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Back to Back Pt. 02

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I woke up the next morning warm. I was lying on top of my covers but the morning sun was beaming through the window in front of me and shining directly onto my body. I forgot to pull the blinds last night but I didn’t regret it; the sun felt like a heated blanket. I shifted slightly and felt warmth behind me too. A smile broke out over my face as I remembered who exactly it was. I relaxed further into the bed. I don’t think it had fully sunk in yet that I was with Artie again. I wasn’t religious but I did spend a moment reflecting on my impossibly good luck and sent out a mental thank you to who or whatever was responsible.

In daycare and pre-school, I’d always wake up first. Artie would sleep like a rock and I’d have to physically move him to get him up most of the time. I pushed my back against him and just like then- nothing. I put my hands against the wall and used the leverage to push a little more forcefully, this time getting a short grunt in response. I would have just started shaking him at this point, but I was enjoying feeling his weight at my back. I settled back into the bed to sleep a little longer.

I woke up again around noon based on how high the sun was in the sky. I felt Artie push his back against mine repeatedly.

“Miles, wake up!” He whispered harshly and pushed me again.

“Oh! Look who finally decided to get his ass up.” My throat felt scratchy as fuck and I knew I needed to dust the radiator at some point today.

“Yeah, and I’m hungry.”

“Cool, buddy. I’m happy for you.” Still unsure why that concerned me, I pushed my face further into the pillow, ready to continue dozing.

“Let’s go get breakfast.” I let out a long sigh when I heard that.

I was happy chilling in my bed and giving myself a day to adjust but it seemed like Artie had other plans. Immediately, a list of things left to do for our dorm started forming and I felt my brain start to fully wake up. I rolled over directly onto Artie, letting my shoulder, elbow, and hips dig into him.

“Oh my gosh, MILES! Get off me!” He squeezed out.

“You have a fully functional bed. This is bed tax.” I lingered for a second longer before rolling all the way over him and onto the floor.

Artie sucked in a deep breath and coughed loudly.

“How much. Do you weigh!?” He said through his coughs.

I sat up and started my morning stretching routine. Sleeping in the same position all night last night, half curled into the fetal position, my hamstrings were really tight and I focused on relaxing the muscles.

“I don’t know, around two-twenty. I haven’t weighed myself in a while.” I focused my breathing and started stretching my back out.

“Did you bring any cleaning stuff with you?” I asked after a couple of minutes.

“I brought Clorox wipes.” Alright, word.

I dug around in the pocket of my jeans from yesterday and threw my phone on the charger.

“So are we going out for food?” Artie said from behind me.

I turned around and saw Artie digging around his dresser for day clothes. Just as I was about to respond he dropped his pajamas and revealed his bubbly, hairless cheeks. I watched as his ass bounced slightly from the movement then turned around quickly, still embarrassed from the last time he caught me checking out his ass. Same thing as before I felt blood rush to my dick. Clearly, my brain was mistaking naked Artie for my girlfriend and her very similar blonde hair and beautiful ass. I was frustrated and wished Nat and I got a chance to hook up before she left so I wouldn’t be so backed up.

“Yeah, but I gotta stop by Target on the way back.”

I grabbed my shit to get ready for the day and hit the bathroom. Artie followed me and as we were brushing our teeth I noticed his eyes kept shifting to the door. I spit out the toothpaste in my mouth and said something.

“Dude, what’s your problem? Expecting someone?”

“I’m fine,” he snipped.

He spit his toothpaste out and left the bathroom abruptly. Oooookay.

I couldn’t remember Artie ever taking a tone with me and I had to laugh. I guess he was just one of those people that gets cranky when they first wake up. As I was washing my face I saw a behemoth of a dude walk into the bathroom. Roughly my size, but slightly shorter and more stout. Although the first thing I noticed was his very crooked nose and pimply face and neck. I nodded my head at him in acknowledgment and he did the same. I noticed his eyes peruse my body a bit longer than normal and started to feel a bit exposed. I had a shirt on but still, something about his gaze made me feel unnerved.

“What’s up, I’m Liam. I’m in 414.”

“What’s good, dude. I’m Miles.” We dapped each other up briefly and I started gathering all my shit.

“Yo, our rec basketball team is looking for some people so we have enough numbers for the fall tournament. You ever played?” Ah, that makes sense.

