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Afro-Mexican Bisexuality is OK

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The sun rose over the City of Oaxaca, the most beautiful place in all of Mexico. Marcello Santos got up, and got ready for another day at work at Francisco’s Bazaar. Marcello is a six-foot-tall, lean and athletic, good-looking young man of Afro-Mexican descent. He’d been living in lovely Oaxaca all his life, having been born there to a Mexican father, Miguel Santos, and a Nigerian immigrant mother, Isabelle Adewale. Marcello aspires to go to university someday and make something of his life. For the time being, Marcello is saving money for college, and trying to stay out of trouble.

Marcello’s dream school, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, is the best school in the country and has about three hundred thousand students. It’s tough to get in, and while Marcello’s grades are good, the brother is also seriously poor. Marcello’s father Miguel Santos died a couple of years ago, and left the family with a lot of debt. Marcello is the only support whom his mother Isabelle Adewale-Santos and his sister Nikita Santos have. Yup, the brother has a hard life.

Last week, Marcello’s girlfriend Ramona Rios dumped him for a gringo named Stuart something or other whom she met at her waitressing job at Restaurante Felipe on Bulevar San Giacomo. Marcello missed Ramona dearly. The gal was tall, curvy and sexy, with dark bronze skin, long dark hair and a big round butt. Ramona was also a mestiza, having been born in San Miguel De Allende to a Mexican father and a white mother originally from Bilbao, Spain. Ramona was feisty but her loving was sweet. Marcello missed her so much that he was daydreaming on the job on that fateful day…

“Hey amigo, hurry up with that,” said Antonio, Marcello’s bully of a boss, a stocky old Mexican who isn’t exactly fond of non-Mexicans. Marcello just started working on that particular day, and didn’t need any bullshit but hey, such is life when one works for a bozo. For Antonio, the fact that Marcello was part black meant that he could never be Mexican enough. Never mind that there have been African-descended people in Mexico for centuries. In fact, the region of Oaxaca is known for its famous Afro-Mexican minority community. Normally, Marcello ignores Antonio’s baiting, but not today…

“If you worked half as hard as you talked, you’d be a rich man, pendejo,” Marcello heard himself reply, stunning both Antonio and the other workmen nearby. Antonio’s eyes went wide, and he looked at Marcello as though the young man had two heads. Antonio walked up to Marcello like he was about to start something and Marcello braced himself. In Mexico, machismo is part of the culture and anyone who disrespects the man next to him will have a fight on his hands. That’s just the way it is.

“Cabron, you’re fired,” Antonio said with a wicked grin, and Marcello scoffed, took off his apron and tossed it at his former boss, narrowly missing his face. Marcello walked away, and caught the bus to Calle Rosas, where he lived. It’s not easy for a brother in Mexico, even if he was born there, speaks the language and knows the culture. Mexico isn’t like America or Canada, where the racism is systemic and downright passive aggressive. In Mexico, if people don’t like your skin tone, they let you know to your damn face.

Marcello got home and walked his little dog Harry, a Jack Russell terrier, and as he walked around his neighborhood, he saw an old newspaper on a street corner. Marcello picked it up and saw an ad for El Capitan Security, a security company that was desperately looking for security guards. The job paid one hundred and fifty pesos per work day, which wasn’t bad. Marcello grabbed his cell phone and dialed up the number, and a sultry female voice answered.

“Buenas dias, this is Marianna Suarez, for El Capitan Security, how many I help you?” the lady asked, and Marcello grinned. The brother had always been quite good at selling himself and he expressed his interest in the company and his eagerness to work security. Marcello didn’t even have a security licence, but he had a good friend named Luis Lopes who could help him with that. Luis is a master of forgeries, among other things.

“I’ll be at the interview tomorrow, ten o’clock sharp,” Marcello assured Marianna, who reminded him to bring a resume, and then erotik film izle hung up. Marcello went home and fed his dog, and then typed up a resume on his laptop. Since his printer was not working, Marcello saved his work on a USB and then headed to the Biblioteca Publica De Oaxaca, the local public library, and then printed three copies of his resume. Next stop? Marcello went to Calle Guerrera, to see his buddy Luis.

“Buenas dias, el negro, come on in,” said Luis, a stocky, muscular Mexican dude with a buzz cut and a slick smile. Marcello went into Luis’s place and the two exchanged dap. Marcello expected to see Alejandra Mercado, the big-booty, dark-haired and bronze-skinned chick from Puerto Vallarta whom Luis was currently banging. Luis was something of a womanizer and known for it all over the City of Oaxaca. Luis also had a few bad habits which weren’t as well known. Marcello and Luis go way back, in more ways than one.

“Amigo, I need you to help me get a security licence,” Marcello said, and Luis grinned, and then headed to his makeshift office. Luis took a picture of Marcello with his cell phone and sent it to his email, and then looked online for a picture of what the Oaxaca Ministry of Security licences looked like. Luis downloaded a copy of the licence, played around on his computer graphics system, and then created a believable fake copy of Marcello’s future security licence.

