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A Match Made in Hell_(1)

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Bride: Disha (26)

Bride’s mother: Malaika (45)

Bride’s younger sister: Alia (25)

Bride’s younger sister: Jhanvi (21)

Groom’s mother: Mandira (46)

Groom’s younger sister: Shraddha (24)

Groom’s aunt (widow): Tisca (45)

Groom’s ex: Nora Fatehi (26)

Male characters: groom (27), groom’s dad (47), bride’s dad (46), bride’s brother (23)


“Fuck, you’re amazing at that…”, he grunted. It was true. She was doing an amazing job. Her blowjobs were always amazing, but tonight she had taken it to an all-new level. Maybe it was because her young boy was finally getting married.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why’d you stop, Ma?”, he looked at her in frustration. She looked up at him and wiped her lips clean. She looked to sexy in her pixie length black hair – it went really well with her generously applied kajal.

“You’re not cumming until I get my jollies too, okay?”, she said, standing up and turning around, “now unclasp my blouse. Fast.”

He did as she instructed, taking only a moment to admire her smooth, muscular bronze back and her narrow, sensuous neck. As soon as he was done, she started undoing her green sari, and he just stood there admiring her lithe, firm body. Her tits were beginning to sag a bit but they still looked amazing for a woman in her mid-40s. Her abs were flat and toned. Her legs were long and well-muscled after all those hours of running. Her pussy shaved and wet for him – for only him.

“You’re acting like you’ve never seen this before”, she said with a smile, breaking him from his reverie.

“Yeah, I don’t know. Somehow, you just look way hotter. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we’re in this awesome bridal suite”, he said, pushing her down on the bed and kneeling between her legs.

“Maybe – ah!”, she moaned as Rohit started eating her out. He had located her G-spot a long time ago, when he was still in college. He knew exactly what his mom wanted. He kept eating her out and his hands massaged her firm ass and thigh muscles. She began twisting and bucking in pleasure, biting her lower lip and grasping at the bedsheets. She let out a loud moan and her son stopped. Now it was her turn to look frustrated and ask, “What the fuck? I was so close!”

Smiling at his expertise, he replied, “Well, you’d better keep it down if you want both of us to finish. Here, maybe this will help.”

He tossed her the moist red thong she was wearing. After grinning at him, she stuffed her panties into her mouth and lay down – allowing her son to continue eating her out. After about five minutes, her muffled moans and arched, sweaty back confirmed that she had had a mind-numbing orgasm. Once she was done, she spat out her thong and looked at her son with respect.

“I think this might’ve been your best one yet.”

“Well then, I guess I deserve a special prize.”

“Oh, definitely. Stand the fuck up and don’t forget to lube my ass.”

She got on her fours and wiggled her firm, brown butt at him. He was thrilled – they didn’t do anal often because it hurt her, even though he loved it. He spread her ass cheeks apart and spat on her tight hole a number of times. Using his finger, he massaged her hole and then started fingering it. She put the underwear back in her mouth as a precaution. Once he felt she was adequately lubed, he placed his cock at her anal entrance and started pushing. It was tight.

“Come on, you’ve got to push back if you want me inside you…”, he said as he pulled her arms back to shove his dick inside her. Eventually, her sphincter gave way and the tip of his penis was inside her asshole. After spitting again, he started slowly thrusting in and out of her, making her moan into her panties. She pushed her face into the pillows as he increased his pace. In a few minutes, he was steadily pumping her asshole with his big cock. He was really getting into it – he even spanked her tight ass a couple of times.


Rohit instinctively pulled his cock out and turned around. Mandira, his mom, also sat up and looked around with her panties still in her mouth.

There at the doorway, they saw the source of the shriek: it was the bride’s younger sister, Jhanvi. She bolted out of the room after a moment.

“Fuck!”, Mandira said, rapidly getting up to dress herself, “fuck!”

“Okay, relax”

“What the fuck do you mean, relax! She saw us. It’s fucking over. Put some clothes on and do something about it!”

Rohit got dressed as fast as he could and calmly left the room. Mandira didn’t understand why her son was so calm about this whole situation.

Rohit had a few ideas about where Jhanvi might have gone. He knew this much – that Jhanvi was too young to deal with such a shock on her own. If it was the other sister, Alia, she might have gone and told someone. But Jhanvi, at 21, wouldn’t be sure of what to do. She’d be scared that no one would believe her. They might even end up accusing her of being a bitch. So, what do young girls do when they’re confronted with a problem they can’t face?

Rohit stormed into the Ladies’ Room with confidence – knowing that he could feign confusion if he was caught. Once inside, he took out the “Maintenance” sign from the cupboard, put it outside, and closed the door. He then knocked on the one cubicle that was locked from inside.

“It’s occupied!”, came Jhanvi’s voice. He breathed a sigh of relief. Then he walked into the neighbouring cubicle, stood on the toilet seat and looked down at her.

“Hi, Jhanvi”

“What – what the fuck!”, she exclaimed. Her doe-like eyes were frowning and worried.

“Mind letting me in?”, he asked her calmly.

“This is the Ladies’ Room! You shouldn’t be here.” He couldn’t help noticing her heaving breasts, encased in her pink blouse.

“I think we have bigger things to talk about. Now let me in, or I’ll jump over this wall and might crash into you. Do you really want that?”

She helplessly unlocked her cubicle and he marched inside, locking it behind him. He turned around and paused for a second – they were standing really close to each other. He could see her nervous lips, her taut abs, her sweaty brow. Her perfume was intoxicating. Her skirt was tied really low – just a notch above her bald pussy, he imagined.

“You want to explain what was going on over there?”

“I think you know what was going on.”

“Yeah, you were fucking your mom! What the fuck is the matter with you? Are you -”

“No, I’m not insane. And neither is my mom. But you are. Or at least, everyone will think you are insane if you even dream of telling anyone. It’ll be your word against the words of two adults and against common sense itself. So I’m guessing you’re not too stupid to see why you can’t tell anyone?”

She looked at him for a minute, breathing heavily, breasts still heaving, before looking down and nodding gently. Rohit sighed.

“Good girl”, he said, placing a hand on her shoulder, “and don’t worry too much about it. It’s not a big deal. My mom and I are just very close, okay? And I still love your sister. That’s why I’m marrying her. You know that, right?”

She smiled lightly and nodded again. He pulled her in for a hug and she weakly hugged back. Her hair smelled so flowery, he thought. And her ripe, young body felt so firm against his. However, she had all the right curves. Her breasts, at least a C-cup were pressing against his chest. He lowered his hands down her smooth back (she was wearing a backless blouse) until it stopped at the small of her back.

“Alright, Rohit, let’s go”, she said, trying to break the hug. Rohit held her tighter.

“What’s the hurry?” he replied. He moved his hands down to her curvy, delectable ass and squeezed tight, asking her, “You do pilates, don’t you?”

“Let go of me!”, she said a bit loudly and he pushed her against the wall before clasping a hand over her mouth.

“Are you thick or something? If someone hears you, they’ll catch us. If they catch us, your sister won’t marry me. And whom will she blame forever? You. You don’t want that, do you? You don’t want to ruin your sister’s life. So just shut up, if you can’t enjoy this.”

She looked into his eyes with alarm but didn’t shout anything. He embraced her again and nuzzled his face into her slender neck, smelling her soft hair and pushing his erection against her abdomen. Once he was done tasting her, he pushed her down on the toilet seat, her face in front of his crotch. He pulled out his cock in a jiffy and slapped it against her soft cheek.

“You’re 21. I’m sure you know what to do with my cock. Now get on with it.”

She kept staring at him. He grabbed his dick and pushed it between her limp lips, pushing it inside while telling her, “You know what I realised while I was looking for you? I realised that if it’s true that no one would believe you if you told them the truth about what you saw, then there’s no reason for them to believe the truth about this either. In fact, if I take it a step further and tell them that you tried to seduce me, and my mom says that too, you’re a goner. It won’t matter what you say – your family, your sister especially, will all believe that you tried to steal her husband. You certainly don’t want to do that. The only question is – are you willing to find out if I’m right?”

He stopped thrusting into her mouth when he asked the question, because he was waiting for her response. And she responded just as he hoped she would – by giving him a blowjob.

She grabbed his dick with both her hands and started stroking him hard while enthusiastically giving him head. Her warm, wet mouth felt divine around his member. He grabbed her long curly hair and guided her while she fucked her face with his cock.

“Play with your tits….” he grunted while she blew him. She immediately took her big tits out of her blouse and began squeezing them while he fucked her face. Her tits looked perfect. He stared at them while she throated his dick. After a few minutes, he began jerking his hips wildly and then pushed his dick as far down her throat as it would go as he shot a massive load into her. Once he was done, he let his cock slip out of her mouth.

“You didn’t even gag… impressive.”

She smiled at him in spite of herself and began cleaning herself up. Rohit had a marriage to attend to – so he couldn’t be bothered to wait. He tucked his dick inside and marched out, making sure that he wasn’t seen by anyone.

Several hours and lots of tears later, Rohit found himself alone in a dimly lit room with his new smoking hot wife, Disha. She was sitting in front of the mirror, taking off her jewellery and complaining about how tiring the whole day was.

“I mean, it’s our wedding – isn’t it unfair that we don’t get to enjoy it ourselves?”, she asked rhetorically, taking off her large ear rings.

Her smooth back looked so alluring in the dim orange light. Her blouse didn’t have a back, thankfully. And although he had slept with her many times before, sometimes he would still catch himself just admiring her body. His thoughts raced to her younger sister Jhanvi again. That was one hell of a blowjob. And she definitely had a body to die for as well. He’d have to seduce her soon. He needed to feel her pussy around his cock, her breasts against his chest, her breath on his neck. He needed it.

“What are you thinking about?”

Disha was standing in front of him, wearing her blouse and skirt. Her long, brown hair cascaded down one shoulder till her hips. Her head askew, face curious but also naughty. Unfortunately, her younger sister had sucked him dry that evening.

“Well, I know what you’re thinking about”, he replied, “but babe, I’m just too fucking tired tonight.”

He immediately regretted it. Her face fell like an extinguished candle. She didn’t fight with him. She just stormed into the bathroom to get changed. He switched off the bedside lamp and went to sleep.

