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A summer with Tommy

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First story, I have alot of experiances with Tommy. This our first one that involves a sleepover. We were both 14 years old at the time.

My name is Mike, and this is a story about a time in my life where i had feelings towards my neighbor Tommy. We were the best of friends, always swimming in the pool together and playing sports. He was like me in body type, he was thin and had some muscle coming in. His hair was light brown like mine and his butt was he cutest when it showed through his bathing suit. I wasn’t sure he liked me or thought of me in hat way, until we had a sleepover one night.

It was a Friday night, and I just hung up with Tommy. He asked me if i wanted to sleepover. I was delighted at the offer. I asked my dad and he smiled at me and asked to sit down. I was confused on why my dad was doing this. He looked me in the eyes and asked if there were girls here. I said no just me and Tommy. He patted me on the shoulder and said whatever you say son.

I put this conversation out of my head and packed my stuff. I was wearing plaid blue pajama pants and a white t shirt that helped reflect my light blue eyes. Tommy answered the door and in his pubescant voice told me to come in. He was wearing gray sweatpants nd a white t shirt. We said Hi to his mom Carol as we went downstairs into the basement which was his room. We played video games and talked about girls at our school. kocaeli escort When it was about 2 in the morning Tomy asked if i wanted to watch porn. I was shocked at the notion but i tried to act cool and say yea why not? His face gleamed and his rosy lips formed a smile. We sat on two Beanbags that he had in front of the T.V an he put on a HBO show. It showed a two guys having sex with a girl, at the same time!

Slowly but surely my 6-7 inch hard began to rise in my pants. I looked over at Tommy and i saw a boner vaguely in his pants. He and I were touching ourselevs on top of the pants when he flung off his pants and shirt, now exposing his skinny stomach and his boxers. He told me take it off also, so i did obediantly. We sat together on the bed now, rubbing our hard ons on top of the boxers. He stood up and asked if I wanted to see his boner. I couldn’t be more excited. I said yea I wanna see so bad. He flung off his boxers and they hung on his feet.

His dick was beautiful. It was about 7-8 inches and had very deep red ring. he had a fairly small bush of pubes, only covering the end of his dick. I stood up, and told him to pull mine down. He walked over and got on his knees and hooked his fingers in my boxers. He pulled them down and my cock flung up. Not to brag, but it had alot of pubes, a fairly good bush, not deep though. He was amazed and grabbed my balls and lightly rubbed them. I told him thT he was so cute. darıca escort He smiled and grabbed my dick forcefully. he put the tip in his mouth and I don’t know why i was so agressive but i grabbed his head and pushed my dick all the way in, so now his lips were touching my balls. I face fucked him and he took it. I didn’t cum cause i didnt think he wanted me to so i let my dick slide out. He psuhed mon the bed and shoved his dick in my mouth. I grabbed his ass with both of my hands as he pumped in and out. I felt his ass tremble as he shot a load in my mouth. I pushed him off and he laughed. I said thats disgusting but he brushed me off. He went to his closet and i said Oh god what now. He pulled out a blowup doll! I was amzed at how sexual my best friend was, and i never suspected it. He told me he got it from cousin, obviously also a sex addict. He laid it on the bed and immediatly jumped into it’s open legs pumping with all his might, his ass clenching with every thrust. I decided to joke around with him and as he was fucking the doll, I opened his ass and put my dick up against the hole. He jumped and said don’t dare do that. I alughed and pulled out.

After jeking off for a while watching him fuck the doll, I asked if i could join. He said yeah, and he picked te doll up, laid down on the bed, put the doll on his stomach, and entered it’s ass. He had his arms wrapped around it’s stomach not to let gölcük escort it go. He said take the front. I did as he said and went missionary on it as he fcuked it’s ass. I felt his balls touch against mine as I quivered. He pulled out of the ass and entered the pussy with me. I couldn’t believe it! My friend and i ubbed dicks as we thrusted and tried to get deeper into a blow up doll. We fucked it so hard, I soon had to cum. I came in it with Tommy at the same time. We pulled out and he put it back in the closet. I told him I always thought he was cute and hot, and he told me he started to think about me since He pantsed me in the pool one day and saw my dick. I smiled and asked him if he wont tell anyone about this, and he looked at me and said Of course not, I would be so embarresed also. I told him if he wanted to try to fuck my ass, I would let him but I would get to fuck him after.

He seemed a little put off by the offer, and he asked if he could just fuck me, and that he didnt like the idea of being fucked. I said no deal then. Finnally he gave in to my offer and walked over the bed. I laid on all fours and braced for what i thought was not that good of an experiance i must say.

Part 2 will include the final stages of our sleepover night and a surprise! Sorry that it was fairly short, i couldn’t finish it all because I have to get ready to go out with friends. Btw, I am not gay nor bisexual. I guess we all just have to have our share of fairly wierd experiances. Comments and feedback is greatly appreciated. Once again it was my first story so I am new at this. PART 2 SOON. Hope you enjoyed

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