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A Distant Touch

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Double Penetration

My computer beeped to indicate a new email had arrived, and the preview slipped up in the bottom right hand of the screen. “From: Kerry Re: Play time” As I clicked on the preview to open the full mail my hands were trembling.

“Hi Rob. As soon as I have sent this mail, I will do as you wish and go to the washroom. I will kneel on the floor and lift up my skirt. I will put my right hand in my panties and stroke my pussy lips and tease my clit. As you asked, I will also slide my left hand down the back of my panties, rub my asscrack, and then poke a finger into my asshole. I will also open my mouth as if you are mouth-fucking me with your cock. And I will imagine what it would be like to lift up Susie’s blouse and kiss and lick her full young breasts…”

Across the room from me, Kerry Lincoln, Senior Associate and incidentally my boss, got up from her desk. Her normally pale face was flushed and she looked distinctly unsteady on her feet. As she walked past me, I was able once again to surreptitiously admire her appearance, slim petite body, neat little breasts, raven shoulder length hair and, almost unexpectedly on someone built so delicately, her pert bum.

But something was wrong, and not just the fact that Kerry, normally the most diligent and professional of employees, was heading for some sneaky workplace masturbation on company time.

No, this was what was wrong. “Rob”, Kerry’s email lover, is a friend of mine in Australia, but he’d never even written a word to her. Rather, I had borrowed his identity to seduce my boss electronically. Kerry thought she was having cybersex with a handsome surfer type in Sydney. Actually she was fucking me, and my cock pressed hard against my boxers. Kerry wouldn’t be the only one diddling in the washrooms today.


Here’s how it happened, and you may find this technique useful if you want to seduce someone without them knowing it’s you. Rob had mentioned to me that he was thinking of doing some trekking in the Himalayas before coming on to Europe. Could I offer any advice? Well I knew nothing, but I also knew Kerry had been to Nepal just recently, so suggested she might be able to help. I even went over to her desk and asked. Kerry, despite a slightly stern manner when you first meet her, is a thoroughly kind and thoughtful person. Of course she’d be happy to talk it through with Rob, he could mail her anytime.

So far so straightforward. But then my imagination took over. Rob, as I’ve said, is a handsome chap, and charming with it. Knowing his success rate with women, it was only to easy to see him coming over to Europe and seducing Kerry. In fact, so charming was Rob that I figured he’d probably have Kerry all lined up and horny before he even got on the plane.

I should perhaps also explain here a little more about Kerry. Despite her good looks, she had always seemed a little frigid. She certainly had no confidence about her attractiveness to men, and in all the time I’d known her I’d never heard her mention a boyfriend or even a relationship. It was a common, slightly concerned if slightly cruel comment in the office that sometime soon Kerry was going to explode.

And Rob, it seemed, was going to be the lucky man to light the blue touchpaper. I felt terribly, terribly jealous.

Next day Rob emailed me, change of plan, Hawaii beckons, thanks for the help mate. What a waste, I thought.

But then, with a creeping, heart stopping sensation, I realised that I could be Rob. The worst that could happen was Kerry wouldn’t take the bait. But with Rob in Australia there was never any risk of the relationship having to leave cyberspace to enter the real world. Hell, there hadn’t ever even needed to be a Rob. If you’re trying this at home you can just invent someone that has a shared interest with the object of your affection.

So I had set up a Hotmail for Rob and emailed and Kerry was nice and I’d charmed a bit and flirted. Getting the imaginary time difference right had been tricky, but I’d avoided any mistakes and somehow, slowly but surely, I thought I could feel esenyurt escort a kind of closeness developing. Perhaps Kerry, who seemed so frightened of real life relationships, felt more comfortable with an electronic friend on the other side of the world.

Then, the seduction.


We had been mailing for a few weeks, talk of the Himalayas long behind us, when I began the endgame.

“Sorry about the delay in replying,” I mailed Kerry, “but I’m typing this by the pool and there was a problem with the internet connection.”

“You’re by the pool?” Kerry replied. “Lucky boy, I’m stuck in a hot sticky office.”

“Come over and join me, we can take a dip then crack open a couple of tinnies.” There was a risk my cod Australian was going a bit far.

“God that would be sooo nice, I’m boiling up over here.”

“Then get your towel down next to me and your cossie on, we’re going for a swim.”

“Mm yes, that feels nice.”

“Water not too cold for you?”

“No, it’s nice and refreshing after the office.”

At this point I looked across the room. Kerry was concentrating furiously on her computer screen. To anyone else it probably just looked as if she was working on a document, but to me there was a certain something about her: a ripe fruit, fresh, juicy, ready for plucking.

We “paddled around for a while”, then we were “out of the pool” “to catch some rays”.

“Steady on there,” I wrote, “don’t forget we’ve a hole in the ozone layer here. Let me keep you safe with a little sunblock.”