“Nah, I mean, not for real but I’m not half bad.”

“That’s cool. It’s rec so no pressure, kaçak iddaa we just really need some taller guys.” He ducked into one of the stalls and started pissing with the door still open. Classy.

“Let me know, I’m usually around my room. We meet at the courts on north campus on Sundays.”

“Yeah, dude. I’ll think about it.” I left the bathroom, already trying to forget that interaction and the slimy feeling his eyes on my body gave me. I don’t mind being scrutinized, or even being checked out by dudes but something about him was unsettling.

When I got back to the room the way that Liam guy made me feel was immediately forgotten. Artie was sitting on my bed, the sun shone into the window behind him and illuminated his blonde hair like a halo. The streak of light revealed particles of dust floating through the air, and the soft swirling patterns added to an already serene picture. I felt like I was a kid again going downstairs on Sunday morning and finding my parents dancing around together making breakfast. A contentedness that you only feel when you’re at home.

“Why are you looking at me like that, doofus?” I realized I probably had the stupidest grin on my face.

Then I registered what he said. Middle school insults require middle school retaliation.

“Doofus, huh?” I lunged at him and I think he knew he fucked up.

“Miles…” He tried his best to eject himself from the bed but he was too late, I was already airborne flying headfirst toward him.

I collided with him mid-air and we fell onto the bed, Artie’s body completely squished by mine. He squeaked out something that vaguely resembled get off me but I didn’t care. His hands were on my shoulders pushing forcefully and I grabbed them with my hands and jerked them above his head. I grabbed both his hands in my right one, leaving myself with an open hand. His eyes were darting around and he tried to squirm his lower body out from underneath me. I planted my knees on either side of his legs and sat back on them. He was officially trapped.

His shirt had ridden up and his sparse dirty-blonde happy trail was peeking out. Target acquired. Artie noticed where my eyes went and I could sense his anxiety increase.

“I take it back! You’re not a doofus, I’m a doofus!” He basically cried uncle. It was then that I could have been a good sport and retreated, but I was having too much fun. I hadn’t had anyone to wrestle with in a long, long time. Unless you count Natalie, and even though she is decently built she’s definitely more fragile than Artie. There was something so satisfying about overtaking him. I hovered my hand over his taut stomach and watched as his muscles contracted and released in nervous anticipation. Artie resorted to threats.

“Miles. You’re not going to like what’s coming next. I’m serious.”

“Oooo I’m shaking in my boots.”

Time to see if Artie was still as ticklish as he used to be. He was bigger than me then but his nonexistent tolerance for tickling was always my secret weapon. I started trailing my fingertips around his hip bone, featherlight. He spasmed up and down and half laughed/half huffed in exasperation.

“Miles, you have five seconds to get off me.” I think that was supposed to be another threat, but I could work with five seconds.

My fingertips slid further up his side heading toward his exposed armpit. I thought something smelled really good, and then I realized it was Artie. The more skin I revealed the stronger the scent got. My fingers slid his shirt up and I couldn’t help but notice how soft his skin looked and felt too. He had nicely defined abs and pecs for someone who didn’t ever hit the gym. My fingernail lightly scratched across his dusty pink nipple as I traced his pec, and he gasped. The amount of satisfaction I got from hearing that noise was insane. My chest constricted and my breath held involuntarily, waiting for another.

“Miles… Please…” I still had two more seconds. My fingers lingered just below his pit for a moment, letting him think that I would stop. Then I viciously attacked. He almost bucked me off of him with how hard he jerked around.

“MOTHER TRUCKER!” He screamed as he flipped onto his stomach underneath me.

He pushed himself up with his hands and his ass slammed onto my crotch. Pleasure surged through my lower body and I realized my dick was hard as a rock.

I jumped off him and faced the wall. I sent out a silent prayer that I would dedicate my life to Jesus if Artie didn’t notice my hard ass dick on his ass.

“I’m about ready to head out I just gotta piss real quick.” I got my ass out of there and basically ran to the bathroom.

