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Amanda’s Pet

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Amanda sighed as she dropped her purse onto the kitchen counter. It was another average day at her real estate office. She had worked there for a little over seven months now and was stuck in a cubicle with Becky. Freaking Becky, the petite dark haired woman was small in stature but big in pushing Amanda’s buttons. On the surface Becky was nice but always reeked of falseness. She was very pushy and always complained about her problems as if it were Amanda’s concern.

She walked to the back of her small two bedroom house to her bedroom and unbuttoned her blouse. It was finally friday and she had no plans for the weekend. She slid her skirt down to the floor and kicked it to the side. She paused to check herself out in the full size mirror next to the bathroom door. She wore a mismatched pair of bra and panties. The twenty five year old had a perky set of C cup breasts and wide womanly hips with a bubbly butt. She was short in stature, standing at five foot four inches tall that only helped accentuate her curves.

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, she needed to wash the stink of Becky’s reheated fish leftovers. Seriously? Who puts leftover fish in the microwave? That is the fast track for your coworkers to hate you. Amanda stripped down and released her straight blond hair from its ponytail entrapment. She took a longer shower than usual, the hot steamy water was intoxicating after such a long week.

She dressed in a white tank top and light blue sweatpants and walked slowly over to her tall dresser. On top, in the center was a tiny house. Only about six inches tall to the top of the roof. Amanda leaned in close and tapped the door with her fingernail and waited. About a minute later the door opened and a one inch man walked out. He was thin, had black hair and before last week he was five foot ten inches tall. He was wearing black basketball shorts and no shirt. His gaming headset covered one ear and he smiled up at the giant woman and waved. “I’ll be right out, just let me save my progress!” He shouted in his high pitched shrunken voice.

She sat back down on the bed, and pulled out the top drawer from her night stand. She picked up the device. The shiny toy esque looking laser gun was given to her as a supposed gag gift by her best friend when she bought her house. There were several buttons on the side and a switch on top. Amanda just laughed to herself at the absurdity of the labeled buttons. Shrink, and grow stood out the most. There was an instruction booklet in the box but she didn’t bother to read it and now it was most likely lost in the trash.

It was one week ago today that Shawn entered her life. She had just closed on the house the day prior and was set to move in. She didn’t have much stuff and was hoping to be done before the weekend was out. Working for the realty company afforded her the opportunity to work from home if she needed so she planned for the following monday to stay home. The catch, of course, was that she needed the internet. She was new to town and made sure to research her options and the best reviewed, and cheapest, was a small fiber internet company. So she called on Thursday, after her wrist tiring paper signing session, and asked if their service was available. They happily informed her that the previous owners had their service already installed and all it would take to connect her was for a tech to come over and plug in the router and set up the wifi.

Amanda was ecstatic! Maybe finally there would be something that would be simple and go right with this house. It was an older house that had been remodeled before but there were a few little things that needed work still. The biggest draw was the price tag so she decided to put up with a few repairs. The main tech that worked in town didn’t have an open appointment time on Friday but they told her that if he could squeeze her in that they would call. Amanda’s jubilance faded at the news but there wasn’t much to be done, it was late notice after all.

Friday came and she spent the morning directing the guys from the moving company as they unloaded her boxes and furniture from the truck. It was about three in the afternoon when they finished and her house was half a disaster. Boxes were stacked everywhere, mostly in the correct rooms. She barely had time to take a breath, or open her first bottle of wine, when the phone rang from an unknown number. It was Shawn from the internet company asking if he could swing by and get her hooked up. She happily told him to come on over and about ten minutes later there was a knock on the door.

“Thanks for letting me come over on short notice.” He said when she showed him inside. She was more than thrilled for him to be there. It turned out that he had installed the service the last time and already knew where the wire was run. He went to the extra bedroom carrying the router. “Oh no.” He sighed. Amanda stood in the doorway and asked what was wrong. “When the last people moved out they cut ostim escort the wiring.” He answered.

Amanda was confused now. “Why would they do that?” She asked. Shawn just shrugged and said. “I really don’t know. I’ve worked for this company almost ten years now and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why people feel the need to do that.”

