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Will You Love Me ‘Til I Die? Ch. 12

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We had set the alarm for six o’clock so we could get packed up, wash the sheets and do some clean up around the house. I helped Vitesha put the twins’ luggage along with some of ours on top of the car and tie it down with bungee cords. We put a tarp over it in case it rained.

The Merciers showed up at seven-thirty and we did the turnover of the place to them. There was a list of things for them to do such as getting the utilities transferred to their name. Suvarna handed him a card and told him, “Andre I hope you will be very happy here. I’m sure Carl and his wife will come for a visit someday to see how you’re getting along. On this card are my personal email address and my cell phone number. Since I will remain the official owner, there will inevitably be situations arise that will require my attention. Please don’t hesitate to call.”

The whole family wanted to hug her and thank her for what she was doing for them. You would have thought one of their own children was leaving home. I silently added the Merciers’ names to my extended family and made a note to come back someday with Victoria to see them again. Maybe we could share a glass of the wine that they would make here.

We got in the car with Jean in the front seat next to Vitesha. I asked Mitra to sit with Suvarna on the bench seat behind Jean and Vitesha while Janelle and I sat on the bench seat in the back. Vitesha told Janelle, “Watch out back there, Prem has a tendency to undress whoever is sitting next to him in the back of a car.”

“If I had known that Vitesha I wouldn’t have worn panties.”

Suvarna told her, “Prem is an expert at removing panties Janelle.”

“Suvarna, you and Mitra can do whatever you want to on this long drive but Janelle and I are going to act like a couple of horny teenagers for most of the trip so just deal with it.”

“I can’t take you anywhere can I?”

It was a few minutes past eight when we pulled out onto the road. As soon as we got to the highway I started taking Janelle’s clothes off. It didn’t take long since she only had on shorts and a t-shirt. She then stripped my clothes off and we started kissing each other. God she made me hot! I was already half hard and as soon as her soft warm hand wrapped around my cock it swelled to full erection.

I heard Vitesha say, “Jesus Prem you’re not wasting any time are you?”

“Vitesha have you ever known me to waste time in the back of a car?”

Janelle slid away from me so she could lean over and get her mouth on my cock. As she engulfed more and more of it, her hand moved down to fondle my balls. Her head bobbed steadily up and down as her hot wet mouth slid over my shaft coating it with saliva. I guessed she must have practiced giving blowjobs to Jean because she was very good at it.

I trusted Vitesha to keep the ride smooth so I could just lean back and enjoy this. I held out as long as I could but stopped her when I began to feel like I was going to cum in her mouth. As delicious as that prospect was I wanted to get my mouth on her hairless twat for a while before I came. “Janelle baby, I hate to ask you to quit what you’re doing but I think it’s my turn to taste you now.”

I pulled her up and told her to get on the other side of me. I scooted over to the end of the bench seat and reached down to find the electric seat adjustment. I pressed back on it and the back of the seat began to recline. It went all the way back so it made a small bed out of the seat and the back. The seat in front of us did this too but I wasn’t ready to turn the entire back of the SUV into a bed yet. This is why I put our luggage up on top to clear out enough room to recline.

I had thought to bring along a couple of pillows so I got Janelle to lay across the little bed with a pillow behind her head. This gave me plenty of room to get my head between her legs and begin to feast on her pussy in relative comfort. I would soon discover that this was the best way to travel in a car for a long distance. Eating pussy made the miles go by a lot quicker and much more pleasantly.

I read somewhere that the most common complaint women have about sex is that their partner does not give them enough oral sex. I was going to make damn sure Janelle would have no reason to complain. Mitra and Suvarna would have to pull my head out from between her legs when we stopped the car.

I licked her upper thighs from her ass cheek to the top of her leg on both sides, kissing and sucking on her with each lap of my tongue. She began to moan and spread her bent legs as far as she could to give me complete access to her bare crotch and silently invited me to visit every inch of her. I gladly accepted her invitation and ran my tongue up and down her outer lips where they joined her thigh. They were cushiony and slightly puffy, which gave beautiful definition to her pussy. I sucked each one into my mouth and lightly nibbled the entire length.