Disha, on the other hand, was furious. She changed into her silk nightie and sat on the toilet, wondering for the millionth time if she had made a mistake. She had cold feet before the marriage as well, but people told her it was natural. She was hyperventilating though. Was she asking for too much, she wondered? Is it too much if a wife asks her newly-wed husband to make love to her the night of their marriage? Is he an asshole or is she a bitch?

She was hyperventilating. She decided that she was going to get some fucking pleasure out of her wedding day, even if it meant she had to do it without Rohit. She looked around the bathroom and found her dildo where she had hidden it. A black coloured monster which was as big as her forearm – and as thick as well. She looked at herself in the mirror, the plastic cock near her face.

“You’re a slut”, she said and giggled. She enjoyed being naughty. She took off her nightie and turned on the shower. Stepping in, she knelt on the floor and closed her eyes. She placed the head of her dildo on her wet, quivering lips. She imagined it belonged a large, black man. She wasn’t in the bathroom of her new home – no, she was in the shower with a powerful, black man. He was her boss. And right now he wanted her to suck his massive hard-on.

She grabbed his dick with one hand and started sucking on it hard. With her other hand, she played with her bouncy tits and erect nipples. She tried to take as much of the cock in her mouth as she could – but it was still barely halfway down his length. She didn’t want to disappoint her boss, he would punish her. So she pushed her face down on it until she had tears in her eyes and couldn’t breathe. He held her in that position until she couldn’t take it no more and then pulled out. She gagged and coughed all over the floor.

He made her look up and slapped her face with his giant cock, making her smile even though it hurt. Then he pushed her on the floor, and got on top of her – his muscular black body pressing her small form down. His lubricated cock was at her pussy lips and he rammed it in her – making her buck and arch her back. He kept fucking her pussy with a violent pace and she felt like she was being torn apart. Rohit’s dick could never stretch her out like this. But this guy could. He kept on fucking her until she came copiously around his dick, biting into her palm to stop from screaming. Then she took his cock and rubbed her juices all over her slut face, eventually licking it clean.

After letting the shower wash away her juices, she got up, kept away the dildo safely, put on the nightie and went to bed next to her snoring husband.


Disha was lazily watching TV from the bed while Rohit continued packing his bags in a frenzy.

“I don’t understand”, he said, “how could you be done with your packing already? You got back from office only an hour before I did.”

“I don’t understand how you’re not done”, she replied lackadaisically, “our honeymoon begins tomorrow. It’s not like this is a huge surprise or anything. Also, Mahabalipuram is just a beach town. Just pack a few swimsuits and shirts. It’s really not that difficult.”

Rohit just continued packing. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

The next day, the whole family was there to see them off at the airport. Rohit’s parents and younger brother. Disha’s parents and two younger sisters. Rohit decided to hug the youngest, Jhanvi, goodbye first.

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring some goodies back for you”, he said with a smile as he embraced her and cupped her curvy ass with one hand. She gasped but hugged him back, pressing her breasts against him – she was really warming up to him, he realized. Then he moved on to the middle sister, Alia. She was one he really wanted to bang. Clean, white skin. Adorable face. She had the whole innocent girl vibe going, but that didn’t hide her absolutely spank-able ass and perky tits he could suck on. She was wearing a tank top, a loose jacket, and a pair of shorts which showed off her legs. She gave him her cute smile as he hugged her goodbye. As they broke away, though, he lingered his hands on her arms just a little bit. She noticed it and looked at him for a brief moment before he moved on.

“You know, I’m really happy we’re doing this”, Disha told him as they made their way to the plane, “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like the couple of months after our wedding have been sort of… off. Like there’s something missing.”

Rohit looked into her gorgeous blue eyes. Of course something was missing. He was cheating on her with his own mother. Of course, he’d been doing that even before they got married and there was no problem then. But now that they were living in the same home, it was very different. Earlier, his mom was stop by his room at night and they’d bang freely. Now that Disha was sharing his bed, they’d have to sneak around in the bathroom or kitchen or somewhere else. Neither of them liked it and Mandira, his mom, clearly wasn’t getting along with Disha. He felt it too and the whole environment was kind of tense.

“It’s not just you”, he replied and touched her soft cheek, “I think the wedding was just such a stressful affair and nobody really got a break after it. This will be a good chance for everyone to relax a bit – both of us and the people back home. It’ll be alright.”

Disha beamed at him and gave him a quick kiss on his lips.

When they finally reached the resort, they immediately made their way to the beach. He changed into his white shirt and blue shorts. She was wearing an incredible red bikini. He was rock hard just looking at her adjust her bottom in the mirror.

“Would you mind terribly if we’re, like, half an hour late to the beach?”, he asked her as he hugged her from behind, kissed her neck and pushed his erection against her butt. She giggled.

“Yes, I would. We can bang all night long, baby, but I really want to get some sun today. Let’s go.”

Horny but helpless, he followed her down to the beach where they found a nice patch of sand to set up their umbrella and mats. She applied some sunscreen and lay there in the sun, while he pulled out his laptop to get some work done. He didn’t get her. She’d been complaining that they weren’t having enough sex for the past couple of months and now that he wanted to do her, she refused. Maybe he should’ve pushed harder and she would’ve given in.

“Um, Rohit?”, came a strangely familiar voice.

He looked up from his laptop and couldn’t believe his eyes – it was Nora, the girl he dated right before he met Disha. This was very, very, troubling.

“Oh my God, Nora, this is such a pleasant surprise! Disha, meet Nora, she’s the ex I told you about. Nora, this is Disha, my wife.”

“Oh, right”, Disha said with a smile, oblivious to what Nora’s presence could mean, “it’s so nice to finally meet you. Rohit’s told me so much about you, I’ve always been curious.”

“Is that so?” Nora replied with a friendly smile and handshake. She was looking even hotter than she did five years ago. She was wearing a bottle green bikini which barely contained her massive tits and curvy ass. It looked ultra sultry against her tan skin and luscious, black hair.

“I hope you haven’t told her everything”, she said, turning to Rohit suddenly. He looked confused but just laughed and shrugged. He hated these games she played. She always enjoyed taking risks in social situations, unaware of the harm that she could cause.

“Oh relax, I’m just messing with you”, she said playfully, “I’m actually here with my husband too. I would’ve loved to introduce him to you guys, but he’s sort of on a business call right now.”

“Well, why don’t the two of you join us for dinner?”, Disha asked her. Rohit stared at his wife. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

“Sure”, Nora replied, and gave Disha her number before sauntering away. As he looked at her curvy butt walking away, he was filled with a sense of impending doom. He had no idea what Nora was going to do at dinner.

As the evening drew nearer, and the two of them were getting ready in their room, Disha asked him why he was so nervous around Nora.

“I wasn’t nervous”, he replied while fixing his hair, “I will admit I was a little thrown off. Which is only fair – she’s my ex, and I told you we didn’t end on good terms. And I wasn’t exactly expecting to see her here today, and now this dinner…”

“Relax”, Disha said, placing her hand on his chest and fixing his tie. She looked like an angel. Her cute white floral sundress was perfect for someone like her.

“You’re nervous”, she continued, “and I know how to calm you down.”

She pushed him down on the bed so he was sitting off the edge. She knelt between his legs and pulled out his hardening cock. She looked up at him, as she knew he liked, and started jerking him off. She spat on his tip for some lubrication. She kissed the tip a bunch of times before sucking on it for a little bit. The she gave him one long lick from bottom to top without breaking eye contact. He grabbed her by her hair and pushed his dick inside her smiling mouth. She massaged his balls with one hand and kept sucking him hard until he came all in her mouth. She gulped it all down before licking his cock clean.

“Ready to go?”, she asked while wiping her mouth.

“So ready”, he replied with a grin. Of course, he knew he really wasn’t. There was no telling what was going to happen at dinner.

Initially, nothing did happen at dinner. It started off pretty normal. They made small talk, praised the food and the wine and the sights. Rohit thought, for a second, that perhaps Nora had finally grown up.

“I think I’m going to go to the ladies’ room for a minute. I’ll just be back”, Disha said.

“Oh, I’ll come with”, Nora replied.

“You know, I’ll never understand this. Why do women have to go to the bathroom in groups?”, Rohit asked.

“So that we can gossip about you”, Nora replied with a pat on his shoulder before they walked away. He shook his head with a smile in response.

“So, Karan, I can’t believe I haven’t asked this yet. But how did you and Nora meet? What’s your story?”

Karan was suddenly nervous. It was odd to see a bulky, muscular man like him look tentative and hesitant. Rohit was a little concerned.

“Is everything okay?”

“Look, you have to come to our room in the middle of the night and fuck my wife. It’s room 238. You have to do this, okay?”

Rohit was speechless. Of course, Nora hadn’t grown up. She was still the same. And she was fucking with Karan just like she fucked with him all those years ago. It was all coming back to him. The way she pegged his ass. Forced him to fuck in public spaces. Forced him to eat his own cum.

“I’m sorry… I can’t”, Rohit replied. He was a horny guy, but he could easily get his wick wet anywhere else. His superhot wife, for instance. He did not want to go back to Nora. She was twisted.

“Oh bullshit”, Karan replied, “Nora has told me the freaky stuff you’ve done with her. Also, you’re not the submissive this time. I am. Please, you have to come.”

“Karan, listen, if you just stand up to her…”

“You have to come. Please.”

Before Rohit could further try to persuade him to break it off with Nora, the girls returned.

“So, what did you guys talk about?”, Disha asked as she sat down beside Rohit. Karan said something vaguely funny, but Rohit was looking intently at Nora. She was looking back at him with a light smirk. By the time dinner ended, Rohit had still no idea as to what he was going to do. He could go and fuck Nora but then he didn’t want to become involved in that mess. He enjoyed fucking around on his own terms. Plus, he had a smoking hot wife waiting to get pounded. He could say no, but then…

“It was great meeting you guys for dinner, we should meet up again some time. Rohit and I are here for a week”, Disha said when the four of them reached the hotel lobby. Coincidentally they were all at the same hotel, just on different floors.

“Oh, definitely”, Nora replied. They hugged each other goodnight and made their way to their rooms.

As soon as Rohit and Disha entered their room, escort london he pushed her against the wall and began kissing her. He moved his hand up her dress and began fondling her ass. She, on the other hand, broke the kiss.

“What happened?”, Rohit asked, confused.