“Right. Thanks.” I could see Kerry was blushing. Perhaps she knew where this might be going.

“Jeez, Kerry, your shoulders are so stiff, you spend too much time at that computer.” When she got this Kerry sat back, rotating her shoulders, living the exchange vividly.

“Mm that feels nice.”

“Do you mind if this turns into a bit of a massage, Kerry? You’re so tense, office jobs are bad for the soul and the body you know.”

“Yes. I mean, no, I don’t mind.” Kerry’s appearance had changed again, subtly, a moment of acquiescence and then she seemed almost relaxed, focused in on the fantasy.

“I hear you’re something of a stunner, Kerry. I’m not pressing too hard, am I?”

“Ha! And no.”

“You look pretty good in the photo on your firm’s website.”

“You’ve seen that?” Kerry looked concerned, some of her composure gone.

“Yes. Like I said, stunning. Do you mind lifting up your hair so I can work on the nape of your neck? I mean, your hair is still the same length as in the photo?”


“Yes you mind, or yes it’s the same length?”

“It’s about the same length. I don’t mind.”

“Your neck is so beautiful and slender, Kerry. I can see that. I’ve moved in very close to appreciate it, you can probably feel my breath.”


“Are you wearing a perfume?”

“No, I’m afraid not. I’m not a glamorous type of girl you know, Rob.”

“You’re glamorising me right now. God your neck is beautiful.”


“Can I kiss it?”


“I’m brushing my lips across your neck, Kerry.”

“It feels good.”

“Your skin is so soft.”


“Kerry, is it okay if I go further?”

“I’m in the office.”

“I know. But no-one’ll know, right?”

“I guess not.”

“Just a little game.”

“Okay.” I prayed no-one went near her desk. I think I would have leapt in the way, offered to buy them a holiday somewhere hot, buy them drinks for a year, anything so long as they didn’t break the moment.

“I’m reaching around.”


“What are you wearing?”

“A pale blue bikini.”

“Nice.” Yes that would look very nice. “And in real life?”

“Right. Sorry. A charcoal suit, long skirt. A pale blue blouse.” This was all true, and I was relieved she hadn’t invented “a tight miniskirt and cropped tee.”

“Does the blouse have buttons down the front?” Yes.


“I’m undoing the buttons, Kerry, and opening the blouse up.” I wouldn’t avrupa yakası escort have minded staying by the pool, but the switch to “reality” was seamless. “Tell me about your bra.”

“Plain white. Some lacy trimmings, nothing exciting. Like I said I’m not glamorous.”

“Right now you’re the hottest thing on the planet Kerry. I’m pulling down the cups of your bra, Kerry, exposing your breasts.”

Not surprisingly it was increasingly difficult not to stare across at Kerry’s desk, but from the corner of my eye I saw her straighten up as she was revealed.

“Tell me about your nipples.”

“They’re stiff.” That did draw an inadvertent peek from me, and sure enough I could see them poking at the thin cotton of her blouse. In fact Kerry was becoming so enraptured with the game she looked as if she had almost forgotten she was in an office. Good.

“What do they look like?”

Kerry looked down, as if considering this question carefully. “Pinky brown. Maybe an inch across? Maybe an inch long when they’re stiff like now.” My boss was describing her breasts to me.

“They feel so good as I roll them between my fingers, Kerry. I’m tugging them a little roughly maybe.”


“Where do you want my hands to go now Kerry?” I love to lead my lovers on, forcing them to make requests or expose their desires, exciting themselves with their shame.


“Further where?”

“Further down.”

“Down where?”

“Between my legs.”

“You’ll have to lift your skirt up around your waist for me Kerry.” I saw Kerry shuffle at her desk and for one insane wonderful moment I thought she was actually going to do it, there and then. But, of course, no.

“My skirt is round my waist.”

“Mm. Tell me about your underwear.”

There was a pause. It seemed maybe Kerry was crossing another barrier.

“Black cotton panties. I think. I didn’t really pay it much mind when I was getting dressed this morning. Never thought I’d be telling anyone about them! Just plain old black panties I think. Sorry.”

“I’m stroking around the elastic waistband Kerry.”

“That feels good.”

“Your tummy is so soft to touch.”


“I’m going to slip my hand inside your panties Kerry. Tell me what you look like.”

“My hair there is dark.”

“Do you shave at all?”

“Just to trim. I’ve a boring triangle I’m afraid. I don’t go in for any of the fancy stuff.” Right now the thought of my boss’s black triangle of pubic hair was the most exotic thing possible.

“I’m brushing my fingers through your pubic hair Kerry.”


“Stroking around the soft white skin of your inner thigh.”


“Caressing all around between your legs.”


“But now I’m pulling my hand out, Kerry.”


