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Working on the Railroad Ch. 01

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Public Sex

Steve sighed. Friday night, and here he was at work again, while everyone else was having a good time. At least that’s how Steve saw it as he watched the group of five pretty girls get onto the train. He watched with envy as a man, about his age, stepped into the front carriage and then turned to kiss his girlfriend goodnight.

Steve turned away, not wishing to intrude in their private moment, but secrectly playing out in his head how he would have kissed her if he was the lovestruck passenger instead of the long-suffering Driver. He stole one last furtive glance as the girl walked away down the silent platform and disappeared into the night.

As the signal turned green, he settled into the driver’s seat and selected forward on the train’s control desk, and heard the reassuring clunk of gears behind him. He heard the shrill sound of the Guard’s whistle as he lit a cigarette. From the discotheque across the road he heard the familiar strains of the Electric Light Orchestra echoing against the dark silent walls of the station. “Last train to London, just leaving town…”

Unlike the singer he certainly did not want tonight to last forever, not this part anyway. “Last train to London…” he muttered to himself. At least he was only going back to Norton Junction. In just over half an hour he would be walking through the gates and leaving this Railway behind…

He awoke from his reverie when the bell rang twice. “Ding ding and off we go,” he muttered to nobody in particular as he opened up the throttle, and with a dull throb the train began to move.

The journey was uneventful, as the last train of the day usually was. As the dark miles passed by he found himself thinking. He would be spending the weekend at the Valley Line, a small railway operated by volunteers who lovingly restored the steam locomotives of yesterday. There was something about the glow of the fire, the hiss of steam, and the smell of the hot oil that made him feel, well… The romance of steam was all very good, but after romance came…

He remembered the last time he had seen Kat, her long dark hair spilling out from underneath the cap she wore on her head at a jaunty angle. Most of the other girls who worked on the railway contented themselves with working in the buffet car, or selling tickets in the booking office, but not Kat. She was there at the crack of dawn to help him light the fire and clean the engine. He remembered fondly the time they had watched the sunrise across the valley from the footplate of the locomotive, shrouded in wisps of steam, remembered the look in her eyes, the…

A loud blast broke the spell. The automatic warning for the distant signal. Norton Junction was just round the corner. As the train came to a gentle halt in the platform his mind was already gone. As he started up his motorcycle and roared off down the lane his gloved hands on the handlebars were, in his mind at least, caressing her shoulders, touching her hair as he gently kissed her…

He took off his gloves and helmet and fumbled for his wallet. Fifty years ago he would have been walking into the Stationmaster’s house but now, since the railway closed, the house had been converted into a pub. Steve lamented the passing of a small bit of history but was secretly glad because he needed a drink.

As he sipped his pint he looked around the pub. What he saw nearly made him drop his glass on the floor. It was Kat, he recognised her hair, her eyes, but he hardly recognised the beautiful woman who sat at the table before him. As he sat beside her, he was lost for words. He had only ever seen her in a pair of baggy blue overalls which gave no clue to what was underneath but now, he needed imagine no more. The red dress clung to the curves of her body as if had been painted on. eryaman escort His gaze followed the lines of her body, stopping at all stations. The low-cut neckline of the dress gave more than just a hint of cleavage, her round white breasts squeezed together in a way that made him forget the stresses of the day. The dress accentuated her waist and then stopped six inches above her knee. He glanced at her shapely legs beneath the table. A thousand thoughts raced through his head, but as she leaned forward to kiss him, all but one disappeared.

Her red mouth, as red as her sexy dress, parted slightly as their lips met. He felt her warmth on his cold face as they kissed. He gently stroked her hair, and felt her shiver at the touch of his icy hand. “I’ve missed you,” she said as the kiss broke, “but you better warm your hands up before you touch me again.”

“Damn motorbike,” muttered Steve, and then he smiled as Kat offered her hands, and they sat, hand in hand across the table and he soon felt the warmth of her seeping over him.

Steve was still wearing the skin-tight leather jacket and trousers that he wore whenever he rode his motorcycle. Now he was getting a little too hot, and began to unzip his jacket. As he leaned forward to take it off he felt Kat’s soft hands press against his chest. He leaned forward to kiss her again and he felt her tongue touching his, felt her soft lips, and her fingernails softly raking down his chest. He felt a sharp stirring in his loins, and he knew two things. First, these motorcycle pants were too tight, and second, if he didn’t make love to Kat tonight then he was going to burst.

