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What Mothers Are For Pt. 02

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For many moments we all stopped, silence ringing throughout the kitchen as if the stillness would cause what was happening to suddenly go away. That a mother committing one of the ultimate sins with her own son, only made worse by her daughter catching them right in the middle of it. Things could only get worse, I bitterly thought to myself.

Maybe I should back up a little. Hi, my name is Danny and my mother, Beth, caught me jerking off earlier today. After I explained to her that I used masturbation as stress relief, Mom then explained to me that it was her duty as a mother to take care of her son, even if that meant giving him regular blowjobs whenever he felt horny. I mean, I’m a horny 19 year old and my mother is one of the hottest women I’d ever known in my life, who was I to refuse her from her motherly duty?

Of course, we may have gotten a little out of control since Mom started giving me a blowjob in the middle of the kitchen with my sister just upstairs. I mean, usually she comes home, goes to her room, and no one even knows she’s alive again unless there’s food to be had, but still, we weren’t really being the most careful incestuous couple in the world…

“JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE!?” Barbie shouted again as she glared at the scene before her, happening right in the middle of the kitchen, our blonde, incredibly hot mother, Beth, was on her knees in a skirt giving me, Barbie’s brother and Beth’s son, a blowjob.

I was so surprised at being caught that I didn’t even notice that Mom hadn’t taken her lips away from my cock and in fact was continuing to slowly suck my 9 inch long cock into her mouth even though Barbie was staring at both of us angrily. Instead, my brain was searching for some kind of excuse to give her as to why our mother might be sucking my dick right in front of her at that moment. “Um, well, I, uh, got a snake bite!” I shouted, realizing it all made sense, “Yeah! A snake bite on my di- I mean co- I mean penis and Mom was just, um, sucking it out of me and, um-“

That was when Mom took my cock out of her mouth because she started laughing, “Holy shit, Danny, haha, you are so full of shit.” She started laughing so hard she curled up on the ground holding her belly as her whole body shook with joy.

Barbie was less amused, “Well! Then why the hell were you sucking Dan’s dick Mom! You know it’s fucked up no matter what the reason is!”

“Why are you so angry about this?” Mom asked Barb as she sat up again, my cock pressed up against her cheek as she did this, but Mom pretended not to notice, “I mean, I can see why you might think a mother sucking her son’s dick is naughty, but I don’t see why it concerns you either way.”

“It doesn’t concern me!?” Barb shouted, her giant breasts heaving in anger, “Your my mother sucking my brother’s giant cock and I’m just supposed to pretend nothing is going on right in front of me!?”

My sister just complimented my cock, I wondered if that meant she had a thing for big cocks. I suppose if she did it was just like mother, like daughter.

Mom sighed at her daughter and reached up and grabbed my cock with one hand. Barb gasped when she saw Mom do this, but Mom just started to slowly stroke me in front of her without a care in the world. “Your brother does so much for us. He chips in on the bills and does most of the chores and never complains, unlike you.” Mom said this last part with a bitter tone, one I’ve never heard her take with Barbie before. Barb’s mouth dropped open in surprise from it but she quickly shut it again. “I found out that Dan likes to, um, orgasm to relieve his stress and I realized something, do you know what that is Barbie?”

“N-no, what?” Barbie was so surprised by the question it was as if she couldn’t get the words out at first.

“I realized that Danny is a man with needs.” Mom explained as she started to speed up her stroking of my dick, pre-cum started to leak out of my cockhead onto her cheek where it was still resting. “My son needs to cum to relieve his stress, and considering how much he does for us in this house, I would be a bad mother if I denied him his release.” Mom turned her head towards my dick, as she did so my cockhead traced along her cheek and across her lips, trickling pre-cum along her face and lips as she did this. “I want to contribute to my son’s happiness. That’s what good mother’s are for.” With that she opened her mouth wide and took my dick into her lips. She sucked me in deep and I could feel as my cock was pulled down her throat. She slowly started fucking me with her mouth and throat as Barbie watched us from the side.

Barbie was just shocked as she watched Mom sucking me off. After a moment of slurping sounds filling the air, she found her voice, “Jesus Christ, Mom, you know this is seriously fucked up, right?” But her body betrayed her words, her eyes were locked on my dick as Mom sucked me. Barbie’s hands were slowly moving down the side of her breasts bahis firmaları and down her belly to brush over her pussy in her pants. She licked her lips like she was visualizing that it was her mouth that was sucking my giant cock right then. My sister was obviously turned on like crazy by the sight in front of her, she just wasn’t able to admit it to herself.

