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Chapter 014 � A Dyslectic Family



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog


Luke was in abject horror at the living conditions in which these men endured. They made enough money from their moonshining to survive but some months even food was considered a luxury. Luke pulled Billy Bob away and said “This has to change NOW!” Your father is sick, not only does he need proper medical attention but he needs a warm and comfortable place to live. Billy Bob explained he would never leave the hills. He was born here, he would die here. Luke quickly reached the decision: “If Mohammad wouldn”t come to the mountain he would bring the mountain to Mohammad”. One quick dial on his Sat Phone and he was quickly connected to the head architect at Worthington Industries. The demand was simple… Luke wanted an architectural team on site no later than 8am TOMORROW! Failure to comply would result in termination. Make whatever arrangements you need but make it happen.


Billy Bob was speechless. He had never seen Luke in “Executive Mode”. Luke turned to Billy Bob and said let”s go find a place to build this house. Billy Bob made that easy. His father had deeded him a piece of property high on a bluff overlooking a beautiful valley and river. (Problem 2 solved.) Now, they had to sell it to Billy Bob”s family. They started with his brothers. The brothers agreed it was Billy Bob”s property and he had every right to build whatever he wanted to build. Billy Bob simply asked would they use it if he had it built. (What a no brainer!) Now Billy Bob needed the support of his family to get his dad to a proper medical facility for a complete evaluation and treatment. If he was indeed terminal, Luke was going to make certain his final days were as comfortable as possible and with his family.


Billy Bob”s father was too ill to put up much of an argument and Luke had him air lifted to the closest trauma center for a complete evaluation. While “father” was in the hospital the “kin” could make the decisions and start on their new home. Only three of the sons were still living at home and had accepted the fact they also were gay and would never marry a woman. As Billy Bob, Luke, the Architectural team did some brainstorming they had a CAD presentation of a new home ready for presentation the next day. The “kin” were astonished both at the luxury of running water and inside “facilities” they never considered such things as in-floor heating for those cold winter nights. OK, the design of the building was modified with the family suggestions requested and Luke”s final question was: “How long till we can have it occupied”. When the design team said 6-8 months, Luke went livid. “You have 60 days to make this happen or find yourself new employment!!!” You saw a number of men watch the potential of their careers ending. The tone of Luke”s comment definitely made it evident there would be no discussion.


Luke sent Billy Bob and a security team to the hospital to be with Billy Bob”s father. As soon as they left for the hospital Luke sat down with the head of the design team and had a “man to man” discussion reinforcing this would happen and he wanted to know what needed to be done to make it happen. If he had to have Worthington Industries buy the property and have it classified as a “Federal Test Sight” he would so nothing is off the table. Just let me know what you need done. I have the Governor of West Virginia on speed dial if necessary.


After a sleepless night and an abundance of coffee, it was deemed feasible using pre-fab poured concrete and timber frame similar to what was used at Camp Phoenix it could be done within the 60 day requirement. A five bedroom, seven bath, 10,000 square foot building in 60 days not to mention items like a well, septic system, electricity, emergency backup systems… Some items could be added after the building was habitable. But, the necessities to get an occupancy permit could be met considering the building code was pretty lax in this area of the state.


The other option is to air lift in temporary housing and then build a more traditional structure over a more reasonable period of time. That decision has to be up to Luke, Billy Bob and the family. Fortunately, it was spring in West Virginia and that gave them a good 5-6 months of good weather for construction so they opted to go with building a permanent structure.


The entire county was buzzing about all the “troops” up on the “Vance” property and the military men in and around town. (The mothers warned their “female folks” about military men and kept their daughters at home most of the time.) (If they only knew…)


Luke remembering the fiasco with the medical staff at the hospital when John was injured became proactive and asked the Governor to contact the State, County and Local police and advise them of what was happening and asking for their cooperation. The same with the elected officials and the hospital administration. It was shocking to most people to see armed military guards at the door of a hospital room. The town gossips had enough material to keep their tongues wagging for the rest of the year.


Luke knew he had reached a milestone when Billy Bob returned from the hospital one day and told him his father wanted to meet him. (This is the same father who disowned Billy Bob and refused to attend his wedding.) Luke thought to himself: “Maybe hell can freeze over”.