“I’m walking around in front of you.”


“What are you going to do?”

There was a long pause. I had the feeling Kerry was worried her inexperience would show her up. And once again it wasn’t easy for her to take the lead.

“I’m pulling your swimming shorts down.” Once again we were back by the pool.

“I’ve taken them off Kerry. I mean, I really have taken them off.” Actually I was sitting in her office wearing a suit and tie, but I wanted the fantasy to be as acute as possible for her. “What can you see?”

A pause. “You’re not wearing jockeys or anything?”

“For the pool? No.”

A very long pause. “Your cock.”

“My cock is so hard and stiff Kerry.” That was absolutely true.

Another long pause. “I’m stroking it with my fingers.”

“Stroking what?”

“Your cock.”

“Could you say it like that?”

“Sorry. I’m stroking your cock with my fingers.”

“Mm, feels good.”

“Now I’m wanking you, quite slowly.” It was an exquisite shock for Kerry to say that, out of the blue.

“You’re a dirty girl Kerry, using words like that.”

“I must be. And to wank your cock like this.”

“Yes, anadolu yakası escort wank my cock you dirty girl.”

“Your cock feels so hard as I wank it.”

“I’m resting both my hands lightly round the back of your head Kerry.”


“What do you think I want you to do?”

A pause. In meetings Kerry was the kind of person who would always carefully consider her response to any suggestion or proposition, and it excited me to see this facet of her personality shown sexually too. “Suck your cock.”


“I’m moving my face towards your groin.”


“My lips are brushing around the head of your cock.” A more experienced lover might have teased with her tongue, but it was Kerry’s inexperience that added a whole level of excitement.

“God yes.”

“I’m sucking your cock.”

“Suck my cock Kerry.”

There was a pause from both of us, savouring the moment.

“Now sit back in your chair Kerry.”


“Open your legs wide for me.” Given that skirt any actual movement was nearly impossible, but I was sure Kerry had tried to comply with my direction.

“My legs are open.”

“I’m kneeling between your legs Kerry.”

“Go on.”

“What would you like me to do?”

“You know.”

“I do, but I want you to tell me.”

“I want you to lick me there.”


Pause. “My puss.”

“Your pussy?”

“Yes. My pussy.”

“You want me to lick your pussy Kerry?”

“Yes I want you to lick my pussy.”

“Okay, first you gotta take off your panties.”

“My panties are off. I am sitting in my chair at my office with my skirt around my waist and I’m bare below.”

“For real?” I knew it wasn’t, but again I wanted to push and test.

“No, sorry.”

“Can you take off your panties for me for real Kerry?” I was panting with anticipation.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m in a big open office here.”

“You could go to the washroom and take them off there.”

“The state I’m in I couldn’t go anywhere. Sorry.”

“You’re wet?”

“My cunt is soaking.” It was a miracle I didn’t slip off my chair. “There, is that what you want me to say?”

“Fuck yes. I love to hear you talk about your soaking wet cunt.”

“Then lick my soaking cunt you nasty man you.”

“Mm, I’m licking your cunt Kerry. Tastes so good. So salty and sexy and sweet, your fucking sexy cunt.”

“Oh God. Are you still by the pool?”


“Are you touching yourself?”

“Yes.” If only that could have been true, but here I was pinned, pretty much literally, to my office desk and the state I was in I wouldn’t be able to move for hours, maybe days.

“You’re wanking that hard cock of yours?”

“I’m wanking my hard cock.”

“In a minute I’m going to try and make my way to the washroom, frig myself off and when I’ve recovered try to get on with my day. But before I go I want to read that you’ve wanked yourself off for me, your thick creamy cum all over your hands and chest.”

“Okay.” The roles had switched, but right now anything was fine with me.

“Do you want me to write for you while you cum?”


“What about?”

“I’d like to cum on your face Kerry.”

“Okay, I’m kneeling in front of you, it’s me wanking that sexy hard cock of yours, my face is tilted up and my mouth is open and all I want is to feel your hot sticky spunk shoot over my face.”

I sat there, tortured, but deservedly so, while I tried to wait the appropriate time to recover from an imaginary orgasm.

“God Kerry that was incredible.”

“Did you cum?”

“All over my hands and stomach.”

“Mm, gotta go now.”

“Before you go, one request. How many hours till you get home?”

“About six.”

“You got internet there?”


“I’ll be there for you. Online.”

“Won’t it be the middle of the night?”

“I don’t care. It’ll be more fun if we’re both private.”

“Okay. Bye.”

She sat there for what seemed ages, so long I wondered if she was actually going to finish herself off. But then, ever so slowly, she got up and walked across the room. Over the following weeks I would come to think of it as the walk of shame, but for now there was only one thought on my mind.

In six hours time Kerry would be at home alone, and a hundred million new possibilities were open to us.

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