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Who’s On Top Now?

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The door flung open violently assaulting the wall with a large thunk. While I couldn’t see you for my back was turned to the door, the look on Dean, Harry and Frank’s faces told me what I would have seen: your face red with both anger and embarrassment, your hands furled into tight fists — hell, even if they weren’t here, the heavy puffed breathing you were loudly emitting from trying to calm yourself down enough to speak would have given me a clue. Without turning around, pretending to be focusing my attention on the blueprints on the table to hide my smile, I asked, “Something a matter?”

You had several false starts then finally blurted out, “Ooh…ooh…you’re such a…such a…GUY!” You then continued your huffing.

I turned to look at you, giving you my best hurt look as I said with mock despair, “I nary a clue of which you speak — I merely am perusing the plans with my compatriots and you come in here like a hound dawg chompin’ at her fleas.”

The blackness in your eyes began to disappear behind your eyelids as they became thin slits as you snarled, “I know it was you!”



“Me what?”

Through gritted teeth you barked, “The bathroom…it was your…”

“Madam!” I said with a high English accent, not being able but to give a small smile. “I am a gentleman — I always flush and put the seat back down!”

“That’s not it and you fucking well know it!”

“MADAM,” I replied with a small dignified sniff, “I most assuredly do not!”

You said nothing more but glared at me for another moment before turning on your heels and walking out, your fists still uncurling and curling as you slammed the door.

Harry, Frank and Dean all stared at me. Dean spoke up, “what the fuck? This shit between the two of you has to stop before it becomes a full out war.”

The games had started shortly after you had started working here a few months ago — I had made a comment to one of the other women in the office and you spun off into some tirade, the gist was that I was an unthinking pig. With a challenge like that, how else was I supposed to respond? I switched your creamer with white glue. From then on it was who could top who. Last week you thought you had one, I had to admit that hiring a transvestite to come to the job site and profess his love for me in front of the entire crew was good.

I gave a laugh and nodded my head in agreement; after all, I fully expected that you would concede that I finally got you so bad that there was no way to top it. I had come in early to the office to rig my crowning glory — I let every one know what I was doing so that the set up was perfect: only one working light, two hours of ‘maintenance’ on the ladies washroom to let your natural bodily functions build up to a bursting pressure.

I was about to say something when you stormed back in, once again slamming the door loudly behind you. You flung the 10″ dildo that I had spring rigged to ‘arise’ from the bowl when there was pressure applied on the seat squarely at my forehead. It hit dead on and dropped upright tip first into the coffee cup in my hand, the spring mechanism was still partially attached.

I looked down at the dildo in the cup, grabbed hold of it and swirled my coffee with it. I took it out and held it out and snipped, “Well if you were looking for some lube for your tight little…”

You cut me off with one fluid motion. You took 6″ of the dildo straight into your mouth until your lips touched my knuckles and slowly slid it back out of your mouth; there was a slight popping sound as you smacked your lips together. You locked eyes with me and with a wicked smile you cooed, “I prefer chocolate.” Then you strode back out of the room leaving me looking at you leave and the dildo still pointing straight out, though hanging a little limply.

The guys all smiled at me and Frank piped in with, “Well, dude, I think you’re going to have to change what you mean when you call her a mouthy bitch, eh?” I laughed and put the dildo down and urged everyone to get back to business.

The afternoon passed quickly while I concentrated on evaluating what materials were needed for the new job. I hadn’t noticed that everyone had slowly left the office and gone home. When I did finally tear myself away from the invoices, it was just me in the conference room and through the open door I could see that you were still at your desk, inputting in old invoices. The clock read six — I didn’t realize how late it was; we’d be the only ones here. This might not be so good I thought to myself; time to leave before you realized that there were no witnesses that could befoul any reprisal for the dildo in the toilet.

As I passed your desk I said a quiet “good night” and made my way for the exit. You called me back — oh fuck. büyükesat escort I thought about pretending not to have heard, but I didn’t think that would have worked, besides there was a first aid kit in here — I’d have better chance of not bleeding to death in here than in the parking lot.