“Oh Prem you’re making me sooo hot! Everywhere halkalı bdsm escort your tongue touches me makes me tingle. Your kisses are like little needles of love piercing my tender skin. OHHH GOD Prem yessss, just like that! Ohhhhhh yesssss Prem suck my teenage pussy.”

She knew being a teenager was the secret word to turn me on. Before she met us she probably ached to finally be twenty and not be a teenager anymore but now she relished playing Lolita and did it to make me crazy. I made a mental note to get her some heart shaped sunglasses. Every time I had sex with her I fell more in love with her. I had to really concentrate on eating her and not lose control and start fucking her brains out. I continued exploring her crotch with my tongue at a deliberate pace.

After licking all around her slit I finally turned my attention to her labia, which were already glistening with her sweet juices. I started as close to her asshole as possible and licked slowly up running my tongue between her pink folds. I stopped short of her clit and repeated the licking; each time I did this I inserted the tip of my tongue a little further between her wet labia. They were large enough to pull on with my lips and when they were covered with my saliva and her juice they adhered to her outer lips and stayed open to reveal the exquisite pink beauty of her pussy.

“Jesus Janelle, your pussy is unbelievably gorgeous. Not only to look at but to taste. It feels like I’m eating a warm juicy mango when I run my tongue over it. I may not stop until we get to Lyon.”

“Don’t stop Prem. Please don’t stop. You’re making me feel so good. Love my pussy Prem, YES, YES lick it and suck it just like that! Oh God Prem I’m already so close. Keep licking me and make me cum.”

I heard Suvarna say, “Vitesha I see what we did to you when you were driving us around in New York. These two are getting me wet just listening to them.”

“Tell me about it. Want me to put on some music?”

Mitra said, “You can if you want to Vitesha but I think it’s time for Suvarna and me to make our own music.”

She reached down on the side of the seat and found the control for reclining the back and pushed it back. When it was fully lowered the entire back of the SUV was like a king size bed. Mitra started taking Suvarna’s clothes off. When she got her blouse off she started sucking on her tits and pushed her onto her back next to Janelle.

“Oh fucking hell. Jean would you look at what’s going on back there. I feel like I’m driving an old VW bus to a Grateful Dead concert. Keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t start dropping acid. It’s a good thing this truck has tinted windows.”

When Mitra started undoing the button on Suvarna’s shorts she turned her head toward Janelle and said, “It looks like we’re both going to get our pussies eaten. Turn your head over here so I can kiss you.” Their mouths pressed together and their tongues started sliding all over each other. Suvarna cupped Janelle’s breast in her hand and began to caress it while Mitra slowly pulled her shorts down and off. The tiny thong she had on was barely covering her pouting lips. Mitra began to kiss all around it while she used her thumb to rub her clit through the sheer material. Janelle and Suvarna were now moaning audibly into each other’s mouths.

I moved my mouth up from licking Janelle’s slit and pursed my lips around the hood of her clitoris and started slurping it and pulling it back to expose her swollen pink nub. I stuck my finger in her vagina to get it wet with her juice then moved it up to rub her clit with the slippery goo. I could feel her stomach muscles flex and her legs flinch when I did this. Her hand moved to the top of my head and pressed it down toward her mound. I replaced my finger with my lips and started sucking directly on her clit while I licked it with the tip of my tongue.

I inserted two fingers into her vagina and searched for her g-spot. As soon as I started rubbing it her breathing got deeper and she began to tremble. “Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh Prem yes. You’re making me cum.” Her cunt squeezed my fingers and her whole body tensed as she climaxed. Her juice flowed out of her to cover my hand so I quickly removed my fingers and covered her opening with my mouth to suck her nectar.

When I felt her legs relax I moved up between them and into position to put my hard cock in her sopping pink hole. I pushed forward and slid all the way into her warm channel. “Prem please stop. I want to suck your cock and taste my pussy on it. Fuck my mouth until you spray your hot cream across my tongue so I can swallow it.”