After surviving cancer surgery and some rough days of chemo therapy the father realized how special he was to Billy Bob and how special Billy Bob was to Luke. He asked both of them to forgive an “old fool” and thanked them for all he heard they were doing for the family. “It sounds like you are building a mansion on that ridge”… “Just give me a rocking chair and a fireplace so I can sip my moonshine and relax with my hound dog”. (His request was quickly added to the design specifications.)


Luke returned to Worthington to resume his CEO responsibilities but was immediately available to the design team and construction team via Sat phone. Billy Bob stayed on site with his security detail which impressed his brothers and astonished the locals. “Daddy Vance”s little boy had his own protection team”… WOW!!!


Billy Bob would talk with Luke via Sat phone and the first words usually were “I”m so horny for you, I”m going to fuck your brains out next time you are here!!!” This usually left both with raging hardons and fortunately for Billy Bob he had three horny gay brothers that were more than willing to ask him to help them in the hay loft. Damn, did Billy Bob have a sore ass after three horny brothers fucked his ass without the benefit of lube. (The good `ole days of growing up in the hills he remembered well.) He just forgot how sore they left his ass. When he came down from the hay loft he had two armed Alpha Zulu guards with massive bulges that suggested he might want to invite his brothers to join the three of them back up in the loft. Everyone had multiple orgasms and the Alpha Zulu team learned what it was like to get fucked “Hillbilly Style” (Not to mention spit roasted by two horny hillbilly studs). Luke roared when Billy Bob confessed to his partner and lover. Luke broke out a big tube of lube and Billy Bob gave a big sigh of relief.


Luke arranged for “Pa Vance” to stay in the hospital until bornova escort construction was completed on their new home. There were tears in his eyes when he saw the finished project and his brothers were constantly thanking Billy Bob and Luke for what they were doing for the family. Luke knew it was the best use of his money he had made in years and knowing it had helped Billy Bob”s family only made it more rewarding to him. Even Mama Bear commented on how proud she was of her son. He might have the brains to run Worthington Industries but he also had the heart of a true humanitarian.


As I had the security team personnel rotate from Fort Connor to West Virginia every two weeks Billy Bob and Luke asked if Steven and I would visit with the next team and plan on staying a few days. The threat assessment was low at the moment and the Sergeants were competent to run the base I accepted on behalf of the two of us. Steven was less than enthusiastic about “Army Style Camping” regardless of who, what, how, when or where… Fort Connor had made him soft and spoiled him. I just laughed and told him to suck it up. He suggested strongly that I pack a few “I conquered Mt. Meat” coins for the trip as he again conquered the “mountain” and assured me others were looking forward to the challenge. As promised, Billy Bob sent us back to Fort Connor well supplied with the high quality moonshine his family produced.


This gave Luke a brainstorm and had his legal department research the feasibility of getting the Vances licensed to legally produce moonshine. It would be difficult but not impossible. Worthington would put in a standing order and it would be the perfect gift for visiting clients and dignitaries. Just bottle it in a Waterford decanter + gift box and it would be as unique as any limited edition Vodka presented by the Russians. Definitely a win/win! A WIN for the Vances and a WIN for Worthington.


The day arrived when Billy Bob and Beauty had to return to Camp Phoenix and their residence that now seemed so luxurious. Beauty loved to romp through the woods with Billy Bob and his protection detail got their daily “treadmill” workout over hill and dale which was far rougher than any electronic programed treadmill. Billy Bob remembered the fun days of growing up poor and knowing the value of a loving family. He would make sure Luke knew how grateful he was for what Luke did and was doing for his father and brothers. He truly loved the wonderful man that shared his bed every night.


Their first night back at Camp Phoenix Luke and Billy Bob were like a honeymoon couple. John and Connor had hardons just watching the two lovers stare at each other across the dining room table. They barely touched their food before Billy Bob got up, took Luke by his hands, kissed him passionately and led him off to their bedroom. Connor looked at John and simply said: “What a great idea”!!! Beauty cleaned up the leftovers as our lovers enjoyed “desert” in bed.