“I don’t know, babe. I’m just super tired. I don’t know why, I just need to get some sleep.”

She did look exhausted. He told her it was okay. After all, they were there for a week. Of course, this left the whole “fucking Nora” question unanswered. Rohit lay down in bed next to his sleeping wife and began watching a movie on his laptop. He figured he’d distract himself, so he wouldn’t have to make a decision.

At midnight, though, he couldn’t distract himself any longer. He got a text message. It was from Nora.

Hey. Come down to room 238. Don’t worry about your wife. I put a sleeping pill in her drink. She won’t even notice you’re gone. I’m waiting for you. Don’t disappoint me.

He read it again. Don’t disappoint me. Nora always knew how to push his buttons. He wasn’t even that surprised that she had drugged his wife. She had no limits. He knew. Almost on autopilot, now, he dressed and made his way to her room. She answered after a single knock.

“I knew my baby wouldn’t disappoint me”, she said with a light smile. She looked unbelievably hot. She was wearing a black lace teddy with black stockings. Her black hair was beautiful as ever and her nude lip gloss made him yearn to kiss her. She hugged him close and kissed his cheek before pulling him inside.

“Nora, I’m not sure about this. What we had, it was a long time ago and I broke up with you for a reason…”

She placed her hand on his lips to shut him up. She pulled him along to her bedroom, saying, “You’re going to enjoy this.”

When he was greeted with the setting inside the bedroom, he wasn’t as shocked as a normal human would be. Her husband, Karan, was kneeling on the floor wearing a pair of panties with the words “SISSY BITCH” written across his muscular, hairless chest. He smiled at Rohit.

“Fuck”, Rohit replied.

“Awesome, isn’t it?”, Nora asked him. She made him sit down on the bed so that he was facing her husband. Then she turned on some music and sat on Rohit’s lap.

“This should bring back some memories”, she whispered to him while she slowly grinded her pussy against his crotch. She was right. Rohit remembered how she had made him jerk off in the corner while giving the captain of the college football team a lap dance in front of him. She eventually fucked that guy that night, letting him cum in her pussy as Rohit came into her panties in his hand.

“Yeah, but something tells me I’m going to enjoy it much more this time around”, he told her nervously. She smiled.

She got off his lap, turned around and bent down to thrust her curvy booty at him while facing her husband. She began twerking her ass on Rohit’s lap.

“I bet you want some of this, don’t you?”, she asked Karan.

“Yes, Mistress, I want it so bad.”

“Haha, you’re so pathetic”, she replied. She stood up, moved her hands through her gorgeous hair while swaying her ass from side to side. Then she turned around, and began grinding her pussy against Rohit’s right thigh. He could feel the warmth and moisture of her pussy through the clothing between them.

“Fuck, baby, that’s so good”, Rohit told her. It was. His dick was hurting.

She smiled. She inched closer to him and licked his cheek before putting her lips to his ear and whispering, “I need you to dominate me.” He understood. He remembered the night with the football captain – he had roughed her up pretty good. It was her way of showing her sub that she only fucked real strong men.

He wasn’t sure he was ready to dominate Nora, though. With any other girl, he loved being rough. With her, it was different. She just always had been the dominant one. And her domination had always been so complete.

Nora stood up on his lap and finally sat on his shoulders so Rohit’s mouth was at her pussy. He grabbed her soft butt cheeks and began licking her through her panties as she moaned with her hands on his hair.

She got down and slid to the floor between his knees. She rubbed her hands over his thighs and unzipped him slowly. She reached inside for his cock. Finally grabbing it, she turned around and told Karan, “Oh, honey, you have no idea how big and hard his cock is. I’ve missed it for so long too.”

She turned back to Rohit and began slowly jerking him off.

“Spit on it”, Rohit said with some authority. Nora smirked at him like a teacher smiles at a student who’s finally grown up. Then she spat on the shaft of his cock.

She gave it a couple of long licks from bottom to top before finally popping the tip in her mouth. Rohit grabbed a fistful of her soft hair with his hand and began pushing her head down on his cock. He pushed her till she was all the way down and made her stick out her tongue so she could lick his balls, which she did. Then he stood up with his cock still down her throat. He released her as soon as she began choking on it. After catching her breath, she turned around and told Karan, “See, that’s what a real man does with his cock. Come, get a closer look you little bitch. You might learn something.”

Karan crawled over beside Nora and she began bobbing her head on Rohit’s cock again while massaging his balls. She made herself gag on it before pulling it out.

“Open your mouth, slut”, she told Karan. He obeyed and she spat right into it and watched him swallow. She did this a whole bunch of times. Gagging, spitting. Gagging, spitting.

“Slap yourself with my cock”, Rohit told Nora, actually getting to enjoy this new dominant role. She obeyed him happily and began thwacking herself in the face with his erect cock.

“Look at this. Look at this majestic cock. You’ll never be able to do to me what Rohit does.”

“Get on your fours on the bed”, Rohit commanded Nora, before Karan could whimper his reply, “Now.”

As soon as she stood up, Rohit pushed her onto the bed, eliciting a sexy giggle from her. He yanked her panties down and threw them at Karan. Then he grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them, and shoved his cock inside her wet pussy. She moaned loudly as he grabbed her hair for balance and began pounding her cunt from behind.

He picked her up in the air from her hips and slammed her into the wall – and then continued fucking her.

“You like that, don’t you?”, he whispered into her ear.

“Rohit, I never knew you had this side to you. I think I fucking love you”, she muttered back while getting reamed out.

He didn’t know how to respond to that so he just pulled out, flipped her around, and began fucking her again while choking her.

“Hey bitch”, she said to Karan, without looking at him, “suck on my feet while a real man fucks me.”

She lifted her foot and he began greedily sucking on her toes while Rohit choked and fucked her. Eventually, she came on his cock – squirting hard while he kept fucking her. After a few more minutes of choking her and fucking her sopping wet pussy, he pulled out and asked her to drop to her knees, which she did.

“Slap yourself”, he muttered as he jerked himself off to her face. She was surprised for a moment at his aggression but obeyed nonetheless – enthusiastically slapping her pretty face as he jerked himself off furiously. Eventually, he shot a massive load all over her face and tits. When he was done, he wiped his cock on her cheek.

“You’ve got some new tricks up your sleeve, babe”, Nora told him as he put his clothes back on again. He smiled and left for his own room, where he fortunately found his wife sound asleep. The honeymoon was going to be lots of fun.


Over the next few days, Rohit and Nora banged at every chance they got. Rohit would spend most of the day with his wife Disha getting massages, shopping at the local stores, or even sometimes having sex. Every night, though, he’d say he had to go to the business centre because he had to catch up with his work at the office. Of course, he’d be going straight to Nora’s room where they’d fuck for hours before drifting off in each other’s arms. Usually, Nora would send her husband Karan out for a walk. Sometimes she made him watch. But what surprised Rohit the most was that it seemed like Nora really had changed. She wasn’t trying to ruin his life by pushing him into increasingly risky situations. When they were initially dating, she once made him masturbate in the park in broad daylight. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. It looked like she had finally turned it down for a bit. They were on the same wavelength

On the fourth day of the honeymoon, Rohit woke up to find Nora lying down beside him and staring at him with a smile. She was completely naked and lying sideways on her elbow, making her perky breasts sag a little sideways.

“What, you’ve been looking at me sleep? That’s kind of creepy.”

“Well, we both already know that I’m a creep”, Nora replied with a smirk, “what I didn’t know till this morning was that you’ve become quite a slut.”

He looked confused. After all, last night he had fucked her anally before cumming all over her face.

“What are you talking about?”

“This”, she replied, and thrust his phone screen in his face. It was a message from Jhanvi.

You have no idea how many times I’ve cum thinking about your cock. Come back soon.

There was a picture attached. It was a selfie. She was holding an unpeeled banana in her mouth and sucking on it with blood red lips.

“So, who is this little girl?” Nora asked excitedly.

“She’s actually my wife’s sister. I found her for a moment alone during the wedding and fucked her face”, he said nonchalantly, leaving out the part that Jhanvi had found him fucking his mom. There was no telling what Nora could do with that information.

“I am seriously impressed, Rohit. You’re definitely my favourite ex-submissive. In fact, I’m so impressed, I think I’m going to give you a little reward…”, she said as she reached between his legs and started stroking his morning glory.

“Actually, Nora”, Rohit said while getting up and pulling her hand away, “I really need to go back to my room. Disha’s been really upset because I haven’t spent the night with her ever since we got here. So I’ve planned this whole couple’s massage thing with her right after breakfast. I’ll see you later, though.”

Nora sighed and kissed him goodbye before going back to bed. He put his clothes on and left her room, wondering what he should reply to Jhanvi. Just as he slid back into the covers and cuddled up to his wife, his phone buzzed again. Rohit immediately opened it. This time, it was a text from Nora.

I took a screenshot of the message Jhanvi sent you and your wife’s phone number. So unless you want Disha to find out that you’ve been screwing her baby sister, you’re going to do exactly as I say. Await further instructions, baby boy.

He read the message a couple of times over. Apparently, Nora was still a crazy bitch. He was struggling to think what he could do to stop this from happening. The problem was he had no dirt on Nora. There was absolutely nothing he knew about her that he could use against her. He was completely at her mercy. The only way to stop this would be to get hands on her phone and delete the screenshot. It wasn’t going to be easy, though. His phone buzzed again.

Let’s help your sister-in-law out. Wake up your beautiful wife and fuck her tits. And while she’s squeezing her perky mounds around your cock, click pictures and send it to her sister. And of course, send me a screenshot so I know you’re an obedient slut. You have 20 minutes.

He knew better than to fuck around with Nora’s demands. He would stop her; but not was not the time. He inched closer to Disha and spooned her naked body, pressing his hard cock between her butt cheeks and kissing her long, slender neck.

“Well, good morning…”, she replied with a smile, reaching her hand around to stroke Rohit’s hair.

“Good morning yourself”, he replied, sucking on the nape of her neck, making her moan.

She turned around to kiss him and he immediately got on top of her while making out. Then he placed his dick between her large, pillowy breasts and looked at her expectantly. She was smirking.

