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What My Brother Knows is Shared Ch. 02

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Ann and I entered the amateur night contest at Mike’s Place as a team, not as separate entries. The guy taking setting us up only said the prize would be split if we won but agreed we could dance together. Back at the table Matt, Ann and I watched the first few girls perform and learned a lot about what to do as neither Ann nor I had ever done this much less seen a stripper before. The girls ranged from homely to gorgeous but the prettiest girl so far couldn’t dance. I figured the contest was open and that if Ann and I managed to dance fairly well, our tall lean bodies would give us an edge. Ann leaned toward me and said.

“Lets continue the Mistress/slut routine in our dance. I think the guys here would love to see one woman dominating another. Is that ok with you Betsy?’

“I love the idea…”

Before I could say more our names were called and Ann and I went backstage to make our entrance. Once the music started we kept the beat as we danced our way out to the hooting and hollering we’d heard earlier whenever a new girl entered. Still in our raincoats Ann used the beat of the music to slap me in the face then she pointed to the pole. Dancing to the pole she then motioned for me to raise my hands above my head. Clasping my hands together on the pole she mimicked tying them their and I did my best to act like they were.

She then danced around me while I put a panicked look on my face, twisting and turning to keep my eye on her. Once she was back in front of me, she ripped my raincoat open, the buttons flying off the stage into the crowd, exposing my almost naked body to the applause of the drunken crowd. Then she grabbed my nipples and pretended to twist them and pull my tits from the confines of the tiny bra I had on. She then leaned over and ran her tongue across my face then down the middle of my chest while her hands deftly unclasped the bra, letting it drop to the floor. Guys had come to stand near the stage with money in their hands and Ann danced to them and opened her coat to allow them to stuff the bills in her g-string and bra.

When she retuned to me she took the bills in a wad and used them to slap my face. The crowd was into our act and I have to admit so was I. I could feel my pussy getting wet and oozing down my thighs. When Ann bent over to pull my g-string off She smelled my arousal and felt my damp thighs, turning and showing the crowd her wet hands. Naked and still pretending to be tied to the pole, Ann slipped her coat off then released her bra to join my panties and bra on the floor. I noticed as I watched her bra fall that there were a lot of one-dollar bills scattered on the floor and if that were the vote, then Ann and I were walking away with this contest.

Ann removed her g-string and now that we were both naked she slid her leg between mine and rubbed my pussy with her thigh then mimicked untying my hands. I let me arms drop and began to dance with Ann on the stage. We both kept time to the music and used the rhythm of the song to embrace and then kiss one another as our hands roamed the other’s naked body. Toward the end of the song she pushed me to my knees and forced my head between her legs making like I was eating her out on the stage. Then she bent me over and used her hands to pry my ass cheeks apart showing the entire audience my asshole and pussy.

When the song ended we gathered up the bills on the floor, then our clothes and slowly walked back stage. Stuffing the money in our coat pockets we donned our open cup bras and g-strings then went out to sit with Matt to watch the final dancers. Quite a few guys came by the table to chat us up and tell us how good we were. A couple of them asked if Ann and I would become regulars they enjoyed our act so much. We counted out the bills and gave the money to Matt who stuffed it in his pocket. Then he said.

“If you two don’t win this contest this couple of bill you gave me barley covers our night and I might have to discipline both of you. Maybe you two need to circulate the bar and flash your tits in the voters faces instead of sitting here.”

“Yes, Matt.”

We both said and got up and did our best to mingle and sell our act. Since our bras were only half cups, our erect nipples were clearly on display for the guys and we tried to find ways to let the guys cop a feel both there and when we sat with someone, then touch our pussies too. Finally the time for the vote and the award and all the acts were brought back on stage. I said to Ann.

“Let’s do it naked, Ann. Lets remind the guys what we look like.’

Nodding her head we dropped the g-strings and unclasped the bras before standing and facing the crowd. The vote consisted of the manager holding his hand above the girl’s heads and listening to the reaction from the crowd. Seeing us naked on the stage a couple of the other girls quickly removed their skimpy clothing too. When the hand was placed above Ann and I the roar form the crowd was deafening and I knew we’d won the contest. When we were handed the cash we immediately went to kastamonu escort Matt and knelt by his chair and handed him the cash. We stayed in the bar a little while but the fun was over and on our way out the manager handed us his card and told us to call him if we were interested in losing our amateur status.