I checked under the stalls and the showers and everything was empty. I closed the door to the bathroom and locked it. Whoever needed to use it could wait. I pulled my cock out through the fly of my boxers and jeans and spread the precum that had dripped out around the head. I started jacking my dick furiously, at first not thinking of anything just trying kaçak bahis to relieve some of the pressure in my balls. Then I tried to envision Natalie bent over the sink in front of me. Her tit in one of my hands and her long blonde hair in my other as I slammed her back on my cock. I felt my balls pull up against my body. I grabbed them and pulled them down, something that always makes me shoot. I felt my legs quiver and my whole body shook back and forth, bumping into the sink. Just as I was about to cum I realized that the hair I was pulling in my head was shorter and curlier. The tit I was holding onto was a hard pec and lightly-haired nipple. The hole I was pounding my cock into was a tight, bubbly ass. I let out a long groan as I shot my load all over the sink and the mirror. I let out a sigh of relief and felt my brain recalibrate now that the jizz had left my balls.

What the fuck?


For as long as I can remember anxiety is what got me up in the morning. Anxiety about sleeping through my alarm and missing the bus, anxiety about finishing homework assignments before school, anxiety about having enough time to get ready, etc. Today though, I was completely tranquil with not a care in the world. I tried to come up with a single reason to get out of bed but the idea of removing myself from Miles’ heat at my back seemed incomprehensible. I felt like I was taking the most ultimate catnap of all time. I pressed my back against Miles gently and dug myself deeper into the long pillow we were sharing. Just as I was about drift off my stomach rumbled loudly. I was going to just ignore it, and then I remembered I had never eaten my food from yesterday. It was like when you get a bad scratch and it doesn’t start hurting until you look at it. Once I remembered I hadn’t eaten, the hunger pains hit. I pushed against Miles.

“Miles, wake up!” I pushed him again. I needed food ASAP.

“Oh! Look who decided to get his ass up,” Miles rumbled, his morning voice so deep I immediately stopped moving.

I felt tingles all down my spine and I wondered if that was what people were talking about when they said ASMR. Right, food. What did he say again? Look who’s finally up?

“Yeah, and I’m hungry.”

“Cool, buddy. I’m happy for you.” Miles shifted behind me, with seemingly no intention of getting up.

“Let’s go get breakfast.” He sighed and I thought I was going to have to convince him to go with me.

Instead of arguing he rolled over onto me and crushed me into the bed. I felt his bones digging into me painfully and I tried my best to push him off. He just laid there on top of me and continued depriving me of oxygen. After what felt like an eternity he rolled off of me onto the floor and started contorting himself into strange positions. Meanwhile, I coughed up a lung. I was so going to get him back for that. I know where he sleeps.

Once I had my breathing back to normal I focused again on food. I got dressed and followed Miles to the bathroom. On the way there I saw a beefy guy leave his room at the furthest end of the hall. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t be sure if it was Liam but I wasn’t trying to take any chances. I booked it to the bathroom and had the fastest tooth brushing session of my life. Miles kept looking at me like I was a caged animal and honestly, I was probably behaving like one. I slid out the door just as Liam was about to walk in, avoiding him just barely. I made it back to the room and let out a sigh of relief. The last thing I wanted was for Miles to see how everyone treated me like such a loser in high school.

I sat on Miles’ bed and I put my sneakers on. My stomach rumbled again and I chastised it mentally for its impatience. I grabbed my phone and my wallet and sat back down on the bed to wait. A few minutes of scrolling through Twitter later, Miles came back to the room with glowing skin and an even brighter smile plastered on his face. I felt a fluttering in my stomach and I was confused, attributing it to my hunger, I guess?

“Why are you looking at me like that, doofus?” His head tilted down slightly and he got an evil glint in his eye.

“Doofus, huh?” Oh no. I messed up.

Fight or flight mode activated and my body did its best to flee, but I was tackled back onto the bed. Something tells me this guy was really enjoying flattening me to things. Honestly, It was kind of fun to have someone to roughhouse with again. Since he was so much bigger than me I could really fight back without hurting him. In this position though with half my legs dangling off the bed, I had no leverage. Suddenly he grabbed both my hands hard and pulled them above my head. Warmth shot through my stomach and I felt my abs and thighs shaking. I squirmed against him but he didn’t budge an inch, he had me totally restrained. His eyes dropped to the bottom of my shirt and I realized my abs were completely exposed.

