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Zoey Ch. 04

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Blur was packed from wall to wall when we walked in. The entire first floor of the club was dance floor while the second floor had a patio and a bar. It smelled like beer and sweat from the parking lot.

As soon as we entered the dance floor, we heard “Cash Money Records taking over for the 99 and the 2000”. That’s all it took to spark the freak hoe in Raven. She grabbed my hand and yanked me to the center of the dance floor. We started dancing. She turned around and began twerking on me. I had to lean on my brother for support because it was so intense. I put my back against my brother and my hands on her hips as she ground against me. She was so into it that she didn’t notice that I was struggling to keep up with her.

Finally, after the song was over, she turned back around and wrapped her arms around my neck to look up at me.

“Damn girl, I could barely catch all that ass you were throwing.”, I laughed as we swayed to the next song.

Her grin was bright as she puffed out, “You know I like to dance! Maybe I can give you a private dance later tonight.” Then she winked.

“Maybe Thursday. Do you want a drink?” I said to change the subject from me rejecting her offer.

She frowned as she said, “No I don’t think I should add to this buzz.”

“Okay let me ask Zane if he wants something.”

I looked around for my brother but didn’t see him anywhere. I was starting to worry but then Raven, who had gone back to dancing in her crossfaded haze, began to pull me across the dance floor.

“Rae where are we going?”

She looked at me over her shoulder and yelled as we climbed the stairs, “Somewhere more private.”

Turns out that somewhere private was a dark corner of the lounge area on the second floor. As we sat down, Raven leaned into me. I placed my hand high on her thigh to show my appreciation as she proceeded to put my earlobe into her mouth and suck.

“W-whoa babe, it might be dark over here but we aren’t invisible.”

She responded with a chuckle but kept on swirling her tongue around my ear. Almost involuntary, I moved my hand higher on her thigh and it slipped under her skirt. Apparently, it wasn’t high enough for her because she moved my hand further up her skirt to the point that my hand was engulfed in her heat. I was just a slip away from grazing her clit with my index finger.

She whispered “please fuck me” in my ear.

Her voice was so needy, it came out as more of a whimper than a whisper. Even though I knew that I shouldn’t have, I dipped my finger into her honey. My eyes rolled back as I felt how wet she was for me. I swirled my finger in her wetness, then moved it up to circle her clit with it. Her whimpers filled my ear and her hand slipped into my shirt and under my bra, to palm my breast. I groaned as she rolled my nipple between her thumb and index finger.

“Do you çubuk escort promise to be quiet if I make you cum?” I asked almost ready to cum myself.

“Yes baby, I promise. Please.” She was begging me and who was I to deny this woman anything she wanted after denying her my heart.

I pressed her lips to mine and slipped my tongue into her mouth just as I pushed two fingers into her. She moaned my name against my lips and clenched around them. I started to fuck her in earnest, pumping in and out of her and picking up speed. I whispered to her how good she felt and how I wanted to drop to my knees just to taste what I knew would be the sweetest thing I’d ever had.

She moved her hands around my neck to hold me as she tried her hardest not to scream. As she finally came, I moved my unoccupied hand from its place on her waist to her mouth to cover her loud moans. She licked my hand as she moaned. I was grateful that we were in a semi-secluded area where the music was still loud enough not to draw the crowds’ attention. When the night started, I never knew that it would end with me having a quickie in a club with Raven.

“Thanks. I really needed that, love. Only getting off once a week is killing me but you make it worth my wile.” She panted out almost breathlessly.

As I removed my hand, I was immediately hit with her fragrance filling my nostrils. I moved to kiss her but right then, my phone began vibrating.

“Hey… Can your friend take you home or Jake pick you up? I caught a ride with a new friend if you know what I mean.”

My brother had texted me to let me know he’d dipped without me. I wasn’t surprised because that was typical of him. I texted him that it was cool even though it wasn’t and then I texted Jake to let him know that I was on my way home.

“Hey, I’m finna call an Uber. My brother left without me. It was good seeing you. I’ll text you when I get home.” I told her as I kissed her on the cheek.

“Don’t go. Stay a little while longer with me.”

“I can’t. I gotta get home. It’s already 1. I promised him I’d be home tonight.” I said seriously.

Being with her was always fun but it was beginning to weigh me down. If she respected my relationship and understood boundaries, then maybe it would be easier. She wasn’t the only one who wanted just a little bit more time but I knew that Jacob would flip his shit if I didn’t come home soon.

“Let me take you home at least. I’ll tell Jessica to catch a ride with everyone else and I’ll meet them after I drop you off.”

I knew that it was no use arguing with her, so I reluctantly told her okay and followed her through the crowd as she looked for her friends. She held my hand the entire way and didn’t let go even when we walked up to Jessica. Jessica rolled her eyes at Raven when she heard her request but she complied. demetevler escort She told Raven to meet her at Breakfast Klub after because they were all starving.