I walked back to your desk and asked what you wanted. You got up and came around to stand beside me. I looked at your hands to make sure that there wasn’t an envelope opener in it.

“That was a pretty infantile stunt this morning,” you stated tersely. You then gave a little smile and added in a more softer tone, “If we were in elementary school, I’d say that you had a crush on me.”

I felt the blood rushing from one head to another; I don’t know why because until that point, I hadn’t even really looked at you in that way. I hadn’t noticed curves that had filled your sweater, the way your jeans hugged your hips, the slight camel toe…oh fuck, this was not the time to feel my dick moving about.

“Fortunately we’re not in school,” I replied, shuffling around a bit, dropping my hands casually down around my groin to cover any cues that I was beginning to get turned on.

You stepped a little closer, and bit your bottom lip slightly before you said, “No we’re not. But I think you want to kiss me but you’re too afraid of rejection to just do it.”

Now I felt a little intimidated but spurned by the challenge. I put my hands to the side of your face and pulled your face closer to me firmly but lightly. I placed my lips on yours, sucking your lips with mine and slid my hands from your face, down your arms and ending up holding on to your waist. I figured that you would feign disinterest but you forced your tongue into my mouth and slid your left hand to trace the outline quickly growing in the front of my pants.

My mind raced with the different possibilities — my first thought that you were fucking with my head; in a moment you would pull away and wave goodbye leaving me to suffer with the pressure built up within the constraints of my jeans. It would serve me right, but fuck was I going to be in a world of pain. The second possibility was that I was being set up for public humiliation; get me hard, get me to drop my pants, whip out your cell phone, snap a picture and then all your friends within seconds have a picture of me standing with a hard on with my pants at my knees. The third and least plausible all the shit I had pulled on you turned you on and wanted you me.

You broke off the kiss and stepped back. I stood there, my lips still puckered. I was broken from my thoughts when you said, “I didn’t think you had the balls to do it…but after I had a feeling just now that you liked it.” You reached over and touched the bulge in my pants, “I’d also say you wished it was your cock instead of plastic one this morning.” You gave it a squeeze.

I turned red and pulled out the dildo that I had stuffed in my pocket to give to a friend as a joke later that night and put it on your desk.

You looked down at the desk and stammered out, “Er, well, yes…” You put your hand out again to my crotch and gave a gentle rub. You looked up and with an unsure look asked, “You don’t have another one do you? Is this the real deal?”

I nodded. You looked at my crotch, then at the desk, then back at my crotch bulge, seemingly trying to decide something. With a shrug you murmured, “Warm is better than cold.” I couldn’t help but notice though that with your other hand you moved the dildo into your open purse. You gave me a wink and said, “For later.”

Great, I thought, nothing like getting humiliated…but at least it wasn’t in a public place. You must have read my mind as you assured me that it would be much later…at least until you got home.

I searched my brain for the most intelligent and sensual thing that I could say. Unfortunately, the blood drain from my thinking apparatus left me with only, “So, now what? Wanna fuck?” Damn I’m smooth.

You straightened up and pulled your sweater over your head. With a movement so slick, your bra seemingly removed itself and it took a moment to click in that both sweater and bra were on your desk and you had leaned back on the desk, pushing out your tender breasts for my inspection.

You looked amused as one of your eye brows arched and you responded, “Oh, I don’t know…with such romantic words my mind has totally drawn a blank…what was the question again?”

If I had been with the guys I would have said something about giving me a call when you’re A cup had sprouted so I wouldn’t confuse you with a guy but as I looked at the perkiness of your nipples as they moved with your controlled breathing — I realized that I didn’t want anything larger — they were fine with me.

