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Alison Goes to London Ch. 15

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The story so far:

It is 2050, and Alison is a student at the Royal Academy of Fucking in London. Her closest friends are Bradley and Claire — with the latter of whom she is having a clandestine love affair. Her other friend Eva has now broken up with her abusive fuck-buddy Chad, who seems, unaccountably, to be stalking her. And Alison has offered to help a college acquaintance of hers, aspiring anal slut Riley, to become a fucker like her.


“OH FUCK, I CAN’T FUCKING DO THIS!!!” screamed Alison in frustration. She was standing naked in the bathroom, scowling angrily at a flexible suction-cup dildo which waggled mockingly at her from her wall-length mirror. Her mouth was drooling — but her pussy was not. There was nothing, Alison thought, nothing at all pleasant about trying to deepthroat a dildo.

“What is it, pretty cunt?” called Claire from the bedroom.


“I’ve never known you to be unable to take a dildo, baby,” said Claire, as she appeared naked at the bathroom door, wiping sleep from her eyes. “What’s the — oh!” Claire paused as she took in the sight of the dildo, protruding from the mirror some five feet off the ground. “Are you…?” She smiled knowingly, and giggled.

“DON’T FUCKING LAUGH AT ME!” bellowed Alison at her lover, pouting and clutching at her own throat. “I CAN’T FUCKING DO THIS!”

“Oh baby, baby, I’m sorry, it’s just — why didn’t you tell me you wanted to learn to deepthroat? I can help you, my love, you don’t have to do this alone! Where did you get this thing anyway?”

“Eva gave it to me. She said it might help if I just did a bit every day. She said I need to relax — but I can’t fucking relax if I feel like I’m gonna puke all the time!”

“Fuuuck, sweet cunt, there there, you should have told me. Here, I can help you relax — let’s do this together, my love.” She wrapped her arms around Alison’s naked body, as their breasts squashed against each other and their tongues gently entangled. “Mylove,” Claire smiled.

“Oh, say that again, baby: it makes my heart flutter,” muttered Alison into Claire’s hair.

“I’m not sure we want you all a-flutter if you want to learn to deepthroat,” giggled Claire. But she said it again anyway: “MyLove.” And, as she slid slowly downwards, “Here, turn toward the wall, lean forward a bit, and let me relax you first…”

It was not long before Alison was moaning in soft pleasure, as she felt Claire’s clement tongue probing between her buttocks, gently tickling her little pucker into a modest but blossoming gape. “That’s so good, Claire,” she whimpered, as her lover’s hand slid between her thighs, curling a finger upwards into her sweet depths. “Yeah, finger my pussy, baby, while you lick that asshole, that’s so fucking good…”

As warmth and pleasure from her nether regions suffused her body, Alison looked again at the latex member waggling at her from the wall mirror, and in her re-awakened lust it began — just began — to look tempting. She licked at it tentatively, then wrapped her lips around the glans. Claire’s oral and digital ministrations were gentle — perfectly calibrated, in fact, to help Alison to relax into her horniness, rather than making her desperate to come. Alison moaned. She wanted something in her mouth, and she began to suck the dildo deeper and deeper, basking in the double pleasure of three of Claire’s fingers up her pussy, and her lover’s wet tongue slurping just round the rim of her rectum.

“Aargh!” Alison gagged. It wasn’t working. “Fuck this fucking throat of mine! How I do not gag, Claire, when something’s fucking choking me?”

“Okay, babe, let’s take it one step at a time. Here, let me take that thing off the wall.” The dildo squelched noisily as Claire prised it off. She slid it gently up her own pussy, twirling it around a couple of times so that when she pulled it out again it glistened with a thick layer of cunt-juice. “Always nicer when it’s tasty!” she giggled, before holding it gently up to Alison’s mouth. “Now, baby, I want you to sing for me.”

“You’re joking, right?” Alison pulled a face.

“No, seriously. Open your mouth wide, breathe slowly through your nose, stick your tongue out like you’re at the doctor’s, and hum from the back from your throat, ‘Aaaaaaaah…'” That’ll help keep your throat relaxed, and stop you retching on your own saliva. Go on, try it.”

Alison did as instructed, humming a half-speed contralto version of the “Bates Butt” jingle whilst Claire gently held the dildo, easing it ever so slowly into Alison’s mouth. Every time Alison started to get tense or nervous, Claire moved the fake cock slightly backwards, giving Alison a chance to regain control of her breathing. “Oh good, pretty fuck-slut, that so good,” Claire encouraged. “Relax, relax, it’s okay, you’re my bestest cunty-baby.”