Mom took my cock out of her mouth long enough to say, “Well, you don’t have to watch it. Just know that this is probably going to be a regular thing in this house from now on.” Mom then took me completely back into her mouth and started sucking faster than she was before as she bobbed her head on my cock.

“Oh shit, Mom, that feels so fucking good.” I moaned before I could think not to. Barbie gasped at my words, shocked by the situation. I glanced at her and noticed she had not budged at all from her spot as she watched our mother suck my cock. I smiled devilishly as I stared at my sister, somehow this felt like some sort of revenge from her being so mean to me all these years. “I’m going to cum soon, Mom.” I announced, still looking at my sister, though I wasn’t sure if she noticed me watching her by how her eyes were just as glued to my huge cock as it was before as she watched our mother suck on my throbbing dick.

Mom stopped sucking me and I almost complained but she said, “You cum so much I don’t want to ruin my dress.” And with that she just pulled her whole dress off over her head and tossed it to the side of the kitchen. She hadn’t put underwear back on after our shower and both me and my sister could see her beautiful, giant breasts and gorgeous, shaved vagina as she sat up to take my cock back into her mouth.

As Mom sucked me she glanced at Barbie still staring at us like a confused but horny girl and then took me out of her mouth again so she could grab her tits and wrap them around my cock on either side, “Fuck my tits, sweetie, give your naughty mother a face full of cum.” She announced causing Barb to gasp yet again but she still wasn’t moving.

I didn’t have to be told twice as I started thrusting between my mother’s glorious boobs. They were so soft and silky as I slammed my salami through her cleavage and I could feel my balls begin to spasm as sperm shot through my shaft, “Holy shit, MOM!” I shouted, “Here it fucking cums!”

“Oh yes! Give it to me Baby!” Mom moaned in pleasure as she shoot as her own orgasm started to hit her despite her never touching her pussy, “Show your sister what I slut I am for my soooonnnn!”

I came, shooting out so hard and fast as I thrust upward that it flew over Mom’s head and onto the kitchen floor behind her. I thrust back down and started shooting cream into her cleavage and all over her boobs. I thrust up again and hit her square in the face and into her waiting mouth. Mom swallowed immediately but as she did I covered her lips and neck with my cream. “SHIT MOM!” I groaned with pleasure “I LOVE FUCKING YOUR TITS!”

“Oh my fucking GOD!” Barbie shouted from the corner as she fell to the ground and started to rip her clothes off, “This is so fucking hot! I can’t stand it anymore!” She took off her cheerleading uniform and was now working on getting off her bra and panties. “I can’t believe you two did this to me! You fucking incestuous assholes!” She unsnapped her bra, revealing a set of tits almost as good as Mom’s, “I need to get fucking licked right now! OOOHHHH!” Barbie moaned loudly as she got her panties off and started to stroke her labia and clit with her hand, determined to make herself cum.

“Well,” Mom said as she ate my cum off her face by scooping it with her hands into her mouth, she looked so slutty doing that, “I’d say that’s what mothers are for, but I shouldn’t while your brother’s cum is all over my face. You could get pregnant. Probably your brother should help you with that.”

I smiled as I got down on the floor in front of my sister, “After all, Barbie,” I smiled as I leaned into her pussy and moved her hand out of the way, “That’s what brothers are for.” I dove into my sister’s muff, not even caring how fucking crazy and sexy things were suddenly getting in that house. I just knew that my sister needed to cum and I was just the person to help her.

“OH fuck! You’re really good at this Danny! OOOHHH YEEEAAAH!” She moaned as I started lapping at her cunt with no real experience or talent but just so much passion I hoped that it wouldn’t matter. Still, I loved munching my sister’s pussy and wouldn’t mind doing it more, so much more maybe I’d become an expert in no time.

“Hmm, does Danny eat cunt well?” Mom asked as she came up to Barbie’s face and lay beside her while she watched her daughter getting oral sex by her son, “I think I’ll have to try him out.”

Barbie looked into her mother’s eyes, deadly serious, “Mom, why don’t you sit on mine? I would love to eat your pussy and I’ll try to mimic Dan’s movements.”

Mom cocked an eyebrow at my sister, kaçak iddaa “I don’t know, I’ve never done that with a woman before.”

“You said you’d eat my cunt a moment ago,” Barb said with a laugh, then moaned as I sucked her clit into my mouth.

