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Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 48

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Arriving a bit later than normal on a very pleasant December Saturday, there was still a line of at 10 men in front of me. So soon after opening time, crowding inside would not be an issue. The thought of the increased number of potential partners certainly made my cock stir a bit more than normal, the bowl I had just smoked enhancing my anticipation of having sex with other men. The reality of being able to go to a place to have sex with strangers is that my cock always stirs when thinking about it, after years of getting off.

There were only a couple of men were behind me, so after undressing, getting a beer at the counter was quick. As was finishing it, the just beginning buzz adding to the mix swirling through me. Upstairs was not empty, but nothing was openly happening during my first stroll. There were the sounds of hot sex from one closed booth, and a video booth was also closed. Reaching the porn room, nothing appealing was occurring.

Walking past the video booths again, the closed one was now open, causing me to pause, first to glance at the porn, then with growing interest in the slowly revealed blow job, my hand starting to rub my exposed cock, watching the laying man’s foot moving under the cock sucker’s towel. However, the action was short, as the still towelled man stood up, stepping back shakily, like a man who knew he could not stop himself from having done what he clearly wanted – yet still surprised at how wonderfully powerful the pull had been.

My naked held cock was growing before stepping just into the booth, making the touch of his fingers exquisitely tempting. Soon, fully inside, knowing where my mouth would be after putting down my things. It had been easy to decide to give head to an already sucked man, looking at his hard glistening cock as his hand stroked along my shaft. The directness of the baths is always alluring, a place where looking at sexy cock is always acceptable.

The porn was uninteresting, my attention on his stroking becoming fixed as I bent down, mouth surrounding his tempting cock head, feeling how his concentration flowed towards his swallowed cock. As time went on, he stopped doing anything, which was a bit disappointing considering that two working together reach levels that individuals cannot enjoy. On the other hand, I was more than happy to be sucking cock so quickly after arriving.

The porn never became worth watching during the pauses I took. He had become completely passive by that point, no sound or touch giving guidance or contact. I sat up, deciding it was time to move on. He stopped, pushed me back onto the platform, lifting my legs high. This ended with him grabbing me by the ankles, sliding me over the platform to the edge. Clearly, he was intending to fuck me, without speaking and without a condom, though several of mine were on the platform.

This was simply not acceptable, especially considering the proven lack of interest in any mutual fun. He left quite quickly after it became clear I had no interest in being fucked like that. Though who knows what would have happened with even a bit more awareness of how good sex is when sharing, not taking, and that using a condom only makes good sense. After all, it isn’t as if the time laying on my stomach to be fucked by a stranger wasn’t extraordinary after the invitation was accepted by a talented partner, so it would have been quite easy to tempt me.

You meet all types, of course, and at least today’s first encounter was different in a new way. I could even understand the appeal, though not personally in those specific circumstances. I equally understand what so many women complain about when it bahis şirketleri comes to partners who are simply too selfish to realize what great sex involves.

The steam room was nicely full, a certain shared mood clearly affecting everyone there. Contact with passing strangers was guaranteed when moving out of the lit area into the darkened rear. Beginning to touch my growing cock, seeing scenes of male sex all around. I slowly progressed further, hand playing with a couple of cocks along the way towards the back and its inviting promise.

A scene finally became clear near the rear corner, resolving into a squatting man rimming a figure standing with his back towards me, getting his cock sucked by a man sitting on the bench. It was a thrill to finally figure out what was going on, seeing one of the fantasies that had so intensely drawn me to the idea of a bathhouse. After years of experience in such a setting, I knew how completely turned on all three were, giving in to the sexual freedom that exists here, so easily indulged among naked strangers.

I reached out to stroke the standing man’s sides, hands easily sliding over his nipples, feeling his hand grasp my hard rod. The rimmer was taking up a decent amount of space, preventing closer contact with the man in the middle, who was clearly lost in the paradise that both men, now with an unseen third, were creating.

Knowing that the standing man needed nothing from me, I squatted behind the ass licking stranger, starting to play with his jutting cock and erect nipples, kissing his neck and ears. Much like upstairs beforehand, simply providing whatever satisfaction a stranger might be interested in, based on years of practice having sex with other men. Making it a true foursome, the rimmer being played with too, was easy. Especially after a finger began to slide below his balls, feeling his hole respond to its exploring touch, starting to pump his cock. His moans were entrancing music as my stiff length moved against his sweaty lower back, lips playing with his ear.

The sitting and standing man left in turn. The room was still fairly full, but a bit of space was free around us as we began playing exclusively, standing up. Soon jacking off cock to cock, alternating between kissing necks and nipples, discovering just how skilled the other was. As we grew ever more intimate, his lips sought mine, and I was unable to resist shared desire.

Kissing can be utterly magical, both of us falling easily under its spell, tongues playing together, mouths pressing, lost in delight. This was the sort of irresistible hot dirtiness men shared here, licking and kissing, my finger going deeper into his soft tunnel, entering him in two places, cocks grinding so good, submerging in pure bliss.

His mouth shifted to my cock, making me moan how good it was to be sucked by a man. Looking around and seeing other men getting off added to the undeniable thrill of bathhouse sex. When he stood back up, our kissing grew even more entrancing, hand going to my wet cock, aware that my ass fucking finger was sliding along my horny slick shaft, a hot dirty thought. Also aware that my mind was growing ever more distracted, that trying to keep track of such facts was becoming ever more difficult – and irrelevant. You simply get dirtier and dirtier as the pleasure takes over, surrendering to desire.

This had been true at the first touch of our lips and tongues, turned on by the thought of where that mouth had just been, seeing one of the tempting fantasies of my youth happening in front of me, from some of the first gay porn I had ever seen. That first gay hardcore magazine was the first explicit bahis firmaları step in cumming while looking at male sex, several years after finding out about bathhouses.