“I take it back! You’re not a doofus, I’m a doofus!” The harder he held me down the warmer my body felt and illegal bahis I had no idea how to get myself out of this situation. He wasn’t letting up. He hovered his hand an inch over my skin and I could feel the heat coming off of it. My lower body was spasming and my breathing sped up. I felt blood rushing south and I started to get really worried.

“Miles. You’re not going to like what’s coming next. I’m serious.” Once I said it I realized my unintentional doublespeak and I internally slapped myself.

“Oooo I’m shaking in my boots.” He thought I was threatening him. He hasn’t realized I’m getting a boner.

He started dragging his fingertips around my hipbone, one of the most ticklish spots in my body. It took everything in me to not give away how much it was affecting me. I felt my dick throb and a surge of tingles rush up my chest and neck. Time for this to end.

“Miles, you have five seconds to get off me.” His fingers went further up my side lifting my shirt and I slapped myself again.

Why did I say five seconds? Why not three? Or even one?

His hands got closer and closer to my pit and I felt every muscle in my body tense. His fingers slid up across my chest and his nail scratched my nipple. Air whooshed out of me and I felt a drop of precum shoot into my underwear. My inner legs and abs convulsed and his hand stopped. I almost breathed out a sigh of relief before he drove his hand into my armpit and wiggled his fingers around mercilessly. I screamed and finally found some reserve of energy. I managed to flip myself over and push myself against the bed hard enough to knock Miles off me. I collapsed back onto the bed and took several deep breaths trying to get the blood to return to my brain.

Miles said something about the bathroom and disappeared. As soon as I heard the door shut I flipped onto my back and pulled my dick out of my pants. I jacked off so hard I’d probably have dick burns but I didn’t care. My hand was covered in precum and I could hear the wet jacking noises over my panting. My eyes shut and I felt Miles holding me down all over again. My hand came up and scraped my nipple where he did and my breath caught, the slapping sound of my wrist against my body getting more frantic. I couldn’t remember ever needing to cum so badly. I pinched my nipple hard and moaned long and deep. I came all over my stomach and chest shooting six or seven times, more than I remember cumming in a long time. I felt the whole bed rustling as my body shook and spasmed. My orgasm finally ended, and I sagged into the bed.


Once Miles got back from the bathroom we left for breakfast. The best brunch place around was right off-campus so we walked. At first, I was really anxious that Miles felt my dick and that was why he ran out of the room so fast. He was acting totally normal though, laughing, joking, and horse-playing with me like nothing happened. Part of me was relieved, the other parts though were still freaking out about how my body just reacted to Miles. I couldn’t remember ever being so horny and I reminded myself to start jacking off more often. The last thing I wanted was for things between Miles and me to get weird after we just reconnected.

Miles on the other hand seemed completely at ease, whistling tunes and bumping into me over and over as we walked. I just had to forget about it and move on and stop being so weird about it. Miles had no idea anything even happened. It was probably just my hormones spiking in the morning. I kept telling myself that over and over.

We got seated soon after arriving and Miles poured over the menu.

“What’s good here?” He asked as his eyes continued scanning.

“I haven’t been disappointed by a single thing I’ve gotten.”

“Alright, bet.” He put his menu down and eyed me up.

“You already know what you want?” He asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Blueberry pancakes with scrambled eggs and two slices of bacon.” Miles chuckled and I tilted my head in confusion.

“What? What did I do?”

“Do you remember in, I think, second grade when we came back to my house after school and I told you not to eat the blueberries in the fridge because my mom was going to use them for muffins.” I dropped my head to the table, still partially mortified from Miles’ mom coming home and finding me with purple stains all over my face and mouth.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you remember that.”

“How could I forget?” I came downstairs from my room and you tried to tell me you didn’t eat any.” I slammed my head against the table again.

“Meanwhile the carton was on the counter, empty, and you had purple all over your lips.” I groaned out loud in embarrassment. I thought I had more time to finish them and throw the trash away. He caught me red-handed.

“I can’t be trusted around blueberries, alright? I’m not proud of it.” Miles was still chuckling heartily as our waitress came to our table to take our order. She took our menus and headed on her way, not before checking Miles out non too subtly.

“I think our waitress waaants youuu,” I sing-sang at Miles.

“Not my type,” he stated. He looked into my eyes intently before shifting his eyes around the room.

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