ever hard cock. Told him to come and ravish her sexy body like a monsters monster.
That’s when it happened…
She bent over as she sorted through her drawer, her ass was pushed into the air, aimed right at the monster. Her sexy ass was so incredible, it called to it, teased it, gnawed at its to the point it was drooling with its tongue hanging out. Black tendrils slowly began to creep out, it could wait no longer, it needed her fresh ample young body. It wanted her so bad it’s member throbbed and ached. It’s lust had surpassed anything it had ever had before. It grinned its ugly smile ear to ear as its eyes narrowed. It had to have her. Now!
Black shadowy tentacle after tentacle wrapped around her body, slithering across her naked form, groping her ample breasts.
“What the hell!” She gasped out in shock and terror as it began to poke and prod her ass and vagina.
It was about to do things to Raya only the sickest pervert would ever even dream about doing to her naked body.
It lifted her into the air by her arms. She stares at her captor in shock and horror, her mouth shuttering open. Two of the black tentacles slowly work there way up her legs, it took pleasure in every moment it’s tentacles went up her supple legs. She suddenly felt the two tentacles jolt into her pussy and virgin asshole. She gasped as its feverishly rammed her over and over at a random pace, as fast as it could.
Being lifted high into the air the only thing Raya could do was moan like a bitch in heat. Her head lifted into the air moaning like crazy. Tentacles groped her breasts furiously, she felt them slide between her large breasts as they pinched her swollen nipples. She felt a riveting orgasm wash over her as she moaned harder, feeling the tendrils wrap around her forearms. The tentacles were escort pendik deep into her pussy and asshole. Her eyes rolled back as she cried out another orgasm in lust.
She felt so violated, it felt so wrong, it felt so good. She didn’t know what to do. She wouldn’t give in though. She would defy it to until she could no longer bare it. But right now she couldn’t even think let alone formulate a plan.
The tentacles filling her tight untouched and unspoiled holes. The large glob made of shadows smiled vilely. It couldn’t believe how good she felt. She pussy so soft, wet, tight, her ass, so slick, warm, moist, tight, her tits, so large, luscious, mouth watering. He started to pump his shadowy appendages faster as her moans grew louder.
A roar came from the creature as Raya felt the monster launch like a fire hose inside of her. The one between her large nearly melon like tits exploded upon her chest. She gave a super loud contorted moan as her head raised, her eyes rolling back. Her head slumped low as she panted, her body had become hot and sweaty. She could see her own breath even. She saw the barely visible tentacles pull away from her holes with a bright green color surrounded the tentacles. It leaked from her holes.
It watched her shoulders heave, catching her breath. It’s spunk leaked from her sexy tight holes and slid down her beautiful legs. It worked hard on this sexy little bitch. Now it was feeling fairly hungry. It knew how these little slits loved to be eaten, just maybe not the way she would think.
It lifted her high and opened its rank maw wide as it folded her legs in. She looked down in horror, watching as she got lowered. The tentacles wrapped around her legs and back now. It lowered her in ass first as she saw a large green snake swirling below her. She then realized, that was its tongue!
She screamed in terror as she was lowered.
The monsters felt her fresh taut, soft and smooth young flesh touch its tongue. Her hands went to each side of its mouth trying to stop it from eating her. It’s tongue flicked her asshole. She moaned a bit still keeping a firm grip, but feeling a bit weak. A tentacle came from no where in front of her eyes. She gasped as the tentacle slowly worked its way around her large succulent, plump lips. It then shoved itself pendik escort bayan inside of her mouth. Her eyes sprang wide choking on the member. She tried to work it around inside her mouth to breath easier. He tongue flicked, and pushed it around. It work back and forth.
She knew it wouldn’t stop trying to consume her, she knew the only way to get out of this was to be free of this member at least. She began to suck and also couldn’t stop moaning from the large tongue licking her tight little asshole.
It loved her body, the little slut sucked on one of its tentacles as it tasted her sweet juices from her pussy, her ass and its own fluids. She moaned so sensually, so seductively, her flesh tasted so sweet and salty. It wrapped its lips around her as it began to suck on her adding to the pressure she had to already fight.
She felt the change immediately as she fought harder. She then felt the release.
It came.
She swallowed a mouthful of bright green cum, then another and another, with loud audible gulps. She felt the tentacle pull from her mouth, her tongue licked the base of the shaft the entire way out. The tentacle then stopped, with the head right at the edge of her lips. The only reason it had stopped was because her large plump shaped lips stopped it. Her tongue twirled around its head then licked the entrance with a flicker. She then pulled her head back as a nice flesh filled *pluck* sounded and a bright green mist popped from the separation.
“Hey monster…” She cooed,
The monster quit sucking.
“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had, I want to make you a deal.” She spoke, seducing, “I want to live, and you obviously love my body. If you don’t eat me, I’ll let you fuck me as much as you want, as hard as you want, and I’ll be as loud as I can possibly be.”
She was looking right into its eyes as she spoke, its cum dripping from the side of her lip when her tongue slowly emerged, softly, and lifted the cum back into her mouth. With a greedy smile it lifted her out of its mouth.
It stared at her loosening its grip a bit. She gently grabbed one of its tentacles as it approached. She brought it to her breasts and slowly rubbed it on her breast then to her mouth where her tongue slowly slid out and circled its head.
It smiled with an evil devious grin as it suddenly threw itself into the shadows taking Raya with it.
It’s plans, horrible, perverted, devious, lustful, greedy, and plenty more.

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