“Well, that’s what Mommies are for, Barbie,” Mom explained, “I’ll do anything for my kids.”

“Then sit on my face,” Barb ordered, which Mom was taken aback by but she quickly got up and sat back down on my sister’s face. Soon both Barb’s and Mom’s moans filled the air as I ate my sister’s cunt while she lapped our mother’s pussy. It was a very bonding family moment.

Soon, my sister came and I swallowed her delicious cum down and from the sounds of things my mother was doing the same. A moment later all three of us collapsed on the ground next to each other. And we all glanced at each other and laughed. Mom’s face was covered in my cum while her cum was covering Barbie’s face and her cum was covering mine. It was a funny sight.

When our laughing died down, Barbie suddenly said, “Oh wow, this was a definitely weird experience. I really don’t even know what to think of it.” She seemed happy but confused, I put a hand on her shoulder.

“Well, if you don’t want to do that again, I’ll understand, but I think I need some more stress relief.” As I said this I motioned down to my cock which was hard again, hard not to be after your sister gives you a belly full of girl cum.

Though Mom licked her lips looking at my cock, Barb just looked frightened by it, “I don’t know,” My sister said, “I mean, I loved it when you ate my pussy just now, Dan, but I don’t know if I can go so far as to even touch your cock. I mean, you’re my brother and-“

But Mom interrupted, “Barb, don’t worry about that right now, how about we all go take a shower and we’ll have dinner and talk about it then, okay?”

Barb nodded, “Good idea, Mom.” She said, and stood up and was about to go upstairs to the bathroom but she stopped, “But Mom, we only have one shower?” She said, curiously.

Mom smiled, “Right. We’re going to share.”

About a minute later, we were all in the bathroom again. Our clothes we left on the kitchen floor, forgotten, and Mom was getting the water just right while Barbie and I stood behind her. I was checking out my mother’s ass but kept looking back to Barbie’s beautiful body, he shaved cunt, perfectly smooth belly and giant tits really made her a perfect ten, “You’re really beautiful, Barbie.” I told her.

Barbie blushed, “I’m your sister, you shouldn’t talk to me like that.” She said, “But thanks.”

“Well, speaking of ways I shouldn’t talk to like,” I said, “I loved eating your cunt, too.” I licked my lips, for effect, which made Barb roll her eyes but she smiled anyway.

“Okay, water is ready.” Mom announced.

We got in the tub and Mom, as if we’d done this many times before, immediately got on her knees as the water cascaded down our bodies and she sucked my cock into her mouth and down her throat. Barbie hadn’t gotten in the tub yet and could only gasp from the side as she watched our depraved mother sucking on her equally depraved son’s hard cock.

I smiled at Barb as I moaned out, “That feels so fucking good Mommy. Keep sucking me like a good slut.” This made Mom suck my cock even harder, I could tell my naughty speech was turning her on.

“Jesus, you guys are insane!” Barb complained as she got in the tub behind my back, “How long have you both been doing this?”

“I only just started Dan’s stress relief earlier today.” Mom said as she took my cock out of her mouth but kept jerking me off with her hand while finger fucking her pussy with her other hand. “I know it might seem strange, Barb, but you have to realize that Danny needs this or he won’t live a happy life what with his work and all he does for us. This is what I owe him, as his mother I should help him when he needs it.”

Barb sunk down in the tub, looking down, “Oh shit, I’m sorry Dan, I guess I never realized that you were in such need. And I’m such a bad sister, always being mean to you. I’ve been a real bitch.” Barb looked up into my eyes, pleading, “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

Even though Mom had been giving me constant orgasms since she caught me masturbating earlier, I was still fairly sexually inexperienced and I wasn’t picking up on what Barb was putting down, “It’s no probably Barbie, water under the bridge.” I said, cheerfully. It was hard not being cheerful when your hot mother was jerking you off in front of your sister in the shower.

Mom rolled her eyes at me and then let go of my cock so she could grab my ass and turn my body towards my sister. She did it so roughly and quickly that my cock swung in huge arc and hit Barb right in the face. She gasped in surprise and grabbed hold of my dick without thinking, “Ow, son of a bitch!”

“Hey! I’m not a bitch!” Mom said.

“Sorry,” Barbie replied, “I didn’t mean kaçak bahis it. But I do want to suck my brother’s cock. After all, it’s what good sister’s do for their brothers.”