How could I possibly say no to an offer like that? I slowly withdrew from her hot vagina and moved up to lie beside her while she scooted down to align her head with my hips. Suvarna was behind me and I felt her hand rubbing my ass. Janelle opened her mouth and placed her lips around my cockhead. I held still halkalı elit escort while she licked it and sucked softly on it. Very slowly I began to move my hips to ease a little of my shaft into her wet mouth. Her tongue swirled around and over me until I withdrew to leave just the tip inside her lips.

She moved her left hand to her clit and began to rub it while she moved her right hand to my balls to caress them as I softly slid my cock in and out of her mouth. I was completely immersed in the sensations of her lips sliding along my shaft with each insertion and retraction. I couldn’t remember anything feeling this wonderful. Every time I withdrew it from her mouth it was covered in more saliva to the point that it was dripping off me.

I was almost in a hypnotic trance as I continued to gently fuck her angelic face. With each repetition I increased the length of my stroking until the head was sliding into her throat with each insertion. I held it there while she sucked it and caused her cheeks to touch the sides of the shaft. My cock involuntarily flexed each time she did this. She breathed deeply when I pulled it back getting herself ready for its return. We’d been doing this for a long time before I finally felt the beginning of my orgasm.

It seemed to come in slow motion building up like snowflakes falling until my precum began to flow out of the tip of my cock almost continually. Gradually the pressure in my prostate built until I crossed the line from imminent to inevitable and I began to experience the familiar sensations of my ejaculatory reflex readying my semen for expulsion. “Janelle get ready baby, you’re about to get what you asked for.” I pulled back until only the very tip of my cock was touching her pursed lips, which were open just enough to allow passage of the thick fluid into her waiting mouth.

Her hand gently squeezed my balls and triggered my release. I relaxed completely as the first volley of hot cum rushed through my swollen shaft and through the small opening she had formed with her lips to receive it. She sucked me like a soda straw determined not to let a single drop escape her greedy mouth. I was on autopilot now as my reproductive machinery continued to spew long gushes of cum out with barely enough time between spurts to give her a chance to swallow them. Each time she gulped a glob down she would squeeze my balls to impel another one. I lost count of how many streams of my cream she coaxed from me.

I naively thought that after a spectacular ejaculation like that my cock would deflate rather quickly and stay that way for some time. However, as the last spurt spewed into her mouth and rolled down her throat she moved her lips forward to enclose the entire head and continued to suck. Cum oozed out of me and the deflation seemed to slow. She moved her head forward steadily until she had the entire length back in her hot mouth again. Her hand continued to caress my scrotum and unbelievably, my erection returned to full hardness. When she was satisfied that it was going to stay in that condition she pulled completely off it and said, “Now Prem, fuck me. My cunt is so hot and wet I can’t wait another second. Put that beautiful hard cock as far inside me as you can and fuck me.”

I rolled us over so I was on top of her and she guided my cock to her opening. With one long, not so gentle push I buried the full length inside her and began to fuck her with a steady pace. Her arms and legs wrapped around me and she pulled me close to her and kissed me. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth the same way my cock had invaded her cunt. I could taste my cum on it. I put my arms around her and we both held each other so tight it was almost difficult to breathe. We couldn’t seem to get close enough to each other.

I fucked her hard and fast for at least twenty minutes during which time she had several orgasms that caused her to roll her head back and scream out French words as the climaxes rushed through her like hurricanes. She seemed to draw strength from them because as each one subsided she returned to meeting my thrusts with forcible shoves of her hips against mine. I don’t know where I was getting all this energy but the more she asked for the more I gave her. Her knees were pulled back as far as she could get them allowing my cock to reach deep into her. Our hips made loud slapping sounds as they collided with each stroke.

Finally I felt my orgasm start. This time it hurtled toward me like a freight train and exploded out of me like a stud racehorse. Another long series of copious discharges spewed against her cervix filling her teenage twat with cum. She stayed in her climax for as long as it took to receive my milky offering then we both sank into a spent collapse.

“OK you two that’s enough. You do realize don’t you that you’ve actually been rocking the car for the last half hour. If you even think about starting up again I’m going to pull off the halkalı escort road and park and we can all join the orgy.”