Amanda crossed her arms and pursed her lips. “Can you still get me hooked up today?”

Shawn smiled and nodded his head. “Oh yes, it’ll just take longer, I’ll have to rerun the wiring.” He immediately set about his work. Amanda could tell that he was frustrated at the situation, having to work late unexpectedly on a Friday could put anyone in a sour mood, but Shawn didn’t once complain. While he came in and out she began to unload boxes. She started in the spare room so she could maybe help out by making sure nothing was in the way, also she didn’t mind the bits of small talk with the internet guy either.

He was tall, thin and had a thick head of black hair with flecks of silver scattered throughout. He had a sense of dorky humor that slipped out during their talks. It took him about an hour before the new wire was ready. He was a little sweaty now and his uniform was stuck with cobwebs and dirt from the crawl space underneath.. He plugged the router in and waited. “This is the worst part.” He said.

“Why is this the worst?” she asked back.

“Because now we have to wait while the router boots up and we have to awkwardly hang out and have small talk.” He said smiling at his own corny humor.

“You can help me unpack while we wait.” Amanda said with a wink. She motioned towards an open box and he humored her by walking over and peeking inside. Hey pulled the cardboard flap away and got a sudden look of curiosity on his face.

“You still play with toy guns I see.” He commented. Amanda was equally confused and went over to see what he was referring to. She reached in and picked up the silver sci fi looking device.

“My friend gave this to me when I bought the house. ‘For protection”. She aimed the gun at Shawn and he put his hands up in a feigned panic and they both laughed. “She said it was a shrink ray that she found on an off brand website. See, look.” She held the gun up to Shawn who examined it for a few moments.

“That would be cool if it actually worked!” He said.

“I could try it out on you if you’d like.” She replied playfully.

Shawn stepped back and held his arm out to each side. “Go ahead.” He said with playful confidence. Amanda smiled and stuck her tongue out as she fired the device. To both of their surprise a beam of blue light shot out and struck Shawn in the chest. His body filled with an unfamiliar energy and tingling spread all over. He was speechless as the world around him began to rise higher and higher.

Amanda panicked when she also realised that the internet guy was indeed shrinking right before her eyes. The blue light had engulfed him and his toolbag that hung from his belt. Everything was reducing in size. She released the trigger and the man that was, just moments ago, half a head taller than her was now looking her eye to eye.

The two spent the next half examining the gun and Shawn. He seemed to be over the moon and Amanda could have sworn he had a hard on in his jeans. Amanda was also enjoying the feeling of seeing this tall guy being shrunk down to her size. The feeling of power was almost…intoxicating in its own right.

“I could shrink you again if you want.” She said.

“That would be awesome but I need to take my work truck back to the shop and clock out. Can I, can I come back later?” He asked both nervously and hopeful.

Amanda couldn’t help but smile. “Sure, just hurry up, I want to see what this gun can do.” She switched the settings and he was quickly back to his old stature. Shawn practically ran out the door to his truck. While he was gone Amanda changed into short black shorts and an old t-shirt. Shawn returned about an hour later in his personal car. He must have run home to shower and change since he was now wearing a light blue v-neck shirt and salmon colored shorts. Shawn knocked on the side door and waited. The door opened into the kitchen and there was a wide open doorway into the living room where Amanda waited. She shouted for him to come in and he quickly did, making sure to lock the door behind him.

He looked around and Amanda quickly took aim and fired. Shawn felt his body tingy once again and the room began to rise. She kept the beam on him for longer this time and he shrank down to just barely taller than the kitchen counter. “Hey, I wasn’t ready!” Shawn faked his complaint with a big grin on his face. Amanda stepped up close to him and he craned his head back to get a great view of her nostrils. Things were moving very fast and both of them didn’t mind one bit. Shawn loved the feeling of being small and the feeling of power came back stronger than ever for Amanda as she stood over ankara otele gelen escort the diminished guy.

