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Animal Instincts

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I was on holiday taking some time out from the daily grind, I’d been saving for what seemed like years to finance this little jaunt across the USA. I’d made my way from the east coast, heading west and was staying in a small town outside, Clarkes Ville. I chose to visit small towns and avoid the major cities as I believed this would enable me to experience the true nature of the country, rather than the usual tourist hype.

I’d been to the local bar just having a few drinks, I am always amazed how friendly the locals are and enjoyed there uncomplicated hospitality. But it was late and I was feeling the worst for wear. The Southern Comfort making me light headed. It was very quiet out on the street, hardly surprising as it was coming up to midnight.

As I came to the end of the street there was a petrol station on the corner, I was about to take a short cut around the back and miss out the forecourt, when I noticed two people. One a petite woman, the other a much larger man, something seemed out of place. The woman was standing facing the man, while he had his back to me. I could make out he had something in his right hand, thrust out before him, I couldn’t make out quite what it was from this distance. His left hand was raised as it beckoned to her. I moved forward concealing myself in the shadows behind a drain pipe. I hadn’t been noticed.

I could hear the man talking now “Gimme your god damn purse, I ain’t gonna ask you a third time. ” I could see the woman more clearly now, she was a little shorter then myself, blonde hair trim figure in her jeans and shirt, clutching the purse to her chest. She had the look of a frightened deer caught in the bright lights of a speeding car.

The man on the other hand was large, taller then myself by a few inches he was wearing jeans, trainers and a black leather jacket, I could clearly see the knife now – a vicious looking 12″ hunting knife. , he lunged at the woman making a grab for her bag, she managed to skip back a couple of paces still clutching her purse close to herself.

“Hey” I heard a voice cry out, amazed to find that it was mine. What surprised me even more was the fact that I had already stepped out of the shadows and was in plain view. The mugger turned quickly pointing the sharp end of trouble my way.

My mind was racing time slowing down for what seemed to turn seconds into minutes. “What the fuck do you want asshole, I’ll cut your fucking balls off” the mugger bragged. He seemed larger to me now, I could feel butterflies gathering in my stomach, my legs turning to jelly. I tried to focus my mind as sweat erupted from my brow. Stay calm I repeated in my mind stay loose, anticipate nothing react when you need to.

He was walking toward me now his frame blocking my view of the woman, I could see it all perfectly now as the blade came my way. His right hand extended, he wasn’t experienced in knife fighting he had over reached. I stepped out to my left placing my right hand on his wrist pulling him even further off balance rotating my hips ankara escort bayan to my left, swiveling on the ball of my left foot as my right foot flew into his mid section.

I was rewarded with a low grunt, the wind being knocked out of him, I retained the hold on his wrist and reinforced it with my left hand locking his hand at a awkward angle trying to make him let got of the knife. He started to resist, this wasn’t good. As I prepared to kick him in the face his hind quarters lifted 2 feet up in the air, instantly dropping the knife, his large frame collapsing to the floor. Ashley had kicked him between his legs from behind. I was most impressed by this. I let him drop and kicked the knife away into the darkness. As he began to rise groaning holding his hands up, the fight gone out of him. I grabbed him by his collar and his belt at the back of his jeans and run him down the ally.

“Go on get out of here” I shouted at him as I watched him stumble away into the night. I turned to the woman to see her shaking, “Its alright , he’s gone now” I reassured her. “Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along. “

“Not to worry he’s gone now. Hey your shaking”

“Hold me” she whispered.

I gathered her in my arms, I could feel her firm breasts pushing into me. My hands on her tiny waist pulling her hips towards me. The soft sweet scent of her hair filling my nostrils. I could feel myself getting aroused. I knew she could feel it too as I pulled her closer. I was suppressed to find she moaned gently and kissed my neck, her fingers running through my hair. I bent my head down and kissed her gently on the lips surprised at my forwardness. I was feeling pumped up still from the fight and I wanted to take this woman now, animal urges that normally lay dormant were now fully awake. I tangled my tongue in hers relishing in the delight as she sucked it deep into her mouth. My hands sliding down to her tight ass pulling her firm cheeks up making her gasp in surprise. “I want you now” I whispered. ” I want you too. ” she replied “But not here my car is just over there, I only live just up the road. “

“Shall I drive”

“Yes I’d prefer that if you don’t mind”

We were at her house in minutes, I parked the car right outside her door. When she’d got out I locked the doors and tossed her the key’s. As soon as she closed the door behind me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled our faces close together. Kissing me deeply. I was a little surprised at first but responded quickly by entwining my tongue in hers. Pulling her hips towards mine by the belt loops on her jeans, pushing my thigh between her legs spreading them a little. Then running my hands up her back feeling the firm supple muscles beneath her shirt, our tongues pressing against each others.

She then started to rub her crotch back and forth along my thigh, I tightened the muscles of my thigh to aid the friction. Her shirt was easily untucked and I undid her buttons pulling them apart from the bottom, her shirt eryaman escort popping open one button at a time. Her pert breasts enclosed in a black satin bra, I slipped a hand round her back and deftly undid it. Within a second her breasts where released, a small moan escaped her. I started to knead her tits like two small pieces of dough, my hands rubbing her nipples making them hard. Her own hands working on my jeans. Undoing the belt and frantically pulling my button and fly open. A cool hand shoved inside raided my shorts and grabbing my hot hard cock, my eyes blinking in surprise at her cool touch.