“You can be such a pervert sometimes…”, she replied. As much rough and wild sex Rohit had had outside of marriage, his sexual relationship with Disha was vanilla at best. He had married her because she was rich and gorgeous, and he honestly didn’t mind vanilla sex once in a while. He was just afraid that she’d be weirded out if he showed her what he was really into. He couldn’t. Every girl he had slept with after Nora had told him that he was too rough and left him. When it came to Disha, he couldn’t take that risk. He really liked her.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to try it out. It always looks like such fun”, he replied innocently. She smiled and pressed her breasts together around his dick and he moaned as be started thrusting in and out of her tits.

“Fuck…”, she moaned, biting her lower lip.

“Spit on it”, he told her and she looked up at him for a moment before spitting on his cock. As amazing as it felt, he knew he had a task at hand. He waited for her to close her eyes, took his phone and clicked a picture before tossing it aside quickly. Then he kept ploughing into her soft, warm tits until he came all over her tits and neck.

“What about me?”, Disha asked, pouting.

“Oh, I’m sorry, babe, I promise I’ll make it up to you, but I really need to sleep now.”

She gave him the coldest stare he had ever seen on her face before she got up and went to the shower, muttering under her breath, “Jerk.” He lay down again and picked up his phone. He sent it to Jhanvi, adding

Maybe this will help you cum harder while you think about my cock.

He forwarded the screenshot to Nora, and waited for a reply. In no time at all, Jhanvi had replied.

That is so fucking hot. I can’t wait for you to do that to me.

Attached to the message was another selfie – she was topless and squeezing her ripe tits with one hand. He forwarded it to Nora, and then went to join Disha in the shower. He did want to make it up to her. He walked up behind her and hugged her, whispering in her ear, “I’m sorry, babe.” He turned her around and went to his knees. She grinned at him and lifted a leg over his shoulder. He grabbed her soft, wet butt cheeks with his hands and began eating her out hungrily. She grabbed his hair with her fingers and moaned until she squirted all over his face. Eventually, they came out of the shower all dry and happy. He immediately jumped on the bed to check his phone while she fixed her hair in the mirror. Nora had replied.

She’s such a slut! Now let’s take things up a notch. That couple’s massage you were telling me about? Tell your wife that you’re feeling under the weather and that you can’t come. But make sure she leaves. Once she’s left, I’m going to come to your room. We’ll just have some fun.

Rohit’s heart started pounding faster. This was getting riskier. Although, if Nora was going to come he’d have a good chance of deleting the messages from her phone. That way he’d be safe again. So he took a deep breath and did what needed to be done.

“Babe?”, he asked his wife, who was trying on sundresses in the mirror.

“Yeah, hun?”

“The thing is, I was feeling bad about the time we weren’t being able to spend together. I mean. I’ve been so busy with work and all. And it is our honeymoon, after all. So I had planned a couple’s massage for us after breakfast.”

“That’s amazing!”, she said as she turned around. She looked so pretty in her pink sundress.

“Yeah, but, I’m not feeling too well. Like I’m exhausted and my head is aching as well.”

“Aw, baby, it’s probably because of all the late nights”, she said as she walked up to him and kissed his forehead, “it’s no problem. I can still go though, right?”

“Of course! It’ll give me some time to rest anyway. Wake me up when you’re back. We’ll do something together, okay?” She smiled and nodded at him before leaving for breakfast and the massage. He waited for a couple of minutes and texted Nora. She replied in an instant.

Put on a pair of your wife’s panties, open the door, and wait for me in bed.

Although he was beginning to get terrified, he followed her instructions as fast as he could. He wore a pair of his wife’s red thongs which went up his ass and covered nothing in front. After a couple of minutes of lying nervously in bed, he heard her footsteps.

“Those panties do suit you, slut.”

He looked up at her. She was standing at the bedroom door wearing a pair of short black hot pants and a white tank top which bared her smooth shoulder.

“Did you lock the door?”, Rohit asked nervously. She didn’t reply but went over to the dresser, where she picked up a shade of his wife’s lipstick and started applying it generously on her own lips. It was a dark, blood red. She also smeared a bit on her cheeks and spread it with a napkin to make her cheeks wonderfully rosy. Disha used to do the same thing, although how on Earth Nora knew that was unclear. Then she took one of Disha’s perfumes and sprayed it heavily on her neck and smooth arm pits. She started going through drawers and took out some of Disha’s clothes. A white padded bra. A pair of white cotton panties. A black belt. A black choker. She started stripping her clothes off and wore Disha’s instead.

“I’m going to show you what you’ve forgotten, bitch”, she said coldly as she crawled on to the bed and sat on Rohit’s crotch, “I’m going to show you that you will always be my submissive. No one leaves Mistress Nora. And every moment of time that we’re together in your bedroom, I’m going to remind you of your dear, beautiful wife who you’re cheating on. Is that clear, bitch boy?”

That’s why she had used Disha’s clothes and make-up, Rohit realized. She didn’t want him to forget the fact that he was a cheat. And it was surprisingly effective. Her scent, her clothes, her lips – they all reminded him of Disha. He couldn’t help it.

“Yes”, he stuttered. She slapped him across his face.

“Yes, Mistress”, he corrected, feeling the sting on his cheek.

“Hmm. Looks like you’ve forgotten some manners, cock boy. I might have to teach you again.”

She started slowly grinding her hips against his erection – her wet panty-covered crotch sliding against his. He couldn’t help but move his hips too.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”, she asked with a smile. He nodded in return. She stopped moving and slapped him again. And again.

“Well, you’re not supposed to enjoy anything. Little bitch boys who forget their manners do not get rewards. Is that clear?”, she asked viciously, staring into his eyes.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She composed herself again and got up on her knees before turning around. She backed her gorgeous, firm ass back to him and bent over. Her panty covered butt was millimetres from his face.

“Pull my panties aside”, she commanded. He obeyed and gasped as he found that she was wearing a butt plug all this while. It had a shiny end which was sticking out.

“Now grab on the butt plug with your teeth, bitch”, she said. He did so and muffled his response. She slowly pulled away and the surprisingly large dildo eventually popped out of her gaping ass hole. Once it was out, she pulled her panties back and turned around, sitting on his stomach and pinning his arms down with her legs. She took the dildo from his mouth.

“Now I’m going to fuck your little slave mouth with this cock. Once it’s nice and wet, we can fuck your tight ass with it. Open up.”

Rohit tentatively opened his mouth and Nora shoved the dick into it, stretching his jaws out. She started fucking his face with her pink dildo while he squirmed underneath her. She spat on her other hand and reached between her legs and started masturbating on top of him. He was hard as a rock. She started pushing the cock deeper and deeper. She seemed to enjoy the way it made him choke and gage. She pushed all ten inches of it down his throat and pinched his nose shut.

“That’s it”, she said with a smile as Rohit teared up, “choke on it. Choke on this cock like the slut you are. Taste the juices of my ass on it. This thing has been all the way up my dirty ass ever since you left this morning. And now it’s in your throat. You thought you could leave me and get away. No one fucking gets away from me. You’ll always be my bitch. Even when you have kids and a stable family, I’ll come to your home and choke you just like I’m doing now because you will always fucking be my bitch.”

She finally pulled the dildo out of his mouth, leaving him to cough and tear up while she continued rubbing her clit. Eventually, Rohit stopped coughing and started seeing clearly again. She got up from his chest, pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her clit furiously.

“Open your mouth, slut. Stick your tongue out for me.”

Rohit stuck his tongue out. There was something about her that made him obey her unflinchingly, unthinkingly almost. He became a robot – ready to execute any command she gave. He looked up at her with his tongue out, panting and waiting for her cum. She looked so pretty, he noticed, in his wife’s underwear. And that perfume. Those lips. Nora squirted copiously all over Rohit’s face, basically waterboarding him with her juices.

“Fuck!”, she exclaimed when she was done, rubbing her juices over Rohit’s face enthusiastically, “That was fucking awesome. I have fucking missed this. Come on, get up. Ass rape time.”

She got off Rohit and pulled him to his knees. She pushed him against the wall and held his wrists behind his back. He started feeling the dildo being pushed against his asshole.

“You know, dominating Karan isn’t nearly as fun as dominating you. You fucking get my juices running.”

She pushed the dildo past his tight sphincter, making him nearly scream in pain. She didn’t care. She started fucking his ass with her dildo and asking him if he loved it.

“Yes, Mistress Nora! I love it, I fucking love it! I’m so hard feeling your giant dildo fucking my ass, holy fuck!”

“Yes! Take it! Fucking take it! And don’t you dare fucking cum, I’ll kill you.”

After a few more minutes of sodomizing him, she got too flustered and hot herself. She pulled the dildo out of his bum and flipped him around. She slapped him to open his mouth and stuck the back end of the dildo in his mouth. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, pulling her panties aside.

“Fuck my pussy. Now.”

Rohit knelt between her legs and placed the tip of the dildo at her pussy lips before she grabbed his ears and pushed him down into her pussy. She leaned back and continued fucking herself with the dildo in his mouth.

“Fuck, that’s amazing… you’re literally a dickhead at this point” she moaned. After a while, she locked her thighs around his face and came again, squirting on the dildo and his face.

She relaxed and pulled the dildo out of his mouth, smiling with satisfaction.

“You love being my bitch boy, don’t you?”, she asked.

“Yes, Mistress”, Rohit replied breathlessly.

“Well, since you’ve been such an obedient slave, I’m going to give you a reward. Come lie down on the bed.”

He did was he was told while Nora took Disha’s panties off. They were soaking wet by now – drenched in Nora’s cum.

“I’m going to sit on your face and smother you with my ass while jerking you off with your wife’s wet underwear.”

Rohit took a deep breath as Nora sat her curvy butt down on his face. Her smelly asshole was right on his mouth. He could feel the warmth and plushness of her ass cheeks smother him. He loved it. He started licking her dirty, bitter asshole. He felt her hand pull his dick out of the panties he was wearing. She wrapped the wet, white underwear around his shaft and began stroking him slowly. He was already close to orgasm and she liked taking escort service her time. She started grinding her ass up and down his face while jerking him off. Occasionally, she’d stop jerking him whenever he was close to cumming. She loved edging him like this. He couldn’t wait to shoot his load. She lifted her heavy ass from his face to give him a breather before plopping it back down with force. Then she started jerking him off hard and fast. He couldn’t lick her anymore and began bucking his hips. Just as he was about to shoot – she took her hand away. She just gave him a failed orgasm. He moaned in frustration as large amounts of cum squirted out of his cock without the ecstasy of an orgasm. Once he was done oozing his cum out, she got off his face and sat down beside him, laughing for all she was worth. He looked down between his legs. There was his limp cock, two pairs of his wife’s panties, and a mass of cum. He was going crazy.