“We didn’t mean to disturb you Vitesha but stopping for a while sounds like a good idea. I really need to pee and I’m sure Janelle could use a bidet.”

“I’ll take the next exit. And not just for your benefit, my panties are soaked just from listening to you two. This is even worse than you and Suvarna in New York.”

“I’ll make you a deal Vitesha, after we stop I’ll drive for a while and you and Jean can get back here and drive me and Janelle crazy.”

“Suvarna weren’t you a little distracted by all that banging around back there?”

“Not in the least. Mitra and I have been eating each other’s pussy the entire time and I’ve had so many orgasms I wouldn’t have heard a jet plane fly through the car.”

“Well Jean, there you have it. We’re driving a mobile bordello through the French countryside. Maybe I should put magnetic signs on the doors that say honk if you’re horny. OK guys it’s time to get dressed. We’re making a pit stop for gas and bathrooms.”

We stopped at a place not unlike an exit for an American expressway. There were gas stations, restaurants, shops and a nice open-air market. We filled up the tank and got some coffee and a fresh fruit cup at the market then got back in the car. I got in the driver’s seat but Vitesha wouldn’t let Janelle sit beside me. She said she couldn’t trust either one of us to keep our hands off each other so she made Mitra ride shotgun. I didn’t argue with her, she was right of course.

It wasn’t that much further to Clemont-Ferrand, west of Lyon where we decided to stop for the night. We found a four-star modern hotel with a penthouse suite that had two king size beds. The clerk seemed a little reluctant to allow us all to stay together. Suvarna said, “It has been my experience that holders of platinum American Express cards are sometimes granted courtesies beyond normal policies.” She handed the card to him along with a one hundred euro note. As if by magic all of his reluctance disappeared and he suddenly couldn’t do enough for us. The old Anne know-how was still there only now it was mollified by her new Suvarna temperament.

We had been wise enough to pack one large overnight suitcase with all the clothes we would need for tomorrow and one smaller one for undies and toiletries so we didn’t look like we were moving in for a month. There was time enough to do a little sight seeing after checking in and we found a very nice country inn that served excellent food for dinner.

The suite had a large living room where we did our meditation and Suvarna’s visualization then we took turns in the shower two at a time before having another group grope until after midnight. With the beds close together we could move from one to the other freely. The sex continued to get better and better as all of us became closer and more in love. I had never imagined six people being in such a beautiful relationship together much less thought that I would be a part of it.

We slept until after eight then showered and had breakfast in the hotel. It was close to ten when we got back on the road but it was only about two hours to Lyon. We got there a little past noon and went to the property agent’s office. Suvarna and Jean went in to make arrangements for going to the property.

They returned in a few minutes and said we were going first to the place where Jean and Janelle needed to apply for their passports to get that process underway. It took about forty-five minutes to get the applications filled out and have their pictures taken. We were told they would be ready on Friday. We called the property agent and told them we were ready to go to the property and they told us they would meet us in front and to follow a white BMW when it pulled along side us.

It took about thirty minutes to drive east to the property on a road that ran along side a large lake. There were beautiful homes and private clubs on both sides of this road. The ones on the left were lake front properties and the ones on the right were on hills with marvelous views of the lake.

We finally came to a property on the left that had a tall ornamental wrought iron fence that seemed to run for a very long distance before we reached an elaborate entrance with massive gates and stone columns with beautiful large coach lights on top. There was a parking area across the main road for about a hundred cars. The gates were open so we drove through.

We then proceeded to drive along a private road through what had to be the most magnificent park in all France, with the possible exception of Versailles. Every square inch of this place was perfectly landscaped. Ponds, trees, flowers of all kinds and walking paths with benches placed along them seemed to have been placed by a master gardener. It was the kind of place God would live if he had more money.

After a long drive on the private road we came to another long fence that had gates across the road. These gates were shut and locked. There were two uniformed gendarmes standing in front of them. One of the guards walked up to the car we were following. The driver put his window down and showed him his ID. The guard returned to the gates and opened them.

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