On the way home Matt spoke first.

“I was thinking about jobs for all of us, but it looks like you two are all set. I want you to take the offer. You made a little over three hundred in tips tonight and if you do only half of that on a regular basis we’d be in good shape.”

“But Matt, I’m not sure Ann and I want to do this all the time. It was fun tonight but a permanent job as a stripper?”

Ann nodded but Matt said.

“I think you two guys are forgetting that both of you are sluts. You are to obey me and do as I say. Now as for the stripping that’s ok. I’m not asking you fuck anyone, at least not as long as you continue to obey me and pay the bills. Now, no more from you two, lets get some food at the diner up ahead.”

I was not real thrilled about the job but I was Matt’s slut. In some ways I knew that the first night I stole into his room and sat on his fat cock. I looked at Ann and she said.

“I’m ok with the stripping, in fact I got a charge out of everyone seeing me naked. I know you did too Betsy, you were wet from the beginning. I only want to make sure that Matt is there when we dance. I don’t want any trouble.”

I guess Ann was right I did get off on exhibiting my body and pretending to be her slut.

“OK Matt, as long as your there to keep us safe.”

“I’ll be there but even if I wasn’t I have already decided for the two of you so just stop pretending like you have any say in this. Ok? Betsy? Ann?”

We both said yes and followed Matt into the diner. I’d forgotten that the buttons were no longer on my coat and I had to hold it closed to keep from flashing my tits and pussy in the diner. When Matt saw me using one hand to keep the coat closed and the other to try to eat he said.

“If I’d wanted to hide your tits Betsy I would have given you my coat. Let it go, slut and let what happens happen.”

Swallowing hard I did as I was told. Fortunately the coat stayed pretty much where it was but the thought of it opening and letting all the truck drives see me got me a little excited and I began to find ways to shift in my seat helping the coat open a little more each time. I knew it was working because whenever I looked up from my food I could see heads quickly turning away. When I saw Ann smirking at me I said to Matt.

“Why does Ann still have her coat buttoned?”

Ann looked shocked at my words but before she could say anything Matt said.

“Ann, unbutton your coat, no reason why one slut should have to carry the whole show.”

Slowly Ann unbuttoned her coat and by the time we’d finished our meals both of our bodies were flashing skin to all in the diner. As we walked out Matt held our hands in his, not allowing us to clutch the coats closed. I was more turned on then I was on the stage at Mike’s and when we’d settled in the car I wrapped Ann in my arms and kissed her hard on her lips, slipping my hand between her legs and finding her pussy dripping wet. Ann kissed me back and found my dripping hole with her hand and we made out like teens at the drive in movie as Matt chuckled and drove us home. Back in the dorm room Ann and I went right to the bed and worked the coats, bras and g-strings off our impassioned bodies and then sixty-nined ourselves locking our lips on one another’s pussy.

I could not get enough of Ann, she tasted sweet and hot. My tongue was reaching as far as it could, diving into her hot wet hole and I could feel Ann’s tongue filling my pussy as well. We were rocking into one another as we licked, sucked, bit and kissed cunt. As I was getting close to orgasm, Matt got on the bed behind me and slid his hard, hot cock into my pussy, grazing Ann’s tongue as he slid in. Now I had Ann sucking my clit as Matt rode my pussy and that future orgasm became present and my body took off. God Matt’s cock was wonderful and I could feel his heat emanating from the shaft as he plunged deep into my sopping wet hole. My mouth was working even harder on Ann’s quivering pussy and as I came I screamed Matt’s name into Ann’s now gaping hole.

Matt did not cum inside me and soon pulled out leaving my pussy wanting as he moved to impale Ann. When I saw his wet pussy coated cock in front of my face my mouth left Ann’s pussy and I engulfed it taking his rod deep into my throat before sucking my own pussy juice then letting him spear Ann. I continued to use my tongue on Matt’s cock and on Ann’s pussy as best as I could but was most excited to just watch that cock as it slammed in and slid out. I was amazed at how her labia seemed to hold his cock as it retreated, almost like his cock was turning her pussy inside out. Then as he reversed direction to fill her again the same labial skin rode escort kastamonu in with him. Meanwhile, I gathered by the way Ann was eating my pussy that Matt’s cock was bringing her to orgasm too. I was on my way to my second orgasm of the night when I watched Matt’s cock jerk again and again as Matt spewed his cum inside Ann.

