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A Confession and a First Time Ch. 02

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As I go to open the door I notice the full-length sliding mirror doors that cover the entryway closet. I’ll have to remember to get a nice view of things as they progress. I’m curious as hell. Will he be hard already? My own bone had settled down some. Now that things were getting real I could still feel the extra weight in my balls, but my shaft was hanging full and floppy. I opened the door and let him in, quickly shutting it and pushing him back gently against it.

There I was, 6’2″, slightly leaning forward in a towel, one hand high on the door behind James’ 5’7″ head, the other reaching into his baggy sweatpants and forming a soft clutch on his balls. His eyes were wide, I recognized his face, fear.

We stared at each other in the candlelight, face to face. I could feel his breath slowly exhale through his nostrils as he glanced, first in the mirror at my half naked body leaning over him. Second at my face directly, he was watching me for something, nervous, perhaps scared that this was some kind of cruel joke.

I gave his cock a reassuring squeeze and then planted a kiss firmly on his mouth, pinning him to the door for a full 15 seconds. Around second 10 his shoulders visibly relaxed and I began to feel his erection growing against my wrist. We broke the embrace and I slowly removed my hand from his pants, grabbing the fabric of his shirt and lifting it up. Without a word he lifted his arms to assist in removing it.

After pulling it off I let it drape on the back of his neck. He looked at my body imploringly, eyes glued to my smooth, well defined abs and navel. The towel was still wrapped around my waist.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked, eager to hear the words that came next.

I whispered in his ear, “I want you to take off this towel and lay it on the ankara eve gelen escort floor.”

Immediately he did. Glancing hungrily in the mirror at his own reflection, a shirtless slave unrobing his powerfully built master. Greedily devouring my muscular curves, his attention was finally transfixed on my still flaccid but noticeably thickening shaft.

“Now what do you want me to do?”

He nearly squealed as I grabbed both sides of the shirt around his neck and brought his other ear right up to my lips, to feel my hot breath as I huffed, “Pull out your prick.” He did. “Now go down on your knees and worship my luscious cock until it bursts all over your pretty little body.”

James held my arms as he lowered himself onto the towel between us. “Now, take your time, James. Treat me right.” I could see he was excited, but also hesitant at the same time.

I could tell by the way he stared at my body that he had never been this close to a real naked man before. He was fascinated with every detail, the arch of skin between my abs and hips, the mushroom shape of my clean, cut cock. The way I kept my hair trimmed to a
up to my navel and clean shaven on my balls and undercarriage. He laid his wet, open mouth on the nearly bare skin just below my belly button and he began to suck. Gently at first, and then increasingly firmer.

Pressing his face into my body he slowly moved his mouth down into my hair. I could feel him breathing in my skin, exhaling everything and then filling himself with my essence. His hands reached around my body, palms on my ass, fingertips gently inserted into my crack.

I could feel a surge of blood flow into my member as his fingertips grazed my sensitive, freshly shaved asshole. My balls rode the side gaziosmanpaşa escort of his face as his open mouthed suck slowly trailed down the cleft between my thigh and body.

Nuzzling my growing erection and sack to the side, James lifted his mouth from my skin, to smile at his handwork. A slick wet, reddenning trail had been drawn down my centre and to one side of my nearly full shaft. My abs had begun to tighten as his mouth got lower, and the first beads of sweat now began to stand out in the flickering light.

As James’ mouth moved lower still I felt, for the first time, his long rough tongue sweeping the underside of my crotch. Reaching back between my thighs, nearly to my ass, his tongue was incredible. “Ohhhmm,” I growled as he made a second, and then a third deep sweep.

Involuntarily my erection bounced in his face, smacking him on the forehead as it came down with weight. “Oh!” James smiled, clearly impressed with himself now, before opening his smile wide, pushing my cock down, and sliding it into his hot, hot, mouth.

He looked up at me with his bright blue eyes, locking on to my red-faced stare. He was doing well for his first time, and he loved it.

Not wanting to waste it, he slathered my shaft with saliva, slurping all the precum that came onto his tongue and redistributing it from bow to stern. He concentrated on the mirror now, watching himself filling his mouth, stretching his cheeks, swirling with his tongue, and nearly gagging himself silly touching my harpoon to the back of his throat.

His own shaft was red and exposed, but dry, save for a few drips of cum. I reached for the heavy mineral oil on the table. I poured some down my ass crack so that it would run over his fingers. I poured some into my hands, ankara grup escort too, and returned the bottle to the table.

Widening my stance and gripping his face with oily hands, I said, “Touch yourself, James.” He did, immediately distributing the oil all over his shaft. The elastic waistband of his pants pressed up into his balls, no doubt pleasurably, and I could see his intensity ramping up fast. “Now let me feel those slippery fingers on my asshole. Gently ride them up and down, just like you’d do with your tongue if I mounted your face.”

James’ hands went to work, one delicately skating on my rim, the other desperately working his reddened shaft. “Now flick the tip of my cock with your tongue, James. Just like you’d lightly flick my asshole if you were eating me out.”

James worked his tongue with dedication, breathing heavily with the concentration of pleasing my anus, himself, and my cock at the same time. He was doing well until I gripped his earlobe with my warm, slippery hand and turned his head slightly to see the mirror–and ohh! It was just too much for James.

The sight of himself, sweating with the effort of worshipping a wet, juicy fattened cock, rimming a smooth tight asshole with his hand, and stroking his own hot throbbing shaft, he came… He came hard. I let him go as he curled inward toward the ground, laying on his side, eyes screwed up tight, arm pumping furiously.

His creamy white sauce spraying the mirror and himself, he writhed violently for a few seconds, and then lay still.

I gazed down at him. And I loved him. My lust for him was strong. He had worked me into a place I never knew I had… I needed to feel him, close to me. I needed to know him, from the inside.

I didn’t know what to do. So I reached down and gathered a mixture of James’ saliva and oil, and I slowly built my erection back up while he recovered.

He opened his eyes to see my standing there. Darkened face, monstrous erection towering over him…

***I’ve really enjoyed writing this second installment of the story. Comment below to give me some ideas on what should happen next.***

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