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Becoming Jack’s Milk Cow Pt. 07

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Jack loved watching me walk around his apartment wearing the corset he’d bought me, or wearing the lingerie that emphasized my new bulk. My breasts, which required regular sucking at least every four hours, were encased in latex and I knew that they were held firmly but enticingly at the ready for Jack’s mouth. My belly, having grown round and full, was molded by the corset. The latex and leather emphasized my new bulkiness while still showing off my full bounty. I loved the way I moved; almost a waddle, with my breasts and belly leading the way. I was still gaining weight, but at a slower pace. Jack’s feeding regimen had slowed a bit, based on my new size.

As his milk cow, Jack required that I be available for milking–either by machine or by mouth–every four hours. I made sure that my consulting schedule accomodated this schedule. As a result, over a two month period, my breasts swelled even larger that they had been when we had started the milking schedule, and if I missed a milking session, I became extremely uncomfortable, mooing to be relieved. Needless to say, I worked hard to meet our schedule. Jack continued to monitor my feeding regimen that kept me gaining weight–he liked my increasing girth, which balanced out my swelling breasts. As my both my belly and breasts swelled, escort ankara I became more aware of how much Jack enjoyed my role as his milk cow. He loved watching me waddle up to him, mooing for him to milk me then giving me the fucking he knew I wanted. After which, he fed me as much ice cream as I could hold, and then a bit extra. We were both very turned on by my increasing bulk. I encouraged Jack to measure my belly every week to monitor my progress, and I loved the photographs he took to document my growth. I felt like a big, gravid, sex machine–and Jack was molding me to fit his desires. I knew that my ultimate goal was to be a breeder–Jack had been clear that he wanted me to bear his children–but in the meantime, we were enjoying my new body. My weight gain had enhanced the growth of my breasts, and I now measured 38-DD on top. Jack loved my new bounty, and he enjoyed milking me, telling me that he couldn’t wait until he knocked me up. I loved the feeling of my milk letting down to feed Jack, but I knew that there was more to come once I actually became pregnant. I couldn’t wait to become even more heavy and full of Jack’s babies.

My legal research consulting was still working out well; my work schedule was flexible enough to support my increasing play with Jack, but escort mersin it was time for me to attend the semiannual review with one of my main clients. The last time I’d been in to meet with the law firm I consulted for, I’d been 25 pounds lighter and several inches smaller in all the places that mattered. I loved showing off my new shape to Jack and in public when we went out to dinner or the theater, but presenting a professional appearance was a bit different. I asked Jack to accompany me on a shopping expedition for a couple of appropriate outfits. Jack actually enjoyed shopping with me and for me, so I knew he’d love helping me in my search.

“I think you’re ready for the maternity department, don’t you?” Jack stood behind me as I tried to dress to go out. He ran his hands up my flanks, around to my belly and up to cup my breasts. My big nipples stiffed at his touch, and he tweaked them through the thin silk of my bra, pulling them as if to start to milk me. Since we’d just completed a milking session 30 minutes before, I knew we had at least 3 hours before I’d be ready to milk again, so we had plenty of time to shop without worry. Nonetheless, Jack’s playful attention to my long hard nipples caused an exciting shiver to go straight to my pussy.I leaned back against Jack, rubbing izle my well-rounded ass against his crotch. I could feel his cock stiffen though his jeans. Jack continued to tease my tits, hefting their weight in his palms, and using his thumbs to flick my nipples. He nuzzled my neck and whispered “I’m looking forward to watching you waddle into Saks tring to find something to fit the new body we’ve built,” I could feel Jack’s smile against my neck and his hard cock pressing between my ass cheeks. Very aroused, I pressed against him harder. “Looks like we better take care of this before we go out” Jack murmured, unhooking my bra and letting my heavy breasts fall into his hands. I murmured my agreement as we moved to the bed, Jack still pressed against me as he steered me. “I want you on all fours on the bed” Jack instructed. “Raise you ass a little higher” he added, positioning me at the edge of the bed. My breasts hung down, my nipples grazing the duvet cover as I raised my bottom to Jack’s liking. I heard Jack unbuttoning his jeans with one hand as he began to probe my asshole with his other hand. One finger pressed inside me, and then two. I arched my back at this unaccustomed attention to my ass. It felt good. Both of Jack’s hands were busy now, one probing my ass, and the other stroking my belly. “The bigger your belly gets, the more fun it will be fucking your pretty little asshole,” Jack said, beginning to guide the tip of his cock against my sphincter.

“Oh, yes please,” I murmured, pushing against him.

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