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A Fantasy Comes True

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Steven snuck into his own house quietly, grabbed a Pepsi from the refrigerator and walked down the hallway. He could hear his roommate Michael and his girlfriend Stephanie in the bedroom next to him and he knew exactly what was going on. Stephanie was always loud when she didn’t think he was home. He snuck by quietly and closed the door to his own room. He slipped out of his clothes and lay down on top of the covers. He reached for the remote and turned on the television. There they were. It was a live feed from the room next door. He’d planted the camera months ago and had enjoyed watching their erotic times together ever since.

Tonight was a special treat. Stephanie was riding Michael, her beautiful breasts bouncing as she rode his rock hard cock. There was no sound coming from the television but he could hear her through the wall.

“Oh Michael, oh God, it feels so good,” she screamed out.

He watched intently as Michael reached up and sucked on her breasts. He wanted so much to be in there. If he just had the nerve to open the door, he knew she’d invite him to join. She always flirted with him when Michael wasn’t around. There was major sexual tension, he thought, but he couldn’t be sure. With a woman like Stephanie, he might have imagined it. She oozed sex. Tall and thin, with perky C cup breasts, and long blonde hair. She didn’t know how to avoid being gorgeous. Even first thing in the morning when she’d step out of Michaels’ room wearing cut off sweat shorts and an oversized t-shirt, with her hair in a bun, she looked as if she could have been a runway model. He wasn’t in her league and he knew that. Then again, neither was Michael and yet there she was, bouncing up and down on his cock, right in front of him. If Michael could get her, why couldn’t he?

He watched intently as Michael turned her around and knelt behind her. He heard her scream out as he slammed his cock inside of her from behind.

“Fuck me,” she screamed.

He slapped her ass as he slammed into her hard and fast.

Steven took his now hard cock into his hand and tried to imagine what it would feel like in Stephanie’s pussy. He squeezed hard, he knew Stephanie’s pussy would be good and tight.

The look on Michael’s face as he fucked her confirmed that. He loved when Michael fucked her from behind because they always faced the camera. He could see the look of pleasure on her face and watch as she reached down to play with her clit. Sometimes she would lick her lips and he’d imagine she knew he was there watching. He wanted so much to believe she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“Beep, beep, beep, beep…”

“God, bakırköy escort no!” Stephanie yelled. “Not again.”

Michael was a medical student doing his internship at the hospital and he was on call.

“I’m sorry baby. I have to go. You know I don’t want to,” he apologized.

“But you are going to go, aren’t you?”

“I have to baby. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Fine, but I’m not waiting for you, I’ll finish myself.”

Steven loved when Michael got called away. He’d watch as Stephanie rubbed her clit in fast circles and dipped two, sometimes three, fingers deep inside her pussy. He swore sometimes she was putting on a show for the camera but he’d double and triple checked and there was no way she could have seen it.

He turned off the television and lights in his room to hide until he heard the door close and lock as Steven left for the hospital. He turned the television back on but left the lights off. There his goddess was, sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the camera. He watched as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs far apart. His cock sprang back to full attention, he wanted nothing more than to ram it inside of her tight pussy.

She started slowly, just rubbing slow circles around her clit. He could barely hear her soft moans through the wall but he yearned to hear more. She dipped one finger inside and then brought it to her lips. He stroked his cock faster as she licked her sweet juices from it. He was dying to know what she tasted like. He knew, given the chance, he could camp there, his tongue bringing her to pleasures she had never known before.

She looked up, as if aiming for the camera, smiled and licked her lips. She kept rubbing her clit and began to play with her nipples, just like he would have done for her if he only had the nerve to open the door.

He was staring at the beauty in her eyes and her lips began to move. “

“I want you,” she mouthed.

He could have sworn that is what she said, and directly to the camera. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs. She didn’t know there was a camera there and she didn’t even think he was home. His mind was playing tricks on him. He turned his attention back to the screen.

She was rubbing her clit in faster circles now and fucking herself with two fingers. He could hear her moans deepen now.

Suddenly she stopped and reached for her bag. She pulled out a dildo, long, thick, and bright pink. She started to fuck herself with the dildo, putting every inch deep inside her pussy. He watched as her pussy swallowed it. He wanted to fuck her so bad now, his cock throbbing beşiktaş escort in his hand.

“I need cock,” she screamed out.

He wanted to call back to her, but he couldn’t. He just watched her in the television as she seemed to be staring right into him.

