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Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 49

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Chapter 49

Bernie and Robbie – July 4, 1989

Bernie’s husband, Jon, was out playing golf with Vic Stephens, and she was both bored and alone. Val was out of town doing some shopping, and so Bernie settled down in a chair on her patio and poured a bottle of Heineken into a pint sized glass. She heard a lawnmower start up in the front yard and smiled. Robbie, she thought, the kid with the terrific body. What was he now, eighteen? Jesus, he’ll be going off to college soon.

Bernie yawned, and several fillings were visible at the back of her mouth, and froth from the beer was on her lips. She was wearing small silver earrings in the shape of little rabbits, and peeking through the toes of her sandals were her toes, freshly painted with a pale, pink polish.

She was upset, for that morning on coming out of the shower she had noticed the first signs of varicose veins on her left leg. She had shuddered, thinking it resembled a long purple worm under her skin.

“I’m getting old,” she said aloud, “Almost thirty, with a bad dye job; and a husband who would rather fool around with his best buddy than jump into the sack with me.”

She finished off the Heineken, and was getting up to go inside for another when Robbie and the lawnmower turned the corner of the house.

Robbie was oblivious to the fact that her eyes were raping his young body. He was thinking about Marylou Mathews and the fact that she’d let him feel her tits the night before.

He was pulled away from his daydream by Bernie’s hands waving in front of his face.

“Huh? Did I do something wrong, Mrs. Grunfeld?”

“Um, no, Robbie, I just wanted to know if you’d care for a soda, or a beer. I’m going to get one for myself, and thought you might like one too.”

It was ninety-two degrees in the sun, and Robbie’s taut body was covered with sweat. He nodded affirmatively, and Bernie nodded back and went for two beers.

Robbie shut the mower off and sat down at the table and stretched his legs out. He soon returned to his daydream about Marylou, only now they were in the backseat of his car, and she had taken his pecker out and was sucking him off.

He had a huge lump in his crotch when Bernie returned with the Heinekens. She handed him the beer and sat down next to him, unable to tear her eyes away from his bulging cock. Suddenly all she could think about was his cock and how it would feel inside her.

“I’ll bet all the girls are chasing after you, Robbie,” she said, mentally cursing herself for being so obvious.

“Naw, Mrs. Grunfeld, it ain’t like that at all,” he said shyly.

“What! I can’t believe it,” she replied then pushed the envelope further than she had dreamed she would by adding, “Why you’ve got the body of an Adonis. Surely the girls are attracted to you?”

“Well, I got a girlfriend. Marylou Mathews. Do you know her?”

“I think so,” Bernie said. “Would her mother be Helen Mathews?”

“Yeah, that’s them.”

Bernie reached out and touched him for the first time. It was only his hand, but both felt the electricity of the contact.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to shock you.”

“I wasn’t shocked as much as surprised. I mean, like I’m all sweaty and all.”

“I like sweaty men,” Bernie said, finding her throat very dry, she forced herself to take a gulp of her beer.

“Mrs. Grunfeld, I… I better get back to mowing the lawn,” he said nervously. Fearful of losing the opportunity to seduce him, Bernie gambled and asked, “Robbie, are you a virgin?”

“What… what are you asking a question like that for?”

“I’d just like to know,” she replied, dropping her hand to his hardon and giving it a squeeze.

“JESUS, Mrs. Grunfeld….”

“Call me Bernie, when no one else is around. All right, Robbie?”

“All right,” he said, his eyes darting in every direction.

“Well then, have you screwed Marylou?” Bernie inquired sweetly, while her finger insinuated itself through the leg of his shorts and began gently stroking the hard shaft within.

“Jesus Christ… Mrs. Grunfeld!”

“I’m sorry, that was rather personal, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah… kinda,” Robbie said, flushing. He smelled her perfume for the first time. It had a harsh, musky scent that he found he liked. Then he realized she had two or three more fingers on his leg… no, not his leg. They were gripping his cock.

Seeing the shocked expression on his face, Bernie pulled her hand out from his pant leg and sat back. She thrust her breasts out and asked, “Do you think I have nice tits, Robbie?”

“Oh, sure…” he said distracted from fully grasping her meaning. “Um, I think they’re great!” he blurted. He was confused, and realized abruptly that he missed the feel of her fingers on his erection.

