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Wife’s New Friend

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My wife, Jay often confessed to me that she would love to have sex with another woman. Something I’m happy to agree with as long as I can watch. We often discussed this during sex and it turned her on enormously.

I eventually decided to do something to pursue the matter and answered an advert I’d seen on a contact site to a bi-curious woman looking for friendship and fun. I explained in my e-mail that my wife was bi-curious and that I wanted to set up a surprise meeting for her. I also explained that it would have to appear not to have been pre-arranged as I’m almost certain she would get cold feet and find excuses not to go through with it otherwise.

A few days later I received a reply from a woman called Nikki, asking me for more details. After a few more e-mails back and forth I received one asking me to phone her. I did and we arranged to meet for a drink one evening to get to know each other.

When we met, and after a slightly nervous introduction, I got us each a drink and we sat down to talk. I explained that for some time my wife had expressed a desire to experience sex with another woman and that I decided to try and help fulfil her fantasy by setting up a little surprise for her. Nikki explained that this was also her first time and the reason she advertised on the website was that she’d always had these feelings but was too afraid to discuss it with her usual friends. She didn’t feel that they would understand and wanted to remain very discreet. She also said that she’d had contact with a couple of possible before but when she met them they didn’t feel right so she never took it any further.

By the time we’d finished our meeting and discussed how we’d like to progress I was left in no doubt that she was only too happy to participate. We agreed to meet again in a few days to put our plan for our little adventure into action.

When I finally introduced my wife to Nikki, she was still unaware of what we had arranged. Nikki and I pretended to be old friends and our meeting like this just happened to be coincidence.

I invited Nikki to join us and after some conversation, was pleased to see that both women got on really well. Eventually through a few jokes we steered the conversation around to sex and preferences. A few drinks later, the conversation was getting quite rude.

It was around this point that I said to Jay, that she should tell Nikki what her favourite fantasy was. She blushed and wouldn’t say anything at first. Nikki then asked her if it was the same as hers and told Jay that she would love to have sex with another woman. Jay, bright red, confessed that it was. At this point I went to the bar and got us another round of drinks.

When I returned they were having a good laugh about something and I could see that they were more than comfortable with each other. After Jay and Nikki had a couple of more drinks we decided to leave and head for home. Both women jumped into the back of the car, and the alcohol having lowered inhibitions, started kissing and fondling each other before I had even driven off. Catching site of them bizimkent escort in the mirror was very distracting so for the sake of safety (that’s my excuse), I pulled into a secluded spot a couple of miles down the road where I could watch.

Nikki had undone Jay’s top and was kissing and licking her tits whilst Jay had her head thrown back, gasping with pleasure. Nikki’s skirt had ridden high up, clearly exposing her milky white thighs above the tops of her stockings. As Nikki sucked on my wife’s nipples, she slowly pushed her hand up Jay’s skirt. Jay let her knees drift apart as Nikki pushed her hand farther along her legs until she finally reached her knickers.

With Jay’s skirt up to her waist and her legs as wide as she could get them, I could see clearly as Nikki rubbed her fingers over Jay’s knickers teasing her pussy under the flimsy material. It was Nikki’s turn to gasp as she pulled the gusset of Jay’s knickers to the side, exposing her shaven fanny. Nikki looked at me, a big smile spreading across her face, and then she eagerly lowered her head to taste and feel the smoothness of my wife’s hairless crotch on her tongue.

With reluctance I turned away from the sight of my wife with her head thrown back in ecstasy whilst another woman had her head between her open legs. I wanted to get them back home where they could have more room to unleash their desires for each other. I could also watch without straining my neck looking over the back of a car seat.

When I pulled into the driveway at home, Jay had her top unbuttoned to the waist with her tits pulled out over her bra. Her skirt was up around her waist and her knickers were pulled to one side exposing her smooth pussy. Nikki also had her top undone but her tits were still encased in a black satin bra. Her skirt was up around the tops of her legs and her knickers were around her knees.

Before getting out of the car Nikki removed her knickers completely and handed them to me with a smile. Apart from that neither of them bothered to adjust their clothing. They just pulled on their coats and walked up the driveway to the door.

Once inside Jay and Nikki dropped their coats on the floor and only got as far as the dining room before they were locked in a passionate embrace. Jay pulled Nikki’s top off and let it fall to the floor. That was quickly followed by her skirt so that Nikki stood there in just her black bra, stocking and high heels. She turned around, placing her hands on the dining table and bent from the waist. She then placed her legs wide apart and thrust her fanny back towards Jay.

Jay knelt behind her and starting from her ankles, kissed and licked her lovely long legs encased in those erotic black stockings, all the way up to her gorgeous round arse. Nikki was moaning with ecstasy as Jay licked along the crack between her buttocks, then along her back and up to her neck. As she was kissing Nikki’s neck, Jay undone Nikki’s bra and let it slide down her arms onto the table.

Reaching around in front, Jay cupped Nikki’s tits in her hands, caressing, bostancı escort squeezing and teasing her nipples. Pressing her own tits onto Nikki’s back, Jay started to thrust her hips towards Nikki’s fanny as Nikki pushed back towards her. I found myself wishing that Jay had one of those strap on cocks. I could have then watched my wife actually fuck Nikki from behind. Both women were panting and moaning with pleasure as they simulated fucking.

