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A Memory of Two Men from My Past

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It wasn’t a threesome, but rather two different sex acts in the same bed just minutes apart. Two friends. Different men. Different outcomes.

It all began when I was leaving a party one very early morning. It had been a terrible party – I’d only stayed as I had no place else to go – and I had zero interest in accepting any of the offers for adult company that had come at the end of the evening.

On the way out the door, I had stolen a bag of pot that I saw on the kitchen counter. (I was a terrible person then. I stole whatever I could.) I was feeling cocky about that, so I rolled one up, and was soon walking along a neighborhood street smoking it. Though pot was still very illegal back then, I wasn’t being discrete about it. The streets were empty. I think it was like 5AM.

A garbage truck drove slowly up the street picking up the cans. I wasn’t paranoid about it and kept smoking and walking towards them. When they got close, the workman lifting the cans called out asking if he could have a hit off my joint. He was good looking, so I was up to share, but he was filthy. I didn’t want him to touch it so I held up the joint to his lips so he could take a toke, which he was cool with.

Pretty quickly, the driver inside the truck called out to ask for a hit as well, and before I knew it, I was sitting shotgun in a trash truck sharing my weed with the garbage guys. Life can be like that sometimes.

The guy who was handling the cans stood on a small fender thing outside the truck. I continued to share conversation with him through the window though and held the joint for him when he took a hit between houses. The driver and I shared the joint the rest of the time. We went through three joints by the time they were done and ready to call it quits. It was still so early that people were getting in their cars to go to work.

They invited me to party with them. I certainly had nothing better to do. We had to take the truck back to the yard and they had me get out a block away so they wouldn’t get in trouble for having riders. They picked me up in a ford pickup and we were on our way.

I learned that their names were Dan and Dave and that they shared an apartment. That was where we headed to. When we got there Dan – who had been handling the cans – headed immediately for the shower while Dave and I shared our first beer of the day. When Dan was done, Dave grabbed the shower.

Cleaned up, they were both good looking men and they were friendly and funny. Dan was younger and had a wrestler’s body (strong upper arms and chest) while Dave had more of the slim body of a runner. We drank beers, finished up sarıyer escort the pot and watched tv until we were all stoned beyond repair.

It was not even noon, but these two were already at the end of their shift and “winding down” from their workday. I had of course been up all night, so after a few more beers I was feeling pretty mellow too. I admitted as much, asked if I could use the bathroom to freshen up, grabbed my small pack and wondered in. I’m sure they were surprised when they heard me turn on the shower, but I had been in a trash truck and even though it had been clean inside I’d still inherited a smell I was anxious to wash off.

I bathed and then slipped on some clean jeans and a tee from by bag. I didn’t have any clean underwear, so I went without. I exited the bathroom in my jeans and brushing my hair, and found while I was gone that Dave had fallen asleep on the couch and Dan was no longer in the living room. I looked around him and found him in his bedroom watching tv with the sound turned low so he didn’t wake up Dave. He was laying on his bed and invited me to join him.

I could see where this was going and didn’t mind at all. I slipped onto the bed with him and pretended to be interested in the tv, but within about 5 minutes we were both naked from the waist up making out big time.

He was generous with foreplay – lots of kissing – and he was really good about how he handled my boobs. (He didn’t maul them like most young guys did.) I was pretty into it by the time he made the move to put his hand in my pants. I had lost some serious weight in my time on the streets, so my jeans were plenty loose, and he slipped right inside without having to unbutton the buttons on my fly.

When he found no underwear, his fingers went straight for my cunt and it was like he went straight down my pants and his fingers went straight up into me in like one motion. The feel of his fingers in me was delicious. He had this way of moving his fingers in such a way that his middle finger was probing me while the other four fingers squeezed the lips of my cunt around it. It was a master move I wish they taught boys in schools, and I was quickly soaking wet and ready for what was next. I told him so probably louder than I should have as we heard Dave mumble an expletive in that way men do when they’ve been jarred awake suddenly.

Dan got up and shut his bedroom door and went to a bureau and pulled out a condom. He dropped his pants while I wiggled out of mine on the bed, He was quickly on top of me and then in me. I was so hot for him that I was practically esenyurt escort pulling his ass to push his cock into me as he moved up and down.