“Oh fuck, I love torturing you”, she said after she had collected herself, “I’m going to take a picture of this too, by the way. I just like to document my slaves.”

While she was clicking pictures of his body, he realised this was his chance. He pounced up and snatched the phone from her hand, pushing her on to the floor. She looked at him, hurt, confused, and angry. But he didn’t have time for that. He deleted all the potentially compromising pictures and screenshots from her phone. Then he threw it back to her.

“It’s over, Nora. You can’t control me anymore. When I met you here, I honestly thought that you had changed. But today I realised that you’re still the same fucked up bitch you always were. You’re fucking crazy. I don’t mind rough sex, you know? I actually enjoy it. Hell, when I was with Jhanvi I nearly broke her face with my cock. But you take it too far. You blackmail and manipulate and hurt and… it’s just too much. I don’t want this. That’s why I fucking broke up with you. Now take off my wife’s clothes and get the fuck out of here. I need to clean this place up before Disha comes back”

She looked at him, completely nonplussed. Rohit couldn’t help but notice her breasts rising and falling as she breathed, though. She slowly got up and started changing, without a word. He also took his wife’s underwear off, wiped off his cum, and threw it in the laundry bag.

“Rohit, why is the door open…”

Rohit and Nora both looked at the bedroom door as Disha entered. Her mild confusion immediately transformed into mortal shock.

“What the fuck!”, she yelled, “what the fuck is happening?”

“I just banged your husband’s brains out. Bye”, Nora said as she walked out. The minx actually had the audacity to give Disha’s ass a slap as she left with a grin.

“Babe, listen -”, Rohit began.

“Shut up”, Disha replied coldly, “and start packing. We’re going home.”

As the two of them packed in the tense silence, Rohit’s phone buzzed. It was a text from Nora.

You stupid fucking idiot. You stupid, fucking, idiot. I have copies of the screenshots on my computer. This isn’t the first time I’m blackmailing anyone. So all you’ve done is ruin your marriage and piss me off. Nothing else has changed, bitch boy. You’re still going to do exactly as I say unless you want me to ruin Jhanvi’s entire life. And don’t test me. You know I can and will do it.


“So, how was your honeymoon?”, asked Mr Ajay Sharma at the dinner table. At 47, he was Rohit’s father and the patriarch of the Sharma family, of which Disha had just become the newest member. Looking at him, most wouldn’t quite believe that he was married to Mandira, Rohit’s smoking hot mother who had short black hair and mascara eyes, not to mention an athletic body. Nonetheless, he had the steady if uninteresting disposition of someone whose life is made entirely of his day-to-day work.

“Oh, it was okay”, Disha replied with a light smile before returning her eyes to the table.

“Okay? Just okay? You two were at the fanciest resort at one of the most beautiful places”, Mr Sharma replied, amazed.

“Oh, leave it, will you?”, Mandira chirped in, “They’re understandably tired. You can interrogate them later if you want. Let’s just relax and enjoy dinner.”

Rohit’s eyes met his mom’s and he silently thanked her. Unsurprisingly, ever since Disha had walked in on Rohit cheating on her with Nora, things weren’t so good. They were actually terrible. She had yelled at him until her voice was hoarse. Then she forced him out of the room, asking him to go sleep in Nora’s room if he liked her so much. Obviously Nora was also pissed at him, so he ended up sleeping in the lobby. Disha had said nothing to him throughout the whole flight. Only as they waited outside their new home did she take off her sunglasses and turn to him to say, “Don’t breathe a word about what happened to anybody. We’re going to act happy in front of them until we enter our bedroom. Inside our bedroom, you’re nothing to me.”

At the very least, it had become clear that Disha wasn’t going to divorce him. He wasn’t sure why, but he figured it was because she didn’t want the public shame and humiliation. Nonetheless, he was very depressed. He actually liked her – the one real relationship he had had since Nora. He had to make this work somehow.

“I’m sorry Disha, I guess my brother just doesn’t know how to keep a wife happy”, said Shraddha. She was Rohit’s 24-year-old younger sister. Fresh faced, slim, and gorgeous – she looked more like 19 or 20. Thankfully, Disha laughed at the joke. This was the first time Rohit had seen her smile since she walked in on him.

“Shraddha, come on, we’re having dinner. Behave”, reprimanded Mandira. She kept looking towards Rohit. She could sense something was wrong. As dinner came to a close, Mr Sharma and Shraddha both retired to their rooms. Disha headed towards the kitchen to do the dishes when Rohit stopped her.

“Hey, how about I do the dishes tonight? You seem tired and I caught some sleep on the flight.”

“Yeah, and I’ll help him. Make sure he doesn’t flake”, chimed in Mandira, supportive and smiling. Disha smiled and thanked both of them before heading up to her bedroom. Rohit and Mandira switched off the living room lights and went to the kitchen to start on the dishes.

“So are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”, Mandira asked after a while, not looking up from her dishes.

“Ma, I. I messed up”, Rohit said weakly. Mandira turned to him with concern and noticed that he was on the verge of tears. She caressed his shoulders and face, asking what was wrong.

“I-I cheated on Disha.”

Mandira looked at him quizzically. This was the boy who was having sex with her on the night of his wedding to Disha. There had to be more to the story.

“And?”, she asked uncertainly.

“And she caught me, what else.”

“Wait, who did she catch you with?”

“Does it matter?”

Mandira sighed. No, it didn’t matter. And something had to be done. Rohit clearly loved Disha and she would have to help repair their relationship. But for now, she just wanted to cheer her boy up. She pulled him close and hugged him tight, telling him it was going to be okay. She felt his strong hands move down her toned back and rest on her hips. They dropped further and he was squeezing her bum.

“Fuck, I’ve missed this”, he whispered into her ear. She giggled. He had this way about her – he made her feel like a girl again. She started kissing his neck and he returned the favour – kissing her just beneath her ear. It drove her mad with pleasure when he kissed her there. Soon, they were making out. She loved the feeling of his soft lips brush against hers, and the bristly texture of his stubble against her face. She loved the way their noses would touch when they made out. The way his hands reached inside the back of her top all the way to her bra. She started unbuckling his belt as he unclasped her bra. She pulled her top off. He yanked her bra down and started suckling on her breasts, which were astonishingly perky handfuls for a 46-year-old. He sucked on her nipple and she bit her lower lip. She loved it when he did that. It was so twisted. It was so fucking taboo. Her own son sucking her nipples to arouse her. If only she could lactate into his mouth. He unbuttoned her jeans and she pulled them down her curvy hips. He grabbed her by her ass, lifted her and placed her on the kitchen counter. Without a moment’s delay, he pushed his hard dick inside her wet pussy. She locked her legs around his waist and pulled him as deep as he could go. They made out while he made love to her on the kitchen counter.

“Fuck, this is just what I needed”, Mandira said as he thrust in and out. It was true. There was no comparable feeling to her in the world. The way her son’s dick stretched her pussy out. The way his hot, sweaty, muscular body felt against hers. His breath on her neck. His hands on her hips. She loved it. She loved him.

She started whimpering and pulling him closer as she came closer to orgasm. He was close too. She knew from the way he was grunting into her ear and it turned her on even more.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop…”, she whispered into his ear.

“No – condom”, he grunted with concern. She pressed her lips to his ear and said while pulling him close, “I don’t care. Just don’t stop.”

He thrust inside her one last time and came inside her womb. She orgasmed at the same time and bit into his shoulder with pleasure. She could feel his hot spunk filling inside her. She wanted it. She needed it. Rohit started thrusting slowly again.

“That’s it, baby”, she weakly spoke in his ear, “keep going. Breed me. Breed your own mother. Push that cum deep inside me.”

Once he was fully spent, he pulled out and collapsed on the kitchen floor, content. Mandira slipped off the counter and lay beside him, panting, sweaty, happy.

“I fucking love you”, he told her. She couldn’t help but smile. She kissed him on the cheek and got up, putting her clothes back on.

“Don’t forget to do the dishes”, she said as she went back to her bedroom to join her husband. Rohit found himself laughing for the first time since he had come back. After doing the dishes, he walked back to his room. It was open. He stepped inside and found Disha sound asleep on the bed. She had thrown a pillow and a blanket on the couch for him. As he tucked himself in for the night, he wondered how he was going to make things right with Disha. Furthermore, he wondered what he was going to do about the whole Nora situation. She had emailed him an insane request. Something that was far riskier and far more damaging than anything she had made him do yet. He would have to think about it.

As far as Jhanvi was concerned, he wasn’t sure what to do. She was incredibly hot and desperate for him. Most guys would kill to be in his situation. He couldn’t quite believe his eyes when he read the email Jhanvi sent him the day he had returned from his honeymoon.

Hey Big Daddy,

I just heard that you and Disha just got back from your honeymoon. I can’t wait for when you stop by our house and fuck my brains out. Or we could meet outside if you want? In a hotel, maybe. Or I could come to your place. We could fuck in your marital bed. I’m sorry, I’m too horny to think straight. I’ve had so many fantasies about you. This one time – I’m not even kidding – I squirted for the first time in my life while masturbating to you. I imagined you were my Big Daddy, punishing me for being a naughty girl. I’m sure you want to hear about it, so here it goes:

I come home late from school. I’m wearing a short skirt that just covers my butt and a white shirt. My hair is tied in a pony tail. I enter the room and you’re sitting on your couch, waiting for me. You’re mad at me. You ask me why I’m so late.

“I got lost along the way, Big Daddy”, I tell you. But you don’t buy it. You notice marks on my neck – hickeys that some boy gave me. You get even more mad and ask me to lie across your lap.

I do as you say. You pull my skirt over my ass. My panties are already wet. I can feel your erection pushing against my tummy. I can feel your strong hands on my body. You say you have to punish me because I’ve been a naughty girl. I wiggle my bum as you caress it. You squeeze my ass with your hand, making me squirm in your lap.

Then you start spanking me. It stings on my ass but I love it. I love the feeling of your hand swatting my butt flesh. It makes me drip with arousal. I want it more. It hurts so beautifully. My whole ass is warm (btw, when I think about you spanking me, I spank myself).