When he eventually pulled his used cock from her I watched as their combined juices clung to Ann’s labia and Matt’s cock and I immediately moved my mouth to lick and suck that nectar. Then I buried my head between Ann’s legs and rolled her over so she could sit on my face. She knew what I wanted and used her pussy muscles to force Matt’s cum from her pussy and into my waiting mouth. Using my tongue and the suction of my mouth I vacuumed her pussy clean. Exhausted I dropped off to sleep with my arms still fixed around Ann’s ass, holding her pussy close to my face.

I awoke a short time later as Ann had begun to rock her cunt into my face. I later guessed that the soft but continuous exhalation of breath from me had kept her pussy hot and wet. I was thrilled to be awakened to a wet pussy and the wonderful taste of Ann on my tongue and I went to work licking and sucking her tasty cunt.

When Ann came she rolled around and lay next to me, holding me in her embrace. Matt was asleep on the other bed and so Ann and I caressed and kissed one another to sleep. It had been a long day and we’d orgasmed often since she and Matt had arrived Friday afternoon. We still had Sunday and who knew what games Matt had planned for us. I was content to have my cousin/sister in my arms, her pierced tits rubbing my own our legs entangled and touching our clits, lips brushing against one another through the night. Knowing that both Matt and Ann were soon going to be living with me here at college seemed like a dream and I could not wait for the next day to start. Hugging Ann to me I dropped off to sleep.

When we awoke Sunday Morning Matt had already returned from his coffee and donut run and he’d brought the newspaper with him. I saw he was reading the apartment for rent section and was reminded about our soon to be new living arrangements. I was going to have them both with me and I loved it.

“Hey Sis get your ass and Ann’s ass out of bed and toss on some cloths, its time to find a home for us.”

Shortly we began the search for a place the three of us could live. We’d been to number of depressing college type apartment complexes but they were so close to being dorms that we kept looking. After a late lunch Matt took us into a residential neighborhood a little ways from campus. When he stopped at one of the houses I saw a well-dressed woman get out of a car I the driveway and come to meet us.

“Matt? Hi I Mrs. Valencia, are you ready to look at the place?”

As the woman led us into the house she continued to talk to Matt telling him about the place, the neighborhood etc. Ann and I quietly sauntered behind, keeping quiet and letting Matt do all the talking. Mrs. Valencia was in her late twenties was a bit shorter the Ann and I, perhaps she was five foot six or so. She was well built and very attractive certainly Mr. Valencia should be pleased. The house was furnished and would be rented that was so we eventually sat in the living room, Ann and I on the couch Matt and Mrs. Valencia on the stuffed chairs facing us.

Ann and I were again in our skirts and blouses and no panties or bra, as Matt had demanded. I was having some fun allowing my legs to open a bit and flashing shots of my pussy at Mrs. Valencia as she and Matt discussed the details. Matt noticed what I was doing and he watched as Mrs. Valencia looked over my way more and more often. Ann seeing what I was doing mimicked my moves and soon we were the constant objects of Mrs. Valencia’s attention. I heard Matt say.

“Well perhaps my room mates could persuade you to make some small adjustment in the costs, Mrs. Valencia. I noticed you are have a hard time taking your eyes off of them.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I guess I was staring a bit. I was just trying to learn their faces, get to know my future customers. I do have some room to haggle but not as much as your asking Matt.”

“Well let me take a look around the place again, why don’t you show my girls the bedrooms again. I’m sure they would want to make sure of the sizes etc. You know how you women are.”

We trailed Mrs. Valencia as she ascended the stairs and whispered to one another.

“Matt wants us to seduce her Ann.”

“Yeah, why don’t you just go up and hug and kiss her, I’ll embrace her from behind and maybe nibble on her neck. I know she couldn’t take her eyes off our pussies down there.”

As we were being shown the Master bedroom, I stepped up in front of Mrs. Valencia and wrapped my arms around her and planted my lips on hers. She tried to shrug me off but I forced my tongue in her mouth and I felt her body go limp in my arms. When Ann hugged her from behind and put her lips on her neck, the woman kastamonu escort bayan moaned and we began to slowly unbutton her blouse as we continued to assault her with our lips. She was starting to shake as we removed her blouse. She had large tits encased in lacy bra and before I removed it I palmed her left tits, rubbing it hard and she pulled me into her as she arched her back, forcing her tit into my hand. Ann had unzipped her skirt and pulled it to the floor leaving our pretty real estate woman in her briefs and bra. After they were quickly removed I led her to the bed pushing her back to lie atop the bedspread.