After several false starts, Alison managed to get to the point where she could stand the feeling of the dildo at the back of her throat. She continued Amazon prime izle to hum, switching to a slowed-down version of “The Prettiest Whore”, still gargling her spit to keep herself relaxed, letting all the dribbles flow unimpeded down her chin.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s good. Guys will like that,” Claire continued her encouragement — until they were interrupted by a familiar voice calling through the bathroom door: “Hey, is anybody there?”

“Hey, Brad, just the cock we needed!” Claire called out.

“I just wondered if you wanted to join me in jerking off to one of those 1980s porn flicks — you know, prep for Monday?”

“Later, sure thing, Brad — but come here first: Alison’s learning to deepthroat!”

“You’re kidding!” said Brad, poking his head around the door and taking in the sight of his two lovely lady friends in the bathroom, Alison’s lips wrapped around the dildo, Claire kissing her face and neck soothingly, her hand gently stroking her vulva.

“Well, here’s your chance, Dinky Dick!! giggled Claire. “Wanna be Alison’s first ever real live deepthroat cock?”

They moved into the bedroom. Alison knelt, eyes closed, and opened her mouth wide to Bradley’s rather small cock. Still humming and moaning, gently encouraged by Claire’s whispered words of love and pleasure, she felt Bradley’s member gently touch bottom. She hummed yet more, concentrating on inhaling slowly through her nose, feeling her saliva gurgle and gargle against Bradley’s cock-head, the excess continuing to dribble slowly out of her lips and down onto her tits. Bradley was, as ever, as wonderfully sensitive at fucking throat as he was at pussy or ass. Whenever Alison started to gag, he would gently, slowly, pull back to allow her to regain her composure and to relax her throat again. And then he would wait until Alison signalled ready, her tongue outstretched as she recommenced her humming, softly reciprocating with just a touch more of his length. Soon Alison was finding her flow, enjoying the satisfaction of each new quarter-inch, realising that the flesh of Bradley’s abdomen seemed just a tiny bit closer each couple of minutes — until she felt the tip of her nose touch his stomach, and her tongue stroking the slack skin of his scrotum.

“By George, she’s got it!” squealed Claire — prompting a fit of giggles in Alison — which made her retch and spit Bradley’s dick out — a long gloopy string of saliva following in its wake.

“Don’t make me fucking laugh!” scolded Alison, scowling, before slowly recommencing her long slow gradual descent towards Bradley’s abdomen again.

Claire was grinning from ear to ear, and she murmured loving words of encouragement: “Oh, that’s beautiful… My baby’s learning to be a deepthroat whore! Isn’t that amazing? How does it feel being the first cock to touch Alison’s tonsils, Brad?”

Brad responded with contented noises rather than vocabulary. Soon Alison could feel his cock expand and twitch, his glans became harder than ever against the back of her humming, gurgling mouth, and her tongue felt the veins in the underside of his shaft throb stronger than ever. She looked up into his eyes questioningly, seeking confirmation. He nodded in ecstasy.

“Can you take it, Al?” he asked solicitously.

Alison did not dare to try to respond with either words or gesture, but kept caressing Bradley’s glans with her throat, opening her mouth wider to receive the promised load. And when at last Bradley’s cock bucked and twitched and released its precious cream, there seemed nothing more natural than to let the salty load flow into her throat, and down, deep down…

There was silence from Brad and Claire, both awestruck by what they had witnessed. A dribble of semen and spit seeped out of Alison’s lips as Bradley slowly withdrew his cock. Tears of joy and admiration poured from Claire’s eyes. Bradley remained characteristically silent, even as he grinned in quiet commendation of Alison’s new-found skill. But Claire found her tongue, in more ways than one, and kissed Alison deep, sharing the dregs of Bradley’s jizz as she crooned, “Oh my beautiful clever girl! My sexy fucking deepthroat whore…”

Silently, calmly, Bradley smiled and wiped off his cock. Leaving the two lovers wallowing in the pleasure of his cum and each other’s bodies, he let himself out.


BOOM! The sky was exploding, for it was Bonfire Night in London.

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

Gunpower, treason and COCK!

exclaimed Claire.

“Plot,” corrected Alison.

“What?” said Claire, as they wandered together across Regents Park, enjoying the traditional early-winter festival, lit by exuberant displays of fireworks in the greying sky. The park and the streets were full of all the usual festivities: bonfires, sausages and marshmallows toasted in the fire, toffee apples on sticks, and great sticky slabs of parkin cake sold on every corner. It was a chilly late afternoon, and the sun was setting, so there was somewhat blutv izle less fucking in the park than usual. Claire and Alison were sharing some toasted marshmallows, feeding them to each other mouth-to-mouth, letting them smear lusciously over each other’s lips, and then licking each other’s faces clean with long tongues.

“Pwo’,” repeated Alison through a mouthful of marshmallow, “not ‘cock’.”

