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Ballbusting and Scissor Hold Queens

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The last few weeks have been super awkward. Mom and dad split up about a year ago and it seems she’s finally ready to get back in the game, which is all to be expected and I understand her process…what I didn’t expect was for her to start bringing women home. The first few times I didn’t really know what to make of it, she’d just have random beautiful women over for meals or to spend the night and I mostly ignored it. But then, she met Kelly.

Kelly was the most amazing women I had ever seen, mid height at 5’5 with long flowing red hair, ample breasts with nipples that often peaked at me through her top as she was not motivated to wear a bra. Her best feature however was her beautiful ass and massive thighs. I don’t know if she was a cyclist, a swimmer or something of that nature but her lower half was statuesque.

With Kelly practically living with us now, my cock was hard all the time. I could always hear her and my mother up in the room tussling about and moaning as they enjoyed each other’s bodies and it drove me wild. Kelly knew this too as she would often bend over right in front of me, pushing her toned butt into my cock, as I felt its softness envelope my rod my I was tempted to thrust into her…but she only kept it there just long enough that I knew it wasn’t a mistake. Turning around she’d giggle at me and mutter “oops heh” or something of that nature.

She was toying with me.

Everything changed one day, when I heard Kelly come downstairs to get something from the fridge while I was on my phone. She had no top on at all and was only wearing booty shorts that rode up her crack as no piece of cloth could meaningfully be expected to hide her huge cheeks. On top of that those magnificent legs glistened with sweat as she leaned into the fridge, and I just stared in awe. I didn’t even hear the fridge door shut and found my self looking at her boobs again as she turned to face me!

“Oh! I didn’t know you were down here…It’s rude to stare you know,” she winks at me and walks back upstairs as if nothing happened, as if I didn’t just see her topless. I just sat on the couch dumb stuck replaying the moment in my head, but after a few seconds I realized…I didn’t hear a door shut upstairs.

Hearing them giggle upstairs as the frolicked about had my mind racing…and I know Kelly was up there essentially nude, I couldn’t help my curiosity. I slowly start walking up the stairs, praying they don’t creak as I hear their faint voices her louder, the door was still open. As I turn the corner around the stairs, I can see mom’s bedroom door is open about an inch, so I deliberately take slight steps as I approach and do this awkward lean around the corner as to try and hide my body from view as I peek in.

Looking towards the bed I see Kelly on top, still wearing only shorts with my mom sucking on one of her breasts. My brain and penis start getting very confused as now I’m seeing my mom in a different light as she lays there wearing a tank top allowing her boobs to spill out from the sides just slightly and these track shorts that force me to realize her ass is even bigger than Kelly’s, leading down to her long but thick legs. I’d seen her doing Pilates and squats in front of the TV from time to time, but these results had escaped my vision.

Fighting the urge to bring my hand to my crotch I just get lost in the beauty of these two women for a moment, but then my heart sinks

“We have a visitor,” I heard Kelly whisper as both glance towards the door, no doubt seeing my eyes through the crack. I quickly pull away out of reflex but then I froze up…what could I do? If I tried to run, they’d hear me and know I had been there. Slowly the door opens, and Kelly is standing there…still topless, my eyes momentarily drawn to her stunning breasts before kaçak iddaa I look up to see a big grin on her face as she reaches for my nervously shaking hand and pulls me into the room.

“Good lord Kris,” my mom sighs, “peeping on us, really. Do you have anything to say?”

“Uhm…it’s Kelly, she was downstairs…and the door was…” I stammer, reaching for anything to get myself out of this, but my blood wasn’t going to my brain, I couldn’t begin to solve my way out of this puzzle.

“Heh, Claire I think we should punish him. He’s been a naughty boy,” Kelly purrs seductively, which was REALLY not helping the erection I’ve been worryingly trying to hide.

“Hmm, so that’s what this is about isn’t it…well ok, you know I’d do anything for you baby,” mom says ominously.

Kelly kisses her passionately for a second before walking over and standing in front of me. “Have you ever been hit in the balls before Kris?” My heart again, skipped a beat. What did she just say?

“Uh, no…why would you ask that!” I spit back defensively. I had never been struck in the groin before, but I knew it hurt, I’d seen friends get sack tapped before and they always seem to drop from the smallest hits.