Luke called a meeting of all team members who worked on the “Vance Project”. He complimented them on the quality of work and the speed at which it was accomplished. In a more monetary way they would see a “project bonus” in their next check. He truly thanked them for all they had done to help this impoverished family.


A few of the team members returned to the hills of West Virginia and the Vance Boys greeted them with open arms and “open flies”… Once you have been fucked hillbilly style it is difficult to enjoy the city method of using lube. And with what the Vance Boys were packing between their legs would make any stallion feel inferior. Luke knew when one of his design team had visited the Vance Brothers… they were stepping lightly and walking bowlegged when they returned to work. (Not all of the “project bonus” was in their pay check!)


The regular meeting of Worthington Security and Alpha Zulu Security made Steven and I less than comfortable. Yes, it was confirmed the Russian threat was again eliminated and it was well known the money had been confiscated so there was no motive to pursue the open contract on the Worthingtons. But, all the attention caused by the incidents had resulted in the Chinese moving a satellite directly over Fort Connor. They want to know what is going on. Boy, did we give them a surprise. I asked for a schedule of when the satellite would be over Fort Connor snapping pictures and the men were more than happy to assemble in the “fickle finger of fate” formation and let the Chinese snap pictures. I only hoped their resolution was good enough to appreciate the effort the men were putting into this project. Randy and Adam burst out laughing when I told them about it and I heard the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs applauded the initiative of our men.


It was a quiet few months and Steven and I were appreciative of the calm but knew there had to be another storm on the horizon for us to face. I learned the imps were finding out how sore their asses could get after inviting a soldier over to help them break in their new slings. R.A. was walking funny many a morning and I asked the Sergeant what was up. I laughed when I found out that R.A., our impish stud who liked rough sex, was getting what he asked for. I guess I better have Steven ask him to spend a few cuddle nights with us to give his ass a break from being overused. When he wrapped his arms around my chest and put his head on my shoulder he whispered: “Thanks Uncle Meat”. He knew what I had done and how much I really loved him.


A few weeks later Luke, Billy Bob, John and Connor had a regularly scheduled visit to Fort Connor… nothing special or urgent. Just normal bureaucracy and some family time with the imps. I asked Luke to join me in my office, I needed to talk with him. As Luke settled into a comfortable chair he simple asked: “What has Logan done now”? Logan is just being Logan was my reply. He doesn”t do half of the antic you used to pull around here. But, it is time you told him the truth about his pregnancy, his mother and how he came into this world. He needs to learn from your mistake regardless of how much embarrassment it may cause you in telling him.


I hadn”t seen Luke this red faced in all the years I had known him. Luke simple acknowledged he had been avoiding this day for the last 12 years and it is time to face the music for his “night of pleasure”.


Luke asked if he could use our conference room and asked if Logan and Billy Bob could join him. He needed the moral support of Billy Bob to get him through this. Billy Bob cradled and supported him as he told the story of how Logan had been conceived, his stupidity in letting foreplay over rule judgement and the utter stupidity of sex without using a condom and dumping five loads of baby batter in a fertile young virgin. He assured Logan he loved him from the first moment he saw him. There was never any consideration in paying a Million Dollars to have his mother abort him. He was his son, his flesh and blood and he would love him forever. Just learn from the mistake of your dumb dad and if you decide to have a child do it because both of you are in love and want to share that love with a child in your life. Also, remember there are many special children out there that need adopting and loving parents in their lives.


Logan took it all in stride and after his father had finished he calm walked over to his father, wrapped his arms around him and as the three of them shared a family cuddle he told his father how much he loved him.


“Dad, I”m not stupid. I knew you had to have sex with a woman to produce me. And, not having a mother around and as `hush, hush” as everyone was about the subject it didn”t take much to realize you probably knocked her up.” “You and I have never kept secrets from one another and I hope I don”t have to tell you how much I love you. It took strength and courage to do what you just did and I can only love you more for being honest with me.” “I have no interest in meeting a woman who would have ended my life for a million dollars. She may have birthed me and given me life but you and Mama Bear gave me a family. A family I will never stop loving.”