Bernie guided his hand under her T-shirt and up to her breast. When his trembling hand touched her boob Bernie would have sworn her pussy let go a flood of juice. How long was it since I’ve been touched? maltepe escort Over a month? Jesus, it feels like years.

“Would you like to see them?” she asked, noting the quiver in her voice. He looked around making certain no one was looking, thinking it might be a practical joke.

“Well, Robbie?”

“Err, yes. Yeah, I would like to see them.”

Bernie allowed herself a smile of relief. Robbie saw it as a smile of seduction. She raised her arms and her breasts flattened as she slowly peeled off her top. Her generous breasts spilled out into the sunlight, and a thin line of spittle found its way out of the corner of Robbie’s mouth and trickled slowly down his chin.

Bernie laughed at his facial expression and the drool as it dribbled past the cleft in his chin. It was a pealing sound, like that of a doorbell.

“C’mere, Robbie,” she moaned, and pulled his face into the valley between her soft, pillowy breasts.

Robbie failed to react and Bernie realized she had better become the instructor or risk losing him. Gently holding his head in her hands, she guided him to her left nipple and told him to suck. Having done essentially the same thing the night before with his girlfriend, he had no problem in doing so, and was gratified to hear Mrs. Grunfield moan happily.

“That’s it, baby, suck that nipple all the way in. Um, now swirl that hot tongue of yours around it.”

Robbie was into it now, licking and sucking for all he was worth.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” she moaned again. “I knew you’d….”


He quickly followed her instructions and almost brought her to a climax through his innocent breast play.

Feverish with desire to have his cock inside her, Bernie kissed him, sending her serpentine tongue cavorting into his mouth, leaving him stunned. Bernie ran her hand over his face and thought, His skin was so soft! There isn’t even a trace of stubble on his face. Kissing this teen was more than a little bit like kissing a girl, like Val back in college.

Her hand went to his crotch and gave his erection a light squeeze. Oh, but this throbing boner in his shorts doesn’t come with a girl. He’s all boy… well, he’s my not so little man.

“I…” was all he could manage when the short but explicit kiss ended.

“Another?” Bernie inquired with a lewd smile.

“Sure,” he answered, and closed his eyes. He had never kissed a woman before, and somewhere in the midst of the second kiss, Robbie realized her hand was resting on his cock again.

“Is… is Mr. Grunfeld around?” he thought to ask before returning her kiss.

“No, he’s out playing golf,” she replied, almost testily. A moment later they were kissing again, and her fingers began to glide over his swollen, sexually aching bulge.

She broke the kiss and whispered into his ear, “Would you like me to teach you how to get Marylou to fuck you?” She didn’t wait for a reply, knowing that the young man was incapable of reply. She kissed him again, and allowed her free hand to work its way across his smooth chest, reveling as the muscles tensed under the light pressure she brought to bear.

Finally, unable to contain herself any longer, Bernie embraced him, squeezing him tightly, and flattening her tits against his chest. She sucked his tongue right out of his mouth, causing him to moan with the sudden, sharp slice of pain it caused.

“Inside…” she gasped after ending the kiss. “Hurry, let’s get inside!”

They ran into the house, Robbie a step behind Bernie, and once inside she pushed him down onto the large leather couch across from the living room fireplace. Bernie couldn’t stand it a second longer. Moaning out loud, she undid the buttons on his fly and jerked his shorts down. The head of his penis peeked shyly out at her from the waistband of his shorts. Bernie inserted her fingers in the waistband of his jockey’s and yanked them down to his ankles.

His dick flopped out in all its glory, up-close and personal. Then she was staring at it. His was longer and thicker than her husband’s. “You have a beautiful cock, Robbie,” she told him. Actually he wasn’t as big as some guys Bernie had been with, but she didn’t give a shit about that: at that moment it just meant that it would be easier to fit it all in her mouth.

“You think?” was the best he could muster in response.

“I guarantee it. I guarantee that Marylou will want to suck the hell out of it after she sees it.”

“You do?”

“I do.

Meantime, his cock had begun to ooze. “Oh, look,” she breathed. “It’s starting to leak. Does that mean you’re going to shoot soon?”

“Hu… hu… hu… hu…”

Bernie translated that to “Yes.”

“I know I want to taste it so bad that if you don’t lean back and let me have some of it, I’ll bite the motherfucker off just out of spite.” She calmly opened her mouth very wide and sucked his glans into her mouth.