I had been going to adult bookstores for maybe a year before finding myself drifting ever more often to the gay section, especially after smoking some good weed. The thrill of doing something forbidden was intensely appealing, as was the sensation of my cock growing harder looking at men having sex. The attraction grew irresistible, pulling my attention over several visits. After discovering a magazine cover showing a male threesome, my cock started throbbing so good after picking it up that it was impossible to resist buying it. Basically the first time ever going to the register with a hard cock, eager to leave to look through it at home, not caring whether anybody could see how turned on the porn had made.

A deep impression from that first magazine was how passionately the men were kissing as they played with each other – and how much it aroused me to see. It was decades later that I first kissed a man, an extraordinary introduction, especially when we were both naked. Since that first time, wanting to kiss men has become one of the main reasons for regularly visiting the baths, even if such delightful kissing remains less than common.

Today it was clear that we were both in luck, shared passion growing wonderfully while submerging in seductive oral games. The sort of naked hungry kissing that was perfectly enhanced by everything we continued to do with and to each other. I went down on him, fingering his asshole again, then rose to kiss his parted lips, tongue going deep as he moaned, slumping against my finger. As we kept kissing, his finger found and began touching my soft anus, making the balance shift.

My tongue was unable to do anything but yield to his when my finger withdrew, holding both our cocks together. Now it became my turn to be filled so perfectly in two places. Our cocks were rigid and yet so soft against each other. When his finger left, the kissing continued in endless delight. Finally, he seemed to move away, but it was easy to tempt him to keep his mouth on mine, both of us having long become total sluts.

The steam room does impose a certain limit, something that needs to kept in mind, but neither of us were thinking about anything much apart from the sheer pleasures of kissing. The other things we continued to do with each other simply served to make the sensations of our joined mouths more exquisite. Such as when he pressed my cock down under his sack, positioning ourselves to indulge in some glorious cock head rubbing over a soft anus, an invitingly addictive combination.

After several easily diverted attempts to leave, my partner made a determined enough effort that I had to start playing with his cock to keep him in place as my mouth returned to pressing against his, knowing that neither of us wanted to stop kissing. This is the sort of game I love to play, using pleasure to keep someone under a spell they do not want to break.

However, after a couple more half-hearted attempts, I too began thinking we should be leaving. A thought that was easily put aside when he turned to face the passage out. Grabbing his hard cock, pulling his ass against me, his cooperation more than willing. Turning his head to meet mine, we kissed as we played on the very edge of naked anal sex, both content to indulge in temptation without giving in.

After a couple more delightful intervals of magical kissing and sliding, he finally left, lingering for a final kiss. This had been an amazing period in the steam room, from kaçak bahis siteleri being full to empty to getting full again. Since that first experience kissing a man at a porn complex, my desire to kiss other men has only been rewarded when the situation arises. Something fantastic, and so different from kissing a woman. With men, each is equal somehow, less gentle at times, in the sense of using strength against matching strength. The same also applies to cock sucking in a certain fashion.

Taking a quick shower to cool down, I dried off before returning upstairs, knowing that the cooler air would be more pleasant against dry skin. Did another quick round upstairs before entering the dark room, taking just a bit to realize another man was stretched out on the platform. We began exploring each other, taking time before starting to caress and stroke each other’s swelling cocks. This continued until we were both hard, at which point he rolled on his back, head at the edge of the pad.

I recognized the possible offer, this seeming to be how a rimmer invites those wanting to be licked in a male only sauna. Swinging a knee over his chest, it was only a brief wait before realizing my guess was correct, feeling his tongue slide along my crack. The first contact with my hole was perfect, entering paradise as he started rimming. My body sank down, making it easy to go down on him, taking his ready stiff length deep into my mouth. moaning around it as we both gave in to the other’s desires.

His head would rise and lower over time, creating pauses that made me even hornier when his tongue returned. My cock felt so good rubbing his chest that it was almost impossible get into his mouth, needing to rise and shift position to be blown. Doing a hit just as his lips kissed the tip of my cock, the rush merged perfectly with my cock as a mouth surrounded it, both feeling infinitely immense, a sensation that grew as my mouth was again filled with his sexy rod.

Breathing out, the primal sensations just kept getting more intense, more intimate, with his finger exploring my slippery hole as we merged. This was hot male sex, becoming more fantastic as I started licking his soft hole. Mouth to ass sex is something that happens here, and I love it. His tongue was pressing over my soft skin when I moved back to sucking, sliding a slippery finger into position for going further.

Kneeling with a wet anus at the edge meant needing to keep a few other men from getting the idea I wanted to be fucked. Things got more crowded, and a man stretched out between him and the glory holes.

We fingered. sucked, and rimmed in seemingly endless rhythm until my muscles started to stiffen. I stretched out on my back, head to the rear, gathering what wits I could after that exquisite connection being over. There was no doubt he was definitely sucking cock soon after separating, a turn on to me to imagine.

To my delight, he moved and placed his inviting hole over my face. We played a familiar game, my tongue causing his head to sink over my erect shaft. Playing with his cock as he went down on me, my tongue probing his hot ass. After that first contact, however, he would keep his ass just above me, making me act much like he had, without ever being able to just tongue fuck him.

As I kept rimming. my cock was shared by at least a couple of men. The sheer delight of rimming made thinking difficult, and it took a while to make sense of sounds, realizing that the rimmed man and another were talking about how completely turned on I had become. Which was completely true, this being exactly the sort of fabulous sex I want to have at the baths.

Leaving the dim space after being thoroughly worn out, I did a final run through the steam room, which was just too full. Prompting me to simply leave in straightforward fashion, after spending hours having heavenly anonymous sex.

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