You push me to my knees and stand up, taking out your massive cock.

(I still remember your wedding day – when you fucked my face with your dick. It makes me cream myself just thinking about it).

You grab my pony tail like a joystick and shove your cock down my throat. I can feel it pulsating inside my mouth. I like to choke on it. You have your way with my face and then pick me up. You throw me on the couch and jump on me.

You fuck me. Imagine your hard cock plunging my warm, wet, depths. I know you can’t wait to fuck me. I can’t wait either, Big Daddy. And when you do eventually fuck me, I want you to shoot your load all over me. I want to be your slut. You have no idea how much it turns me on to think of myself as your personal slut. To give you some idea, I’ve attached a picture to this email.

Rohit opened the picture again. It was a close-up of her pussy. Pink, tight, and gushing with juices – it was the best pussy he had ever seen. He would have to figure out a way to fuck her soon.


Rohit carefully placed the teddy bear back in its original spot. Climbing down the desk, he looked at it. It looked fine, he decided. No one could tell that one of the bear’s eyes had been replaced by a camera. He checked his watch – there was still an hour or so before his sister Shraddha came home. He quietly left her room as he found it and went back to his own.

He opened his laptop and turned on the feed from the camera he had just placed there. It was working. He could see Shraddha’s entire room. He shut his laptop.

This felt wrong. It was wrong. In a hundred different ways. Yet when Nora sent him that text asking him to bug his sister’s room and send her some interesting footage, there was nothing else he could do. If Nora even sense that he wouldn’t follow through on her commands, she’d inform Disha that he had been fucking her youngest sister Jhanvi. She’d also leak Jhanvi’ naked pictures on the Internet. She had taken his email password, so she could see all the emails Jhanvi wrote him. No, there was nothing else he could do.


He startled and turned to the door. It was Disha.

“Come downstairs. The match is starting”, she said curtly before leaving.

He sighed and followed her downstairs. The whole family was spread across the living room to watch the cricket match. Not only was this India against Australia, it was on a Sunday. Rohit’s Dad sat on his favourite chair, holding the remote. Disha was sitting on the carpet wearing a Team India jersey and short shorts, holding a big bowl of popcorn. His eyes lingered on her long legs before he looked away. His mom Mandira was sitting on the sofa with her sister, Tisca, who had apparently decided to visit. She was only a year younger than Mandira but looked at least five years older. Not that she wasn’t attractive. She struck Rohit as much more of a MILF than anyone he had met. She was very busty, large hips, and just enough wrinkles on her beautiful face to show that she had some experience. Her hair was wavy and brown, much like Disha’s. Rohit had no idea why Tisca’s husband divorced her – she was a smoke show. She was wearing a beige top and shorts, showing off her nice and plump thighs. Mandira was in her jeans and a tank top.

“Hey, Aunt Tisca. I didn’t know you were visiting today”, Rohit said as he walked over to her.

She rose to greet him and hugged him tight, replying, “Ah yes, I like to have the element of surprise.”

Rohit barely registered what she said – her massive bosom was pressed against his chest and his hands were on her body. Also, if he wasn’t mistaken, her hands were a bit too low on his back.

“Well, it’s nice as always to have you here”, he replied generically.

“How very formal of you”, she joked. They both sat down on the couch to watch the match.

A few overs in, Rohit found it incredibly difficult to focus on the match. He was far too aware of his Aunt’s body right next to him – the way her arm brushed against his own. The way her naked thighs would sometimes touch his leg. The scent of her body. The way sometimes she’d put her arm around his shoulders and he’d feel her breast touching him. He had a massive erection and was trying desperately to hide it. During a break, Disha got up and went to the kitchen for some sodas. Tisca kept a hand on Rohit’s knee and turned to him. She smiled and whispered, “Don’t you think you should sit next to your wife?”

He didn’t know what to reply. His face felt very, very red. He simply nodded and she patted his knee. He slid down the sofa and sat on the carpet. Did his Aunt know that he was attracted to her? Did she know that he was trying his best to subtly touch her and sit closer to her on the couch? Did she think he was a creep? This was embarrassing if not outright scary. Disha soon returned and sat beside him. The rest of the match passed with little event. Rohit tried to hold Disha’s hand at some point but she slid away casually. Rohit also made a silent prayer when Shraddha returned from her friend’s place and skipped up to her room. She wasn’t interested in cricket.

“Can’t believe Australia won again”, Mr Sharma commented pithily, switching off the telly, “Seeing as its early evening, I’ll be going out for a little walk. Anyone care to join me?”

“Nah, Dad, I have some work to get to.”

“I’ll come”, Disha replied with a smile. Of course, figured Rohit. She’d do anything to not spend the Sunday evening trapped in a room with her cheating husband.

And so it happened that Disha went out with Rohit’s father, and the two sisters went to Mandira’s room to catch up. Rohit made his way upstairs and, as soon as he closed the door, he flipped open his laptop. He connected his earphones and switched on the feed from Shraddha’s room.

She came inside the room and locked the door behind her. Then she started changing. Rohit couldn’t help but look. She peeled off her top and stepped out of her skirt. She was wearing a pair of blue bra and panties. Her tummy was flat and toned. Her skin pale and clean throughout. Rohit never realized what a cute butt his little sister had. She stood in front of her mirror and checked herself out. She slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, stepping out of them. Rohit found himself getting harder. Then she unclasped her bra and threw it on the bed. Her breasts were small, sure, but sexy. They were perky and supple. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them, looking a little disappointed. She wanted bigger tits, clearly. She turned around and checked her tushy and smiled – she clearly loved her cute, bubble butt. Then she put on a pair of fresh white panties, a pair of pink hot pants, and a large white t shirt. He fast-forwarded through some hours where she did nothing but listen to songs or watch videos. Then he found something that Nora would definitely want to see.

Shraddha checked the lock on her door and opened her laptop on the bed. She pulled her hot pants off and took out what could only be a vibrator from under her bed. She was clearly watching porn. She switched on the toy and kept it between her legs – stimulating her panty-covered slit. With her other hand, she began squeezing her tits. She pulled off her t shirt and lay back down on the bed, stimulating her clit and pinching her nipples. Then she kept the vibrator aside and reached inside her panties. She was fingering herself. Rohit couldn’t believe he was actually seeing his younger sister fuck herself with her finger. And yet there she was – furiously fingering herself and pulling her own tits. In around 15 minutes, she arched her back as she came on her hand before collapsing back on the bed, satisfied. Then she pulled her hand out of her cunt and licked off her juices. Rohit was hard as a rock. He had no idea his sister was so naughty.

He fast-forwarded through the rest of it and there was nothing else to see. There was only the livestream – Shraddha was studying sincerely at her table. It still felt incredibly creepy to be spying on her like this. But there was only one option available to him. He cut the video of his sister masturbating and emailed it to Nora. What was done, was done. He figured she was just doing this to prove she still controlled him. Now that he had sent it to her, she would leave him be. Right?

Someone knocked on his door.

“Come in”, he said after closing his email tab. It was his Aunt Tisca.

“Hey, are you busy?”, she asked, sweet as always.

“Not at all, just some boring work stuff. What’s up?”

“Nothing, your mom and I were thinking you should come down and spend some time with us. After all, I don’t stop by every day.”

“Oh, of course. Sorry. Come, let’s go”, Rohit said as he got up and walked down with Tisca. He hoped his engorged cock wasn’t too conspicuous. At least this time he was erect because of Shraddha.

“Come, sit”, Mandira told him as he entered her room. He sat down on the bed beside her and Tisca sat down on his other side. Rohit began to feel a little nervous by the whole setting.

“So, Rohit, what’s up with you? How’s married life”, Tisca asked him. He turned to her. She was sitting really close to him.

“Um… it’s okay, I guess”, he replied. His Aunt’s hand was on his knee.

“Really? Are you really not going to tell me?”, she asked him looking deep into his eyes and stroking his knee.

“Tell you what?”, Rohit asked, getting increasingly nervous.

“Baby”, Mandira intervened, placing her hand inside his thigh, “Tisca is my sister. We share everything. So, she knows that Disha caught you cheating on her.”

“Hmm”, Rohit muttered, unsure of how to react.

“I think you missed the most important part”, his aunt said, moving her hand up his thigh, “we’re sisters. We. Share. Everything.”

She moved her hand up his leg and brushed his crotch with it. Rohit turned to his mother.

“Um, what’s happening…”, he muttered.

Mandira rubbed her hand inside his thigh and nodded, replying, “Exactly what you think.”

“Go on”, Tisca said, rubbing his crotch, “show me how you kiss your mommy.”

Mandira smiled and pulled Rohit in for a brief kiss. Then she turned his face so that he could kiss Tisca. Rohit’s heart skipped a beat as his hot Aunt locked lips with him and ran her hand up his t shirt, feeling his chest. Rohit reached out and started caressing Tisca’s melon breasts over her beige top, making her moan. With his other hand, he was stroking Mandira’s butt.

“Wait”, Rohit said, breaking the kiss, “I have too many questions.”

The girls laughed. Mandira replied, “Look, we know you’re going through a tough time. So we thought we’d give you a bit of a morale boost. And we both know the way you’ve been staring at Tisca’s body, so.”

Rohit’s Aunt went down on her knees and spread his legs apart. Smiling up at him, she unzipped his jeans and reached inside, feeling him through his boxers.

“Wow, this one’s big.”

“I know”, Mandira laughed and pulled off her top.

Tisca took Rohit’s massive erect schlong out of his boxers and started stroking it in earnest. She spat on the shaft a couple of times for lubrication. Meanwhile, Mandira pulled Rohit in for a heated kiss. She was sucking on his tongue as Tisca started sucking on his dick. She started with just the tip – sucking it while she jerked him off with her hands. Then she started taking more and more in her mouth. Rohit was actually surprised when she could deepthroat him on her first go – her nose pressed against his pubes and her tongue licking his base.


“Not escorts in london my first time”, she said when she pulled his dick out of her mouth.

“Yeah, my sister is quiet a slut”, Mandira said as she went down on her knees too, fondling Rohit’s balls, “do you know why she really got divorced?”