Billy Bob was in tears and Luke was about to lose control. It was evident how much the three loved each other. I walked in and gave Luke the security code to the VIP suite and told them I expected Logan to join them and make it a family night.


R.A. would be staying with John and Connor and I”m certain Aiden wouldn”t turn down an invitation to spend the night with Uncle Steven and Uncle Meat. That left Max to bed down with Ssgt Rod and he did miss Max when he had to let him have overnighters with the imps.


When it is calm with no problems for so long I start to get concerned. Too often in our military history compliancy has cost us dearly and I”d rather over react than risk losing a soldier or any injury to an imp or his parents. Yes, Worthington Executive Services may be responsible for the security of the fathers but they are my friends, men who grew up around me, men who I treated as my sons and men whose friendship I cherish as much as I cherish the love Steven and I share.


Every so often I have to pull an ALERT just to shake everyone up and remind them what we are here for. Also, I have to discuss with Steven our GUN drill with the imps. They will hate it as much as their fathers did but it has proven invaluable in countless situations.


I was really cruel to bostancı escort the imps. When we were having a casual walk around the base just enjoying quality time together I had a soldier walk out from behind a bush and unload a clip of blanks point blank at them. It had the desired effect and I allowed the imps the time to go back to their quarters and change into dry underwear.


I tried to explain to them a threat to their lives can come from anywhere and when they least expected it. I explain the GUN drill and that I would be using it when least expected and others around base would also. When they heard the word GUN they best be kissing the deck and their body as flat as possible. We”d be doing this till it was an autonomic reflex and they just did it without thinking. I knew they would hate doing it as much as their dad”s did but it is for their own protection. The imps were in top physical condition for their age groups and I”d hate to be anyone in their line of fire with a Glock or an Uzi. They definitely can defend themselves. The next step is hand to hand combat which we really didn”t stress with their fathers but everyone thought it was a great idea. The soldiers just had to remember they were in combat with an imp and not a soldier of their size and strength. The imps also had to remember than an attacker isn”t going to care about the size difference. The individual parties had to reach an acceptable compromise as to how much force to use in teaching the imps.


I don”t know what it is about imps and a guy”s nuts but they took great pride in incapacitating an attacker with a foot, knee, elbow or fist to the guy”s nuts. They had to remember that wouldn”t be effective with a female attacker. My nuts still crawled up into my stomach when I watched them practice with the soldiers. The soldiers learned quickly to be well padded when they had hand to hand combat with the imps. The imps played dirty… they played to win. When it comes down to hand to hand combat there is only usually two ways to end. Being victorious or being dead!


Most of the soldiers preferred to be “practice bait” for Max rather than go hand to hand with the imps. It might have been fun for the imps but they took it very seriously. With all the attacks that had been made on their young lives they never knew when the next attack would happen. They were happy and grateful the men were around to protect them. I just had to constantly remind them the safe/panic room was for them and I didn”t want them out facing down any intruders. Ssgt Rod was instructed (if needed) he would command Max to prevent the imps from leaving their quarters. Even for a mountain of doggie treats we knew Max couldn”t be bribed if he was given a command. Max was my ultimate backup 2nd only to “Connor”.


We all had to laugh when OPS called an ALERT and R.A. was carried bare assed across the camp at a full gallop and unceremoniously thrown into his quarters as it was locked down to protection mode. His brothers laughed and asked what happened to your BDUs. He just snarled at them and said he was getting his ass royally fucked when some idiot called this alert. From the lube and cum running down his leg it was obvious that his partner enjoyed himself. I had to commend the soldier for doing the right thing even if R.A. was upset with him for a week.


When I did the after action review with the imps R.A. was still sputtering he could have been given 30 seconds to put on some clothes. I had to explain to him that until he was locked down in his quarters which was virtually impregnatable, his life was in danger. Next time you want a quickie invite the solder back to your quarters, but then… it isn”t a quickie is it? R.A. just turned redder and knew I was right. His brothers snickering didn”t help the situation but it was all I could do to remain professional as I review the alert with them.


When I returned to my quarters Steven was there asking how it went with the imps. R.A. was pissed as hell at the ALERT interrupting his orgasm but it was all I could do to keep from laughing at him. I imagine the soldier who had to pull out mid orgasm wasn”t impressed either but I didn”t hear him complaining. I give it a week and those two will be back in the sack together. (Actually it took ten days.)