Kelly leans in close to me, I can feel her boobs pushing up against my chest and I hold my breath instinctively as she whispers in my ear. “You’ve been bad, and you need to be punished…but we will make this fun for you too don’t worry. If you play along with me, you’ll enjoy it I promise,”

Dumbstruck I just stare at her my eyes darting up and down her body. Kelly was inviting me to “have fun” and there’s no way I could pass that up…but my mom was also right here, would she participate, and to what extent? All I know is the more I thought about it, the easier the choice became.

“Kris, is this ok with you?” I faintly hear my mom ask, my mind still awash with emotions. I look at her and just nod slowly. “This is going to hurt a LOT, last chance to back out”

I turn my head back to Kelly “It can’t be…that bad, go ahead, hit them”

“You’ll see”

Kelly puts her hands on my shoulders and then brings her knee up between my legs. As her thick thigh made perfect contact with my testicles, time seemed to slow down as the immediate pain shoots through me like lightening as my senses seized up and the breath was knocked out of me. There was a brief instance where I thought this was the worst pain imaginable, that was until her leg crushed my nuts into my pubic bone, crushing them between her strong thigh and hard bone.

“Oh god Kelly…my fucking balls…uhhhhh,” moaning uncontrollably, I double over holding my manhood and gasping for breath.

Bursting out in laughter at my dramatic reaction, mom quipped sarcastically, “hey I tried to warn you,” she slowly moved next to us and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Ouch! I threw that a bit harder than I meant too, I don’t know my own strength sometimes heh, sorry about your balls,” Kelly groaned as she brought her hand down to her own crotch. I couldn’t figure out if she were touching herself or mocking me, but I was humiliated regardless.

All I can do is whimper as the unique pain washes over me. How could getting hit in the groin hurt THIS much, it’s insane, and WHY did Kelly want to do this to me? As the shock of the pain wore off, I thought to myself, maybe Kelly likes it rough…maybe I could do it to her too. In for a penny, in for a pound I thought.

From my bent over position, I bring my hand up between her legs and slapped her pussy hard. “you’ve been naughty too, now it’s my turn to punish you!” I say with a big smile on face, I don’t know where that confidence came from, but I took my shot…sadly so did she. My smile quickly turned to confusion as I look up at Kelly and see her expression is kaçak bahis one of pleasure and not pain. “D…didn’t that hurt” I stutter, my confidence drained as I returned to my familiar state of confusion.

“Ahhhh yes baby, but it felt so good, do it again please Kris,” Kelly quickly brings her hand down to her crotch and moans loudly before releasing her hold and spreading her legs to allow me another strike.

Not giving me a chance to respond, mom audibly sighs and reaches over and to my horror pats around junk, poking my hard cock as she finds her targets, finally grabbing me by the testicles. “Ahh mom what…the fuck” I groan as I feel her fingers around my sack. At first, it’s soothing, such a delicate feminine hand holding aching orbs, but then her fingers tighten as she viciously squeezes my tender jewels.

“Look here Kris, these are your testicles, this is your fragility,” pulling my balls upwards I can feel something inside my sack being stretched painfully. “This is what makes you weak, touch her again, and I’ll make you truly regret having such an obvious vulnerability,”

Through the agony I hear a slapping sound and look over to see Kelly slapping her pussy significantly harder than I did and moaning, enjoying her genitals, while here I am, having mine crushed! Mom quickly brought me back from my trance by twisting my balls violently.

“Mom…mom please it hurts so much,” I plead with her as the pain overwhelms me. She just laughs and gives my balls one last tug before letting go.

“You’ll never forget how vulnerable men are from now on, will you?” She taunts, tapping her foot and giggling as I fall to the floor. I just whimper and shake my head, “No mom, I’m sorry”

“Aww you poor boy, she really crushed your nuts didn’t she,” Kelly cooed as she bent down to help me up. With her arm under me I got up on my trembling legs and laid down on the bed. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it better. Claire, you take the top?”

While I was nursing my bruised balls my mom shifted on the bed and sat next to my head, then she gently turned me on my side and maneuvered one of her legs under my neck as Kelly lifted my head. “What…what are you going,” I mumble, the pain in my testicles still distracting me.

“We’re just setting up for some real fun,” mom chirped as she brought her other leg down around my neck, and now my head was buried in her magnificent thighs as she practically sat on my shoulders. The sensation was spellbinding, her legs felt so soft, but at the same time I could feel their power as she gripped me, gently applying pressure her faint moans just reaching my ears.