He picked up his bag and they walked hand in hand back to the old part of the station where they would be spending the night. In the soft glow of the single lamp he saw Kat holding up a large silver key, the brass disc had the numerals “1a” stamped on it. A tingle of excitement ran through his body. A couple of years ago, Steve had helped convert an old railway carriage into sleeping accomodation, and 1a was the largest of the six berths, a double room no less.

Kat opened the door and turned on the light, its dim rays illuminating the dark wooden panelling and the deep red of the plush carpet. As Steve gently closed the door behind them he saw Kat kick off her shoes and lay back on the bed, giving him a come-hither look that bypassed his eyes, his brain, and went straight to his cock.

Instantly hard, Steve stepped slowly towards her. She raised a finger as if to scold him. “No boots on the bed,” she said mockingly, “it’s the rules, you know.”

Steve reluctantly stepped into the tiny washroom and with some difficulty removed his dusty boots. He sighed as he slid the tight pants down his legs, brushing his stiff member as he did so. He took off his trousers and unbuttoned his shirt, and as he stepped back into the bedroom he saw that Kat was now face down on the bed struggling with the full length zipper of her dress. Steve straddled her, one knee either side of her round bottom, and slowly eased the zipper down.

He kissed her shoulders, and softly brushed her hair aside and began planting soft kisses on the back of her neck. As the zipper went lower, he followed with his lips, teasing and brushing her skin. “Ohhhh…” whispered Kat as he sent a shiver down her spine.

As the zipper reached the bottom of the dress he gently eased both sides apart and began running his hands over her naked back. Kat wasn’t wearing a bra, and her black g-string gave Steve a first-class view of the soft curves of her bottom. “That’s a fine ass you’ve got there,” whispered Steve. Kat turned her head round and as Steve leaned forward to kiss her, she felt his hard cock press into her, and she thrust backwards, esat escort applying firm pressure which made him sigh before their lips melted together in a frenzy of passion.

Steve rolled off and lay on his side as Kat shrugged the dress off, and turned to face him. She grabbed his hands with hers, and firmly placed them on her breasts. Steve felt the soft flesh under his palms and squeezed gently, before leaning forward to kiss Kat firmly on the lips. Before she had a chance to kiss him back, his lips moved on, across her neck, before gently nibbling her earlobe, as he drew in a breath, he caught a whiff of her perfume, stronger than ever, and mixed with the fresh scent of her hair, and the warm glow of her near-naked body, it made his whole body twitch with love and lust for her. As he exhaled, Kat felt the cool sensation on her ear and neck and shuddered with pure pleasure. Her fingernails raked Steve’s back as his mouth moved lower. She grabbed his butt with both hands, squeezing hard as he cupped her soft breasts, before gently drawing one of her nipples into his mouth.

As he gently circled her breast with his tongue, he felt her nipple harden so he rolled his tongue around it, then kissed, licked, and gently nibbled his way across her heaving breast and slowly circled again before gently suckling the other nipple, which was now erect, pushing into his mouth as his eager lips devoured her. “I love you Steve,” she whispered, almost breathlessly as he moved his lips towards hers. He kissed her quickly and then drew away.

“I love you too, Kat,” murmured Steve, as he began to unbutton his shirt. Kat sat up and pushed Steve gently back onto the bed. She leant forward to kiss him and as he rose to meet her she placed a hand firmly on his chest. He lay back and looked longingly at her. Her brown eyes flashed and a wicked smile crossed her face. She licked her lips before sweeping her long hair over her shoulder. Her hands snaked down her body, squeezing her breasts together before moving down once again to caress her thighs. One hand crept up to her g-string and Steve watched as she touched herself through the thin fabric. He could see in the soft light that she was already wet and he took a deep breath as her other hand ran up his leg.

He gasped with pleasure as her soft fingers wrapped around his cock through the cotton of his boxer shorts. He could feel her fingernails squeezing him through the material and he arched his back at her touch. He felt so hard, as if he was going to burst out of his shorts. “Oh Kat…” he whispered as she expertly pulled them down. He reached out to touch her hand, and he eased himself out of his underwear before dropping them on the floor.

