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Barriers Ch. 08

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I woke up to the toilet flushing and knew it had to be Jon coming out of the bathroom. He came out throwing on a green shirt that matched his eyes with some Jeans already on. I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get to admire his body again.

“You need a shower.” He put away his toothbrush and checked his phone. “We can get lunch downstairs and then head to the boardwalk. I doubt much is open since its offseason but it’ll be a nice walk.”

“What time is it anyways?” I groggily muttered as I rubbed my eyes.

“About Two.”

“Nice.” I shifted out of bed and moved to my bag to find a change of clothes. We would come back to change for the concert so I just found my black jeans, shirt and hoodie. I really should consider a change in wardrobe when I got back home.

“Yeah probably. I can take you to the outlets here if you want.” Jon was texting someone in front of the mirror and casually reading my mind again.


“What?” He didn’t look up from his phone. I don’t even think he realized what he was doing.

“You’re doing it again.”

“Fuck sorry.”

I rolled my eyes as I walked into the bathroom for a quick shower. As soon as I got in I realized I still had dried cum on my belly from last night. A quick rinse and hair dry and I was ready to get something in my stomach after last nights antics.

“My stupid uncle lost a grand at blackjack last night.” He shook his head as he opened the door. “Fucking degenerate.”

“Is that who you were talking to?”

“Yeah I wanted to see if he wanted to get lunch with us but he just got into his room.” I sighed in relief because I could not handle dinner with a Han after the night I had with their heir.

We made it downstairs, found a seafood place and got seated immediately.

“You gonna get a drink with lunch?”

“I was thinking about it.” I picked up the drink menu to browse the craft brews.

“Wanna get me a shot?” I looked at him and he was giving that signature Jon Han grin.

“Weren’t you just lecturing me about my drinking habits last night?”

“Ok. Ok. Sorry to ask.” He looked back down at the menu and chuckled. “I will say when you drink in the right mood you’re a lot more fun.”

Like clockwork the waitress came by and asked for our drinks.

“Yeah can I get a Blue Snout from the tap and a shot of Gold Tequila?” I handed her my fake to her. We went through the show and dance but this time the coin turned up tails and she said didn’t feel comfortable serving me when I looked so young. Tis the breaks sometimes. Between the lack of liquor and the below average seafood, the lunch was terrible.

We got the car out of the garage and headed into the main part of Atlantic City. If you’ve never been here, the Carat and the 2 other casinos that attract the youth are towards the top side of the city. When you get to the end of the highway you immediately hit the outlets and then in about four blocks you hit the other seven casinos on the shore. It was offseason so everything was pretty much dead but I preferred the quiet. Jon used another resort card to get free parking five seconds from the boardwalk. He grabbed a large blanket so we could just chill and watch the ocean. After finding a store for some beers we made our way towards to beach.

“You see what they’re saying about us back home?” Jon was engrossed in his phone while I was acquiring the beer and stayed that way as we walked.

“No, I stopped caring years ago.”

“Fair enough, just know everyone’s afraid of you for some reason.”

“It’s not “some reason” don’t be daft.” I cracked open the first beer.

“It’s my job as your boyfriend to make people know who you are.” He grabbed one off the ring and joined me.

“No it’s not your job and I don’t want to be some school celebrity just because I’m dating a jock.”

The one thing I still can’t shake from all of this is the thought that Jon simply sees me as a charity case and a project that makes him feel better. This idea that after he saw me on Wednesday night, he feels this urge to baby me so nothing like that ever happens again. If I really thought about it, it doesn’t make sense but that’s what happens when your entire world view is warped from not being able to develop meaningful relationships during your formative years. You think anyone who’s stupid enough to associate you does it out of obligation or pity and you have no self-worth. Him saying all this shit about having his friends get to know me wasn’t helping.

“But it’s true.”

“That it’s not your job?”

“No. That i’m now your boyfriend.” A dumb wide grin took over his face.

“You’re actually so stupid you know that?”

“So I am? LETS GO!” He zoomed past and made his way onto the beach running around like a six-year-old who had just gotten the birthday present they were asking for. I have to admit, seeing Jon being this excited over stupid ol’ me made me smile even if it was incredibly childish. He downed the rest of his beer and ran up to meet me on the boardwalk.

