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A Replacement for Susan Ch. 08

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Before my mother headed back to work we had figured the best time to install the location app onto my father’s phone was while he was in bed. Mom said she’d bring it to me as soon as he was sound asleep which was usually around eleven.

A text from Anne arrived just after mom had left. She told me she’d forgot her phone when she left in a rush first thing and had wanted to message me all morning to see if I was free that afternoon. She seemed to have no inclination her mother might have checked her phone and I’d already decided I wasn’t going to mention meeting her mother earlier.

Needless to say I hot footed it over to Anne’s for the second time that day and we had a very satisfying session in her room. Ordinary straight forward almost vanilla sex. It was actually quite refreshing!

On my way to see Simon after leaving Anne’s, Diane text to see if I fancied picking her up after her lesson.

Simon was even more buoyant than the last time I’d seen him. He told me about a threesome he’d had with Wendy and a friend of hers. I asked for details and he told me her friend was a lot a fitter than Wendy but he had a suspicion she might have been gay as she’d had a fascination with Wendy’s pussy and hadn’t let him fuck her, but she’d been naked and he’d fondled her boobs!

Like usual Diane could hardly wait to get to our spot and have fast hard sex before making out at a more leisurely pace. We chatted like we always do and for maybe the first time I started see her as someone I could see myself settling down with.

I was in my room reading a required book for my course when mom silently stole into my room around eleven. I was lying on my bed in my shorts and she had on quite a plain nightie. She handed me the phone and sat very close to watch as I installed the app which would allow us to track dads movements. Mom was so close I could feel her nipple rubbing my upper arm, I was sure she must have felt it too.

After I’d set the app up I opened my phone and showed her the marker on Google maps relating to dads phone. I should mention, my mom is a bit of a technophobe with some things but she readily grasped what it meant.

Before she slipped out of my room as silently as she’d entered we were both standing facing each other. I could easily make out the outline of her boobs as her nipples were by then quite hard. I could just made out the darkness of her pubes too. Moms gaze slipped down to the tent my dick was starting to make in my shorts. We stood like that for maybe ten seconds, it was like there was static buzzing in the room, I’m sure my mother felt it too as she had a look on her face similar to the time she had watched me with Mary.

The spell broke when she said she’d better get back to bed. She kissed me briefly on my cheek and left quickly after saying good night.

The next morning she was in quite a cheerful mood. Dad had been gone twenty minutes and she asked me to check where he was. My phone showed us he was where he was supposed to be, at his office. I asked if she’d found any more evidence and she told me she hadn’t noticed anything but hadn’t started really searching yet.

On a whim as she was leaving I asked if she could get back at lunch time but she told me she was tied up all day. I did think of seeing Mary anyway but at the time I actually didn’t feel like it. After a slow start I got into my studying every hour or so checking in on my dad who according bayan tuzla escort to the app never budged from his office. Even at lunch time he only went a few yards to a sandwich bar and back. I knew he always left work at five and watched him drive steadily back only stopping once for fuel.

For some reason I didn’t want to be home when he got in so I went to see Simon who was still happily reliving the events of the previous day. We played a few games on his computer and at seven I got a text off mom saying dad had said he was going out in a bit. I told her I’d be back in ten mins.

I passed dad in our hall way, he said he couldn’t stop and was out the door. Mom was in the kitchen. I sat on a stool beside her and together we watched where he was headed. When he stopped he was right outside Diane’s house!

I took a few moments for mom to work out where he was but when she did, boy did she swear! I’d never heard her say most of the words before. It was all I could do to stop her going around to Mary’s with a baseball bat.

Eventually she calmed down. But when she did, she began to cry. I got off my stool and hugged her as she sat on her’s. As tough as she wanted us all to believe she was, my mother appeared to be the same as everyone else when push came to shove.

After a while she stopped sobbing but I carried on holding her until I felt her pull away. Mom looked at my shirt and started laughing.

‘Look what I’ve done to your shirt!’ she exclaimed. ‘I’m so sorry Paul, what must you think of me.’

‘Mom, I’ve no idea what you mean. You just found out dads cheating on you. You have every right to shed a few tears.’

‘I wasn’t crying over your father getting his rocks off or his backside caned by that slut. I was crying because it seems like everyone in the world is having fun but me!’

This semi outburst surprised me. I reminded her what she’d got up to a few days ago. She grudgingly admitted she had enjoyed slapping Mary, even more so now! What about parading around in front of me, nude. I asked.

‘Ok. I get it I have been having a little fun recently, but I still feel like it’s passing me by.’

‘Life you mean?’

‘Yes life.’

‘What is it you think you’re missing? If I can help, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel you’re living life in the fast lane.’

‘Oh Paul. That’s already cheered me up. Is your dad still with the slut?’ I checked my phone and nodded. ‘Will you take me out for a drink? I don’t want to be here when he gets back. I can freshen up while you change your shirt.’

‘Mom, that’s a great idea. Put on something sexy and we’ll raise a few eyebrows.’ I joked as I headed up the stairs.

My mother took me at my word. When she joined me in the kitchen she was wearing a lightweight blouse through which I could plainly see her bra as well as quite a short loose skirt.

‘Wow mom! That is what I call a sexy outfit. Where do you fancy going?’

‘Lets drive for a bit and decide when we’re moving’

I drove us about twenty miles, into the next town and a pub I’ve drank in a few times. As we walked from the car to the pub mom slipped her arm into mine and said she wanted everyone to think she was my cougar this evening. I thought it was a great idea and set about playing the part of her young stud!