The ride home in Raven’s Audi Q7 was quiet other than her asking me if I was sure that I didn’t want to grab a bite to eat with her friends. I told her that I was pretty tired. Once we pulled up to my building, she finally worked up the courage to ask me what she’d wanted to ask earlier.

“What are we doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what are we doing? Where do you see this going between us? I want more from you and I know that that isn’t a possibility. I don’t want you to get out of my car right now but I know that you have to go. Right now, I don’t know if this is the last time that I am going to see you. I don’t know if you’re going to go in there and decide that this is the end for us. We are more than just fuck buddies, you know that right? Give me a chance.”

I opened the door and got out of the car.

I couldn’t give her an answer without the fear of making a promise that I couldn’t keep. I needed to talk to Jacob first.

As soon as I walked into my apartment, I saw Jacob in the kitchen fully naked. Well, he had on an oven mitt, only because he was holding a pan full of pizza rolls, which he almost dropped because I scared him.

When I got to him, I kissed him. He tasted like pepperoni and spearmint. His kisses were hungry and deprived as if I hadn’t seen him hours ago. He was becoming hard as he held me to him. His lips moved from my mouth but they never left my body as they roamed my skin. He kissed from my lips to my neck as he began undressing me. I felt his hands as they unbuttoned all three buttons on my high-waisted jeans.

He asked me to take off my shirt right before he began sucking on my right earlobe. He knew exactly how to get me hot and bothered. He undid my bra with ease then turned me around. He bent me over the kitchen sink. He moved my panties to the side and began fingering me with an urgency.

I could only hear my moans, the sound of my air conditioning kicking in, and the squishy noise my wetness made as his fingers sawed in and out of me. He said nothing as he fucked me. Slowly, his left hand reached up and he curled his fingers around my throat, more for leverage than to choke me. Still, nothing was spoken. As his left hand gripped my throat, his right continued his pace finger fucking me. His hands were strong in both positions.

I came thunderously,

“Is it better now than it was with her?”, he whispered at me, never stopping his rhythm. He strengthened his grip on my throat as he asked me again.

I wanted to make him stop so I could tell him that I hadn’t planned to see Raven tonight but I couldn’t get away and it felt so good I didn’t really have the ankara escort will to fight. Angry sex was invigorating. Jacob kept asking me even though he knew that he wasn’t going to get a response. I came twice before he stopped.

He let go of my neck and pulled his fingers out quickly and swiftly as he left me. He walked away from me and left me slumped over my kitchen sink. It was not until then that I realized I’d began crying. I felt my hot tears running down my cheeks for a moment before I caught my breath slowly and came back down to earth. I stood up and took off the rest of my clothing before walking over to him. He was sitting on our bed watching me.

“I didn’t plan to see her tonight. I promise. It was an accident. I wouldn’t do that to you. We didn’t even have sex.” I lied because the quickie wasn’t significant enough to get in trouble for.

“You expect me to believe in coincidence? You were talking to her before I left. I should’ve known you were meeting up with her when I wasn’t around. ‘I’m only sleeping with her once a week Jake.’, ‘She means nothing to me, Jake.’ Open relationships only work based on trust. I told you if she was that important to you she could be ours but you said it was a fling. I should’ve realized that that was a lie. You didn’t ask her to be our girlfriend because you didn’t want to share.”

Jake was right. I didn’t want to share. Hell until today I didn’t even know Raven was into men. I’d lied to Jake when it started and told him it wasn’t going to go on for long. She was supposed to be a piece of ass. Someone to occupy my time when Jake couldn’t. We’d had girlfriends before but they hadn’t worked out.

Raven was different. She was just mine. Even though Jake knew we were fucking, he didn’t know every single detail. He didn’t know about the pictures she’d sent every day. He didn’t know that one night she’d eaten me out for a solid two hours with no breaks on her kitchen table before carrying me to her bed. She wanted to please me in any way imaginable. I was scared of asking her to be our girlfriend because if she said no, I’d have to end things.

“We just ran into each other at the club and danced a bit. When Zane bailed, she offered to bring me here. That’s it, baby. Look I’ll ask her if she’s interested. If she says no, I will cut things off.

I watched as Jake walked back to the kitchen. He walked to my clothes and pulled out my phone. I couldn’t move my body to stop him. I couldn’t even move my lips to say a word. He called Raven and put the phone on speaker.

“Hello love.”, she said as she answered on the first ring.

“Hey, Raven. It’s Jacob Jackson, Zoey’s boyfriend. I just called to thank you for bringing my girlfriend home. I’d like to buy you a meal as a thank you for keeping my everything safe. Does tomorrow at 1 work? “

She stammered out a sure, clearly caught off guard that Jacob called her.

“Good. Snooze in the heights at 1. See you tomorrow.”

He hung up without waiting for a reply from her. He grabbed the pizza rolls, walked back to the bed, and climbed in.

“You can ask her tomorrow. Come to bed, my love.”

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