R.A. got his ass destroyed when the two got back together and the soldier apologized profusely for embarrassing R.A. but he did it to protect him and that was his job. R.A. just looked between his legs at the hung piece of meat headed toward his ass and said “Fuck my brains out if you really care about me”! Both R.A. and his partner had massive orgasm and R.A.”s ass was a sloppy, slushy, slimy mess when they finished. Both of them were gasping for air and R.A. never felt like more of a man that when he was held securely in his partners arms after an intense ass fucking. He finally had another soldier that would treat him as an equal in bed and not hold back when he fucked because of his age. R.A. returned to his quarters as his brothers commented he smelled like SEX, go take a shower before dinner. As all three brothers frolicked in the shower they knew the love they shared would always exist between them.


I got a video call from Luke asking for a couple of volunteers to go with Billy Bob back to his home in West Virginia. He was delivering a new four wheel drive Dodge Ram truck so they had reliable transportation and Luke wasn”t going to let him go by himself. I asked for volunteers during our next meal and by the end of the day had twenty soldiers volunteer for the trip. Now I had to pick out two, never a dull moment to this job.


Apparently the gossip mill got around that Billy Bob”s brothers delivery a mean hillbilly fuck one had to experience to appreciate. I expected this detail to have pretty sore asses on the trip back. I”d get a vehicle signed out of the motor pool when they landed at Andrews and could convoy with the truck Billy Bob was delivering.


I made certain they had their Alpha Zulu credentials and plenty of ammo before they left base. If anything were to happen I wanted them “loaded for bear”. I had them sign out a Sat phone and was assured they could have air support within 10 minutes of any request. Better to be prepared than to attend a funeral.


Pa Vance met the convey as it stopped in front of his new home. He commented to Billy Bob on what a great truck he had and nearly fainted when Billy Bob handed him the keys to HIS new truck. All three men were warmly greeted and as it was getting late enjoyed a good nourishing farm meal and adjourned to their bedroom. Billy Bob”s older brother invited him to share his bedroom and the other two brothers simply took a soldier by the hand and lead him away. Walking down the bedroom hall it sounded like a Saturday night at a bordello. Everyone had a sore ass and was walking funny the next day. As I had told them to stay over a minimum of 24 hours to recover from the long drive, they didn”t need much encouragement. Billy Bob had to go through all the paperwork of signing over the truck and paying the transfer fees. Billy Bob and his two soldiers complained with every bump in the road on their way back and chided each other about who got fucked the hardest. Regardless of who got fucked the hardest they all had a great time. Billy Bob and his soldier friends were always welcome back at the Vance”s property.


Doc was very proactive at making sure the imps didn”t have any health problems. He was always wanting blood for some type of test and the imps started the rumor he was a “vampire”. (Actually he appreciated a good ass over a great neck!) The fathers were always appreciative of Doc being proactive until one of the tests came back with questionable results. Aiden would have to spend a few days in the hospital for a battery of tests to figure out if there was a problem or his norm was just abnormal. The fathers were greatly concerned and had Aiden admitted to the Mayo Clinic for a complete head to toe evaluation. No test was left undone. We sent a full security detail for all three imps and all four fathers. A call from Luke to the CEO of the hospital quickly resolved any problems with the hospital medical staff and security. They quickly learned that they would obey any order given to them or they may end up with a lethal shot if in any way their action(s) were deemed hostile to an imp or father. Hospital ID was to be worn at all times and only individuals assigned to care for Aiden and had security checks would be allowed access to our young imp.


After a week of tests we all were relieved to learn that Aiden was a “normal abnormal”. The imps were happy to get back to Fort Connor and the Fathers as much as they loved being with their sons were happy to get back to their normal hectic lives and Camp Phoenix.


The imps arrived back at Fort Connor to a hero”s welcome and the mess hall staff out did themselves on calorie laden goodies to celebrate their return. I made it known that 20 miles a day on the treadmill wasn”t optional but required for the next 10 days, no exceptions. (Even Max did his 20 miles a day along with Staff Sergeant Rod.