“‘Plot’? What the fuck’s that mean?” said Claire. “Gunpowder, treason andplot?” She pronged a marshmallow on her middle finger and stuck it up in an obscene gesture, before starting to suck and nibble it off lasciviously.

“It’s all to do with Guy Fucks,” explained Alison knowledgeably. “There, look — ‘penny for the Guy’!” said Alison, pointing out a stuffed effigy being wheelbarrowed across the park toward a bonfire. The Guy was dressed as a tramp, but with a huge dildo sticking out of its crotch. A gaggle of squealing girls was taking it in turns to impale their pussies on the Guy’s “cock” whilst repeating, “Gunpower, treason and COCK! Gunpower, treason and COCK!”

“See, I told you it was ‘cock’!” riposted Claire self-righteously.

“No, no, that’s not how it goes! It’s because in the olden days, there was this king, see…”

But Alison never finished her history lesson, for she was interrupted by a shout from the direction of the girls: “‘Ey, Alison!”

Alison knew at once who it was. “Alison, I was on me way to see ya! Is ‘at okay?” Riley peeled off from her group of friends — Alison briefly recognised Amber, Teresa and Belle — and came dancing up to Alison and Claire, a toffee apple on a stick clutched in her hand.

“Riley! Good to see you! But hey, we were just enjoying the party. Wanna sit down with us somewhere here?”

The three girls found a bench to sit on. Actually, Claire and Alison did — but Riley continued dancing excitedly on her toes, saying, “Watch this! watch this, Alison! Look wha’ I’ bin practisin’!” She bent over, flipped her skirt up to display her naked bottom, spread her buttocks, and slowly squeezed her warm steaming toffee apple into her gaping ass, grinning from ear to ear as she turned to watch Alison’s reaction. The fruit disappeared into the depths of her rectum, her sphincter closed around the stick, and gloopy golden-brown caramel dribbled off the rim of her asshole to smear the inside of her buttocks.

“Oh fuck, Riley — that’s beautiful!” exclaimed Claire. “Let me eat some of that!”

“D’ya fink I’m good enough for the RAF?” asked Riley, her eyes dancing with enthusiasm as, still gripping the stick on which the apple was impaled, she bore down, letting the fruit slowly gape her asshole-rim apple-wide again, before it plopped out with a soft low-pitched fart and another copious dribble of caramel.

“Of course you are: you’re amazing” said Alison, as Riley reached between her buttocks, scraped up a handful of toffee, and held it out for Claire to slurp up. “Why don’t you apply?”

“Why don’ I apply?” replied Riley, taking a bite of her apple. “You shittin’ me? ‘Coz it’s too fuckin’ expensive! It costs five fousand euros just to audition! No way can I afford that!”

“Can’t your parents help? What do they do?”

“Don’ ‘ave no dad — ‘e pissed off years ago, before I was born. Me mum spent the last of ‘is animoly money GM’ing me arsehole. She works at the glory’ole station — ya know, on Maryleboner? The pay’s shit — she barely makes enough to put food on the table. Sometimes at weekends I work there too, ‘coz I’m good at deepfroatin’. But ‘ow can people like us livin’ on a fuckin’ council estate, ya know, improve our lot in life if we can’ even afford to audition? It’s like becomin’ a proper posh fucker like you is only for rich people!”

“Well, that just wrong!” replied Alison indignantly. “Becoming a fucker shouldn’t depend upon how much money you have!”

“Well I know that, and you know that,” said Riley. “But can ya do anyfink abou’ it? Is there a way round?”

They paused.

“I have an idea,” said Claire, nodding with satisfaction as she looked pensively into the distance.

“Oho! That’s new!” said Alison mockingly.

“Wha’ is i’?” asked Riley curiously.

But instead of answering, Claire suddenly stood up, shouting “Jesus fucking Christ, what the motherfuck…!” and pointing into the distance. “Look!”

“What?!” said Alison standing up. Both she and Riley peered in the direction in which Claire was pointing.

“Chad!” snarled Claire.

“What, again?!” replied Alison. “Are you sure?”

“‘Oo’s Chad?” asked Riley.

“It was him, I’m sure of it!” said Claire, ignoring Riley’s question. “He was watching us. He scarpered as soon as I saw him. Dickhead!”

“What’s he up to?” wondered Alison out loud. She shrugged her shoulders. “Well anyway, we’re together: he can’t do us any harm.” She and Claire both sat down again on the bench — and this time Riley joined them.

“So…” said Riley, after they had settled down again, “what was your idea, Claire?”

“Well…” replied Claire. “Stick beIN CONNECT izle the rest of that toffee apple in my cunt, and I’ll tell you my plan…”


“Doctor Dick?”

