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Who Watches the Witches?

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The moment Jessica woke up, she knew that something was very, very wrong. Although she was still only a novice witch, just barely into her two-hundredth year, she recognized the paralyzing effects of magic when she felt it. She could also tell that the magic wasn’t malicious or even harmful; it wasn’t a mind control spell or anything of the sort. It was more of a harmless prank, likely perpetrated by one of the warlocks from the dorm across the way. They were always doing things like that. The non-magic world had panty raids and peeping toms; the magic world had sexually-infused spells and remote viewing.

Such was the life of a young witch.

This particular spell was a favorite of the freshman classes. It was really quite clever- a combination of two existing concepts that they were just being introduced to at that point in the curriculum. Every year, they’d discover it, thinking they were incredibly clever for figuring it out. It the faculty knew, they turned a blind eye. And the witches never seemed to complain.

First, they would selectively constrict the fabric of the panties. There wasn’t exactly a spell for that, but it was essentially a highly localized gravitation effect. By very slightly increasing the gravitational pull between the relatively relaxed cotton weave, it would lightly brush against one’s clitoris. That was the hard part- too much and the effects would be far too obvious. Painful, even. Too little and there won’t be any impact at all.

The second piece involved subtle auditory projections. A moan here. A sigh there. The moist sounds of lips running over flesh. Each barely perceptible, but enough to be picked up on a subconscious level. If it were slightly too loud, the target would be inclined to suspect a neighbor. The walls were very thin and, after all, girls will be girls.

Between the two aspects- the barely audible sexual sounds and the light manipulation of the clitoris- many less-experienced witches would immediately give in to the temptation. Most of the time, they didn’t even realize they were being watched.

Watched. Right.

She was having a little bit of trouble concentrating, quite natural given the circumstances. She had nearly forgotten the most important part: a way to watch the thus-enchanted witch as she gave into her more carnal desires.

It took only a moment for her to spot the cat, delicately perched on the windowsill and peering in through the glass. “Nice try, boys,” she scolded, rolling her eyes. She pulled the curtains shut, blocking their view entirely. Immediately, the very quiet sounds stopped and the fabric of her panties relaxed again. That removed the cause, but didn’t do anything to relieve the symptom.

Jessica casino şirketleri did her best to go back to sleep; she didn’t want to give into the sensations, but they were getting harder to ignore. “Those boys,” she mused. “Waking me up, just to sneak a peek.” She could only imagine how frustrated they must have been when she closed the blinds. She couldn’t really blame them, either. She took a look at herself in the mirror. She looked good. Her panties and loose-fitting top left very little to the imagination, and her careful diet and exercise regimen had paid off. Her straight, jet-black hair fell just to her shoulders and provided a stark contrast to her bright green eyes.

Yes, she looked good. She couldn’t blame them for the attempt. Just looking at her own body was enough to make her pussy start to moisten- she ran her finger along the fabric of her panties, confirming that they had started to grow just a little bit damp. The touch, even though it was only her own finger, made her shudder. It was a good thing she had such strong willpower, or else she would have spent the entire morning indulging in self-pleasure.

“Although…” she said out loud to her own reflection. “Since I’m awake, and since I have nothing planned, maybe just a quickie wouldn’t hurt.”

Jessica didn’t stop to consider the irony in her decision. Perhaps, if she reflected on it later, it would occur to her that she was doing exactly what the young warlocks had intended for her to do. The only difference was that the blinds were closed so they couldn’t watch. But Jessica wasn’t thinking very clearly in that moment. She had far more pressing concerns on her mind. The shirt would simply have to go, she reasoned. Although the loose-fitting garment was comfortable enough to sleep in, it wasn’t what one wears when engaging in a sexual act- even when it’s alone. It just wasn’t proper. She pulled it up and over her head; it mussed her hair just a little bit, but it quickly fell back into place.

Her breasts. She liked her breasts. They weren’t exceptionally large, but they were firm and perfectly rounded. Her nipples were, in the words of her ex-boyfriend, “pink and perfect.” They had begun to stiffen already, accenting her smooth, milky-white skin. The panties came next. She was having trouble containing herself and really didn’t want to wait, but a part of her was enjoying her own striptease. She kept her pussy very neatly trimmed, almost a hint of fine hair to point the way to her slit. Not like she, or anyone else, needed any help to find it.