We had a great time in the bar. My mother touched me in one way or pendik escort another just about the whole time we were there. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but she seemed to take every opportunity to rub her boob against my arm or my back. Once or twice I felt myself getting hard but did my best to ignore the fact. For my part I had my hand on her thigh or over her shoulders most of the time.

It was eleven when we got back. We already knew dad had got in around half nine. Mom checked on him and as per usual she said, he was dead to the world. In the kitchen she put her arms around my neck and kissed me like she was kissing a lover. It took me completely by surprise but I have to admit I didn’t find it unpleasant!

‘That was for doing an excellent good job of cheering me up.’

She kissed me again, a little longer and said, ‘That was for being such a thoughtful son.’

The third kiss was a real beaut and lasted long enough for me to forget who was kissing me and I started feeling her behind. ‘That was for saying I looked fit the other day.’

The during the fourth kiss my hands absentmindedly found their way under her skirt to fondle her panty clad bum. When she didn’t speak I asked what that kiss was for. She smiled and said, ‘That one was because I like kissing you.’

By then I was well and truly turned on and not in complete control of my tongue which is possibly why I told her to get ready for bed and I’d give her a goodnight kiss. We climbed the stairs together and separated on the landing. I undressed and was in my boxers when she came into my room wearing only her thin cotton nightdress.

Without speaking she came to me and we had our longest and most sensual kiss so far, my one hand was under her nightie fondling her bum while the other massaged one of her tits though the thin material of her nightie. Moms hands were all over me too, she pulled me tight to her and rubbed her self against my extremely hard dick.

Eventually we came up for air and my mother had the same look of raw lust on her face I’d seen the other day. I pushed my shorts off and proudly showed her the effect our kissing had had on me. If she had moved closer I would have pulled her onto my bed and made love to her. Her inner strength was obviously stronger than mine because she slowly back out of my room with a look of grim determination on her face. At the door she whispered, good night and went to her room.

Needless to say I had no chance of sleeping without relieving the pressure so I jacked off for the first time in, actually I couldn’t remember!

I stayed in my room until I heard dad leave the next morning and went down for breakfast in just my shorts. My mother was in the kitchen in her towelling bathrobe. Not being too sure how to act around her after last night, I settled for a cherry good morning. I was very relieved when she gave as cheerful a greeting in reply. I was so relieved in fact, I turned her face to mine and kissed her lightly on her lips.

‘You know stud, we were extremely naughty last night.’

‘You know mother, I do believe you’re correct. But I for one enjoyed ever immoral second of it.’

‘I did too you know. It was very naughty of you to tempt me like you did.’

‘It could be said it was very naughty of you to leave me like that. You’re lucky I’m still speaking to you, if a date left me hanging like that, it’s unlikely they’d tuzla kendi evi olan escort get a second date.’

‘I am honoured. As a matter of interest, what were you hoping I’d do?’

‘Put out of course.’

‘You wanted to have sex with you mother?’

‘Last night in my room you weren’t my mother you were an attractive women I’d spent a very enjoyable evening with, who happened to be wearing very little.’

‘Do you know, I almost didn’t put my nightie on.’

‘If you hadn’t there’s no way you’d have got out of it un-fucked.’

‘I wonder if you know how close I was to falling into your arms when you took your shorts off.’

‘I know how close it was.’

I put my right hand on the top of her chest near her neck. We looked into each others eyes as I let it slip down until I held her left boob in my hand. We shared a light kiss which nether the less was full of as much passion as any we’d shared last night.

My phone bleeped which broke the spell and we separated. It was Diane asking if I’d like to come over later in the morning. I told my mother who it was and how I was starting to feel about her. She was genuinely very happy for me.

She went up to her room to get ready for work as I ate my breakfast. Before she left I removed the lipstick from her lips and gave her something to think about on her drive to work.

Diane was in a great mood, she’d asked if I wanted to have a walk around the shopping centre so when I got to her place we headed straight out. We hadn’t gone half a mile when she mentioned my dad had been at her house last night. Only just managing to keep the car straight I asked as casually as I could why he’d been there. Apparently he and her dad had gone out while she and her mom had watched a film on the box!

The one failing of the tracker in dads phone was it only tacked where the phone went. Dad must have left his in his car when he parked. Diane saw something was wrong and when she asked, I told her about my mom thinking my dad was cheating on her and how I had put an app on his phone to track him and how when he went to her house last night we’d both thought he had been there with her mom.

Diane could see why we’d made the assumption but told me my dad had gone out her father a few days ago too. I asked where they went and she said as far as she knew it was some fraternity thing. Like the Masons? I asked, Diane just shrugged.

The first chance I got, I messaged my mom the latest info. Her concise reply was, WTF.

After checking out a few shops and being introduced to a few of her friends we went back to her place and had normal straight sex like I’d had with Anne, yesterday with similar satisfaction!

I had dinner with my parents which was almost a comical situation. Mom was looking decidedly sheepish while dad was his normal, not quite boring self. I mentioned Diane had told me he’d gone out with her father last night… he wasn’t cagey or secretive, he just said they went for a drink. Mom caught my eye, and nodded towards dad. I said I didn’t know he knew Diane’s father and he said he’d known him for years, their companies did a lot of business together.

If mom wanted any more gen I figured she could field the next question else it’d look like I was being nosy! As it was dad got a call and excused himself from the table. While he was in the lounge mom asked me what I thought, I shrugged and said as far as I could see dad had most likely joined a fraternity like Diane said and possibly her father had introduced him.

‘Who knows,’ I said ‘The weals on his behind might have been some weird initiation thing.’

Mom looked at me with out speaking and maybe realised I was more than likely right on the money.

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