She broke off the kiss and led me to the couch not letting go of my cock, she sat down with me standing between her spread knees as she flicked her tongue against the tip of my cock. A low moan issued from me at the touch of her warm wet tongue. Her hands pulling my shorts and jeans down in one go, I kicked my trainers off and pulling my own jacket and shirt off, throwing them onto a convenient chair.

Her tongue cradling my helmet just letting it rest there. She took my meaty flesh in her mouth licking her warm moist mouth down the length of my shaft, and back up again ever so slowly. Her saliva making my purple head glisten, she rolled her tongue around my sensitive helmet making me stand on tip toe. Her soft mouth enveloping my throbbing cock, taking me whole. Her hands pulling on my hips making rock back and forth as she used her mouth to fuck my dick. Taking me deep into her throat, her eyes looking up into mine, my hands on her head assisting her rhythm, clenching my buttocks on every forward thrust.

Her soft delicate hands stroking my balls, then holding them both and giving a little squeeze. I gasped. And pulled my cock from her mouth. I didn’t want to cum just. “Your turn now,” I said in dry whisper.

I knelt down in front of her and pulled down her jeans. She raised her ass up to let the rough fabric slide over her small perfect buttocks. I slowly tugged them down her smooth legs pulling her trainers off at the same time.

She had already stripped off her shirt and bra. Laying back in just her tiny black satin thong. I’d never seen a woman looking so horny Her pussy was out lined in the shiny material. So I ran a finger up between her lips looking directly into her eyes watching them roll back as she stretched out her relaxed body, spreading her legs for me, her hands on her inner thighs. Moving them to clasp my hand directing it to her most private place.

I rubbed two fingers up and down her covered crack, feeling her heat emanate through the material, a damp patch emerging, I lowered my head pulling the sexy lingerie aside, kissing her inner thighs, from one side to the other. Then on to her moist cunt starting at the bottom, probing higher until locating her erect clit. Rapidly flicking the tip of my tongue on to it. Sending shudders all the way up her spine.

It was hard to contain my own excitement as I watched her breasts become flushed, her face blushing, etlik escort and perspiration beading her brow. Her breath was deeper, her tongue keeping her lips moist, and her pussy getting wetter and wetter, moans and whimpers escaping her. Rotating her hips in small circles and pressing her pussy against my mouth. I pushed my tongue deep in to her sodden pussy, tasting her juices. Her own hands grabbing her tits and twisting her nipples savagely. All the while my tongue worming it’s way deeper and her hips pushing her musky scented cunt hard on to my face.

I could feel her begin to come as her writhings became more urgent. Hips bucking, rubbing her soaking pussy straight up and down. Twisting and pulling her nipples in frenzy. Suddenly her hands pulling my face tightly to her sopping cunt as she screamed in ecstasy. A gush of warm liquid flowing into my mouth over my tongue, spilling on to my cheeks and down my chin. Lapping at her drenched pussy as the last of her shudders pulse through her. I looked up at her flushed face, a silly grin starting to emerge on it. “You’ve got my cum all over your face. Come closer, I want to lick it off” She purred.

I laid down on top of her body, as our faces became close she stretched out her soft moist tongue and began to caress my face in purposeful strokes, up each cheek and then across my chin. Licking her own cum from my face. My stiff shaft was lying on her flat tummy, the base pressed on to her pubic bone. I raised my ass and let the tip drop down to her cum soaked pussy. My swollen purple helmet nudging it’s way past her lips, entering her tight pussy. Forcing the head up inside her, expanding the confines of her juicy little hole. Her warm cum running down my thick shaft and over my balls, as it got displaced by the throbbing hot thick rod of flesh, penetrating her narrow passage.

I could see her eyes widen as the tip went in. A little look of surprise at the invasion, then a look of satisfaction, as her slippery wet cunt allowed passage and the throbbing member squashed her cervix. I slid my cock out so the tip had almost passed her lips. Then shoved it in again roughly. Repeating this a couple of times, my hips moving faster and faster, the strokes long and deliberate. My hot poker stoking her fire, making her breathe heavily as she clung to my sweating body. Her nails leaving tracks in my back, my grunts of exertion matching her moans of pleasure. My white ass flashing up and down, making her nubile body jolt with every thrust. My cock just couldn’t hold out any longer and neither could her pussy, her nails dug in my back as her teeth bit into my shoulder, stifling her scream. My own groans of pleasure and ecstasy issuing forth as hot sticky globes of cum erupted from my pulsating cock filling her slippery cunt mixing with her own and spilling out and dribbling down the crack of her ass.

Our two hot sticky bodies lay limp for a while as we just kissed each other gently. Letting our own emotions flow through ourselves totally relaxed in each others arms. I peeled off her sodden thong and carried her to the bathroom where we showered and soaped each others bodies. Towlling each other dry, she led me to the bedroom where we took our ease with each other not talking but just being so very natural with each other.

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