And then like that he was done. Two minutes tops and that’s being generous. He grunted, rolled over, and that was it. What a letdown. No apologies or acknowledgement of my needs or even my presence. I felt like a whore without the paycheck and it pissed me off more than a little bit.

I laid there for a few minutes and listened to him breath, expecting him to say something but he didn’t. He didn’t even take off his condom. It just hung there on his dropping member looking like one of those gross bags of milk they sell up in Canadian convenience stores.

I was full of rage and self-loathing. This wasn’t the first time in the last few months that I had been left high and dry and pretty much ignored once the guy I was with got off. I guess it comes with territory as I was hardly the kind of girl at this point that any guy was going to think about taking home to meet mom. Men just didn’t care about my happiness I told myself. I was a hole to cum in and little else to them.

I was just about to get up to leave when he reached over, whispered he was very sorry. When I caught his eye, I was surprised to see there was a tear or two there. Suddenly I was embarrassed for my own thinking. He explained that he had a problem with being a hair trigger sometimes and didn’t know what to do about it.

It felt a little better to know he at least cared, but frankly for some reason I was still irritated, so I stood up and grabbed my clothes while he finally started the task of rolling off the used condom. (One of the least attractive things a man can do in a woman’s presence.) Feeling a bit bitchy I perhaps too loudly responded that if he had a problem with cumming too fast, that’s all fine that he admits it, but what about my needs. Why start something you can’t finish?

After my little hissy fit, I darted for the door intending to grab my bag and re-dress in the bathroom, but when I opened the door, there was Dave standing there. (I think he had been listening). I don’t know what hit me, but I just grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room.

I remember I said “Dave, are you a real man?” as I pulled him onto the bed and straight on top of me. If Dave was shocked to find himself suddenly called into service, he quickly recovered. He fell on top of me, but quickly slid between my legs and parted me and started eating me out while he buttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants.

Maybe it was because he heard about Dan’s failure, but avrupa yakası escort he took a long time down there, and was enthusiastic with his tongue. He made me cum with this mouth and drank my juices pretty hungrily before sliding up into a kiss and into me with his cock.

He didn’t bother with a condom and where Dan’s cock had been a small and gentle intruder Dave was a jackhammer that filled me completely. He quickly had me pinned me to the bed and moved me farther towards the headboard with every stroke. As I moved farther up onto the bed he moved to stand on his knees and grabbed my legs and pulled my ass up, slamming into me a foot off the bed. It was pretty intense and amazingly good. I was in heaven in no time and cumming like a fountain.

Meanwhile, Dan was two feet away still holding the cum-bag he had rolled off his cock. He sat there on the bed and he had the sad face of a kid watching the other children play without being invited to join.

He watched for a few minutes before he reached down and began to masturbate. His cock was rock hard, though small. He moved slowly and squeezed hard and his face showed he was mesmerized by what he was watching. I sensed no embarrassment at masturbating in front of his friend, and I found that I enjoyed watching him. It took him several minutes to cum – making a mess of the sheets in front of him before he closed his eyes and seemingly fell off to sleep.

Dave came much later – leaving us both weak from the pounding he’d given me. He actually picked my up and took me to his bedroom leaving Dan alone with his mess. We went to sleep and had sex one more time when we woke up again about 6:30. He went back to sleep. I got up, got dressed, and slipped into the night.

I met and had sex Dave again over the next months. Always at his apartment, with Dan never far away. He never watched us have sex again, and I never got to watch Dan masturbate himself to climax, but I thought about it often when I was getting fucked. I always enjoyed myself and always had a place to sleep and shower so it was a good thing for me.

Finally, one afternoon after Dave slipped off to sleep, I pattered naked into Dans room and tried to seduce him. Again, great foreplay and he actually made me cum with his fingers before he entered me. Unfortunately, again he came practically as soon as he put on his condom.

Not only was it a bad fuck, but Dave heard about it and got jealous, and I the next time I tried to pop into their apartment I was turned away. I never understood Dave’s jealousy really, but men can be like that sometimes.

I have told a few of my girlfriends about this experience over the years, and they always seem to fixate on the idea that I had been passed around by a couple of garbage men. I have no regrets for the time I spent with them though. They were good guys who worked hard and treated people nicely and were more civilized and respectable than most men I meet in the corporate world.

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