Nearly giddy with the anticipation of what she was about to do, Jessica rolled onto the bed, laying on her back with her upper body propped up by several soft pillows. casino firmaları She ran her hand over her soft body, starting with her chest. She traced the curves and contours of her flesh, only hesitating briefly to graze her sensitive nipples.

Had she been with a partner, she would have expected them to suck her nipples gently. To tease her by licking the soft flesh around them. But she was frustratingly alone, which left her to simulate the stimulation as best she could.

After a moment, she allowed her hands to continue their journey. They went down the slope of her breasts and across her firm stomach. She barely paused at her waist before using one of her fingers to follow along the straight line of her pussy lips. She started at her clit, which made her shudder involuntarily. A low moan escaped, which almost immediately turned into a contented sigh.

She started teasing her clitoris, rubbing gentle, tight circles over the sensitive button. Somewhere, deep inside herself, a flame was lit. A nearly aching need for release that started in the pit of her stomach and quickly spread throughout her body before focusing on her pussy. She felt… empty. Empty, like she needed to be filled.

Without realizing it, she had started bucking her hips. She knew she was moaning, but had no idea how- or desire- to stop. He pushed against her finger, coaxing the first little bolts of electric lust out of the impending orgasm. She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination or not, but she was certain she could feel a little bit of wetness pool under her ass. She was close. Very close.

And then she stopped.

It seemed so unfair that her orgasm would be denied in such a way! Even if she did it of her own volition, she felt somehow betrayed. Her body screamed at her to finish, but she waited for the feeling to subside. This wasn’t going to be any regular orgasm, she would make sure of that.

Jessica desperately searched for something cock-shaped and long enough to reach the deepest parts of poor, aching pussy. Finding nothing, she very nearly threw on her apprentice robe to find the nearest suitable warlock and let him finish her off. But then her eyes settled on the perfect, if unconventional, object: her wand. She didn’t think twice, and she was certain she wasn’t the first to notice just how thick and firm the base actually was. Had it been between the legs of a warlock, she would have been impressed. So it would definitely work in a pinch.

She snatched it up and traced her pussy lips a few times. Up and down, collecting her own juices as lubrication. When the cool wooden head touched her clit, she let out another moan- much louder than before.

In went the tip. Her pussy güvenilir casino contracted around it as it parted her lips.

A little bit further. She could feel every inch of the smooth wood as she pushed it deeper into her.

Further still. The delayed orgasm began to build again. Her pussy started to tighten, then relax around it.

Finally, she was as deep as she wished to go. She felt pleasantly full, with sharp crackles of pleasure seeming to shoot from the base of the wand deep into her body. She realized, all at once, that was exactly what was happening. She had been told that her wand would become an extension of herself, used merely to focus the powers that were already inside her. The wand, buried deep in her pussy, actually was shooting tiny bursts of magic into her pussy. The effect was incredible.

She pulled out slightly, leaving just the tip of the substitute cock inside her. It was held only by her hand and her lips, allowing her to catch her breath. And then it was inside again, deep and hard. She repeated, going faster and harder with each thrust. She began lifting her hips each time to meet it, allowing the object to push deeper and deeper.

In her mind, she was getting fucked senseless by Professor Fisher. He pinned her down and roughly forced his cock into her wet hole. Or the venerable Dean Mason, who she would be delighted to submit to in his palatial office in the north tower. Or perhaps even her classmate, Alicia, who would bring her to a quivering orgasm using only her fingers and tongue. She could picture that very clearly- Alicia’s blonde hair falling draped on her thighs as she lowered her tongue to Jessica’s pussy… their eyes would meet as she licked once, then pressed inside…

That’s when the orgasm suddenly hit.

It was unexpected and overwhelming. A sudden wave that crashed over her and caught her up in the torrent. The moan caught in her throat and she was left to whimper as the sensations pulsed through her body. She couldn’t think of anything other than the way her entire body sang.

When she found her voice, the moan finally escaped. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” She repeated the words over and over again to the imagined lovers that flashed through her mind in a rapid cycling of thoughts and images.

She fucked herself hard and deep- more so than she had ever experienced before. But it was enough to get her over and through the waves of pleasure. Those waves became ripples. And finally, the ripples became calm again. Jessica’s breathing was heavy and rapid. She fell back against the pillows, allowing the wand to rest against the bed while still buried inside her. When she finally pulled it out, it was freed with a pleasantly moist sound.

Jessica had no idea how long she had spent in the bed. It could have been minutes, or it could have been hours for all she knew. But it was time to get dressed and start her day. After all, she still had so much to learn.

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