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A New York Tale Pt. 05

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Big Tits

I woke up early the next day, despite us staying up late. The warmth of all five of us on a queen bed was too much for me. I was thoroughly entangled by limbs and I had to carefully extricate myself as so note to wake them. After five minutes of untangling notes, I was able to discretely slide into the shower and rinse myself off of the potpourri of bodily fluids, brown ran down my legs as the water removed all evidence of debauchery.

After toweling myself off, I pulled on some clothing and grabbed my laptop and went to Gregory’s Coffee on 23rd to get some work done. As I began to sip my coffee, I got a text from Kat “Where did you go? Nevermind, join this.” There was a link to download an app. I downloaded and made an account. I sent her my username and she invited me to join a group. I quickly saw that there were 3 other people in it, clearly the other deviant ladies.

‘Hi everyone’ I wrote.

‘Where did you go? We’re horny and you left us with the dirty sheets. Bad boy.’ wrote Joanna.

‘I stepped out to get some work done. I think you all can wait a bit, I’ll come back and take care of you.’ I responded.

‘Too late.’ Wrote Joanna. She linked me to a reddit post. The reddit post was scandelous to say the least. It was under random acts of blow job, a sub-reddit where people volunteered, well, you get it.

The post said there were four horny women over and anyone who wanted to could come by and fuck them. They said that condoms weren’t necessary and that men should not be afraid of sloppy seconds. They were really going to go wild.

I then realized that this app had read receipts.

“I see you’ve read it, we’re going to make you lick us all clean after.” Brittany wrote. She was coming out of her shell certainly.

I went back to the post and checked the number halkalı escort of upvotes, 5. Okay, maybe no one was going to come over.

I went back to my computer and got to work.

Around 30 minutes passed and I saw a buzz on my phone. It was from that app. When I opened it up, there was what was probably Brittany’s pussy with a white penis pushing in. It was a video and it showed this medium sized man slide in and then aggressively pound her.

‘Think we were playing? The long you’re out, the creamier we will be.’ Nita wrote.

I didn’t respond and went back to work.

This and I watched three more videos of each of the girls taking their first cocks from strangers. Then I got four images at once. There were photos of each of their pussies dripping of cum. Nita was lying on the floor and the other women were on the couch.

Then came the next batch, four videos of men sliding their cocks into the women’s already used homes. As I watched from the coffee shop, I could see cum streaking on the men’s cocks as they fucked. I wondered if they would clean these men off, but I decided not to respond. This round featured a bit more variety than the barrage of white cocks from the previous round. Nita took an absolutely massive black cock and Joanna took a very thick tanned cock. I would have guessed Latino, but would not have held firm to that guess.

They sent another round of photos, each of their pussies looked more abused this time.

I hurried through the rest of my work and sent them a text telling them I was coming back. I quickly received a response of ‘Not yet’ from Brittany and Joanna at the same time.

After some rounds of back and forth, they told me they had some more guys coming over and they would tell me when to head back.

I şişli escort patiently waited and thought about what I would trade in exchange for this. They were already so deviant and depraved, I decided to play it slow and low.

When I finally walked in, the room smelled like sex. Even more than last night. Well, it smelled overwhelmingly like semen. As I moved into the room, I saw them, naked, glowing with that post-sex glow. They looked tired, ready for a nap.

I moved swiftly. “There is a bit difference between licking one load out of someone and cleaning up from a gangbang. I’m willing to do this, but in the future, I am going to ask something. And when I do, you will have to say yes. There will be no outs.” I looked around, they looked like they had been caught by the high school principal. “Do you all agree?” Slowly, they all shook their heads.

I slowly got down on the floor and laid on my back. Nita went first, squatting her battered twat over my face as the cum of strangers oozed out of me. Her hole held open, temporarily gapped by the events that had transpired earlier. I swallowed what I could and tried to keep up as it continued to flow. I stuck my tongue into her as she put her hands on my chest and ground against me. Each push in with my tongue cause her pussy to open and more of the salty white cream oozed into my mouth.

When she was done, empty of cum, she stood up and motioned to Joanna.

Joanna squatted down and put her pussy against my face. Other men’s pubes were stuck to her labia, pretty gross. Definitely grosser than just licking up the cum. While Nita had squatted so my eyes looked into her asshole, Joanna positioned herself so she could see my face. She took her fingers and held her lips wide and aimed sarıyer escort the drops into my mouth. After she stopped dripping, she pushed her box against me and told me to “Lick.” Like with Nita, each lick opened the flood gates, almost drowning me in the cum. The men she had fucked had cum a lot, but it was watery. The sheer quantity made me struggle to keep up. While I licked her, she rubbed her clit and moaned. “This is so hot.” she groaned as she made me clean her slutty sex.

After she finished, Brittany stepped forwards. Her pussy had held together better. I wondered if she had fucked smaller men or was just more flexible down there. She also looked into my eyes as she did it. I saw sympathy in her eyes as she did it. Not that she felt bad, but she understood that it wasn’t exactly fair to spring this on me. That didn’t stop her from using me as a toilet for her exploits earlier in the day. As I licked her, queefs slid out, tickling my tongue. The queefs made the cum bubbly which made it more pungent, not a positive given how much cum I had just devoured. She began to rub her nipples while I gave her twat a tongue bath, moaning and becoming wet, which pushed out more and more of the cum.

Finally, Kat stepped up to have me clean her. She was trying to pretend that she was in charge. As she sat down, I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeeze, causing her to slide slightly, pushing her down onto my face more, not exactly the desired outcome. As I struggled to breath, I sucked down the cum, inhaling through my nose which was pushed against her stomach. Just a few more moments of this and I could breath properly. I had licked all of the cum and she was not moving. I began to finger her ass, thinking that it might prompt her to move.

It worked and she quickly got off me. I thought briefly about what I had done. I had never doubted my sexuality, but that was just so weird. I quickly went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and turned on the shower. As I stepped in to wash myself, I found that I had company. I had forgotten that the women likely needed showers just as much as I did if not even more.

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