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A Close Encounter of the Best Kind Ch. 02

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After the guys finished feeling Debbie up, the three of us went inside. We made arrangements for dinner and possibly visiting a club called Paradise which is like a sex club.

Just as Robert and Princess left, the phone rang. It was my wife Lisa. She told me her mother had hip surgery and will be going into rehab. She also said she was going to stay there.

After a long discussion, I convinced her to come back down and join me for the rest of our vacation. We went back and forth and she finally agreed. She said she would fly down tomorrow. We still would have three days to ourselves.

I called Robert and told him Lisa would be here tomorrow.

I met Robert and his wife at their villa and when I saw Debbie, my cock almost exploded out of my pants. She was wearing a short mini skirt that barely covered her ass and wore a sheer blouse that clearly showed her 34dd’s.

I told her she looked beautiful, as always.

I called Angel and asked if he would take us around for the evening. He agreed and picked us up and took us to a nice restaurant where we had a great meal and plenty of wine. We talked about going to the Paradise and we decided to go.

I told Angel to take us there and for him to come back in three hours.

He dropped us off and we headed inside. As soon as Debbie walked in, everyone took notice. Debbie asked me why they were looking at her. I simply told her that she was the prettiest woman there.

The three of us found a table and ordered some wine. Robert and Debbie took to the dance floor and as soon as they started to dance, guys kept asking her to dance. Robert came back to the table and left her on the dance floor with her numerous admirers.

Robert and I watched as every guy she danced with felt her up. One guy even slipped his hand under her skirt and his finger must have found her slit because we heard her moan.

Debbie was on the kocaeli escort bayan dance floor awhile when Robert snuck up behind her and grabbed her thong and pulled it down and off in one quick moment. He held up her thong and then threw it to one of the men.

We watched as each guy slid their hands under her skirt and grabbed her ass. She sure seemed to enjoy all the attention.

One of the guys started unbuttoning her blouse and soon her tits were in full view.

The guys surrounded her and they removed her blouse and skirt and Debbie was completely naked for her men friends.

Guys had their hands all over her, rubbing her ass, playing with her tits, sucking her nipples and rubbing their cocks against her.

One guy pulled out his cock and Debbie knelt down and started giving him a blow job. One by one, we watched her suck off at least five guys who all shot their loads down her throat.

By the time she finished with them, it was time for Angel to pick us up.

We got Debbie dressed, without her thong, and got into the cab. Angel took us back to Robert’s villa. By this time, Debbie was half awake and Angel helped us get her inside.

The three of us got her onto the bed and undressed her. Robert saw that Angel’s cock was hard and asked him if he wanted to fuck his wife.

In an instant, Angel had his cock out and lined up with her slit. Robert and I held her legs apart as Angel slipped his cock in Debbie’s cunt.

Robert encouraged him to fuck her hard and pull out when he was going to cum. Robert told him to cum on her tits and cum he did.

After he unloaded on her, he left.

Robert and I went into the kitchen to discuss the next day’s plans.

At about the same moment, we came up with a plan. We would take the two women back to the sex club, after they had enough to drink, and have them put on a show.

We had a night cap and called izmit escort bayan it a night.

After breakfast, I called Angel and had him pick me up to go to the airport to get Lisa.

The plane was on time and Lisa got through customs quickly. We walked to the cab where I introduced Lisa to Angel.

On the way to the resort, Lisa sprang up and said to me, “Before I left, you mentioned an Angel to me. Is this the same guy that did what you said?”

I looked at her and said that he was. Lisa turned a beet red and the said to Angel, “It is nice meeting you. My husband said you enjoyed yourself the other night. I don’t remember but I am glad you did.”

Angel responded, “Your husband was very kind and yes, I did enjoy myself. Maybe we can do it again before you go home.”

Nothing else was said for the rest of the ride.

When we got back, Lisa quickly changed into her mini bikini and we headed out the door.

Lisa was like a different person. She welcomed all the stares and comments by the men and seemed to be turned on by them.

As we walked along the shore, she asked what I did the last two nights. I told her I dined out with Robert and Debbie and that we went to a sex club where Debbie put on a show.

I also told her that Robert let Angel fuck Debbie after we got home.

She asked if I got to fuck her and I told her I did. I then told her we were going to the sex club tonight. She looked at me and smiled and just said ok.

It was finally time to get ready to meet Robert and Debbie. Lisa came out of the bedroom and I almost died when I saw her.

She had a micro mini skirt on and I could see she had on no panty. She had a completely see through blouse and no bra. She looked gorgeous.

We called Angel to pick us up and to get Robert and Debbie then to the restaurant.

When we got to the restaurant, gebze escort Lisa sat close to me and Debbie sat next to Robert. Debbie was also a vision of loveliness.

After dinner and a lot of wine, I called Angel to take us to the sex club. I asked him if he wanted to join us. He said he couldn’t but maybe later on he could. I smiled knowing what he meant.

When we entered the club, everyone looked at Lisa and Debbie. I found a booth and we sat and ordered drinks.

Guys came over and danced with the women. We could see that every guy got to feel both them up and play with them. Lisa really seemed to like the attention.

At one point, Lisa’s skirt was up around her waist and her ass in full view. I could even see moisture on her thighs.

Robert got up and talked to the manager. He led Robert down a hall and soon Robert came back. He told me that the club had a BDSM room that we could use.

We got up and took the women to the room. We blindfolded them and led them inside.

While Robert took them to the wall and cuffed their spread arms and spread legs, I round up some willing men to join us.

By the time I got to the room, the women were secured and completely naked. Their pussies on view, their nipples already hard.

One by one, each guy went to the women and played with their tits, sucked their nipples and ate them. All in all seven guys played with them.

Robert undid Debbie’s restraints and brought her to a bed. He secured her wrists to the bed and secured her spread legs.

Each guy mounted Debbie and fucked her. Each one shot their loads in her cunt and when they finished with her, they went over to Lisa and did her the same way.

After everyone had the two of them, Robert and I got them dressed and called Angel.

Angel picked us up and took us back to the villa.

The four of us went into my villa and put the exhausted, semi awake, women on my bed. We undressed them and called in Angel. We told him he could fuck them both.

We left Angel with them and after an hour came out with a big grin and thanked us and left.

We let the women sleep it off, naked in my bed.

Look for Part 3

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