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Young Ebony Waitress Ch. 02

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(Author’s note: this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age.)


Basement Chapter 2:

As Chris was showering in his ensuite, the door opened; Alina entered still in her soaking wet pink panties cum dripping down her thighs, bra, and shirt as he had left her. She had a rather curious look on her face. The sight had Chris getting hard; the warm shower ran down his body; as Alina took another step into the bathroom.

Glancing at Chris, and smiled briefly, still unsure of herself, as she let her shirt fall off her shoulders as she released her bra. Her perfect tits bounced sweetly, mesmerizing Chris’s mind, filling him with the lust he felt the first time she teased him at the restaurant.

His mind could not keep pace with his perverted thoughts, thoughts of groping the young girl, catching her in a quiet moment and coping a feel of her tender young form, and yet now here she was presenting her luscious body for him to admire.

As if Alina could read his thoughts, she spun around seductively. Chris, briefly catching sight of her pink panties digging into her sumptuous ass cheeks. Cupping the perfection of her tight young body, moving further into the bathroom, Alina leaned back against the vanity.

Parted her legs enough to run a finger over her cum soaked underwear. Two fingers, gathering as much of the wetness that had seeped through the thin crotch of her sheer pink panties. Chris could see the strands of wetness stickiness glistening in the vanity light.

Alina seemed lost in her lust, bringing her fingers up to her mouth, licked them before fucking them into her mouth. Chris cock now had the young waitress’s full attention; Alina slipping her panties down just enough to expose the slutty mess between her legs, lifting herself to sit on the vanity.

Alina’s fingers were again finding the slutty mess; moans of lust purred from her lips, her intent perfected when she slipped her panties down her tight ebony thighs–catching them before they fell to the ground. She held them with outstretched hands, showing Chris their combined lust still dripping from the sheer fabric.

The young waitress spread her legs, resting her feet on the shower door, exposing her dripping lust and seducing Chris while she brought her panties to her mouth. Parting her lips, she sucked the crotch into her mouth.

Just in that very moment, Chris’s wife walked into the bathroom, and here was this young ebony goddess spread out in lust, their eyes catching each other’s in a moment of despair. Shock soon turned to a more tender moment; Chris’s wife took in the young waitresses’ beauty. Her mouth gaping open with stunned silence, her mind a blur as she looked at Chris again; he just winked and motioned for her to enter.

The little tuzla escort ebony minx just kept enjoying the cum filled panties, her legs still splayed and the slutty mess between her legs beckoning Chris’s wife. Chris had a sneaky suspicion his wife has a thing for the fairer sex, she would never admit it openly, but Chris had seen the way she looked at her girlfriends, one in particular that Chris found extremely sexy as well.

Chris watched his wife intently, seeing the lust consume her face, her gaze concentrated between Alina’s legs. She shifted her weight from one leg to the other; a shy sensual look took over her expression. A hand trailed up her body, unconsciously caressing a breast, a finger finding its way to her open mouth. The look was everything Chris could have hoped for; Chris was witnessing something they had both secretly fantasied about, her being with another woman and him able to watch.

Chris wife had just come back from the gym, wearing a short t-shirt exposing her smooth, toned mid-drift. Her full sexy ass stretching her leggings to an almost obscene level. Her pussy mound was visible with just a hint of the divide in between. Her skin glistened with a sheen of perspiration, highlighting her high cheekbones and sexy Asian features. Full lips now pouting with bright red lipstick. Chris could never really understand why women wore makeup to work out. But at this moment, he was blessed with one of the most sensual and provocative looks he had ever seen adorn his wife’s face.

Young Alina’s moans caught both their attention; she now had the pink panties pushed between her legs, covering her dripping gash with her insatiable lust. She then brought the dainty panties back to her mouth, again tasting their combined saltiness.

Chris’s wife slowly approached the young waitress, drawn to her like bees to a blossomed flower. She lifted one of the young girl’s legs from the shower screen, then stood between her young thighs, their eyes meeting in a very intimate pose. His wife took her pink panties and brought them to her face, inhaling the lust and tentatively licked the wetness for herself. It all seemed to happen in slow motion; every movement filled with such an intense sensual desire Chris could feel their lust fill the air.

The tension again increasing as they both embraced their emotions filling their bodies, cupping each other’s faces and losing themselves in a heart-stopping kiss. As they explored the depth of their taboo kink, tongues interwind with lustful desire, his wife pulled away first, dropping the pink panties to the floor.

Kissed her way tenderly down the young Waitresses slender neck, placing butterfly kisses on her shoulder and down the soft underside of her arm. Chris’s wife cupped a breast in her hand, teasing a hard nipple between her fingers as she took the other between her lips.

Alina’s pendik escort sensual moans of pleasure told Chris she was enjoying the tender touch of his wife. As his wife’s mouth ventured lower, her beautiful plump sexy ass squeezed tighter in her leggings. Framing her perfect mound close enough to highlight the swell of her pussy lips, the stretched fabric darkened slightly with her arousal. Chris cock steely hard and throbbed to his touch; he quietly stepped from the shower and grabbed a bath towel to dry himself.