The effect on the kid was — cataclysmic. mamak escort “Jesus Christ,” the young man gasped, terrified that she might do exactly that. Bernie gave him no time to think otherwise, licking the length of his member from top to bottom. Robbie, never having had a blowjob before, went rigid and almost passed out from the sheer pleasure her mouth was bringing to him.

Bernie plunged down taking most of the long cock in one push. She moved her hand between his legs and felt his balls, then looked up at him with doe-like, innocent eyes, and said with a lewd smile, and swallowed him whole. His dick was red-hot and alive and thrusting in her mouth.

She exhulted, Jesus, it feels SO good to have an actual cock in my mouth again! She played gently with his balls while wrapping her lips around him and sucked for all she was worth.

Bernie came up for air and savored the moment. She had her thumb and forefinger wrapped around the base of his cock and was jerking him off with little butterfly strokes. The head of his dick was very red and absolutely bulbous and leaking pre-come. The veins on his shaft were positively pulsing.

“I am going to give you SUCH a blowjob…” The words caused Robbie’s hips to leap up off the mattress. Bernie stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and traced the underside of his shaft, following the vein from his ball-sac all the way up to his pee-hole. When her tongue reached the head of his penis, Robbie cried out as if he’d been stung. It took her a second to realize what was happening; and in that second he managed to squirt all over her breasts, neck, and face. Only a little bit of his hot salty bitter juice made it into her mouth. She stayed with him, stroking and licking and sucking until he was all done. Bernie was amazed at how much cum he had squirted out: it was all over her, and totally sexy!

“I’m sorry…” he stammered.

“Don’t be.” She kissed him wetly on the lips, pulling him close to her. He kissed her back, hard, and Bernie hugged him tight, squooshing his cum between their bodies. In the summer heat, it felt extra slippery and sexy and nasty.

“That was amazing,” Robbie said, “that was even better than…”

“Better than jerking off while thinking about Marylou?”

Robbie blushed. He blushed! It was too cute!

“Stand up, Robbie.”

He did and she was amazed to see his cock waving before her like an agitated divining rod.

“You… you want to go in the bedroom?” he asked.

“Later,” she spat out, frightening him to some extent. He was confused, but no way was he about to bolt and run.

“Um, what?” he stammered, revealing his confusion to her.

“Give me some of the cock, Robbie! Give it to me right now!” Then, using his erection as a leash, she led him to the couch, murmuring, “We’re going to take our time, aren’t we?”

“Um, yes… sure,” he answered as if hypnotized.

Bernie had been keeping herself cleanly shaved down there, for reasons of vanity and comfort even though she was at least seventy miles from the nearest waxing salon. Robbie seems to appreciate my smooth pussy, but then again he’d probably have appreciated it if I had a full-on jungle down there.

She told him to finger her and he did. Bernie couldn’t believe how wet she was, and listened gleefully to the sexy squooshing noises his fingers made as he explored her.

Eventually though it was just too frustrating. Even after she showed him how to touch her clit, his inexperienced fingers kept bringing her close to the edge, and then distracting her. By this point, Bernie needed to come like a dam needed to burst.

“Would you mind going down on me a little?” She’d never actually asked a guy for that before.

Robbie grinned really big. “You really want me to do it?”

Bernie laughed and spread her legs and grabbed him by the hair on his head, pulling him down to her smoldering crotch. Using her fingers, she pulled back her clit hood to give him easy access. Robbie flicked his tongue all around Bernie’s panic button while keeping his fingers busy in her cunt.

He’s a quick learner, Bernie thought, at this rate, he’ll be a fucking virtuoso before we finish. Bernie felt herself slipping over the edge. I wish he’d take those talented, slippery fingers of his and stick them up my ass. But she wan’t about to verbalize that thought, not yet.

Robbie, a good boy, truly a good boy, kept slurping her clit and fingering her pussy, and Bernie, a truly horny woman, came all over his face. Literally. It was one of her most intense orgasms ever.

Robbie came up from between her thighs, soaking wet with her cum and a great big grin on his face. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this!”

“I want you to fuck me now” Bernie said, noting the nice hard dick projecting from his crotch, bouncing as he moved. They fell in a heap upon the couch and Robbie had the presence of mind to lever her legs up against the leather cushions so that she lay full-length on the couch. ankara escort Bernie, caught by surprise at his action, spread her thighs and made herself available to his cock.

