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Working into the Family Ch. 01

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They’ve always looked like brother and sister, Lindsey, with the body that made everyone jealous, slim, with a perky bum and those natural 36D’s, that could drive anyone insane, and Chuck, with a maturity that didn’t matched his age, from whom I learned more from life than anyone else. But they weren’t. That would have been easier. She with her 40 years was his mom, and him 23, was his beloved son.

His childhood was never easy, having to cope with his father beat downs, both to him and to his mom, until the day his father decided to leave his mom, and the fact that they relied on each other to survive the emotional wrecking job that those beat downs provided brought them really close together, they lived their life together, they talked about their problems together, and that added even more to that “brother-sister” feeling that transmitted.

When his father left them, filled with debts, she had to take on a second job to make sure that her boy always had everything he needed. That was when I, Michelle, got to know her. I was 35 at the time, and the first time I saw her, I thought she was a girl fresh out of high school by the way she looked. I couldn’t help to feel attracted by her, and the fact that came to be my right-hand at the job didn’t help at all.

She only came to work there three days of the week, and the days she wasn’t there, I was always eager to see her again. Despite only working those three days, my line of work requires for the co-workers to bahis firmaları being able to trust each other and we ended up knowing each other like the back of our hands, and we became really close friends, almost sisters, and when I met Chuck I felt the same way about him. Despite not having a brain of a 18 year-old boy, he most certainly didn’t have the body of one. However, with his mom started being more absent from home due to the job, he started going to the gym, and his body started to develop, and it did what it didn’t had done all those years and he became a really handsome boy.

Five years had gone by from the day she came to work the first time, and by now my feelings for those two were fully grown. I needed to have both of them. And those were starting to be really hard to hide. I almost couldn’t be in the presence of them together, because I would start to think the things I’d do to those two. One day I just couldn’t hide them no more. It was the anniversary of her divorce and she always felt blue on it. Chuck wasn’t home, he had gone to a party, and she came over to dinner, and I guess she got a little tipsy and the loneliness became too much for her to handle, and when we got up of the table to go watch a movie in the living room, she threw me to the couch and started kissing me.

At first I struggled and said she didn’t really want it, it was the alcohol moving her, and I didn’t want it like that either, because she would never remember it afterwards. kaçak iddaa She said she was fantasizing with me ever since we met and she needed to have me. That was something I just couldn’t handle, and it broke my last barrier and we resumed kissing passionately. When her hand went under my shirt and started cupping my breast my all body squirmed. I had been fantasizing about that moment for a really long time, and it finally came true. Her hand started going south to find my soaked pussy, which was fully shaved, fact that surprised her at first, but something I would always do when I’d meet her, because when I did I’d always think that I would expose my feelings and we would have passionate sex, but I never had the gut to do it, and when she found my clit it didn’t needed more than two minutes of work to make me orgasm.

But she wasn’t through. She tore my shorts off exposing my pussy , and started kissing my thighs, starting almost at the knee and working her way up, and when she found it she started blowing on my clit, just teasing it, if I wasn’t wet enough already, and when she started licking and sucking it she placed a finger inside my vagina, whilst her other free hand started fondling my breasts and she didn’t stopped until I exploded again, this time straight into her mouth. She thought that would be it, but I leaned towards her and whispered “You think you can do this to me and not let me repay it?” which was promptly followed by another passionate kiss, on which kaçak bahis I felt the sweet taste of my juices. I jumped on top of her forcing her to lean on the ground, and took all her clothes off exposing the amazing body she had.

When the astonishment passed, I started kissing her neck, working my way down, stopping for a while on her breasts, biting and sucking on those beautiful nipples I noticed she had, I continued and when I found her pussy I discovered she was as of or even wetter then I was, I parted those lips, and started sucking her clit, working my wonders on it. It didn’t took much for her to started squirming and screaming so loud I thought she would wake up all the neighbors. I never saw anyone orgasm like that.

After that I laid besides her facing each other, and when I did she started biting her lip, showing that she didn’t had enough yet, and when she said to look in her purse, I found a pink double-headed dildo, she claimed she had bought that afternoon, she said she knew I wasn’t going to say no to her, when I came near her again I kissed her again, this time naughtily, biting her lip at the end, and I shoved it up her pussy, which didn’t offer that much resistance, like mine, due to the wetness state they were. We grinded towards each other, watching that dildo going in and out of our pussies, sharing juices with each other, made us had the hardest orgasm of the night, both, at the same time. We laid there on the living room floor until she had to go home to welcome Chuck from his night out. From that night we became lovers and did that on a constant basis. I was starting to wonder if that desire could really happen. I had one down, could I have the other?

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