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When Uncle Comes To Stay Pt. 01

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She couldn’t sleep. She had tried now for what seemed like hours but it was no use. The memory of what had happened only a couple of hours earlier were still too fresh, still playing over in her mind, And the taste of it were still in her mouth. It was a taste she had sampled before, though not for many months, maybe even a year. On this night, she was desperately willing it to not fade away this time, for the taste of him, of what she had made him do, was still driving her wild.

The taste of fresh cum had never been one she had enjoyed all that much in the past. But this time it was different. This time it was unplanned, unexpected…forbidden. For it was not only the act of what had just taken place a couple of hours ago in the lounge downstairs, but rather who it had happened with. The thought should have riddled her with guilt, with repulsion.

But instead, it prompted her hand to travel back down underneath her pyjama bottoms. She was beyond damp down there. Her thoughts raced as she replayed those moments in her mind, what had taken place, what she had felt…what she still tasted on her lips and in the back of her throat.

And, what drove her to the brink of another orgasm at that moment was not only the thought of who it happened with and what had happened…but rather what else could have happened.

Marie had never considered herself a slut. The very opposite, in fact. Actually, it was her husband who she had long accused to have the wandering eye. Having been blighted with anxiety and depression most of her life, mostly centred around her insecurities of how she looked, sex was something that had not been on her list of priorities for a long while now.

She wasn’t yet what she would call old, at only a few weeks away from her thirty-seventh birthday, but marriage and motherhood had taken its toll on her body. Her husband of nearly ten years — partner of nearly twenty — Chris had always told her how sexy she was, despite her erratic and unfounded concerns.

Marie was pear-shaped, something she considered as much a curse as her curly auburn hair. Unlike her sister, she had not been blessed with much up top, sporting a natural pair of 32B boobs which now hung a little lower than she reckoned they should do. Her main bug-bare, however, were her butt and thighs. These assets contributed to her pear-like shape, sticking out way too much in her opinion.

But it was the thought and sight of her juicy, plump rear that got her husband — and many other men, unbeknownst to Marie, stirring down below.

They had been blessed with children six years earlier; twins, no less. This was the point at which their relationship in the bedroom began to change. Marie and Chris had spent the summer of 2013 getting settled in their first owned-home, enjoying a family holiday by the pool in France, with French wine, good food and sex whenever they could escape to their room. Or wherever took their fancy in the French gite they had hired for the fortnight.

The trip yielded more fruits, for Marie found she was pregnant only a few weeks later. What followed was months and years of struggle, finally upgrading to a decent-sized family home five years later.

Now with the kids in school and Chris working longer days for his job, she was at home a lot more when she wasn’t working her own three days as a healthcare worker at a local hospital. But she had space. She finally had a focus. Family life, it seemed, was finally slotting into place.

Ironically, it would be family that drove her almost to despair on this night as she still struggled to force the sordid memories of that evening from her mind and finally catch some sleep. Just in a way that she never could imagine it would.




Marie had lived in Newton Abbot all her life. Born to a single-mum way too young, she was adopted when she was only months old. Her family unit — herself, her parents and her younger sister, also adopted — were so close you could be forgiven for balking at the idea they were not joined by blood.

They had family elsewhere in the country on her mum’s side, and it was her Aunt Jan and Uncle Rich from Bristol that she always looked forward to seeing the most. Their two sons, Marie’s older cousins, could always be counted upon to provide the entertainment for them. As the years rolled on, visits became more infrequent but the bond was still there. As a family, they would travel to Bristol on Boxing Day each year and have a second Christmas. Her other maternal aunt’s cousins and grandparents gathered there too, but the gatherings thinned out as everyone got older and the ‘kids’ grew families of their own.

Marie’s mum had received a call from her sister Jan a few weeks prior, letting them know that Rich was travelling down to Devon for a week on a bowling tour. Rich was now seventy and enjoying retirement, having taking up lawn bowls with a local club a few years before. The one problem was the kırıkkale escort club had run out of funds for the trip and was asking all members to find their own accommodation locally. Naturally, Jan asked her sister if Rich could stay with them.