“Claire — how can I help you?” replied Dick-Dick, turning and waiting, as Claire caught up with him on Monday morning in the corridors of the RAF.

“Well, I was wondering…” Claire bit her lower lip seductively, “what the conditions are for auditioning for a place at the RAF?”

“Do you know someone who is interested?”

“Yes — and she’s very good: she’s got this amazing asshole, you know, huge gapes and all, a bit like Alison.”

“Excellent!” said Dr Dick, with a glint in his eye. “Does she know how to apply? You can give her one of our prospectuses.”

“And she can deepthroat as well — she’s amazing!” Claire gently caressed her pert breasts through her see-through top.

“Wonderful. Well, get her to apply, and then if she’s short-listed she’ll be called for audition.”

“I’ve seen her take, like, twenty cum-loads in her ass and then fart them out all over the faces of a bunch of hot girls,” continued Claire, reaching under her skirt to rub her pussy. “She’s so fucking hot…” Claire moaned slightly.

“Uh, great, Claire,” stammered Dick-Dick. He was not quite sure why Claire was providing him with all this detail — though, despite his professionalism, he was finding it a bit hard not to let his instinct get in the way. His cock began to rise in his trousers.

“And,” — Claire was pleased to see her words having the desired effect — “she can take even the biggest, longest cock all the way down her throat… You know what I mean by a really really looong cock, Doctor Dick?” She reached forward, and began to run her fingers up and down the bulging outline of her professor’s shaft.

Dr Dick’s heart was pounding, and he stammered again: “Long c- cock? That’s great, Claire. I’m sure she’ll do really well if she aud–“

But Claire was not wasting any more time. She was on her knees now, unzipping Dick-Dick’s fly with deft fingers and swallowing his member deep into her throat with skill and urgency. Her lecturer groaned as he felt his glans nudge against the slimy throbbing back of her throat, but did his best to maintain a veneer of professionalism, continuing, “All your friend needs to do is fill in the form and return it with the application fee, and… and I will be delighted to audition her myself, personally — oh fuck…”

Claire was pleased to see that she was having the desired effect, but was not about to throw away her advantage too soon. She slid her throat slowly back up her professor’s cock, her tongue flicking and slurping at the underside of his shaft as her lips gently nibbled his stiff rod. A long slimy rope of spit dangled from her lips as she asked, with faux innocence, “Oh, Doctor Dick! Is there any way she can avoid paying the audition fee? She doesn’t have much money, this friend of mine — her mom’s a two-bit whore, you see — I mean, a really respectable honest woman, but poor.” Claire worked her saliva into Dick-Dick’s cock-head with her hand, before plunging back down again to swallow his cock all the way in.

“Oh fuck!” swore Dick-Dick, as he felt his semen begin to rise and his cock harden even more. “That’s not really allowed, Claire! I can’t do that — that would be to show favouritism, which isn’t… oh fuck… isn’t fair…”

Claire withdrew her mouth from Dr Dick’s cock, leaving it bobbing desperately in front of her face. “Oh, that’s a shame, Doctor Dick. Can’t you… uh…stretch the rules a bit?” She looked up into her professor’s face, fluttering her eyelids and licking her lips, whilst taking care not to actually touch the long throbbing cock which waggled desperately in front of her eyes. “Alison tells me you sometimes have been known to…stretch the rules…?” She looked up into Dr Dick’s eyes, now with steely and unforgiving clarity. She knew what she meant, and Dick-Dick knew too. “I promise I won’t tell anyone if you ‘stretch the rules’ again…” She delicately licked the tip of his throbbing glans, teasing it to within a hair’s breadth of coming, but pausing just before the edge, leaving her professor in the agony of a not-quite orgasm.

Claire looked into her professor’s eyes, knowing she had him in her power. He looked at her, desperate to squirt his load — and knew she was right.

“I’m sure something can be arranged, Claire,” he panted.

“Oh good!” grinned Claire, before plunging her throat down again, taking Dr Dick’s full length all the way in, until her tongue licked his balls. She then began to give him a full-length full-depth mouth fuck, as she did her best to talk him over the edge: “Oh ‘eah, ‘Ofessor ‘Ick, I ‘et my fwiend will suck your ‘ock so fucking ‘ood, aww the way ‘own her fucking fwoa’, and then she’ww let you wam your fucking ‘ock ‘eep into her asshowwe. And then you ‘an stick your ass-fwawoured ‘ock ba’ into her fuckin’ mouf and squir’ aww your fucking ‘um down her fwoa’ — does ‘at soun’ ‘ood?” Dr Dick had lost control, and his cock was bucking and jerking, as he released his salty cum-load. This time, it was Claire’s turn to “do an Alison”: she held the pulsating cock tight between her lips, letting the cum flow unimpeded down her gullet, until her professor’s balls were spent.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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