Opening her eyes she saw him hovering over her; felt the fleshy, hot, shaft probing against her slit, and with a lascivious teasing motion, sent her hips twisting upwards and brought him into her steamy silken tunnel. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as she felt its first soft electrical contact against the sensitive edges of her hungry cunt. She held her breath for what seemed like an eternity as she lay in utter wantonness beneath him, waiting for him to thrust into her endless times. He did nothing at first, except to register the pleasure of being inside a woman for the first time.


“Huh?” he said, starting to come out of his sexual stupor.

“You need to wear a condom.”

“But I don’t…”

“Hand me my bag. It’s on the floor, next to the couch.”

He quicked reached down retrieved the bag and handed it to her. Bernie opened the bag, felt around. It took a moment, but she produced three condoms, tore one away from the others, and told him to put it on.

Robbie fumbled it two times before catching on, and rolling it on his pulsing dick. Bernie lay back on the couch and spread her legs wide apart.

“Are you a virgin?”

Robbie turned crimson. “Yeah.”

He clambered between her legs and took aim. “Go ahead,” she said softly, and he kind of lurched forward, and then he was in her!

God it felt so good! Bernie exhulted. I haven’t had a penis up there in forever, and I had really missed it. Robbie pressed forward until he was totally buried in her sopping wet cunt, his feather-soft pubes pressed up against her hairless pussy.

“Oh My God!” he gasped, “It feels amazing!”

“Come on,” she said, “fuck me!”

“I’m not going to be able to last…”

“Don’t worry about that. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

He answered with action and not words, driving his cock into her tight hole. Bernie had not had a man inside her for over a month, and while experienced, the lack of good cock tended to tighten her walls to some degree. Robbie’s swollen appendage took care of that matter in short order as he thrust into her faster than anyone had ever done before.

Jesus, she thought briefly as he hammered away at her. I’ve never been fucked like this….

Robbie fell forward, his weight mashing her full rounded breasts against her chest. He rammed his hips forward at the same time with all the strength in his thighs and buttocks, and his thick cock slid into her cunt like a driving piston, careening through the soft, moist flesh of her pussy, leaving the walls rippling rapturously in its wake. Her legs jerked out wide on either side of his young muscular body, kicking futilely in the air as his cudgel rubbed every single ridge of flesh along the walls of her cunt.

She came, shaking and groaning, and that totally set him off. He cried out loud, buried his dick in her. She felt his cock twitch inside the condom just before he collapsed on top of her, his dick plopped out of her and the condom came off, leaving him limp, and her a sticky mess.

“Let’s try a sixty-nine, you game?”

“You bet!” Robbie said and quickly assumed the top position and was licking away at her before she could grasp his semi-hard penis in her hand.

As Bernie licked the underside of his dick it started to firm up again very nicely. God! Why hadn’t I started boinking teenagers earlier?

She amused herself by licking his adorable, fuzzy balls for a little while. Then she had to shoo him off her clit which had gotten a little too sensitive, and with Robbie lapping heroically at her cunt, she pried his cute little butt cheeks open and started licking his ass.

She’d never done this before, but he smelled okay, and he certainly tasted clean enough, and after thinking about it for a nanosecond, Bernied decided it was sexy as hell, and would make it part of her routine from then on, unless the guy had a phobia about it.

Robbie moaned and squirmed as she worked her tongue into his asshole, more or less forgetting about licking her pussy in the process.

When her tongue tired, Bernie had him hump her tits, which he managed quite easily considering all the sweat and juices he had going for him. Suddenly his entire body went rigid, his back arched like a cat, his asshole spasmed, and with a long, protracted, drawn-out noise that was somewhere in between squeal and moan, he came, splattering his youthful sperm onto Bernie’s tits and throat.

“Man, that was really amazing!” Robbie said, all cute and sweaty and naked and finally flaccid. “Thank you!”

“Thank you! That was exactly what I needed,” she told him.

“Can we, um, do it again sometime?”

“Can you do it again, Robbie?”


“Can you fuck me again?”

“Sure,” he replied. “You mean, like right now?”

“If you’re ready… of course we can wait awhile.”

“Oh, I’m ready,” he told her with a Cheshire-like grin. “I’m always ready.”

He wasn’t quite hard enough, despite his young vitality, and Bernie took him in her mouth and after several minutes pulled him out with a Cheshire-like grin and said, “You’re sure as hell ready now!”

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