‘Ah, love you know we would but it’s rotten timing. We are having the bathroom and kitchen ripped out that week and the house will be chaos!’

So, it was decided by all parties that Rich would stay with Marie and Chris. Sure they had two six-year-old’s running amok around the place, but they had the space, a spare room and the kids loved Great-Uncle Rich. And so, the day came when he arrived.

There was much excitement at the door, the twins rushing at the sound of the doorbell and announcing themselves through the door well before they even opened it. Rich fussed over the little ones, handed them each a plastic bag with sweet treats, which they quickly rushed upstairs to explore. Rich got in the door and received a warm hug from his niece and a shake-of-the-hand from her husband, who had just entered the kitchen via the back door after mowing the lawn just in time.

‘So great to see you! Marie said warmly as she flicked the kettle on to boil.

Rich was Marie’s only official uncle. Her dad was an only child and her mum’s other sister had never married her partner. Marie had always had a soft spot for him. He always looked good — not that she ever thought of him as anything but her uncle, of course — and even though retirement had filled him out in certain areas, he still looked good for his age. Rich had always had silver hair for as long as Marie could remember. It suited him. Coupled with glasses, a slightly bulbous nose but an ever-present smile and his witty banter, he was always a joy to be around.

This trip, it would turn out, would be no exception. Just in many more different ways.


The day passed quickly, the kids making the best use of Great-Uncle Rich’s time by challenging him to multiple games of swingball or helping them complete building their latest Lego set. Chris took on the bedtime duties shortly after 7pm, prising them away from Rich at last and whisking them upstairs for their routine teeth-cleaning, story and sleep time.

In that time, Rich helped Marie fix the adult’s meal downstairs. The first bottle of wine was opened quickly. Rich laughed as he watched Marie unscrew the cap from the bottle. ‘Needed, I guess?’ he asked. She threw him a knowing smile and rolled her eyes as she grabbed three wine glasses.

‘They’re really hard work at the moment,’ she replied as she poured. They could both hear Chris’ frustrated shouts two floors above, only just decipherable amongst the excited cheering and patter of footsteps.

‘They’re at a lovely age,’ Rich joked, accepting the proffered glass. ‘Cheers!’ Marie and Uncle Rich chinked glasses, sharing a momentary glance at each other. On Marie’s part, an innocent glance she had always given her uncle. For Rich, however, there was something more there. He quickly realised how much of a woman his niece had become, especially during the moments he had sat at the dining table watching Marie from behind as she served the wine.

He had caught glimpses of both of his niece’s before, only fleeting moments over the years where he quickly found himself looking at their forms from an outsiders point of view. Basically, he noticed he had fleeting thoughts of them as women, not family. On most occasions, however, it was after seeing Marie’s sister Catherine in her bikini. She was clearly the one endowed up top, but this was the first time he had found himself looking at Marie’s ass.

As soon as he realised he was doing it, he forced the thought away. That was until he caught her eye as they chinked glasses. He felt a sudden rush of blood to his groin.

The moment was thankfully ended just as quickly with Chris stomping downstairs. ‘I might just leave them too it,’ he threatened, ‘they’re doing my head in!’

‘They’re six,’ Marie replied, ‘and they’ve had an exciting afternoon.’ Marie glanced quickly at Rich as she said that, jokingly blaming him for their over-excitement. There is was again, Rich thought to himself. That look. He laughed it off and took another gulp of wine. ‘They’re knackered though, love. Get them in to bed and there’s a glass waiting for you.’

Chris took a swig from the glass before he left and returned upstairs. The thoughts, however, kept turning over and over in Rich’s mind, despite his best efforts. There was nothing in anything she had said or done, he told himself. He was being stupid. It was pure innocence, and why was he starting to have any kind of impure thought about his niece? Why now? What was different than before?

One possible answer would occur to Rich later in the evening, but after many more glasses of wine.


Chris eventually returned to the kitchen to join Rich and Marie, just in time kırıkkale escort bayan for dinner to be served. He sat down and his own drink was gone within minutes. Marie obliged by refilling all of their glasses as they sat down to eat. The evening proceeded as planned, just spent eating, drinking and chatting. All three retired to the lounge once the meal was done, taking another bottle of wine — the third of the night — up with them, to avoid any unnecessary trips downstairs throughout the evening to refill.

