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A First Time like No Other – Sonya Pt. 05

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If the line between where reality ends and fantasy begins seems to have gotten confusing, that’s because it has. When Sonya started singing Lips Like Sugar to me, the rules completely changed. I always thought she had ways to get inside my head. Now I realize she may have been there for a long time. She weaves in and out of my dreams, my awake moments, my stories.

She can change into anyone she wants. She is the witch I met in the 1980s that could make me cum by licking my arm. The older woman who took my virginity in the BMW. Now she is the woman on my webcam that has taken my heart.

Wait! I’ve never owned a BMW. I lost my virginity in my 1970 Chevy Nova. Was she there too? Two female police officers caught us parked and pulled me out of the car naked, forcing me to stand in the cold. They had to make sure the young woman I was with had given consent to be in my back seat. She did. I’m no rapist.

I didn’t even know Boulder had two female officers back then. Why did they keep looking at me that way? I couldn’t seem to cover myself. My hands were frozen. My arms were frozen. My cock should have been frozen and shriveled, but it was standing at attention. The cold overtook me and I couldn’t move at all.


Stu awoke and nearly screamed.

The dreams were getting more intense. The night of the event had arrived.

“So, what are we going to?” He asked Kelli. She looked more beautiful tonight than he had ever seen her. She had on a short, tight dress that looked different from every angle. In some places it was sheer, in others a pastel blue, in others a deep black. The shortness caught him off guard when he picked her up. She had fantastic legs. Dancer’s legs. Why she always wore such long, flowing skirts he didn’t understand.

“Because I like the way my fabric feels against my body,” she said.

“Is it that easy to read my mind?” He asked.

“Being horny opens you up like a book. It is also Midinvaerne. Thank you for the compliment on my legs, by the way.”

“Midenvaerne? What is that?”

“A very old term. A few from the old Slavic countries may have heard of it, mostly authors (but Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher was still two decades away). We have the opportunity to observe it tonight.” She gave him a light tickle on his neck. Her skirt was hiking up and he was starting to get aroused. It wasn’t too far up the canyon to Gold Hill, but he wasn’t in a hurry. The Trans Am could have made the run in half the time they were taking, but tonight’s mood was mystical and called for a slow pace. The huge engine purred as “Under the Milky Way” by The Church filled the air from his stereo. He hadn’t touched the tape since she had dared to change his music. It was playing songs he had never put on it. It was playing songs that hadn’t even been released in 1987.

“Isn’t tonight the Summer Solstice?” He asked.


“Is it the same thing?”

She looked at him. Her deep blue eyes were usually something he gazed into and got lost. Now she seemed to be gazing into him.

“I must ask you something,” she said. “It might sound disturbing. It is very important, however.”

He instinctively covered his balls. She noticed, but didn’t laugh.

“I am sorry about the nightmares,” she said. Was that fear in her eyes? She was trembling. “It has taken nearly all of my power, but I think we will make it.”

“You look terrified.” He touched her hand and held it softly. Two months ago he would have laughed at such a strange conversation. Not tonight. She blinked and the fear seemed to pass.

“I used to live up here,” she said as she looked past him and out into the night. He stole another look at her legs. “That is why they are so fit. The mountains will do that for you. We have to earn the right to be here. I would love to show you the process now, but I cannot. Perhaps someday.”

“Turn here and park on the far end of the drive.”

His imagination had never been so active as it was when he thought about what to expect this evening. He anticipated a small mansion was awaiting, even though he knew Gold Hill didn’t have any. He still wasn’t disappointed.

They were in the parking lot for the old inn. He wasn’t aware it had been restored. There were a large number of cars there and people inside and out. His loud engine always made people turn their heads. Tonight he wished maybe they could have been a little more stealthy. Something didn’t seem right about them.

“Wow, that’s a lot of people,” He said. “Are they all part of this event?”

“In the beginning. Then we trim down to a small group. 14, counting you.”

She grabbed his arm and placed something mersin escort in his hand. He tried to look down but she had hold of his face and was kissing him deeply. She had a small tear running down her cheek.

He was starting to get scared. What was wrong with her? They had only known each other a short time, but he had never seen her act this way.

She took some slow, deep breaths and let go of his face. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but I think – not think – I know. I’m in love with you.”

He knew he felt the same way. He had known it since the first time he had seen her. He pulled her close. “I have felt the same way for a long time, but you know that. Who are you, and how have I been so lucky to have you choose me? My life? My love?

“I am so sorry.”


“Please trust me. I must ask you to do something. I would never ask it of someone unless I loved them deeply. I have never felt this way about a human, a person, before.”

He looked at her for a long time. Was this really happening? Did she actually say “human” and then correct herself? Was she really weaving in and out of his life like this? Was she part of all times at once? He had been with her when he was young. He would be with her in all his days ahead, even though he might not know it. Yet he knew it now. And he knew he loved her so deeply he would do anything she asked of him.


“Drink this. Do it right away. It won’t affect you until exactly the right time.”

“What is it?”