Connor was becoming an all too frequent night visitor when I was in bed cuddling with Steven. Steven always knew Connor had visited because of all the crusty dried “baby batter” that coated his body in the morning. I was always apologetic and it definitely motivated me to join him in the shower before Flag Raising and I made buca escort sure the flag wasn”t the only thing to get raised in the morning. I was always ready, willing and able to pleasure my lover and he was always willing to offer a mouth, tongue, throat and/or ass to take care of my horny desires.


The nights I”d go to sleep with my cock in his ass he”d awaken with a swollen distended abdomen from the massive orgasms Connor would give me just floating through our room. Words can”t explain the pleasures of a “Connor” induced orgasm. As Connor became more of a frequent visitor to the men”s quarters there were less and less complaints about their explosive wet dreams. They were definitely preferable to using the palm of ones hand to resolve any hard problem that existed. Connor was becoming a welcome addition to Fort Connor and frankly few men wanted the techs to solve the glitch in Connor that gave them such fantastic orgasms.


The imps were happy to go back to school after their summer break and excelled at their studies. Their physical development steadily progressed to well above their age requirements and their fathers were well impressed. I was startled to learn one morning that Alpha Zulu One was on final approach to the airfield. I quickly assembled a security team and waited at attention as the plane landed. Colonels Best and Mann descended the ramp and greeted us as old friends. After verifying their credential I asked the purpose of their visit. “Do we need a reason to visit our old friends?” We spent the balance of the day reviewing all the upgrades that are constantly being done to Fort Connor by the Worthington Techs and the necessity for all the continuing education of staff to adequately utilize it. If they kept doing upgrades at this rate we would need to add an addition fourth squad of 25 men and a Staff Sergeant. I asked them to file that away in their budget for the next fiscal year. (I”m certain Luke and John were “ELATED” to hear me asking for such a large increase in budget.) Plus the fun of Colonel Mann recruiting 26 additional gay soldiers. At least I”ve given him a few extra months to put out his feelers and be proactive in recruiting new soldiers/staff.


To my surprise Randy and Adam had already reached the conclusion with Luke and John for the necessity to increase the staff at Fort Connor and as such Fort Connor was deemed necessary to have base commanders of the rank of Lieutenant Colonels. Both Steven and I were in shock when the imps came forward at evening retreat and in front of all of our men affixed our new insignia of Lieutenant Colonels in the United States Army on our BDUs.


Randy and Adam stayed the night or Steven would have had his ass destroyed by Mt. Meat in celebration of our promotions. As it was he had a 48 hours reprieve (Till Randy and Adam left Fort Connor) and there was no doubt to anyone on base why Steven was walking funny with his patented “shit eating grin” on his face that “infamous” “morning after”!


I knew the additional staffing had been approved when Worthington staff started building additional living quarters for 26 soldiers. When I questioned Adam about the additional staffing he simply said: “Patience little one” in his best “Yoda” impersonation.


By January 1st Fort Connor was a base of 100 gay soldiers, four staff sergeants, a first sergeant, a medical officer (“Doc with a rank of Major), a Chaplain (Rank of Captain) and both Steven and I with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Both Randy and Adam knew it was a no brainer when it came time for us to extend our contract. We had the best posting in the United States Army and even with all the challenges it present us at times we loved the imps and their fathers.


Steven and I profusely thanked Luke, John, Billy Bob and Connor for our promotions. We knew it was done by them and the military only rubber stamped their request. After all, Fort Connor was a line item in the Worthington Industries classified budget. The imps were so proud of our Silver Oak Leaves and would always make a point of taking a cloth and polishing the metal when we were in our dress uniforms. Yes, the little imps had a soft side but at times I swear they were the “devil incarnate”.


With the additional manpower came a deployment of an Avenger missile system, Patriot Missile System and three shoulder fired Stinger missile systems. We weren”t going to be “out gunned” again. The firepower at our command astounded both Steven and myself. I hoped we never had to use it but it sure made us feel secure knowing it was available if needed. (In the back of my mind Connor was always there as a “fail safe”… just in case scenario.)