“You’re actually such a twit.” I walked down the stairs güvenilir bahis and shook my head at the loud spectacle in front of me.

“But I’m YOUR twit and that’s all that matters.” He grabbed another beer from the ring and put his arm around my shoulder to toast himself. “Here’s to a wonderful senior year together.” And with that he pecked me on the cheek and set up the blanket he haphazardly threw on the ground in his victory lap.

I nuzzled my face into his chest and he put his varsity jacket over me as we watched the ocean. It was a cloudy day so the sun wasn’t beating down on us and the wind wasn’t too bad.

“Thanks for everything.”

“I’m glad I could make this your birthday. I would have been kicking myself for days if I screwed it up.”

“Yeah, I needed the break now that I see it. It makes me not want to go back to everything.” I felt tears starting to form so I dug my face deeper into his hoodie.

“Everything will work out ok?” He rubbed my back slowly. “Jenna and you have been friends for way too long for her to just toss you aside. Even if she does for Mark, you have me and Ken now.”

“What if..”

“I promise to be there for you even if it doesn’t work out between us.” This was one of the few times I wasn’t annoyed with his mindreading. It was exhausting just thinking about everything let alone expressing it. “You mean a lot to me, so even if we aren’t meant to be anything past this weekend I’d still want to make sure you’re ok.”

“Thank you…”I cemented into his hoodie. “I’m trying here sorry if I screw up. I hate being so vulnerable.”

“I’m telling you, as long as you try it will all work out.” He stretched out his legs and wiggled his way into laying down. “Now come here and kiss me.” His stupid shit eating grin was more than welcome and even caused a smile of my own.

I straddled over his pelvis much to his surprise and dove in. This kiss was much like the one from our second go of it this morning. He just laid back and let me play with him. He let me explore his mouth and gently clawed my hair and neck. He really enjoyed when I was aggressive. He eventually ended our little make out session by getting up and saying I was too heavy. I think he was just at the point where he was ready to rip off clothes and be arrested for public indecency but it was all the same really.

We spent a few more hours just wandering the boardwalk. Jon saw some carnival games and was determined to win me a prize at the basketball game. He proceeded to throw down about thirty dollars and walked away empty handed much to my amusement.

“That shit is rigged I’m telling you. That hoop was greased or something.” He was visibly frustrated.

“I didn’t even want a dumb prize. What am I going to do with one of those large stuffed animals anyways?”

“It’s the principal of the matter dude.”

“I see you take after your uncle on the whole not knowing when to quit thing.”

“Hey, I will NEVER get to that level of degeneracy.”

We made it back to the car as the sun set. We decided to get some takeout and eat back in the room. Nothing fancy, just some burgers from a spot around the outlets. I took over the music on the way back. It was time for me to look at the opening acts and decide if I wanted to be there early or not.

I’ve been going to these shows since I was 16. My uncle Calvin(Not Harris come on guys it’s just a coincidence.) got me into the old stuff like Avicii and Armin Van Burren. From there I just kept up with the trends. Right now everyone was about Big Room. If you need an example just listen to Martin Garrix — Animals. It’s deep bass smacking your face with electric drops breaking it up. I could go on for days about how awesome Martin Garrix is and how awesome it was to see him on my birthday. This doesn’t mean that I want to be there from open to close though. Some opening acts are god awful and you never want to be in a concert hall with some weird ass shit blasting in your ear. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way too many times.

Some New York City native made his way down to AC to open and he was actually pretty good. I’m sure the house DJ would fill in before him so we probably wanted to be in about two hours after open at like 11:00 pm. This gave us about three hours to eat, get dressed and make it in.

“You’re gonna need to nap you know.” I looked at what Jon had ordered and it was quite the feast. He decided to get two large potato sides with his double patty burger .

“Nah I need the carbs to dance all night.” He rubbed his hands together before starting on his French fries. “Besides, we have plenty of time.”

I shrugged and sat down at the end table with my single and medium fries. The TV was on and we just lazily watched the sitcom on as we ate.

“Damn that was good.” Jon finished about the same time the show ended and cleaned up his mess. “You ready to shower?”

“Yeah sure you go first.” I was on top of the covers of the bed texting Jenna an update and couldn’t be bothered to look up.

“No, together.” He grabbed my phone from my hands and tilted güvenilir bahis siteleri my head up. “I promise I’ll behave if you do. He gave me these sad pleading eyes as if I could even muster up a no.