“I will have the actual card for you by tonight, this is going to cost you two hundred pesos,” Luis said, and Marcello grimaced, for he did not have the cash. Marcello and Luis made eye contact, and Marcello sighed, for he knew exactly what Luis wanted. Luis goes around banging hot women all over Oaxaca City, but he is also fond of the fellas. Of course, Luis keeps his bisexuality hush hush because Mexicans aren’t known for their fondness for LGBT folks. The country is largely conservative and not changing anytime soon. Luis has his manly fun on the low, as they say…

“Alright, let’s get this over with,” Marcello said, pretending he wasn’t going to enjoy what was going to happen. Luis grinned and the two men undressed, admiring each other’s manly physiques. Luis grabbed Marcello’s long and thick, dark and uncircumcised dick. As Marcello looked on, Luis knelt before him and sucked his dick like it was no big deal. Marcello grinned, for he’d seen Luis grinding against fine women at the clubs, drinking, talking tough and acting like the most macho of men. A lot of bisexual guys in Mexico do the same thing Luis do. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, bisexual or gay, in Mexico you must be macho. It’s part of the culture.

“Hmm, I fuck women of all races but when it comes to dick, I exclusively chase you African brothers,” Luis said, winking at Marcello as he sucked his big dark balls. Marcello groaned as Luis fingered his ass, and then he came. Marcello can never resist blowing his load when his prostate is stimulated. It is the brother’s weakness. When Marcello came, Luis drank every last drop of his cum. Marcello was about to thank his good buddy Luis for a job well done when came a knock at the door. Panicking, Luis hid Marcello in a storage room, put his clothes on and went to answer the door.

“Hello handsome, I came to surprise you,” said Alejandra, as Luis greeted her at the door. Luis smiled nervously at Alejandra, who looked gorgeous in a red tank top and blue jeans. Taking Alejandra by the hand, Luis rushed her to the bedroom, hoping against hope that he wasn’t about to get caught. For a lot of bisexual men, getting caught with a man, by their woman, is a veritable nightmare. Second only to getting outed to their woman by some angry man that they had sexual dealings with. Yeah, it’s a complicate d life.

“You look gorgeous, sexy lady,” Luis said as he hastily undressed Alejandra, admiring her curvy, sexy body. The young Mexican woman lay on the bed, stark naked, rubbing her perky breasts while looking at her boyfriend expectantly. Luis blew Alejandra a kiss and then proceeded to worship her. Mexican women are a gorgeous lot, but Alejandra was something else. Luis really couldn’t get enough of her. Alejandra grinned as Luis spread her legs and began eating her pussy. The young woman closed her eyes and relaxed as film izle her Mexican gangster of a lover licked her pussy and fingered her, causing her to moan in pleasure. Nobody makes love to a woman quite like a passionate Mexican man…

“Hmm, yes Papi, come mi gato, eat my pussy,” Alejandra squealed, and Luis ate her pussy like a hungry man. He stimulated his lady’s pussy with his fingers and tongue and didn’t let up until she came. Afterwards, Luis put Alejandra on all fours, smacked her big ass and fucked her on all fours. Alejandra moaned deeply as Luis pulled her hair and smacked her big butt as he fucked her. The young Mexican woman loves rough sex, and her gangster boyfriend never failed to satisfy her cravings. The two of them fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow.

In the storage room, looking through the tiny peephole, Marcello could see Luis and Alejandra fucking in the bedroom directly across from where he was at. Dammit, Luis could really fuck a bitch good. Marcello stroked his dick as he watched Luis fuck Alejandra. Why not enjoy a free show? After Luis fucked her silly, Alejandra laid him down on the bed and sucked his big dick until he came. Afterwards, the couple cuddled and bantered, while a certain impromptu voyeur anxiously waited.

At some point, Alejandra showered, got dressed and left, and Luis went to get Marcello from the storage room. The young Afro-Mexican grinned at his buddy, who laughed nervously. Marcello was still horny, and since Luis was there and Alejandra was gone, the two young bisexual men had themselves some fun. Smarter folks would have learned not to play with fire after coming so close to getting burned, but Marcello and Luis aren’t smart. They’re young Mexican men who will fuck anything that moves, female or male. Not a lot of thinking goes into that.

“Oh yeah,” Marcello groaned as Luis put him on all fours and shoved his cock up his ass. Groaning, the dark-skinned young man stroked his big dark dick as his good buddy fucked him. Luis is a Mexican man who loves booty and doesn’t care if said booty belongs to a woman or a man. The bisexual Mexican gangster doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the race or the gender of those whom he fucks. Is that a progressive attitude or what? Luis fucked Marcello until the tall brother tapped out, and then they took a breather. Marcello showered, got dressed and left Luis place with a smile on his face.