After much deliberation, they eventually found a suitable movie to stick on. The kids were finally fast asleep and the house was quiet and relaxed, save for the murmuring from the film and random pockets of conversation. Marie and Chris occupied their ‘usual’ sofa, both reclined at their separate ends. Rich had the second sofa to himself and made the most of it by stretching out.

It occurred to him then that the happy couple did not appear to snuggle together during the evening. They were both relaxed,reclined and watching the film cradling their respective glasses. It was sweet on the one hand, Rich thought, but then his mind wandered back to the more physical of things.Quickly, in particular, back to the image of Marie’s ass beneath her jeans.

No. You must stop. She’s you niece! Think of something else. ANYthing else.

His mind then turned to the children upstairs. Almost unwillingly, a thought occurred to him that often did when he reminded himself that people he either knew or was related to had kids — they would have had to have had sex in order to get them!

A simple thought indeed but one that always set off an uncontrollable chain of related contemplations. This occasion was no different. He quickly thought of the young, curly-haired girl that used to run around his back garden playing with his sons whenever they visited. And then he reminded himself that that same girl — now the woman sat across the lounge from him — had had sex, at least once. Unprotected too. Marie had, at some point, welcomed a man into her body in the most carnal of acts, letting him fill her up with streams of hot spunk.

The thoughts became too much. Too inappropriate and much too quickly. Taking care to shield the bulge in his jeans from his two hosts, he made an excuse to go to the bathroom. The house was a three-level town house, the lounge and main bathroom next to each other on the middle floor, so his trip did not take him long. When he returned, his glass was full again with the fine Malbec they had already sunk two bottles of. Marie shook the empty bottle at him as he stepped back in the room.

‘Thought you could do with a refill,’ she said. Rich nodded his thanks and took his seat again. A haze had descended over his mind thanks to the alcohol. He couldn’t control the thoughts returning to him, of his niece on her back or her knees. That ass. A man invading her so vivldly, her groans of pleasure, her brow furrowed with each thrust, each moan…

He wondered whether the wine was having a similar effect on her, before quickly convincing himself it was absurd to even think it. But with her own husband next to her…the thought all of a sudden was too much to handle. The burning in his loins grew stronger, as did his hard-on.

Even if the wine was having no effect on Marie’s own thought process, it was having an effect on Chris. He was already asleep in his chair. Rich looked over and smiled at Marie, as she rolled her eyes and silently tutted. ‘He’s a nightmare! He cannot see past around nine-thirty any night!’

Marie gave Chris a kick, causing him to stir awake again. Rich laughed and replied, ‘Your Aunt Jan is the same. Many a Saturday night is spent with me finishing the wine as she dozes off to a bad film. I think I benefit a lot from that.’

Within a few minutes, Chris was asleep again. Marie left him until the film was finished and then gently shook him awake. ‘Go to bed, love, if you’re tired.’

Chris looked dozily at her, and then at Rich, almost resisting and claiming he was fine. But he nodded his submission, kissed his wife and said his goodnight.

‘I won’t be too late,’ Marie assured him, followed by a knowing and wry smile towards Rich as her husband left the room. She waited until she heard his footsteps reach the upper floor landing before getting up and with a giggle she said to her Uncle Rich, ‘Another bottle, I feel?’

‘Hell yeah!’ came his response as he raised his empty glass.

During the moments Rich waited alone in the lounge whilst his niece was downstairs getting the fresh bottle of wine, his nerves grew. He was going to be alone with her, albeit for only a short while. Alll of the carnal thoughts returned, this time in warp-speed.

Enough! He admonished himself. Nothing is going to happen!


It was amazing what just two more glasses of a heavy red can do to loosen a tongue, however. Not escort kırıkkale to mention inhibitions. Marie hadn’t had anything resembling any impure thoughts all evening, so why now was she nervous about getting another bottle to enjoy with her uncle? The thought occurred to her as she was in the kitchen, but she quickly chased it away by reminding herself there was nothing impure about the scenario at all.

