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A cougar experience

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I’m a 23 year old lad who has always wanted a cougar experience, and one day a couple of months back I finally got what I wanted, and damn it was good!

It all started one Friday morning a couple of months back, I was having a browse on a popular dating app when one woman in particular caught my attention. I’d seen her around my area a few times, and I’d always thought she was fairly attractive, she looked abit wild and I could tell she was the “naughty” type. She was early 30s, had a couple of kids and wasn’t looking for anything serious, so I thought I’d try my luck. To my surprise I got a reply, to start with it was just the usual, “how’s your day going?” “Not to bad thanks yourself?” Etc, but that quickly changed. After a few messeges the topic of what we were looking for came up, I told her I was just after a laugh and abit of fun, to which she replied “don’t you think I’m abit old for you?”
“Not at all, I’ve always fancied going with an older women, doesn’t it bother you I’m abit younger then you?” I asked, she said she didn’t mind and the conversation continued, before I knew it we were talking about what experiences we’d had, and man was she experienced! She gave me her number and told me to text her as she had things to do, so I left it about an hour and dropped her a text.

It wasn’t untill around 6 that evening that I received a reply from her, she appolagised for not been in touch and explained she’d had a busy day, but asked what I was doing that evening. london escort agency I told her I had no plans and just intended on chilling. She replied with she was doing the same and would I like to go round that evening? TOO FUCKING RIGHT I DID!, She gave me her address, and told me to pop over for 9 that night as she was going to have a shower and get sorted. I had a couple of joints and jumped in the shower to freshen up, and set off to hers, she only lived 10 minutes walk away which was a bonus, I was slightly nervous for some reason, She was by no means the first person I’d slept with, far from it, but for some reason I was a little nervous that evening. As I approached hers I could see her looking in the mirror, I went down the garden path and knocked on the door, it was already slightly ajar.

She welcomed me in, offerd me a can of cider which I accepted and proceeded to sit down and skin up, I couldn’t believe it, “You shoulda said you smoked if I’d brought some with me” I told her, and that was it the ice was broken, we chatted for the next few hours whilst getting stoned,, before I made my move. She was wearing some shorts, and I slipped my hand around her and grabbed her ass. She liked it, so I continued further and found her to be wearing a thong, I could feel her pussy lips and started to rub slowly, her breathing changed instantly as she parted her legs to let my fingers slide in and do their magic, I pulled her onto me so I could move more freely, so escort london she started grinding the absolute shit out of me whilst I had my fingers deep in her soaking pussy. After about 10 minutes she stood up and stripped off, I could not believe the view before my eyes, she had blonde hair down to her shoulders, perfect perky tits, a nice slim body and legs that went on for miles. She got down on to her knees and I dropped my trousers and boxers, she took my cock which was throbbing by this point with one hand and started to suck whilst her hands worked my balls, she moved down and started licking and sucking my balls before moving back to my cock, she took all 7 inch in one go, she started with a slow rythem, before I took hold of the back of her head and proceeded to fuck her face, She took this like a pro and I could tell she loved sucking cock, I stood her up and I sat down, before pulling her on top of me, she mounted me and I slid my cock in in one go, she let out a loud moan before she started grinding again, my hands worked all over her body and I sucked on each of her nipples, this only made her motion move faster, so I grabbed her ass tight and slid a finger up there, this obviously took her by surprise by the sounds the came out of her, but she wasn’t complaining. We stood up and I bent her over the couch, before slamming my cock back in her soaking pussy, man it was tight, I picked up a hard rythem, and she was using her hands to push her body back onto my cock, each london escorts time my balls slamming against her ass, I wondered if anyone walking past could see our shadows through the curtains, or if they could hear her, she told me to stop for a second, reached in a bag in the corner and pulled out a bottle of lube, she quicker sucked my cock before rubbing some line on, before handing me the bottle and bending back over, I put some on her ass hole, and pressed my cock against it, she pushed back again and I guided the end in slowly, before taking hold of her hips and beginning to thrust slowly, it went in deeper with each thrust, before finally I was all the way in, I kept a slow but hard movement going, which seemed to please her greatly, whilst I reached around and rubbed her clit at the same time, I could tell I wasn’t far off coming, and I wanted to feel her wet pussy on my cock again, so I pulled out, spun her round, grabbed her legs and put her onto her back on the sofa, fucking hell she let out in a giggle, before wrapping her legs around my waist to pull me in, my cock slid straight in, she wrapped her arms around me and crossed her legs around my ass, I started thrusting hard and fast, her nails dug into my bag, “CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR ME BABY” she screamed amongst her loud moans, I was close now, her wet pussy tightened around my cock, I grabbed her ass tight and picked up the pace, before unloading a huge load of cum deep inside her, she scratched all down my back whilst I could feel her pussy muscles throb around my dick, I pulled out, we were both breathless, “wow that was good” I said, she giggled and said we’ll have to do that again soon. What a Friday that was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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