“And if I don’t want to behave?”

“Anything for the birthday boy.” He pulled me me off the bed and started removing his shirt with his other arm.

“Well if that’s the case.”

“Look at you, can’t get enough of me after one night.” We reached the bathroom and he let go of my hand to start the water. “Leave the door open, who’s gonna come in?”

“Your Uncle? Some other family member that hiding in the closet?” I stood there as he took his pants and underwear off in one move. “Wasting absolutely no time I see.”

“You love it.”

“I do.”

We met in the middle of the bathroom. There he was, Jon Han in his full naked glory in front of me. His black hair still sticking up with whatever product he used. Those insatiable emeralds looking for where he wants to strike. Perfectly chiseled Jawline without an ounce of baby fat featuring his signature shit eating grin. His chest looked incredible in spite of the massive meal he just had, it was so prominent even as he stood there with the hips angled to the right. I grabbed both of them and gave a firm squeeze eliciting some eye rolling and a growl.

“What are you are cat?”

“Nah I’m a Lion. I’m here to eat my prey.” He dove in on my neck, biting and sucking immediately. “You’re mine now.”

“You fucking piece of shit.” I groaned as he marked me. After a minute I pushed him off and turned towards the mirror to see the damage. Sure enough there was a decent sized blotch right next to my shoulder blade.

“Like I said mine.” He gripped my shoulders from behind moving into a hug. “Everyone’s going to know it.” His right hand moved down the my side and approached my ass. “Especially this. This is mine.”

I backed my clothed ass into his bare dick. I felt the immediate reaction as his dick grew while he shivered. A hand went under my shirt it while I grinded on him. As soon as my shirt was off Jon brought me in for a kiss as he removed all my remaining clothes. I could melt into him for hours, knowing how insane he went as I grinded him. After a minute of teasing he pulled off knowing he couldn’t go much longer. I briefly felt the emptiness I normally felt before he turned me around and gave me a hard press on the lips.

“Not tonight. I want our first time to mean more than this weekend. I want our time to mean something more than sex.” He grabbed my hand and brought me to the shower. “Besides, I want you to be able to stand tonight.”

He jumped under the water and It was a sight to behold. There was a decent amount of space under the shower head and it was accompanied with its own lightning. I watched his hair drop down and the water cascade over his muscles all the way down to his still erect dick. All eight inches bounced out forward below his trimmed black pubes as he rinsed himself in the water.

“You there?” He had his eyes closed as he turned around. “Come on lets make this quick. I wanna drink before we get in.”

I took advantage of his temporary blindness and grabbed his dick giving him another shudder. He wasn’t the only person who was going to claim ownership today.

“Mine.” I snickered.

“Yup all yours.” He smiled as I tugged on it under the water.

“…to taste.” I said bodly, looking for a reaction.

Jon opened his eyes to see me make my descent. I gave him a sinister wink as I got on me knees and got his now rock hard dick from out of the water and into my mouth.

“Seeing your lips around my dick is the sexiest thing I’ve never seen in my life.” I felt his hand hovering my head, wanting to guide me if got lost.

This was different from the first time. I was overconfident then, now I had a plan of attack. I bobbed back and forth on his massive head. I could taste his precum coating the back of my neck and I knew I wanted more. After about half a minute of stretching my jaw and pulled off and took a breather.

“Jason…you don’t have to do this.” I looked up to see Jon once again torn between his physical desire for me and his mental fortitude. He almost looked like he was going to start crying as the water cascaded down his face. He clearly wasn’t used to such a strange position with someone he cared about deeply. Sex was always easy for Jon, but it having any sentimental meaning was the tricky part.

“I’m not doing anything I don’t want to don’t worry.” I mumbled as I approached his monster for my second round. This time I managed to get it down to my uvula. I held myself there for a few seconds before pushing past, swallowing his head until it hit the back of my throat. I felt his hands find the back of my head as he roared in ecstasy. That was it I had figured out how to tame the beast.

“Holy shit.” He panted, as I worked his dick down.