After all the incursions of Fort Connor and Camp Phoenix it was no surprise the media became interested in us. They wanted to break the story about Fort Connor being some super secret testing facility for Worthington Industries. Finally, Luke, John and the Pentagon agreed to take a pool of reporters on a visit “walk around” of Fort Connor. Steven and I got to be the “tour guides”… HOW WONDERFUL!!!


After each reporter had an in depth security clearance they were shown this was simply a facility to keep the Worthington children safe and secure and we disclosed how many attempts there had been on the children since the Alpha Zulu program was implemented and the number of soldiers wounded and killed in the process. Even the press were astounded and agreed that the safety of the children out-weighed the public”s right to know about the base. The clincher was the press watching the rape of Aiden. I had explained to Aiden why I wanted to share the video with the press and asked his permission to do so. He understood why doing this would help to motivate the press to keeping Fort Connor as private and secret as possible. My little imp was willing to share the most traumatic moment of his life to help out his fathers and his brothers. There is more to becoming a man that just a big dick and low hanging balls. My little imp was truly becoming a man who thought of others before himself.


We all breathed a sigh of relief when the reporters flew out. The four fathers hugged their sons and told them how proud they were of them and especially of Aiden. The soldiers could go back to a normal routine and base life could attempt to return to normal. It had been so long since we had a normal day it was difficult to remember what one was like. I was praying this wasn”t the “calm before the storm”… figuratively or literally!!!


As the new squad of men began arriving at Fort Connor it took a while for them to believe such a gay friendly base existed in the United States Army. The imps had new “eye candy” at the pool and R.A. was in lustful overdrive at the endowment of some of our new black soldiers. Race was never a consideration in anything done at Fort Connor and the imps were raised to respect individuals without race or sex being a consideration. R.A. didn”t care if a big cock was on a white guy or a black guy, he just had a larger assortment of potential victims for him to seduce. R.A. was definitely a “size queen” but he”d never ask a guy to stop once he had started to seduce him. I noticed that R.A. was having less of a problem riding Mt. Meat and he definitely enjoyed every thick inch deep in his ass. I was going to have to have a long chat with John and Connor about having the “Safe Sex” chat with R.A. (Sooner than later!!!)


I made certain the new men knew the guidelines about consensual sex on base whether it was with a fellow soldier or one of the imps. I also recommended they stock a few extra tubes of lube in their quarters. There are times there is a run on it at the commissary and we have been known to be sold out. Doc, the sergeants, Steven and I are always available to answer any questions (Military or personal) and none of us will be judgmental. We all warned them to be extremely careful around the imps if and when Max was on their protection detail. He has no sense of humor and you don”t want to be on the receiving end of his fangs. (So far no one has learned that lesson the hard way.)


We now have over 100 gay men on an isolated base and to date we haven”t had any lover”s quarrels or conflicts. If and when that ever becomes a problem I”m delegating it to the Chaplain to resolve. From what I hear he excels at resolving problems with his “interactive” physical counseling sessions. I doubt if his church fathers or the Pentagon would approve of his methods but they work and that is good enough for me.


As for me, I”m planning on a candle light dinner in quarters tonight with the man I love. Just the two of us, a delicious prime rib dinner, strawberry cheesecake for desert and plenty of good 20 year old Scotch Whiskey to help me get Steven to ride Mt. Meat. I”ll never tire of watching him enjoy riding my hunk of man meat and when his balls explode and sprays my body with his hot cum I usually fill his ass with mine. As much as I physically enjoy the nightly visits from our resident apparition I hope this is one night I don”t have to share Steven with anyone.


Staff Sergeant Rod and Max have two of the imps for the evening and R.A. has decided to spend the night in the quarters of two of our new black soldiers. (I can”t wait to hear that debriefing Monday morning.) The end results is hopefully that Steven and I can spend the night as two starry eyed lovers. After a wonderful meal, a bottle of great aged Scotch Whiskey, a multitude of fantastic orgasms with the man I love I”m now in bed, held securely in his arms basking in the warm afterglow of the multiple orgasms we just shared. Suddenly without warning: “ALERT” “ALERT” ALL MEN TO DUTY STATIONS, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!





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