I covered her body with kisses and caresses as Ann strip her own clothes off before lying on the realtors left side. Then I took a moment and stripped before taking my place on the right side. Together we made love to the realtor and as she could she responded kissing us back and using her hands to explore our young firm bodies. As Ann slid between her legs and began to drag her tongue through the realtor’s slit, I whispered into her ear.

“What’s your first name lover?”

“I’mmmm Sally.”

Her words were slurred. Ann was doing her best between Sally’s legs and I was alternating my mouth from her hard nipples to her mouth and then her neck and ears. I’d whisper words like pussy or cunt, tit or fuck and with each of those sounds creeping into her ears she would moan aloud. This woman was so turned on being with two women I knew she’d cum and cum again for us. I slid up and squatted over Sally’s face then lowered my snatch to her mouth. At first she shook her head no but after a gentle tug on her hair or two she tentatively stuck her tongue out and light licked my labia before allowing her own orgasm to carry her over and she plunged her tongue into me. I rode her face as Ann ate her pussy. I looked over at the door and saw that Matt was standing their naked with his digital camera talking snap shots of the action. Matt’s cock was hard and ready and I tapped Ann on the shoulder and pointed. She got up from between Sally’s legs, keeping her hand active on Sally’s pussy while Matt climbed on and slid his cock into her.

His first thrust made Sally clamp down on my clit and then she mumbled around my pussy something that sounded like no. I ignored her and watched as Ann now had the camera and was snapping shots of Matt and I using Sally. She got close ups of my pussy engulfing Sally’s mouth and of Matt’s cock filling her pussy. I could feel Sally tremble as the first wave of her orgasm swept through her and when Matt erupted and spewed his cum inside her she writhed beneath me lifting her hips into Matt as they both rode their orgasms. I reached down and clasped Sally’s nose forcing her to open her mouth and then I peed. She tried to twist away but my urine filled her mouth and she was forced to swallow if she wanted to breath. I didn’t pee much but it was enough for her to wretch as she swallowed and I stepped off of her as she sputtered.

“I hate that. Why did you do that? I could get sick swallowing someone urine.”

She was mad and I had to laugh at her standing naked in the bedroom with the three of us, cum was dripping from between her legs in a big glob as she yelled at me. Matt came up with his camera and showed her the pictures then said.

“About the discount for the rent, Mrs. Valencia. We’d be pleased to thank you by giving you an open invitation to our house. You can come see any of us at any time. I know you enjoyed the girls and I today and in consideration for your generosity with the rent we are your when you need us.”

“You think I’m so needy that I would lower the rent to have you fuck me? “

“No, but I think keeping these pictures from the Internet will lower the rent, sex with us is just a bonus. I know you’re infatuated with Ann and Betsy and they love you too, don’t you girls?”

“I think your beautiful Sally and your pussy tasted delightful, I know Betsy can’t wait to taste you.”

I nodded and Mrs. Valencia looked stunned but she regained some sort of control and managed to dress. Once she was dressed she told us she’d draw up the lease and come when we moved in next week she’d come by so we cold sign it and make our deposits. She then smiled and walked out, dropping a set of keys on the bed as she left.

“I guess we now have a home sluts. Ann you and I will be back Friday and then the three of us can set up our new home. Since there are four bedrooms, we will each take one for our privacy and use the Master as our place to get together. Now I need an asshole to stuff this cock into.”

Ann and I bent over and spread our cheeks but Matt speared Ann’s backdoor not mine. So sat in front of Ann and played with her tits as she dove into my pussy as Matt fucked her ass. As I allowed my self to enjoy Ann’s devilish tongue I envisioned our life here, having both Matt and Ann available all the time was thrilling. I loved both Ann and Matt and loved the fact that even though we were siblings, we were able to share our deepest love both physically and spiritually. When Ann’s faced rammed forward into my pussy I came and saw that Matt was spasmodically pumping into her as, obviously filling it with his cum. As Matt pulled away I slid on the floor behind Ann and ate her asshole, tonguing and sucking Matt’s seed from her stretched asshole.

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