She pointed at the camera and she curled her finger back toward her.

He shook his head again. His imagination was getting the better of him. She couldn’t know he was there, and even if she did, she couldn’t really want him.

“Come here Steven,” she yelled. “I know you’re home and I’ll tell Michael about the camera if you don’t get in here!”

He jumped up and stood in shock.

“I mean it,” she screamed.

Steven gathered his composure and pulled on his boxers. He opened the door to his roommate and best friends room.

“How, how long have you known?” he asked.

“I put a camera in the closet to keep watch on Michael when I thought he might be cheating. Imagine my surprise when I saw the tape and found you putting in a camera of your own.”

“I’m sorry. I know it was wrong, but you are just so gorgeous and I hear you, I just wanted to see it first hand. I’ll take it down.”

“Take it down? No. I like being watched,” she explained.

His jaw dropped. Never in a million years had he imagined the situation playing out like this. Here he was, rock hard, standing in front of Stephanie, his goddess, his dream girl, and if he was reading the situation right, about to be his lover.

“You know what else I like, Steven?”

“What?’ he asked.

“I like to get fucked. I like that fuck to be completed. I can’t stand being left in the middle. Do you understand that?”

“Uh, yeah. I understand. I’m sure Michael hates leaving you,” he said.

“Well, now we are going to come to a mutual agreement. See, you want to watch me have sex on your little camera, and I don’t mind that so I’m going to let you.”

“Thank you,” he muttered.

“But, you are going to do something for me as well. When Michael gets called away, you are going to finish the job.”

“You mean, with you?” he asked.

“Yes, with me. You are going to have sex with me. Right now, and any other time I tell you to,” she ordered.

“Yes, of course. Anything you want.”

She laughed and laid back on the bed, leaving him to stand in front of her staring at her naked body.

He dropped to his knees, anxious to fulfill each and every fantasy he’d had about her. Tasting her would be the first.

His tongue first licked the entire length from her ass to her clit with a long slow stroke. A smile spread beylikdüzü escort across his face as she let out a soft moan, a moan just for him.

He flicked her clit from side to side with his tongue as he dipped a finger into her tight wet pussy. He sucked her clit up into his mouth as he added a second finger and wiggled it inside of her, finding her special spot. She started to writhe in pleasure and her body started to quiver.

“Cum for me baby,” he says.

“Oh God, yes, I’m gonna cum for you,” she cries out.

Her body went limp and her juices flowed freely down his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and reached up to her. She sucked the juices from his fingers as he lapped them up from her pussy. He licked all around and his tongue explored inside her pussy for the first time, not wanting to miss a single drop of her sweet juices.

She reached down and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him up her body.

“I need to feel you inside of me,” she begged.

He didn’t hesitate to give her what she wanted. He lifted her ass off of the bed and puts her legs over his shoulders. He rammed his hard cock into her tight, hot, wet pussy. He started to slam into her faster and harder with each thrust. The sound of his balls slapping her ass filling the room.

“Oh God, fuck me!” she screamed.

He couldn’t help but think that she was louder, more intense with him than she was with Michael.

“You like the way I fuck you? You like my cock?”

“Oh God, I love it. I love the way I feel when you fuck me. Fuck me harder,” she begged.

“Am I a better fuck than Michael?”

“Hell, yes!” she screamed. “Fuck me!”

He started slamming into her harder and harder and he reached down and started to rub her clit in circles as he fucked her.

“Oh my God!” she screamed.

He started pumping faster, sensing she was close and wanting to cum with her.

“Can I cum in your pussy?” he asked, knowing full well that Michael always pulled out.

“Yeah, cum in my pussy! Fuck me, do it now!”

With those words, he was ready to explode. He started to rub her clit faster and faster and fuck her deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her body started to quiver and her pussy tightened around his throbbing cock.

“Oh yeah,” he called out as he shot his hot sticky cum inside of her just as she reached climax.

“Oh yesss,” she cried out.

They both collapsed on the bed and Steven rolled over to kiss her. Stephanie turned away from him.

“Go, get outta here. Michael could come back at any time.”

“What’s wrong?” Steven asked.

“Nothing. We both got what we wanted, now get out,” she said plainly as she pushed him out the door.

“But, Stephanie,” he called.

“Another word and it never happens again,” she replied.

He clenched his mouth tight, dressed, and left the apartment already anticipating their next go round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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