I moved close to you çankaya escort quickly, looking you in the eyes; your breathing began to get more rapid as I removed my shirt. I moved closer and took you into my arms and kissed you deeply, pressing my body close to yours. One hand was hooked behind your back while the other cupped your tight ass cheek, drawing your waist into mine. I moved my hips back and forth so you could feel my throbbing cock straining to get into your pants. Even through the fabric of both our jeans, the heat from your pussy matched the fever building up in my groin. If it had been your desire to drive me to the point of utter lust, you had reached it — in the back of my head I still thought that at any second you would pull away, take out an elastic band and snap my cock with it and scream, “Gotcha!”

I guided, you well, we more stumbled with each other, over to the overstuffed clientele courtesy couch that was against the wall af few meters from your desk, which was fortunate because I don’t think I could have made it much farther and lowered you back first onto it. I straddled your lower body and with one fluid motion undid the snap on your jeans and pushed your panties aside. Damn, your pussy mound was so soft, so plump, I wanted you even more. I pinched your clit, already swollen lightly with my forefinger and thumb then slid a finger into your wanting vaginal folds. You let out a slight moan and brought up your hips to arch your pussy so I would have even more access.

You were so moist it was a relief to feel the slickness coating my fingers; to know that you were as hot as I was. I began to pump my finger in faster and faster. You grabbed my neck and forced me down and kissed me hard, nibbling on my bottom lip. Your other hand went to my own jeans and you undid the button and pulled down my fly, letting my cock out of its denim prison and took a firm grasp of the steel like shaft. With every firm stroke up I could feel my precum coating your fingers as you roughly brought your hand back down my shaft. I decided that I needed to taste you.

I stood up, you reluctantly gave up your grip and you smiled and crooked your finger at me and said, “Come here and let me give him a kiss, baby.”

I removed my jeans and without tenderness removed yours, taking your panties along with them and tossed them onto your desk atop your sweater and bra.

“A man on a mission,” you cooed. You propped yourself by your elbows and then swung your thighs over with your legs spread apart, giving me a long good look at your neatly trimmed bush. Your anticipation’s moistness shone in the office’s neon lights, like a solid line on a runway waiting for my cock to go in for a landing. “Come on then, baby, give this pussy a good fucking.”

I moved in between your legs and let the tip of my cock rest on the skin just below your navel, letting your pubic hair tickle my balls. In my high English I said, “Madam, I am a gentleman, a very prim gentleman — I shall have to lick your plate until I am sure that you are quite content.”

You gave me a quizzical look but it turned into a smile as I dropped to my knees, put your legs over my shoulders and brought my face to your pulsating pussy lips. I took your clit into my mouth as I caressed the outside of your thighs. I let my tongue roll around its base then gave it a few quick flicks before sucking hard on it. A gasp escaped you and your legs began to vibrate on my shoulders.

I released your clit and moved my chin down, letting the tip of my tongue just strafe the outside of your folds as I lowered my head down even lower. Your legs dropped off my shoulders, giving me even more room to taste your sweetness; I moved my hands to your ass cheeks and slid my hands up and down. I peeked to my left and could see that you had grabbed the edge of the couch and were clenching and unclenching with every movement of my tongue as it went back and forth between each of your pussy lips.

I stuck my tongue deep into your pussy and let my nose tease your clit, hoping that I would manage to stir you up enough to let me have a long draught of your excitement. You shuddered while my tongue flicked inside you and pushed my head forcibly into the throbbing folds. I felt the gush along my cheeks and pulled my tongue out and let it swirl along your folds and up to your clit and back again, tasting all that you had to offer. Your legs were trembling against my shoulders from the force of your orgasm. I let my finger trace your ass crack, you shuddered even more with my light touch and brought more of your sweet juices to my mouth.

I didn’t want you to rest; I wanted you to think of me for at least once when you went to use your toys and wish it was me. I moved up and kissed you fully on the lips as I pushed my cock between ankara escort your swollen pussy lips. I let the tip of my cock slide back and forth on your vaginal folds while my hands gently caressed your luscious ass cheeks.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” you rasped out between your pants, arching your back in an effort to slip my cock into you. I moved my lips down to your neck and rolled my tongue up and down the sides. I gave your ear a nipple and blocked your attempts to move your hand and guide me in.