“Um, she didn’t want kids and he did, right?”, Rohit asked while Mandira took his cock in her mouth. Tisca laughed as she pulled her top off, allowing her massive, naked breasts plop out. Rohit was transfixed. All he wanted to do was be smothered by her tits.

“That’s what we told everyone. The truth is my husband caught me cheating on him. So we’re not so different, you and I”, Tisca said as she pulled his cock out of Mandira’s mouth and started sucking on it herself.

“Yeah”, Mandira said, taking her own top off, “except you were caught getting gang-banged by your whole office.”

“Seriously”, asked Rohit. Imagining his hot Aunt in an orgy was really hot. Tisca pulled his cock out of her wet mouth and got up. She took off her shorts and panties and sat astride his lap, her clit pressed up against his erection and her arms around his shoulders.

“When he walked in on me, my face was covered in cum. Two girls were sucking on my breasts and I had two cocks in my hand, one cock in my pussy, and one cock in my ass.”

Rohit gulped as Mandira reached between his legs and guided his cock into her sister’s wet cunt. Tisca and Rohit both moaned as he penetrated her. Then she started riding him hard and deep, with her hands in her soft, brown hair. Mandira got up and sat behind Rohit, pressing her breasts into his back.

“That’s it”, she said, “fuck your hot Aunt. Look at her big tits bouncing. Slap her fat ass, make her go faster.”

Rohit spanked his Aunt’s butt and Tisca moaned louder. She pulled Rohit closer and pushed her big breasts up against his chest. She reached across his shoulder and start making out with her sister Mandira. Rohit was losing his mind. He was sandwiched between his mother and his aunt, who was riding him like an animal. He reached his hand around his Aunt’s waist and stuck a finger in her bum, making her squeal.

“Oh, I like this one”, she said as Rohit fingered her bum while fucking her. She started riding him faster and faster until she squealed loudly, arching her back against him and cumming all over his lap. When she was done, she slid off his lap and fell to the floor. Rohit got up and turned around. Mandira got on her fours. Rohit grabbed her hips and shoved his cock in her wet pussy. He was banging her hard and fast.

“Fuck, that’s hot”, Tisca said as she watched her nephew’s muscular ass thrust in and out of her sister’s pussy. She got on her knees and spread his ass cheeks apart. Before Rohit could register what was happening, he felt her wet tongue in his asshole. Tisca was rimming him while he fucked his mom. It was beginning to get a little too much for him.

“I’m going to cum”, he said as he pulled out and started jerking off.

Mandira got off the bed and knelt beside her sister. They both stuck their tongues out and kept their faces close, waiting for his load.

“Come on, baby. Give mommy your cum”, Mandira said and Rohit started shooting stream after stream of hot, sticky cum. Most of it went in their mouths but some of it splashed their faces. When he was done, Tisca sucked the remaining cum out of his cock. Then she grinned at him as she opened her sister’s mouth and spat all of the cum in. Mandira gargled with that cum before returning the favour. Soon, they were engaged in the hottest, dirtiest, make-out session Rohit had ever seen. There was cum all over their lips, chins, and cheeks.

“That was mind-blowing”, he said after they were done.

“I know, kiddo. Now let’s clean up before we get caught”, Tisca said with a smile.


“Hey Rohit, there’s someone here to see you. Shall I send her in?”

“Um, sure”, he told his secretary. This was strange. He didn’t have any meetings planned and nobody usually disturbed him so late in the evening.

“Hello, Big Daddy”, said Jhanvi from the door. She was wearing tight gym outfit. Black hot pants and a blue tank top. Rohit was seeing her after a long, long time. Ever since his wedding, when he fucked her face in the toilet, they had been exchanging dirty emails. Well, Nora was also involved and dictating what Rohit should be doing. But Jhanvi didn’t know that.

“What – what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? Have you not been getting my emails? I fucking need you. And I didn’t want to wait anymore. So I thought I’d come to your office.”

Jhanvi locked the door behind her and walked up to him sexily, sitting on his desk in front of him. She kicked off her shoe and reached between his legs with her foot – feeling his erection. She gulped and smiled.

“Get off my desk”, Rohit ordered as he stood up, unbuckling his belt. As soon as she got off, he turned her around and bent her over the table, making her quiver with anticipation. He moved his hands all over her young body – her toned but curvy ass, her smooth back, her arms, her thighs, her shoulders. He even reached around and gave her tits a nice squeeze. It was his way of telling her that he owned her body. He could touch her wherever he wanted, do whatever he wanted to her. So he pulled her shorts down her butt, revealing a naked pussy.

“I didn’t wear any underwear. Does that make you happy, Big Daddy?”, she asked. Rohit shushed and continued examining her curves. After he was sufficiently hard, he pulled his cock out. Then he started rubbing his dick on the outer folds of her pussy. She started pushing her butt back on him.

“You want this, baby girl?”, he asked her while fondling her ass and teasing her pussy.

“Oh, yes, Big Daddy, please. Please put your big fat cock in my tiny young pussy.”

Rohit grabbed her waist and shoved his dick inside her – nearly knocking the air out of her. It was unbelievable. Her pussy was the tightest, wettest, warmest hole he had ever fucked in his life. And the way her soft ass cheeks and thighs slapped against his body as he fucked her was amazing. He bent over her body and kissed her neck as he fucked her doggy style. He placed one hand over her lips to muffle her moaning. After a few minutes of doggy, he pulled out of her and spanked her tight ass. She turned around and he pushed her against the wall. He raised her leg over his shoulder and started fucking her again.

“Choke me, Daddy”, she said while grunting.

He clasped both his hands around her throat and kept fucking her as her face started turning red. Suddenly, he was reminded of Nora. The way she had nearly suffocated him with her dildo. He choked Jhanvi harder and harder until he could see the veins on her face. Then he let her go and pulled out of her. She dropped to her knees like a loyal submissive and grabbed his ass as he started fucking her face.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you? Me fucking your face. It’s just what I did to you on the day of my wedding too.”

Jhanvi coughed and gagged as Rohit fucked her face against the wall. He pulled out and rubbed his wet, hard dick, all over her face. Then he did the same with his balls before stuffing his sweaty balls into her mouth, letting his cock rest on her face. She was loving it. He pulled out and lifted her up, pushing her face-first against the wall. He spat on his hand and rubbed it between her ass cheeks. Then he pressed his dick against her sphincter and whispered in her ear, “Now Big Daddy is going to take your virgin ass hole. And I’m going to cum inside it. And you’re going to go back home with an ass filled with my cum. You can bet your sweet ass it’s going to drop down those legs of yours too. The whole world is going to see you for the naughty girl that you are.”

He reached around to grab her tits and pushed his dick all the way inside her bum, making her moan. Holding on to her tits, he started ploughing her dirty asshole for all he was worth. Her asshole, if anything, was even better than her pussy. It was much tighter and much, much hotter. After about five minutes, he held his dick inside her while shooting a massive load inside her ass. He held it inside her even after he was done to make sure it didn’t leak. Then he pulled out and pushed her to her knees, making her clean her ass juices off his dick, which she did enthusiastically.

“So when can we meet again?”, she asked after she had put her clothes back on.

“Soon, don’t worry. Now go, I have some work to do”, Rohit replied, amazed at her libido.

“Bye Big Daddy”, she said with a twinkle and left his office.

As Jhanvi made her way back home on the bus, she couldn’t help but smirk. She was holding her ass cheeks as tight as she possibly could, but she could feel some cum still oozing out of her hole. Rohit was so rough with her. She loved it. He was a real man. She had only been with two guys before and they were both nervous boys. They didn’t even satisfy her properly, much less dominate her. Rohit, on the other hand, was perfect. And the fact that he was married to Disha only made things better – her older sister was always the perfect one, the beautiful princess. Turns out she wasn’t pretty enough to keep her husband’s dick to herself. Jhanvi giggled, accidentally un-clenching and letting some more cum ooze out and form a wet patch on her ass. She spotted a few guys looking at her. It was so filthy; she loved it. She felt a hand on her ass. Most girls would swat it away, but she enjoyed it. She wiggled her butt for whoever was groping her. He gave her a little squeeze and then let go. After a few minutes, the bus was crowded and she felt the hand again. This time he was stroking both her butt cheeks. His hand noticed the wet spot. She smiled and looked around to make sure no one could see. It was safe. The hand reached between her legs and started rubbing her shorts-covered pussy. She bit her lower lip to suppress a moan. She reached her hand around hesitantly. She felt his hand grab her hand and guide it into his trousers. After some searching, she found his dick. She started stroking him with her hand while he rubbed her pussy – in a bus full of strangers.

Soon, she pressed her thighs together around his hand and came in her pants. Then she jerked him off rapidly until he was ready to cum too. He shot his load on her butt and wiped his dick between her cheeks before getting off the bus.

While Jhanvi continued to explore her deviant side, Rohit was still grappling with the consequences of the whole Nora situation. She still hadn’t replied to the video of Shraddha masturbating. It had been nearly a week since he had sent it to her. He knew Nora well enough to know that just because she hadn’t replied it didn’t mean that she wasn’t plotting something. At any rate, he decided, he would have to be wary. Looking at the time, he decided to wrap up and leave the office.

By the time he reached his home after drinks with some of his colleagues, it was nearly 11 pm. He quietly entered and made his way up the stairs. When he reached the first floor landing, though, he heard something. It was coming from Shraddha’s room. He stepped closer. It was muffled moaning and grunting. She was having sex. He stepped even closer and heard her more clearly.

“Fuck, yes! Oh fuck me right there, Karan! You’re the best!…”

Wait, Rohit thought. Karan? Wasn’t that Nora’s husband’s name? The guy Rohit had cuckolded and humiliated a bunch of times on his honeymoon?

He rushed back to his room and took out his laptop. Sitting so that Disha wouldn’t be able to see the screen if she woke up, he plugged in his earphones and opened the stream to Shraddha’s room. He could see her pale, naked back as she bounced on some guy’s cock hard and fast. Her hands were in her hair as she rode him passionately. But Rohit couldn’t quite see the guy’s face. Uncomfortably, the longer he watched Shraddha humping him, the harder he got.