Amanda’s power trip began to transform into arousal. She never would have imagined being able to actually shrink someone, or that she could get off on it. Shawn was now as tall as her waist and she placed her hand on his back and pulled him in up to her leg. He wrapped his small arms around her thick thigh and gave it a tight squeeze. Amanda felt a tingle of her own centered in between her legs. This was so hot for some reason, she just wanted to keep him smaller than her forever. To have him as her own personal pet that had to obey her every whim. She looked at the gun in her hand and smiled mischievously, she had the ability now and something clicked in her head.

She pushed Shawn away. “Before we go any further I need to ask you something.” she said while bending over to be eye level. “Have you eaten anything?”

Shawn was taken aback. “Uh…no.” He answered.

Amanda just smirked and stepped backward towards the corner of the kitchen counter and hopped on the only clear spot. She pulled down her shorts and tossed them aside and revealed the wet patch on her white cotton panties. She pushed a box out of the way with her left leg as she hiked it up on the counter while letting her right leg hang over the side. Shawn’s heart was racing as he slowly approached her. Suddenly, without warning Amanda stuck her right leg out and nearly knocked the shrunken Shawn over with her foot. Her socked foot was pressed against his face with her toes directly under his nose.

“Now now, not so fast, little guy.” She said with a mischievous grin. “You have to earn your meal first.” She wiggled her toes on his face a few times and Shawn slowly slid off her sock. Amanda pressed her bare foot into his face. Shawn never considered that he would be aroused by feet, but the smell from her toes was seriously turning him on. He began to kiss each toe, starting from her little toe. His small hands gripped her foot tightly and began to rub with all his diminished strength. Amanda moaned slightly when his mouth reached her big toe. He couldn’t help himself and put the whole thing in his mouth to suck and lick.

After a minute or two Shawn moved on to kissing her foot proper. Kissing and licking the underside of her foot slowly working his way up to her ankle. Amanda’s breathing grew heavier as he slowly kissed up her smooth, shaved calf and to her knee. He spent some time loving on her knee, Amanda giggled and jerked her leg involuntary. His little tongue tickled quite a bit. Shawn resumed his upward journey with his mouth on her inner thigh.

Amanda’s love juices were soaked through her panties by the time Shawn’s face reached it. Amanda squirmed when he first stuck his nose to her crotch, inhaling the aroma of her wet snatch and kissing and licking on her panties. He tried to pull them off unsuccessfully since she was still sitting on them. Watching him struggle was very amusing to her and after a few more tries she lifted her butt off the counter to help out.

Shawn nearly fell on his ass when she did that. He was pulling as hard as he could right when she lifted up. At last his prize lay before him. Amanda’s glistening, wet, and shaved cunt, just waiting for him. He didn’t notice Amanda’s hand coming up behind his head before it was too late. He gasped for air, trying to position his face just enough for his nose to be out of her pussy. She held his mouth firmly into her lower lips, practically burying his head inside her. Shawn braced himself with his hands on both of her inner thighs.

“Oh yes! Yes!” she screamed as his tongue went to work. Shawn’s mouth quickly filled with her juices, forcing him to swallow multiple times. His shrunken tongue and mouth was now working overtime to please the larger woman. Amanda kept his face buried into her snatch for at least fifteen minutes. Only letting up on his head to give him a breath and to keep from coming too fast. Each time she would edge herself the feeling of a spectacular finish built stronger and stronger. Shawn’s entire head and upper body was coated completely with hot sticky girl cum. He took a second to brush his hair back and it stuck in place as if he had poured an entire bottle of hair gel on it.

He was getting tired now, it was a lot more work than anticipated being shrunk as he was, and he was determined that the next round would be the last. He looked up and noticed that Amanda’s clit was very swollen, when her hand once more forced his face into her pussy he let go of her thighs and began to rub her clit while working her slit with his tongue. To his surprise her hand let off and Amanda grabbed onto the countertop. Her eyes were closed as she moaned loud enough to ring Shawn’s ears. A sudden surge of fluids gushed into his mouth as she came with the most powerful orgasm of her life. He could have sworn that her orgasm lasted at least a minute. ankara rus escort When it was done he stood back, both of them were breathing heavily with exhaustion.