The Gold Hill Inn looked like it was brand new. Everything sparkled and shined. The lamps and chandeliers were filling the rooms with a deep, lazy glow. The plush furniture and hardwood floors were new, but looked cozy and worn. There was a woman’s face painted on the floor. That shouldn’t be here either. That was in a completely separate town, Central City.


A short, thin woman was headed towards them. Kelli had returned to her normal self. She had nearly scared him to death in the car, but he trusted her with his life. He drank the poison in one swig. The Smiths’ Morrissey was singing, “I am human and I need to be loved,” just as he drank it. The reverberation was still going in his head.


The two embraced, but air kissed each other’s cheek. Her mother looked at him and said, “My! What a handsome young man you have brought me. My name is Regina Black, pleased to meet you.”

“I am Stu Redding.” He kissed her extended hand like she was the Queen of England. “It is my honor to meet you.” He felt Kelli squeeze his hand. She had trained him well. He knew his etiquette and protocol! Both Kelli and her mother laughed at the same time. Great. The mind reading ability ran in the family.

His mother led them off to a small table in the corner. “I would like to do a reading on you,” she said. Stu was disappointed. The event was a reading? He had lost any doubt about mind reading, but palm reading? Telling him his future? He still wasn’t sure about the rest of the mystical claims going around. Readings, crystals, past lives and Shirley McClaine were all the rage in the 1980s. Boulder was obsessed with all of it. Somewhere in Minnesota a pastor was convinced that it was making Boulder become the new gateway to Hell. He wanted to drive his congregation down and have a good old fashioned book burning. Shirley McClaine would have made a mint. The police and a large throng of the natives shut it all down before it ever happened.

“Of course.” He held out his hand. Regina just looked at it.

“I need an object, preferably metallic and lying against your skin. For most men that is their watch.” Stu undid the clasp on his dirt cheap Casio. He wondered what the object might be for most women. Kelli and Regina both smiled. He handed the watch to Kelli’s mother.

She did the most amazing withdrawal and tremble he had seen yet. He had seen a few. It was standard fare for someone faking a psychic reading. He wasn’t buying it for a minute, but played along. She kept rubbing the watch, flipping it over and over. He wasn’t sure it was going to stand up to the examination. It barely kept time.

“A doctor, a surgeon.”

This might be good. Usually he was some farmer in ancient Egypt with a name like Topalz.

“Germany. The war has just begun.” She shuddered again, opened her eyes and handed him back his watch. Kelli was looking at him with a sense of horror.

“Which war? Please don’t tell me I was some Nazi that did horrible things.” He looked at Kelli again and started to get get angry that her mother would spin such a tale.

“No, you were there to save them.” With that she turned anamur escort and simply walked away. Kelli grabbed his arm and led him over to a small table with a buffet. Her face suddenly relaxed.

“You did so well! She had no idea.” Kelli said. “Forget the German doctor bit, she tries that on everyone. She thinks it makes you become vulnerable. You convinced her it actually worked!”

She was whispering to him, but her lips weren’t moving. He was losing strength, his body started to fall towards the table. The lights were fading. The poison kicked in and paralysis crept through his veins. A few of the guests looked his way. He didn’t realize it had been a masquerade party..


“Let us begin.”

Stu awoke immediately. He still must have been on his back as the chandeliers burned brightly overhead. He tried to turn his head, but found he couldn’t. His head seemed to be strapped into some sort of restraint. His hands and feet were restrained as well. A creepy, scratchy music seemed to be playing in his head. Voices started chanting. Female voices. He didn’t know Latin at all, but he knew what they spoke wasn’t Latin. All the good chants were supposed to use Latin.

He must have been strapped to a pedestal. It started lowering on the side of his head and lifting on that of his feet. He was hanging on the device basically standing on his head. He couldn’t feel much of his body except his cock, which was standing at attention. He should have laughed thinking about how awkward he must have looked, but something told him not to.

Hooded figures had come into view. They weren’t in the stereotypical black, white, or even red like one sees in the movies. They wore the strange colors Kelli had been wearing when they drove here. The hooded figures all had the same short dress on, and the same fantastic looking legs. It was only the different colored tufts of hair poking out from under their hoods that told him they weren’t all the same person.

They were less in number than what had been in the room before, and stood in no particular pattern. They were chanting and kept passing by each other, pausing for a minute. He couldn’t get a look at their faces. They were obscured by the hoods and shadow.

The chanting level increased and he felt his cock grow larger. It was completely engorged. It felt like it was larger than he was completely capable of getting it to. The women kept moving.

After what seemed like hours had gone by, they lifted their hands to their hoods and pulled them completely back, dropping their cloaks to the floor.

A drop of precum hit him on his lower lip.

The restraint on his head was starting to become real inconvenient. He was surrounded by some of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. They were roughly the same height and weight, but completely different in their face. Some were luxurious blondes with deep blue eyes, while others had a more sassy look with chestnut hair and a dark brown gaze. He couldn’t find Kelli. No one could match her long hair.

Why couldn’t he move? He couldn’t actually see restraints out of the corner of his eye. Was he held in place by some magic?

The poison. He had drank it with complete trust in his heart.