The guy in the video grabbed her perky ass cheeks and sat up. He pushed her down on the bed and started fucking her good gold missionary style, except he was upright above her naked body. And it was Karan, Nora’s husband. He was holding Shraddha’s slim legs apart while he fucked her hard enough to make her small but perky breasts bounce up and down. He was really giving it to her. Rohit shut his laptop and adjusted the erection in his pants. He didn’t quite understand. Why was Karan fucking Shraddha? This had to be one of Nora’s plans, but why? What was the point? And where was she going with this? He hoped Karan wasn’t planning to hurt Shraddha in any way. That would be crossing the line even for Nora.

Setting these worries and concerns aside, Rohit changed into his boxers and went under the covers beside his wife. He was still incredibly erect – he couldn’t get the image of his sister’s young, firm, sexy body out of his mind. Her moans were so sultry. He hugged Disha and accidentally let his erection poke into her side. When she didn’t stir, he inched closer to her and pushed his erection further against her. She moaned softly and pushed him away weakly. He reached around and grabbed her breast over her nightgown. He started kissing her neck and fondling her breast.

“How long are you going to be mad at me, huh?”, he asked her sweetly. And just as he began to reach down between her legs, she slapped his hand away and turned around – wide awake.

“You fucking cheated on me on our honeymoon”, she said, “don’t think you can make it right that easily.”

“So what do I have to do for you to forgive me?”, resting a hand on her hip.

“I don’t know”, she replied coldly, “but in the meantime, keep your filthy paws off me.”

She slapped away his hand again and turned to go to sleep. Rohit lay back down in bed but there was no way he could sleep now. He was hurt, angry, frustrated, and, more than anything else, horny. His erection was pitching a massive tent in his boxers and he needed to get rid of it. He got up and marched out of his room without even bothering to put on more clothes. Reaching Shraddha’s room, he found it unlocked. The idiots. He swung it open and saw Karan standing in the middle of the room. Shraddha, naked and sweaty, and kneeling before him and sucking his cock enthusiastically.

“What the fuck!”, she exclaimed when she saw Rohit standing at her door, angry and naked except for his boxers. She also couldn’t help but notice his massive erection. She backed away from Karan and covered herself with her hands as Rohit marched up to Karan and pushed him against the wall. Although Karan was clearly more bulky, Rohit kept landing punch after punch on his face and Karan was just helplessly taking it. His face was bloody and broken. Shraddha had never seen this side of her brother. It was so aggressive, she thought. So masculine. And his erection – she bit her lower lip.

“Where is she?”, Rohit angrily asked Karan as he stood over his beaten body.

Karan muttered something in reply and Rohit took off after a glancing look at Shraddha’s cum-covered face. She knew she’d have to hear from him later, but for now she was still marvelling at her brother’s newly uncovered masculinity. She spat on her hand and reached between her legs.


Rohit was hurtling down the empty road in the darkness, wearing just his boxers. His erection still wasn’t dying down, though. The image of Shraddha’s fresh face covered in sticky cum was embedded in his brain. And he wasn’t sure but he thought that she was staring at his erection quite seductively. Fortunately, this could all be over soon, he hoped. Nora’s house was only 5 minutes away according to Karan’s address. He needed to put an end to this soon. He pulled up outside the rather shady bungalow and marched out of his car, leaving the door open. He found the door open and entered the bungalow, shouting out, “NORA!”

“Took you long enough”, came her reply.

He looked around and spotted her standing behind him, beside the door. She was in her dominatrix suit. He had only seen her wearing this once before. And it wasn’t a good sign. It was a black shiny leather costume which covered her from her tits down to her pussy. Around her waist was a massive black strap on cock pointing upwards. He knew that toy. At its other end, there was another protrusion which was in her pussy. So every time she penetrated him with her dildo, she’d get pleasure too. Her legs were wrapped in stockings and she had nine inch heels on her feet, which allowed her to tower over Rohit. Her lips were blood red, just like her long nails, which he knew were real. Her hair was open. Her tits were bursting out of her costume.

“You knew I was coming?”, he asked, suddenly nervous. She walked up to him and grabbed his face in her hands, looking down on him. She pulled him close and pressed her plump, red lips against his. She pried open his mouth with her tongue. She also sucked on his tongue. He could feel her dildo touching his stomach.

“Of course I knew”, she replied after breaking the kiss, “I knew you would come. I know my bitches.”

“Nora, look…”, Rohit said, stepping away and trying to resist her power, “I came here to tell you that enough is enough. I need this to stop. My sister is innocent and she didn’t need to be involved. Jhanvi is just a young girl and she doesn’t need you to fuck her up. My wife – my own wife, she hates me. And I just…”, Rohit trailed off, on the verge of tears. He felt hollow inside. There was nothing there for him. His life was twisted and in ruins. Nothing made any sense anymore. He had cuckolded his own father. Cheated on his wife repeatedly. Spied on his younger sister. It was all a horrible mess and he didn’t know what to do about it.

“You just want your problems to go away”, Nora replied calmly. Her voice flowed in like a refreshing wave of water. She walked around him and hugged him from behind – her dildo against his back, her hands on his chest, her lips against his ears.

“I can make it all go away, Rohit. It doesn’t have to be this difficult. I’ll solve all your problems for you… you’ll be happy again”, she whispered, caressing his chest with her hands.

“I will?”, he asked sullenly.

“Of course you will”, she said, hugging him closer, “but you have to do something in return. You know what you have to do, don’t you?”

Rohit didn’t reply.

“Come on, Rohit. We both know there’s only one reason you sought me out in the middle of the night, wearing just a pair of boxers which don’t even hide your erection. If you just wanted sex, you could’ve gone to Jhanvi. If you just wanted some love and affection, you could’ve stayed with your sister. But no. You came to me, because you wanted everything. You want to love like you’ve never loved before. You want to fuck like an animal. You want to bare yourself like this is the altar of your God. That’s why you came to me. I can give you everything. You just have to show me you’re prepared to accept me.”

Rohit didn’t even notice when the tears started falling down his cheeks. He was trembling in Nora’s arms. She suddenly seemed so much larger than him.

“I’m sorry…”, he whimpered, letting himself go, “I’m sorry I tried to leave you, My Goddess.”

He lowered his boxers and reached around to spread his ass cheeks. Nora, smiling and content that her scheme had worked, spat on her gloved hand and rubbed it on Rohit’s asshole. She bent him over so his face was inches from the ground, pressed the dildo against his asshole and pushed it hard. Rohit unclenched his butt and felt the massive plastic toy stretch out his sphincter. He screamed out in pain – he knew Nora loved it. She grabbed on to his hips and started fucking him slowly but steadily.

“Who’s my bitch?”, she asked, panting.

“I’m your bitch, My Goddess”, Rohit replied. She revelled in his complete submission and kept fucking him harder and harder. Occasionally, she’d slap his ass hard. Sometimes, she’d pull out completely only to shove it all the way back in. The little protrusion at the other end of her dildo was working its magic on her pussy – rubbing her just where she needed to be rubbed. She fucked Rohit’s ass for around twenty minutes straight before she orgasmed hard on her own strap-on, squealing into the empty bungalow. Then she pulled out of Rohit and let him collapse on the floor. She stood above his body, victorious. They were both sweating, naked, and horny. She was not nearly done with him. She went to the wall near the door and brought the leash hanging off it to him. He went on his knees without her even asking. She tied the leash around his neck and smiled.

She yanked on his leash to get him on his fours and walked him to one of the rooms on the left side. It was her own personal BDSM chamber. Even Rohit had never seen it before. There were ropes, chains, toys, costumes, and even a toilet in there. Nora walked him to a platform which had ropes hanging from the ceiling. She stood him up and tied up so that he was hanging from the ceiling himself, legs open and ready for missionary-style sodomy. She stepped between his legs and spat on her dildo. She smiled at him. He smiled at her. She grabbed his thighs and shoved her dildo into his ass. She was drilling him for all she was worth, making him moan in pain and pleasure alike. He breasts popped out of her top, bouncing as she fucked his brains out. She pulled him up and hugged him tight. His dick and balls were sandwiched between them as she fucked him and kissed his neck. His legs were wrapped around her curvy waist.

“Are you ever going to leave me again?”, she asked him.

“No, Goddess Nora. Never. I am your slave. I will always be your slave.”

“And you will do everything I command.”

“And I will do everything you command.”

“No matter how scary, no matter how dangerous.”

“No matter how scary or dangerous, I will do it, My Goddess.”

“I know, my slave”, she replied lovingly, “because now you truly know that when you give yourself over to me completely, you have nothing to fear.”

“Yes, My Goddess.”

Nora fucked him harder and harder until he shot his load between their bodies. His sticky, gooey cum coating her costume and his chest.

“I’m so sorry, My Goddess”, Rohit kept saying apologetically.

“Don’t worry, my slave. I am forgiving. Here, eat your cum off my vest”, she said, untying him from the ropes and lowering him to the floor. He got on his knees and hungrily licked off his own cum, wincing at the taste but never stopping.

Once he was done, she told him to stand up and took him to another room – the bedroom. She pushed him down on the bed and tossed a cock ring to him.

“Get yourself hard and put that ring on it. Your Goddess needs your dick”, Nora said, stripping her clothes off.

Although Rohit had just ejaculated, he furiously jerked himself off and forced himself to get hard again. Once he was hard, he tightened the ring at the base of his cock, thereby ensuring that he didn’t cum before his Mistress needed him to. Nora jumped on him and sat on his cock. She began riding him like an animal. His eyes were transfixed by the sight in front of him. Nora’s perfect breasts were bouncing up and down. Her hands were up in her gorgeous hair as she rode him. The cock ring was beginning to hurt but he didn’t mind. Nora pulled him up and hugged him while continuing to ride him. His face was smothered in her perfect breasts. He was sucking on her nipples.

“That’s it”, she said in his ear while riding and suckling him, “I am your mommy. And your lover. And your Goddess. And you will never betray me.”

That night, Nora rode him for hours and came more times than she could count before finally getting off his cock. As soon as he loosened the cock ring, his sperm came oozing out of it. She sucked it off his dick and balls but only to spit it in his mouth and force him to swallow it. Then she got in bed with him and they cuddled. Rohit finally told her everything. He told her how he was in love with his mother and how he had a threesome. He told her that he also wanted to fuck Shraddha’s petite little body. He told her about Disha’s other younger sister Alia, whom he wanted to fuck ever since he met her. And he told her how Disha no longer loved him. He confessed everything, and fell asleep with his head resting on her soft breast.

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