Nikki reached behind, grasping her own buttocks in each hand and pulled them apart to completely expose her pussy for Jay. Kneeling down, Jay kissed Nikki on each buttock then buried her face in her crack, licking and sucking at Nikki’s pussy.

As Jay tongue fucked Nikki, she had one hand between her own legs, rubbing furiously at her clitoris whilst the other was between Nikki’s legs, fingers sliding back and forth over Nikki’s clitoris. Nikki climaxed noisily as she pushed her cunt back onto Jay’s face. Jay continued to enthusiastically lick at her crack, lapping at Nikki’s love juices as she came all over her face.

I could hardly contain myself as I watch this exhibition of unashamed female lust. However, contain myself I did, as I had no desire to spoil the mood. Nikki turned to face Jay and kneeling on the floor with her, pushed Jay’s top off her shoulders and let it fall from her arms to the carpet. She unfastened Jay’s skirt and pulled it as far as her knees.

Jay stood up to allow Nikki to pull her skirt to her ankles and then stepped out of it. She stood with her legs apart as Nikki ran her hands up her stockings, coming to rest on her naked thighs at the top. Jay still had her knickers on, though they were pulled so tightly between her pussy lips that very little was left to the imagination.

After teasing Jay’s pussy for a short while with her fingers, Nikki placed her hands on Jay’s arse and gripping the waistband of Jay’s knickers with her teeth, slowly pulled them down over her hips. Changing from one side to the other, she pulled Jay’s knickers down to her knees and then licked and kissed back up her thighs to her lovely smooth shaven fanny.

It was such a horny sight to see my wife in stockings and high heels, standing with her legs apart and caressing her own breasts whilst another woman knelt before her, tongue fucking her. Jay placed one hand on the table to support herself and one leg over Nikki’s shoulder onto a chair which made her pussy more vulnerable to Nikki’s probing tongue.

Rocking her hips back and forth I could see that she was on the point of coming. Holding Nikki’s head as she gyrated her hips I again had the pleasure of witnessing the joy one woman can give to another as Jay came all over Nikki’s mouth, chin and nose. When she finished, Nikki stood and kissed one of Jay’s tits, then the other before kissing her full on the mouth in a deep sensuous embrace.

They weren’t finished yet. Jay took Nikki by the hand and led her upstairs to our bedroom. I watched them go and gave them a few minutes before following. When I arrived in the bedroom, büyükçekmece escort the first thing I was greeted with was the sight of Nikki’s gorgeous naked round arse and pussy as she leaned over, legs wide apart straddling my wife’s face in a sixty-nine position. Jay had a tight grip of her buttocks as she pulled her head up to her exposed fanny, exploring her crack with her tongue and licking and kissing her inner thighs.

I undressed and sat in a chair opposite the bed, rubbing my achingly stiff cock, watching my wife with her new found female lover. It was such a tremendous turn on watching them both giving and receiving such erotic pleasure from one another.

It wasn’t until Nikki lifted her head from between Jay’s legs that I saw that she was using a large dildo on her. Nikki was teasing Jay’s clitoris with her tongue whilst at the same time ramming the artificial cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. Jay was now thrusting her hips up to meet it as Nikki got faster and faster with the dildo.

Jay’s legs clasped tightly around Nikki’s hand, holding the dildo deep inside her as she came. It seemed as if her orgasm would never end as she bucked her hips up and down, trapping Nikki’s hand against her lovely shaven pussy.

When Jay’s orgasm calmed, Nikki turned around and whispered something to her. Jay then moved to the side and Nikki placed her face and shoulders down onto the bed, thrust her arse high in the air and placed her knees wide apart, making herself totally vulnerable as she completely exposed her cunt, already wet from my wife’s tongue fucking. Jay knelt on the bed beside her and further exposed Nikki’s pussy by pulling her buttocks apart and looked straight at me.

It was very obvious that I was now being invited to join them and I was only too eager to do so.

Stepping up behind Nikki, I took hold of her by the hips as Jay reached forward and took my cock in her hand. Teasing both Nikki and I, she held on to me and slowly rubbed my cock up and down Nikki’s hot wet crack, allowing the tip of my cock to just enter between Nikki’s pussy lips and then pushing me out again.

Eventually she allowed me to push my cock into Nikki’s very wet love tunnel. She then put her hand between Nikki’s legs and mine, cupping my balls in her hand as I thrust forward.

Nikki let out a gasp and pushed back onto me as I built up a rhythm, fucking her slowly at first, then faster. Jay went around behind me and reaching forward, grabbed a hold of Nikki’s hips also and with her fanny pressed against my arse, she matched my rhythm as I thrust my cock in and out of Nikki’s horny hot cunt. Nikki was looking over her shoulder at us both and thrust her arse back at me even harder, shouting that she was coming. Jay moved back onto the bed beside her and reached underneath Nikki, caressing and squeezing her tits.

Nikki came, pushing back hard onto my cock and very soon after, I did the same, jerking my hips forward and shooting my spunk deep into her pussy.

As our orgasm subsided, Nikki lay forward onto the bed beside Jay where they gently caressed and stroked at each other’s bodies. After watching them for a while, I left the room and went downstairs, leaving them to continue the start of what has turned out to be a beautiful friendship with many more evenings spent with me watching my wife, and joining her, in a threesome with her new friend.

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