I wasn’t going to get past this for today but it was more than good enough as he kept moaning and cursing as I sucked the life out of him. I played with his iddaa siteleri balls to get an idea of where I was at in the battle with dick. This drove him to insanity as he pulled at my hair. I removed myself from him one last time to look up at the man in front of me. His tanned brown skin perfectly covered his covered his well-defined 6 pack and the shower lights bounced off the water washing his pecs. Jonathan Han was really in front of me unable to comprehend the pleasure I was giving him.

He looked down at me with his green eyes, currently filled with lust. “Do it.” He commanded.

I slipped his head back between my lips, giving a quick kiss before repeating the same motion as I did before. My gag reflex finally had subsided and I grabbed Jon’s ass and pushed it into me, giving me the space to work his dick in rapid succession. No less than 10 seconds later, Jon was screaming words of lust at the top of his lungs and releasing everything down my throat. It became too much and I nearly drowned before l quickly withdrew coughing.

Jon came back to a crashing reality post orgasm and immediately fell to my side. “Shit, I’m so sorry I should have warned you.” He held me as I coughed out the last of his seed. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounded but I wasn’t exactly in the shape of my life. “Thank you.” He brought my face up to his and landed a deep kiss, looking for sweep up any of his remaining seed. He sucked on my tongue and made sure he completely cleaned my mouth before letting go.

I was out of breath but pretty satisfied with myself. Me giving Jon indescribable pleasure was different from any of my hookups. This felt like it mean something, that I learned how to be closer to him. We laid against the shower wall until I was ready to get up and actually get clean. Jon was adamant about returning the favor but we were pruning from the water at that point so I told him to just wait for later. Truth be told I needed a break from sex after the workout my jaw had gotten.

The clock blinked a little after 10:00 pm as we got out of the bathroom. I managed to break off from his hands all over me so we could get dressed.

“You’re too much sometimes.” I buttoned the dress shirt up as he threw on his boxers and pants.

“You were telling me I wouldn’t have any energy after that meal.” He compared two shirts in his hands and couldn’t come to a decision. “Which one should I wear?”

“I like the green one, it’s the same color of your eyes when we’re screwing around.”

“So you’re saying it turns you on?”

“Yeah a little, it was just a point of reference though.”

“You mentioned something about a drink right?”

“Yeah. If you think we could get something from the stores down there it would be pretty cool to be buzzed before we went in.”

“I thought I was the one with the drinking problem here.”

“After tonight I have to go on a strict ass diet. I can’t even eat any of the food at the restaurant. I’m just trying to enjoy myself.” He came up behind me as I put up the finishing touches with cologne in the mirror. “You smell so good.”

“You think you’ll ever get tired of doing this?” I brought his arm across my chest and interlocked our fingers.

“Smelling you?”

“No just all this loving nonsense you’re doing now.”

“Eventually. I’m not trying to think about later. Later is bad.” He kissed me on the cheek then walked off to check his phone on the charger. “I’m living for what makes me happy now and right now you make me happy.”

“I’m sorry.” I said with sincerity. “You just think about things so differently from me.” I looked at the asshole in the mirror and questioned why I was like this. It’s one thing to be an asshole to the people you don’t trust but I was just being an asshole to Jon for no real reason.

“Just get me drunk and we’ll call it even.”


“Takes one to know one.” Jon opened the door and like that the night had begun.

I found one of those booze stands in the shopping center and the girl clearly didn’t want to be there on a Saturday night. A quick scan of the fake and some sweet talking and I walked away with 2 tequila sours.

“I can’t believe you got one that scans.” Jon had watched the entire thing from afar and gleefully accepted the beverage. “I could get used to shit like this.”

“You should come with my to Scotland then. We can get trashed all day and night legally.”

“Is that what you do there every summer?”

“Yeah I visit my uncle and get trashed. He’s my closest relative, I don’t have much family besides him and my parents. Grandpa and Grams passed away when I was like 5.”

“You can have my cousins.”

“I would have to share my inheritance then, absolutely not.”

“I knew you were loaded!” Jon shouted a little too loud for my liking.

“Yes, my dad is a high level executive at Morgan Chase and my mother owns her own law practice specializing in corporate law.”

“Wait seriously? How much are you worth? Millions?”

“Probably. I don’t know. Look at my parent’s will when we get back.” This wasn’t exactly a secret. My house was the nicest on the street a block away from Wilson High with 4 high end cards parked out front. I was just seen as the weird queer with an obsession with his best friend rather than the rich kid as we grew up.

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