Should she have followed her husband to bed? Maybe, but it wasn’t her fault he couldn’t make it through an evening without falling asleep on the sofa. She was still raring to go, she didn’t have work in the morning and her uncle was visiting. Not something that happened every day.

After the additional aforementioned couple of glasses in only each other’s company, however, neither of them noticed straight away how their conversation had deviated from the usual family/work discussions, or even inane observational chatter about the film they were watching.

No, the tone had simply — and naturally — taken a step or two towards the gutter. Whilst flicking through the channels and finding nothing suitable to watch at such a late hour, Marie flung the remote to Rich and challenged him to find something whilst she popped to the bathroom.

With a giggle, Rich selected one of the higher channels. To her mock horror, when she returned to the room Marie was greeted by the image of a model writhing around on a studio bed whilst clutching a phone to her ear. Yes, her Uncle Rich decided there was nothing more suitable than Babestation X to watch at that hour!

‘Jesus Christ!’ she said, whilst unsuccessfully stifling a laugh. ‘Pervert! Hey ho, if it must me then I need another drink.’ She emptied the remaining wine into both of their glasses.

To begin with, they discussed the possible reasons why women would degrade themselves so much to want to do anything like that.

‘One thing you had to admit though,’ Marie commented, ‘is that the women have all the power. How much money are guys paying for this?’

‘Depends how much you’re willing to spend!’ Rich joked.

They bantered for a few minutes longer about who had the social higher ground in the situation of the adult model and the sad-sap guy who would pay for a glimpse of flesh. And then Uncle Rich stumbled on what would be the street corner in the conversation where things took a turn.

‘You saying you wouldn’t enjoy the idea of a guy watching you, knowing what he was doing at the other end?’

‘What are you insinuating, Uncle Rich?’ Marie purred, leaning forward, a crooked smile and a wink. He felt his groin and stomach tighten and the bulge in his throat grow. He stammered a response.

‘Plain and simply, do you not like the idea of a guy wanking to you?’

There. He had said it. The conversation was now officially in the gutter. He waited, unable to breathe, for Marie to respond again. He panicked that he had killed the fun by going one step too far, threatening to make his stay somewhat awkward. He had already planned to blame the drink, should it go horribly wrong.

Marie simply looked dead ahead, staring at the screen but at nothing in particular, then smiled. ‘No man would want to do that over me.’

Inside, Rich was jumping for joy whilst letting out a huge sigh of relief. Not only had she not freaked out, she was almost inviting the conversation to continue!

‘Oh,I’m sure they would!’ he replied. Marie shot him an awkward side-glance before playfully smiling again. Her cheeks flushed red.

‘If you can find me one guy who would, you win,’ she challenged and then took a large swig of wine.

‘Chris would!’ he replied.

‘Doesn’t count.’

Rich felt a shortness of breath and his body ran cold. There was one possible response he could make which would either make or break this conversation, as well as ensuring he won the argument. He flipped a coin in his mind over and over within a few seconds, fighting with the urge to say what his gut — and dick — wanted him to.

Then he decided to go for it.

‘I probably would,’ he blurted.

There were a few achingly-long moments of silence. The smile was gone from her face and Marie struggled to meet his gaze.

‘You probably would?’ she asked with a laugh. ‘Just probably?’

Now it was Rich’s turn to be silent, fighting for the perfect response, trying to judge whether she was flirting or just simply drunk. Maybe it was both.

‘OK,’ he said breathlessly, ‘more like definitely. But I have been drinking…’

Rich laughed as Marie took a playful swipe at him. For the next few minutes, they sat in silence just watching as the model on the bed writhed some more in between pleas for calls, and then removing her bra, obviously prompted by the attainment of a monetary goal reached.

During this time, Marie was staring at the screen but thinking of nothing but what her uncle had said. Was it a joke? Was he simply drunk? He was known for being a oranker over the years anyway, so maybe this was just him being him. However, the silence was just awkward, painful. Not wanting to have ruined the mood herself, she decided to carry it on.

‘So, truthfully…’ she asked, whilst looking at the remaining measure of wine at the bottom of her glass, ‘have you ever?’

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