Had she betrayed him? Was he taken in by her breasts and her talisman, only to become fodder for some summoned demon? He didn’t want to believe it. She said it would take effect at “exactly the right time.” There had to be something he missed. Was he simply to lay still and enjoy the show? Something told him no. To do that would be a fatal mistake.

The Talisman! She said she never took it off. Of course! All he had to do was find the one wearing it.

The were all wearing talismans.

His legs started lowering and he slowly became parallel to the floor again. Actually, he was on the floor. The women started walking around him, stepping over him. They were chanting, but barely moved their mouths. He enjoyed the closer proximity. Every time one stepped over him he was treated to a great view. None were completely shaved, but they had trimmed enough between their legs to let him see their pussy lips. Most of them were wet. Some were really wet.

He wanted to see Kelli. She had done things to him that were simply amazing. He had yet to return the pleasure, however. She had insisted the time would come, but never elaborated. Oh how he wished he could suddenly identify her talisman and it was her standing over him, pussy wet with anticipation.

She approached from his feet. He cringed when he saw it was Regina. She was not as bad without her clothes as he feared, however. She had large breasts erdemli escort like her daughter. They only sagged a bit around the edges. She had nearly white hair below. He didn’t think it possible, but his erection seemed to grow even larger. He kept getting a better view of her pussy as she started stepping to either side of him with each leg. He could feel precum at the tip of his cock again. He couldn’t believe he was getting so turned on by Kelli’s mother.

Regina slowly lowered her body,

She was going to take him inside her! Now this was getting weird. Yet she was becoming more attractive. Very attractive. She looked like Katya Clover. He had no idea who that was, Just that she was beautiful. Far too beautiful to be making love to him in front of an audience (Katya “Clover” is the name of a more current Russian woman. She is still too beautiful to be a pornstar).

Regina’s pussy lips touched the tip of his cock. He was harder than he had ever been. He needed no guiding hand to start sliding into her. Her pussy was wet, warm and inviting. It was surprisingly tight.

She started milking the cum up from his testicles. It traveled far too slowly. The chant increased in pace and she started moving in circles over his body, writhing and twisting. Moans were starting to break through her ritual. He couldn’t see what the other women were doing, but he heard some moans there as well.

Kelli came into view hovering over his head. Her breasts were hanging over into his view. She seemed to be doing a separate chant of her own. Her skin looked slightly paler than it had earlier. She seemed angry. She lowered her head and whispered into his ear, “watch out, she is going to strike.”

He looked down and Regina had a large dagger raised above her head. It was covered in runes and looked very sharp. Oh crap he was in the shit now! He had heard about these rituals being held up in the mountains above Boulder. How could he have been so stupid!

He saw a glint on her shoulder. It was the tiniest sparkle, but he recognized it immediately. It was the chain of her talisman Kelli had shown him weeks ago under the Cranberries T-Shirt.

He could move. He grabbed the dagger poised above his heart and plunged it into the woman wielding it. She shrieked and the room turned to flame. The other women were transforming and screaming. They were on fire.

Regina was above his head and had her arms extended to full length. The dagger had seemed to pin her to some invisible wall. She was trying to say something, but only blood poured out of her mouth.

“I will miss you too, Mother.”

Kelli was now Kelli and still writhing around on his cock. Her mother was actually the one above her head and the one with the dagger. From the sudden burst of flame, it was likely she was now nothing but ash.

“Oh you are so wonderful!” Kelli said. I am going to cum!

He couldn’t resist, or believe what had just happened. He started to cum and arched up to put as much of his cock into the woman he hoped would never leave his life. She was pulling on his cock with her pussy. They both seemed to blast cum. Warm fluid poured over his thighs. It wasn’t his.

“Oh don’t stop! Fuck me! OHHHHHH.” She came again and again. He did the same. The feeling was more amazing than any orgasm he ever had. It was as if they were sharing in each other’s essence with each wave.



She just smiled wryly.

“What the hell was that?”

“That was a lot of cum.”

“Don’t get coy. Who are you? What are you?”

“I told you, I’m a witch.”

“You never said that. Well, you did in the fantasy. I’m completely confused. Which is which?

“It is beyond comprehension”


Sonya laughed. “Relax! Everything is fine. I just always wanted to say that.”

“It isn’t fair that you are on the other side of the earth right now looking at me through a webcam.” I loved her so deeply at that moment I had to feel her, to hold her. To look her in the eyes and tell her how I felt. “Thank you for that fantasy, it was a hell of a ride,” I thought to myself.

“You’re welcome. It was a good one, wasn’t it?”

“Reading my mind? I thought it was just a fantasy?” He knew it wasn’t.

“Wait, are you the girl from the Smith’s How Soon is Now video? You seem to get around and it is listed as unknown on Wikipedia.”

“I’ll never tell. I thought it was Jamie Pressly.”

“She was 10 years old at the time.”

“Is that so?” Sonya put down a pillow and lay with her body facing me as she typed. I loved seeing her like that. I could just sit and watch her body forever.



This fantasy included references to the following songs:

Lips Like Sugar. Echo and the Bunnymen

The Killing Moon. Echo and the Bunnymen

Under the Milky Way. The Church

How Soon is Now? The Smiths

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