Wow, I thought to myself as I watched my sexy blonde sister start sucking on my purple cockhead, I never knew my mom and sister were such sluts! Lucky me, I guess… That made me think though, it probably wouldn’t take much pushing… “I know what would help me release my stress even more!”

Mom gulped, “Oh really?” She said, doubtfully.

“Yeah,” I announced, “How about letting me use your pussies too?”

Mom rolled her eyes, “Somehow I knew you’d be wanting more. Give them an inch and they’ll beg you for a mile.” Mom looked at me sternly, “Look, son, I know this is probably a lot of fun with no end in sight, and I’m having fun too, but I have to draw the line. I’m fine with blowjobs or titjobs, and I’m fine if your sister needs someone to eat her out too, but Dan, we can’t have sex.”

“But Mom!” I shouted, determined to get what I want.

“No buts,” Mom demanded, “Danny if any of us have sex, the real kind, not just blowjobs, then we’ll all fall into lives of moral depravity.” Mom stood up then and got out of the shower, she was a lot more serious than she’d been the rest of the day. I guess she’d gotten the horny mommy out of her system for the moment. She grabbed a towel and rapped it around her huge tits, “You can have your sister help you with your relief this time. I’m going to make dinner now.” She walked out of the room.

I looked back to Barbie, who had not stopped sucking my cock the entire time. I doubted she even heard the conversation she was so enamored with blowing me. I could feel myself getting ready to cum, “Barb, I’m getting close.” I announced.

Barb didn’t seem to hear me. I could feel my balls chern as semen shot from them and up my shaft and out of my cockhead and into Barbie’s mouth, sucking it all down with suction better than a vacuum cleaner. I moaned out as my cum overflowed in my sister’s mouth and leaked out around her lips and down her chin. Still she seemed completely determined to swallow all my cum as it shot down her throat.

“Jesus Christ,” Barb shouted as she collapsed back in the tub, “You cum like a fucking racehorse!” She was playing with her beautiful pussy as she stared up at me, “I can see your stallion is finally run down though.” She laughed as I looked down and saw that my cock was finally becoming flaccid.

I laughed too, “Wow, yeah, I’m sure my cock is just as surprised by all this as I am. Anyway, we should probably get out of the shower and go see what Mom wants to talk to us about during dinner, so how about-“

“Nuh-uh,” Barb announced as she spread her legs wide in front of me, “You’re going to eat my pussy, just like Mommy said, whenever I need it, you have to eat it.”

“Well, sis,” I said as I ogled my sister’s young and gorgeous cunt lips, “when you’re right your right.”

As water flowed down our bodies I ate my sister’s pussy on the floor of the tub. She moaned in ecstasy as she roughly pulled my hair and forced my face into her pussy even further and my tongue pressed into her cunt lips, up her light hole, I tasted her, loving the flavor. My sister’s pussy tasted better than anything I’d ever tasted before, and I just wanted more and more.

Despite my sister’s protests, I stopped licking her pussy long enough to look up at her and ask, “Are you sure you don’t want to fuck, Barb? Mom won’t find out.” Though truthfully I didn’t really believe that last part, but I was so horny I didn’t care either. I just wanted to fuck my sister’s sweet pussy.

Barb bit her lip with lustful thoughts and I could tell she was considering it but then she shook her head, obviously deciding something internally and then saying, “No, we shouldn’t,” I could tell she saw how upset I was, “But I really, really, want to Dan, but I’m your sister you pervert. We can’t fuck. Now, get back to licking my pussy, I need to cum!” We both laughed at the irony of that statement, but then I quickly obeyed my sister and started licking her hole while fingering her clit. Though I loved eating Barb’s pussy, I knew if she didn’t cum quickly our dinner would be cold.

Thankfully, after a few minutes of that, she came and I licked it all down as best I could. By the end, my cock was hard again. But no time to deal with it just then. It was time to see what our mother wanted. I got out of the tub and watched my sister’s amazing body as we both got dressed for dinner. I wondered what could be in store for us. My cock throbbed in excited anticipation.

As we left the bathroom, Barb suddenly grabbed me and turned me towards her. She leaned into me as she kissed me. I was surprised, but I kissed back just as passionately and soon we were both tongue wrestling in each other’s mouths. I grabbed her ass with both hands, loving the feel of her fleshy ass cheeks and we frenched in the hallway. My cock throbbed in my pants and I could feel as Barb reached into my pants and grabbed me around my shaft. She was starting to fish my dick out of my jeans when she suddenly stopped and pushed herself away from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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