The two girls’ oblivious to anything but their pleasure. Chris’s lust moved him closer until he could feel Alina’s eyes meet his, leaning in kissed her gently, taking her hand and placing it on his hard cock. She squealed a little into his mouth as her hand squeezed his hardness. Chris broke their kiss and pulled his wife into a kiss of their own, taking her hand and placing it on the young Waitresses gushing wet pussy. They moaned into each other as the young Waitresses seduced their minds.

Chris moved behind his wife, placing young Alina’s hand on his wife’s head, gently pushing it down. Chris held his wife’s hips tight, ensuring she remained bent over at the waist. She knew the intent as her face was guided lower; Alina’s eyes danced with expectation; from the second Chris’s young wife entered the bathroom, she felt the need for her touch.

Seen the lust instantly in her eyes, unspoken thoughts heard deep in their psyches, then feeling it tentatively at first, just a slight tease of a wet tongue on her swollen lust. Then with a little more vigour as she spread her lips and delved deeper into her need. Her body shivered to the touch, the fine hairs on her arms standing on end. Her breasts swelled with goose bumps, the slightest touch now like an electric shock of pleasure. Burning deep into her body, filling her with such intense arousal, she nearly passed out.

Chris’s wife let her tongue slide higher, flirting with the young girl’s swollen clit. She did not quite catch it entirely, just enough to build the tension, precisely as she enjoyed being licked.

Chris’s cock now hard against his wife’s cleft, poking her through the tight fabric of her leggings. She then felt Chris hitched his fingers into the waistband and drew them slowly over her plump ass. Her silky white panties pulled partly down, just enough to expose her ass crack. With her leggings lowered enough, Chris dropped down to admire the sexy sight of his wife’s soaked panty-clad pussy, and picked up young Alina’s pink panties, still slick with her lust.

Chris lowering his wife’s panties to reveal her sopping wet cunt; streams of pussy juice clung to the silky fabric, her pussy lips inflamed, opening to expose the perfect pink slit up to her clit. She looked ready to explode at the slightest touch; Alina’s moans, now becoming more and more aydınlı escort erratic; she gasped for breath as his wife teased her young pussy endlessly. Pushing her close to orgasm but never using enough force to push her over the edge.

Chris’s cock was dripping with his lust; he wrapped young Alina’s pink panties around his shaft, their slickness combining, stroking his cock he pushed it between his sexy wife’s thighs. Just brushing her pussy lips teasing her as she teased Alina. The waitress’s pink panties clinging to his stiff cock as he pumped his hips into his wife’s. Feeling the heat of arousal warm his desire with each stroke.

Chris then allowed his cock to dance teasingly over his wife’s crinkled backdoor. Her moans said more as he continued to tease her, pumping his cock through Alina’s panties and bumped harder into his wife’s ass each time. Alina herself was now a slutty mess of ecstasy; Chris’s wife held her by the hips to keep her from slipping off the vanity; young Alina panting for more; “Please, I need more.”

Chris grabbed his wife by the hair, pulled her face up to meet Alina’s, grabbed her hand, and told her to, “Finger fuck the young waitress.” His wife pushed two fingers into her burning hot pussy, pumped them deeper and deeper. Pulling Alina into a slutty kiss, they devoured each other’s lust. Chris, ready to burst, slide his cock back between his new bi-curious wife’s legs and slowly filled her steamy cunt with his full throbbing length. He could already feel her pussy lips quiver and contract in delight; Chris knew he wouldn’t last long, grabbing his wife’s waist and growled in her ear, ” Fuck the young girl harder, make her cum on your fingers, fuck her now.”

He then ripped his wife’s t-Shirt to reveal the image of her petite tits in the mirror, nipples burning to be touched. He fucked her harder and deeper until her pussy spasmed and her knees grew weak. She gasped in Alina’s mouth as Alina’s orgasm erupted through her young body. She thrashed uncontrollably on the vanity, knocking bottles of perfume and makeup everywhere. Cum gushing down her legs and coating his wife in her lust; his wife pushed over the edge thrusting back hard against her husband’s entire length. Her orgasm ripping through her body, toes curling, and her whole body tingling with wave after wave of erotic love.

Both girls spent they dropped to the floor and embraced, facing each other, they kissed tenderly; Chris lowered himself so he could fuck his cock between their kissing lips; Chris was more than surprised when his wife grabbed his cock and pushed it deep into her mouth. Then she shared Chris’s cock with the young waitress, as he fucking his cock between the two beautiful erotic girls kissing lips his Chris’s balls boiling for release. Alina slid her hand up between his legs, teasing his balls into an eruption of endless pleasure. Cumming and Cumming as he covered both of the girl’s faces, cum dripping down to glistening on their tits. The sight was too much for Chris, jamming his spurting cock back into his wife’s mouth and made her take the last of his lust.

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