When Marcello reached his apartment, he saw that he had messages from his mother and sister. Marcello wired them some money though his Citibanamex account, and then decided to chill for the rest of the day. Marcello lay in bed, thinking about the wild times he had with Luis. Too bad Luis is deeply closeted with his shit, otherwise Marcello would love to have a threesome with him and Alejandra one of those days if she was down with it. Marcello doesn’t run around telling everyone that he’s bisexual, but his mother and sister know. Marcello also tells women about his other side when things get serious. For the Afro-Mexican bisexual stud, that’s good enough. Marcello was nodding off while watching his favorite movie, El Mariachi, when his buzzer went off…

“Hey Papi, did you miss me?” Ramona Rios said with a grin, as Marcello greeted her at the door. The tall, curvy young Mexican woman looked at her former boyfriend, who blinked in surprise. Ramona could tell that Marcello had sex recently. He smelled like it, even though he showered recently. Ramona wondered if Marcello slept with a woman or a man. The brother had always been honest with her about his bisexuality, something which, while it annoyed Ramona, also made her respect him. A lot of men lie to their women about stuff like that, but Marcello is a different breed…

“What are you doing here and where is your rich white boyfriend?” Marcello demanded, and Ramona pushed past him and went into his place. Marcello couldn’t believe her nerve. Ramona has always been a spoiled brat, with her parents being rich and shit, and she is also entitled. Marcello wondered what she wanted from him. The brother is broke like a joke and trying to make ends meet. Females don’t tend to stick around a brother in that kind of situation.

“Stuart got violent with me and I dumped him,” Ramona said, seks filmi izle with a sad shrug, and instantly, Marcello’s whole demeanor changed. Marcello went from being pissed at Ramona for dumping his ass for a rich white dude to wanting to know where Stuart lived so he could beat his ass. Marcello is something of a trickster who plays fast and loose with the rules sometimes but his mama and his sister taught him to respect women. Marcello looked at Ramona with concern, and hugged her tenderly. Ramona almost felt bad for lying to him about her situation. Stuart dumped Ramona for another chick, but Marcello doesn’t need to know that…

“You can stay with me while you figure things out,” Marcello said, and Ramona grinned and kissed him on the cheek. Ramona surprised Marcello by ordering food, and actually paying for it. The two of them sat down and ate, then caught up. Ramona was still going at the Instituto Technologico De Oaxaca, and her studies were going well. El Instituto Technologico De Oaxaca was another school that Marcello couldn’t afford, otherwise he would have loved to study there with Ramona.

“I missed you, Marcello, say, are you seeing anybody?” Ramona asked pointedly, and Marcello shook his head. Grinning, Ramona gently laid her hand on Marcello’s thigh, and leaned closer to him. Marcello blinked, wondering why Ramona was acting like this. When they were together, Ramona got on Marcello’s nerves, for real. For a gorgeous gal, Ramona was surprisingly insecure and had jealousy issues. Oh, and Marcello could not forget how Ramona also got on his case for not making enough money and not being in college or university at the age of twenty. Yeah, Ramona is a handful.

“Ramona, what are you doing?” Marcello asked, and she ignored his question and unzipped his pants. As Ramona began sucking his dick, Marcello leaned back on the couch and stopped asking questions. For the second time that day, Marcello got his dick sucked by someone with ulterior motives. Ramona sucked Marcello’s dick, gently pulling back his foreskin and flicking her tongue over his dick head while fellating him. After that, Ramona sucked on Marcello’s balls, and soon he was moaning her name. Ramona had Marcello right where she wanted him.

“Fuck me, but use a condom,” Ramona demanded haughtily as she got on all fours. Marcello looked at Ramona’s big ass swaying from side to side like a pendulum of temptation and grinned. He rolled a condom on his big dick and came up behind her. Ramona sighed happily as Marcello worked his dick into her pussy and began fucking her. Gripping Ramona’s hips, Marcello fucked her with deep, passionate strokes. Marcello missed Ramona’s big ass, but he also wanted to make her pay for being such a bossy woman and a temptress.

“You missed this dick, huh?” Marcello roared as he slammed his dick into Ramona, making her booty bounce while also making her scream. Mexican women like Ramona are very feisty, bossy and passionate. A brother has to dominate them in the bedroom and dick them down on the regular otherwise their attitude problem will hit the damn room. Yeah, a Mexican woman needs a hard fucking and Marcello is definitely the right Afro-Mexican brother for the job. Ramona rode him hard until she came, and then tapped out. Marcello held her in his arms and grinned, for Ramona was like putty in his hands. That’s how a brother knows he’s good…

“Hmm, I needed that,” Ramona said, grinning, as she headed for the showers. Marcello smiled at her as she walked away. Marcello’s phone buzzed, and he grinned when he saw that it was Luis, reminding him to pick up his new security guard licence from his place by nightfall. Luis is into a lot of crooked shit and is a wannabe gangster but he does deliver for his friends, so Marcello will always be his friend. With Ramona back in his life, Marcello knew to expect some drama. There’s always something with that woman, for real.

As Ramona Rios showered, she smiled while thinking of the good times she and Marcello Santos once had. The brother was broke, and while smart, he lacked the drive to get certain things done. That’s why Marcello needs someone like her in his life. Ramona is done with Stuart, and intends to win Marcello back. While he has his faults, he was always honest with her and treated her like a queen. Such qualities are rare in a man. Ramona vowed to not only win Marcello back, but she would help him get in school and make something out of his life. Everything was going to be alright.

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