Now it was Kelly’s turn and she tapped on my abdomen as she wanted to get her leg under my side, but I was mesmerized by moms’ marvelous thighs, her crotch so close to my face. Suddenly I became far more aware, as mom smashed her fist directly into my swollen balls. “OH god…why…mom” I sputter, the pain from the earlier squeeze was only just starting to fade as I feel her knuckles crash into them and renew my agony.

“Let Kelly get under you,” she demanded. Not wanting another smack, I gingerly lift off the bed and Kelly slides her leg in.

As I settle down on the bed, I try to bring my hands back to defend my nuts, but Kelly was a step ahead of me. She had pulled down my shorts and began to massage my balls with one hand, while stroking my rock-hard cock with the other one. The pleasure washes over me as her masterful hands begin to elevate the pain slightly. While tending to my manhood Kelly rests her other leg down on top of my abdomen and begins to squeeze. I feel the air getting pushed out of me as her toned thighs compressed tightly.

I naturally go to pull on her legs but as soon as I touch them, I feel the soft tender flesh with powerful muscles just illegal bahis beneath and I’m forced to just fondle them in awe. Between my mom’s thighs burying my face, Kelly’s legs squeezing my core while I played with them, as well as her giving me the only hand job I’ve ever had…I was in heaven.

Abruptly Kelly sped up her hand and my cock throbbed and flexed involuntarily as she brings me right to the brink. “I…I’m gonna…cum” I try to whisper to Kelly foolishly as my air flow was constricted from both my moms and Kelly’s scissor hold. She just looks at me and smiles “I know, I know go head” I try to throw my head back but its absolutely stuck between moms unflinching thighs. I can feel it building up in my cock and Kelly just keeps stroking faster and faster. I’m about to blow my load and…

“Just kidding!”

Kelly winds up and punches me square in my hard working cum tanks. The sudden pain causes me to spasm as a I try to howl out “OHHH GOD MY NUTS” but it comes out as more of a faint whisper as now mom is tightening her thighs with incredible force, and I can hardly breath.

Miraculously I’m suddenly able to breath as mom releases pressure from my head and neck and I feel the air return to my lungs in full.

“Ok, change sides,” mom tells Kelly as both women get up and change position. As Kelly relieves the pressure from my stomach, I reach for my battered nuts out of reflex, but mom grabs them before I can and tugs them away from my body. “Ah-ah-ah, these are MINE,” wagging her finger and chuckling at my misery.

Kelly crawls over and sits next to us, helping to trap my cock and balls between mom’s granite thighs, then she shifts my still fully erect member upwards and away from my nuts so that they rest isolates in the middle of her legs. Once she’s done helping my mom set up, she crawls back to my head and wraps her legs around me, but unlike the way mom did it, she turned my head directly into her groin while clamping her thighs around my head.

This was more intense, and I could see her pussy and how wet it was…then there was the smell, the intoxicating aroma of a woman’s juices, I would have been salivating if she hadn’t already begun to crush me. I could feel the warmth of her leg’s envelope me from my ears to my face and it was almost blissful.


Soon as I tried to take in the pleasure of Kelly’s beautiful legs encompassing me… I felt it, the brutal clamping of my moms’ thighs around my testicles. When she had squeezed my balls earlier with her hand the pain was so terrible, so immense that it had me squirming around like a child…but this was different. Her legs were like a steel vice fastened to my nuts and compressing them ruthlessly from all sides at once as her muscles flexed. How could something so soft crush so hard?

I let out a vicious howl as the pain rocked me to the core but all I was doing was yelling into the void…Kelly’s void, and she loved it. Her legs began to tremble around my head and her grip only got tighter as she spasmed in orgasm. The moisture doubled around my face, and it was a small reprieve from the torment my balls were going through. But this was a problem, I had been edged to the brink of cumming earlier and now I could feel this gorgeous woman shudder in delight. Despite the excruciating pain my cock was going to have its way in the end.

“No… No… NOO!” I screamed into Kelly’s pussy as my dick shoots rope after rope of cum onto my mom’s legs. I wanted Kelly to make me cum so badly, but I didn’t want it like this… did I? My body was now shivering alongside Kelly, having the best orgasm of my life as for 2 minutes straight my sperm kept firing.

Kelly lifts her leg for a second and I gasp deeply for fresh air, all I can hear is Kelly moaning loudly as she quickly brings her hand down to touch herself…and then I see my mom laughing.

“Awww you came from having your little testicles crushed? Its ok baby, now clean it up “

This new fetish might be the death of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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