Kat felt a twinge in her pussy as she saw his hard cock spring free. She slipped one finger into her wetness and began to rub gently while her other hand gently massaged Steve’s balls. She licked her lips once more as she bent over towards Steve, lifting his cock to her mouth. As her lips closed over the head of his shaft she felt his whole body twitch, before relaxing once more as he closed his eyes and lay back on the bed. Steve’s breathing got heavier as she took him into her mouth. She sucked gently, rolling his cock in her fingers as she did. Steve reached forward and ran his fingers through her hair, pushing it gently to one side so he could watch her red lips running up and down his cock.

He took one of her breasts in his hand, squeezing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He felt Kat arch her back at his touch, so he moved his hand lower, joining hers as she parted the lips of her pussy. She ran her tongue along his shaft before letting it spring back against his stomach, and in one quick motion, peeled her moist g-string off down ankara escort her slender, shapely legs. Steve traced a line with one finger, working closer to her thighs before stopping just at the top of her mound, winding the black curly hairs of her trimmed pussy round his index finger. Kat lay back on the bed as Steve kissed first one breast then the other, before turning his attention to her pussy once more.

Kat almost shrieked with pleasure as his tongue found her aching clitoris, and as he slowly slid one finger, and then two inside her, she closed her eyes and sighed his name over and over again. With two fingers inside her and Steve’s darting tongue teasing her clit she couldn’t stand it a moment longer.

Steve had never heard Kat talking dirty before, so when she opened her eyes and whispered “Fuck me now, big boy, fuck me!” it seemed once again to bypass his brain and immediately stiffened his cock. He withdrew his fingers, and licked them slowly, drawing each one into his mouth, tasting Kat’s warm juices before kissing her pussy one more time. He lay beside her, kissing her gently on the lips as he guided her hand to his cock. As he straddled her she opened her legs wide and slowly guided him inside.

It took all of Steve’s self-control not to thrust all the way in on the first stroke, instead he squeezed just the head of his cock between her wet pussy lips and paused for a second. To Kat it seemed an eternity. For a moment neither took a breath, and just as Kat thought she could stand no more, Steve slowly slid his cock inside her. “F… F…” murmured Kat but she said no more because Steve’s throbbing cock was all the way inside her and it took her breath away. Steve sighed as he slipped through her sweetness, and kissed her as he began fucking her with long slow strokes. Every so often he would draw his cock out until just the head was held between her outer lips. Pausing for a moment he would thrust in and out gently, but only in short strokes, driving Kat wild with anticipation, before plunging deep inside her and squeezing his arms around her in a lust-filled embrace.

Kat turned her head to one side as her breathing became deeper, faster. Steve leaned forward and squeezed her breasts again, gently kissing her exposed neck. As Kat’s breaths became shorter he quickened his pace, thrusting in and out of her as she started to sigh. “Oh Steve….” she moaned, and then arched her back as she felt her orgasm approaching. Steve continued to thrust his cock, feeling the warmth of her. His hand took hers and as their fingers entwined he whispered “I love you Kat.”

She said nothing but squeezed his hand so hard it would normally have made him wince in pain but in his aroused state the pain felt more like pleasure. Her fingers wrapped round his hand and her fingernails made small crescents in his skin. A second later her grip relaxed and he felt her pussy contract around his shaft. He continued gently in and out, enjoying the tightness as she came. This was too much for Steve to take for very long, she was so wet and tight and just knowing that he had made her come turned him on even more. She opened her eyes and met his gaze. Kat kissed the air as she looked into Steve’s eyes. His strokes became quicker and shorter until finally, with one last long thrust, he came.

For that moment, the only thing in the world was Kat and Steve, joined together as one. Steve closed his eyes as the sensation washed over his body. When he opened them Kat was still gazing into his eyes. Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, and she held him tightly. For what seemed like hours, neither one moved or spoke, enjoying the afterglow of their passion. Kat whispered in Steve’s ear “Hold me like this forever.”

“I’ll never let you go,” whispered Steve, “now let’s get some sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow.”

Steve reached over and with one hand switched the alarm clock on, and the light off. The two lovers shared a few soft kisses in the darkness, and wrapped in each other’s arms they soon drifted off into a deep satisfying sleep.

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