Suddenly I pulled your velvety smooth butt cheeks and forced my hard cock into your slick tight lust center, making you orgasm again with the first few thrusts. I felt your pussy muscles taunt against my shaft; your cum lubricating every inch that I gave. I growled in glorious pleasure as I slid in and out. If I only known months ago…. You let out a bestial screech and begged me to fuck you harder and harder. The sweat that we created from meeting each other’s thrusts confirmed each impact with loud splats, each time followed by a lusty growl from deep within your throat. The vibrations of the growl cascaded from you into me and down every muscle, tendon, sinew of my body and magnified ten fold into my pumping cock; making it pulsate wildly within your super nova’d vagina.

Your pussy lips clamped down hard on my cock. Your hands stopped roaming my body and grabbed both my ass cheeks and forced me to enter you even deeper and you held me there. You screamed; I screamed as your nails punctured my skin. I felt the hot rush of your orgasm coursing out of you and soaking both our inner thighs and begin to trickle down to our toes.

In a few moments your grasp softened and you began to kiss my shoulder and neck and you rasped, “I want you to fill me with your fuck fluid, baby…cum so hard that I’m going to fucking wipe my ass afterwards.”

Not one to step down from a damsel’s request I decided to grind my cock into you, not sliding it out as much but grinding my pubic hair into yours in attempt to tickle your clit as my tip rolled along side to side deep within you. You moaned gutturally.

I felt the build up beginning to swell, hardening my cock even more than it already was — you must have felt it to as you began to push roughly with your hands on my ass, making me thrust even deeper. Every push you gave became more hurried, stronger, the moans escaped through snarling lips as you commanded, “Cum, baby, cum. Shoot that juice of yours in me. Drown my fucking pussy, baby, cum on, baby.”

I pulled out most of the way for one final ram into you, not holding back, not caring about anything but burying myself as deep as possible into you. Your hands clawed deep into my ass again, the pain drove my excitement even more as I released the hot spunk into you. Wave after wave jettisoned itself out of me, hitting you forcefully enough that you began to cum again along with me.

You didn’t let go even after the last dribble left my hard shaft but kept me pinned deep in your sopping hole. Our lips found each other and we kissed hard, without tenderness of lovers just releasing more animalistic and savage tongue thrusts to make up for the ones that we weren’t doing farther down.

The minutes past and you only released your grip on me when my cock limply began to slide out of you. You didn’t push me away, just moved your vaginal folds over my cock tip; it wouldn’t be long before I would be ready to enter again. I shivered with anticipation but then you pushed me back and gave me a wink and a smile.

“Well, that was one hell of a way to end the work week,” you said as you reached for your clothes and began to get dressed. I did the same, though more slowly as I couldn’t stop looking at your puffed nipples and wanting to feel them against me again. I cleared my throat as I watched your sweet apple shaped hips slide into your jeans. This had been too surreal for me, I knew I shouldn’t say anything to destroy the moment but I did so any way.

“So, I take it you weren’t so mad about the dildo,” I stammered out. “What happens now?” I expected you to say that this never happened or that we’d take it day by day.

You pulled your sweater back on, stuffing your bra into your purse — I was memorized my over active imagination of your fleshy coloured nipples teasing me through the fabric. You smiled and said as you tossed your hair back, “I’d want to so much to say that we’ll be together but…” You shrugged your shoulders, “…I know in a little less than a year from now you’ll be calling someone else ‘baby’.”

I laughed nervously, “You so sure that I’m that type of guy, are you?”

It was your turn to laugh as you replied, “No, but I made sure that you will be.”

I looked at you quizzically. You took a thin box out of your purse and threw it down at my feet, opened the door and walked out.

As you closed the door I picked up the box and read with widened eyes: “The Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test”. The box was open and the strip was gone, left in its place was a note. I pulled it out and you had written, “Top this you son of a bitch!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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