Amanda gently caressed the back of Shawn’s head as she came down from her orgasmic high. She looked at the gun and another idea came to mind. Shawn felt the now familiar feeling throughout his body as his body shrank further. He just stared in awe as the woman he only met earlier that day rose higher and higher. Amanda kept the shrink ray on him until he was reduced to only six inches tall. She slid off the counter and stood directly above him.

Shawn was mesmerized by her giant feet to his left and right and couldn’t stop staring. He was now barely twice the height of her ankles and over a foot shorter than her knees. Amanda then crouched down and Shawn craned his head up to see her pussy was just barely above his head. Everything was so much bigger to him now, even her wet cunt looked like it was about to swallow him whole. He began to rub his hard dick over his shorts and nearly came from just that subtle touch.

Amanda pointed down at him. “Clothes off. Now.” She commanded sternly. He quickly followed her orders and stripped down. As soon as he was naked Amanda’s giant hand wrapped around his small body and picked him off the floor. A rush of vertigo dazed him and the room spun for a minute as she held him a few inches from her face. She smiled as she brought him into the living room. After sitting on the couch she placed Shawn in the palm of her other hand. He struggled to maintain his balance with each small movement of her hand and arm. She then brought him closer to her face.

“Look how tiny you are! My pussy could just eat you up!” She said while giving her clit a slight rub with her other hand. Shawn sat in the middle of her hand and began to stroke his aching hard on. Amanda just watched as the tiny man in her hand quickly shot his miniscule load.

“Ah, much better. I’ve been hard for too long and my balls were starting to ache.” He said. Amanda couldn’t help but giggle at his squeaky voice.

“You know, I would think that someone in your position would be terrified right now.” She said.

Shawn just shook his head. “Nope, this is amazing! I’ve always had a kink for this sort of thing. I never knew it could actually be possible!”

Amanda was starting to get turned on again. So far Shawn had been a much more satisfying lover than any other guy she’s been with. She wondered how it would feel if she slid his small body inside her. “I hope you don’t have any plans this weekend.” She said with a wink. Her pussy was still wet and she almost shoved him in right then when she got a text notification on her phone. She had left it on the cushion next to where she sat before their fun had started.

She didn’t look at who it was but she did notice the time. “If I’m going to keep you for the weekend then I need to get some things for my new shrunken pet.” She said.

Shawn was confused. “Pet? Are you not going to unshrink me?”

Amanda wrapped her hand around him and stood up. “Why would I do that?” she asked with a sly wink. Her and Shawn went into her room and she set him down onto her bed while she dressed. She put on another basic pair of cotton panties and her favorite sweatpants. She picked up Shawn from the bed and walked into the kitchen with him. Amanda unzipped her purse and dropped him inside. Shawn scrambled to find some kind of solid ground but found it was impossible once she picked the bag up and walked out to her car. The ride was borderline nauseating for Shawn as he fought to keep from being buried by who knows what that was inside the dark purse.

At last she came to a stop. He shielded his eyes when she opened the purse and carefully plucked him out. “Here we are little one.” Amanda held him up to where he could clearly see was the pet store that was across town.

“Please, don’t put me back in your purse, I about threw up.” He pleaded.

Amanda just smiled down at him. “Oh no, I have a much better spot for you.” She unbuckled her seat belt and pulled open her pants and underwear. Shawn dropped head first down her pants and was now pinned upside down by her underwear. Amanda bit her lip as she felt him squirm for a few seconds before heading inside.

Amanda browsed the pet store looking for some temporary lodging for her shrunken man that could not stop wiggling in her underwear. Shawn struggled to move in the tight confines of her tight fitting underwear. Amanda had just dropped him in there and so now he was mostly upside down and being jostled even by her casual walking. During the few moments of calm he took in the scent of clean fabric and pussy, the later he could tell was getting more exciting as he wiggled about. Amanda found the hamster section of the store and was now deciding what enclosure would keep a shrunken dude best contained. Shawn had other plans, he was now positioned on her front plate, above her lips and nearly in arms reach of her clit. He started to army crawl his way down, her tight pants held him in place. He was certain that if anyone looked closely enough at her crotch they could probably see the outline of his body moving around. At last he inched his way closer and could now reach.

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