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Belt Fuck

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I still can’t quite believe what has happened to me. My wife Lisa has always been into more weird stuff than I have, but I’ve gone along with most of it because I love her and, well, weird sex is better than no sex. Last weekend she went too far. Last weekend she locked me in a chastity belt.

I haven’t had sex in 6 days. That’s not that bad I’ve gone longer before.

I haven’t masturbated in 6 days. I don’t really keep track but I think that’s a personal record (at least since puberty).

I HAVEN’T HAD AN ERECTION IN 6 DAYS. I know that’s the point of a chastity belt but it’s still extremely frustrating! I don’t know why she did it. She knows that I’m not cheating on her, she told me that much. She just wanted to try it. The only reason that I agreed to do it is that she promised that it would only be for one night. SHE LIED!!! But I digress. This morning, after pleasing her orally, which has become a common occurrence this week, she gave me the most wonderful news that I could ever have heard. She was going to let me fuck her tonight. I couldn’t believe it. I was FINALLY going to get this stupid belt off. The day went by very, very, very, slowly. I wasn’t really getting any work done (how could I, I was looking at the clock every 30 seconds) so after lunch I went home sick, or at least that’s what I told my boss. I went to a movie to try to take my mind off things. I guess it worked a little but I was still very anxious to get home. All I could think about was freeing my cock from it’s stainless steel prison and sliding in to Lisa’s warm tight pussy.

When I FINALLY get home there’s another car in our driveway. I’m thinking that this can’t be a good thing. I get inside and Lisa’s friend Sylvia is sitting in our kitchen. I HATE this woman. (If she is a woman and not anadolu yakası escort some kind of evil demon.) Although I hate everything about this woman I must admit she has a good body. I’ve always been a breast man and Sylvia’s were at least a cup size bigger than my Lisa’s.

As soon as I came in Lisa asked “Aren’t you home early?”

I replied with a vague “A little.”

“He probably a little anxious for tonight.” said Sylvia.

My jaw hit the floor. What did she say? How much did she know? Surely Lisa didn’t tell her about my belt. Did she? But I didn’t have to wonder long. All my fears were confirmed a second later when Lisa added “Don’t worry she knows everything. Now go into the bedroom and take all of your clothes off.”

“At least the ones you can.” Sylvia taunted

I stood there motionless for what seemed like an hour until Lisa shouted “GO. Or I’ll give the key to Sylvia and let her decide when or if to unlock you.”

“I wonder what that key would look like smashed on the railroad tracks?” Sylvia mused.

I ran to the bedroom. My mind was racing to catch up. I quickly stripped and waited, for what I didn’t know. Minutes passed, (I think it was minutes, from my perspective it seemed like hours.) before Lisa and Sylvia came into our bedroom. Sylvia walked right up and started circling me. She smacked me on the ass and pocked me in the stomach. “Not too bad.” she commented. At this point I got real upset “I don’t what you had in mind” I said to Lisa “but I don’t want to—“

“sussshhh” she whispered. “You won’t have to do anything to her. I just need her to run the video camera.”


Lisa leaned in and whispered in my ear “Tonight may be the most embarrassing avrupa yakası escort night of your life. I don’t know about you but I want a souvenir.”

O’ Crap. Was about all I could think of. What in the HELL was I in for tonight. By this time the big blond bitch had the camera up and running and it was time to go. Lisa started by taking her clothes off, very mater of factly, not at all in a sexy way. She then sat down on the edge of the bed and told me to eat up. I dutifully dropped to my knees and began to orally please her. Under normal circumstances I can usually get into it and enjoy myself but not this time, between this stupid belt and Sylvia not letting me forget that both she and the camera were still in the room I defiantly was not having any fun.

Lisa came before long and after enjoying her moment for a while ordered me to stand. I did and had my hands tied behind my back.

Next I was blindfolded.

Lisa then started fiddling with my belt I instantly got very excited, at least my spirits rose. I slowly realized that she wasn’t removing my belt but adding something over it. She finished whatever she was doing and stood up, softly running her hands up my sides. When her hands reached my face she paused to kiss me deeply. Then without a word she removed my blindfold and took a step back. I look down and am shocked to see a nice big cock between my legs.

“What the hell!” I manage to stammer out as I realize that I’m wearing a strap-on dildo.

“Come on honey. Relax. You’ve seen my strap-on before.”

“Yes I’ve seen it before, I’ve…I’ve even let you…”

“You’re just embarrassed because it’s bigger than yours. Don’t worry, honney, size doesn’t matter.”

The choirs of giggles that I got from both Lisa and eryaman escort Sylvia probably means that I’ll never believe that line again. Not that I’m small, just average, and this dildo is significantly above average. Lisa again stepped forward, embraced me and kissed me passionately, so intensely that I barley noticed it when she untied my hands.

“Make love to me.” She whispered in my ear. My first reaction was great, followed closely by how. But Lisa was already on the bed beckoning me over. And when a beautiful naked woman tells you to do something, you do it! I laid down on top of my wife and guided my plastic cock into her sweet pussy. She moaned in approval, so I started pumping away. After a short while Lisa screamed out in pleasure and I could tell that she had climaxed (even if I didn’t) so I started to pull out.

“No!” she gasped. “Don’t stop.”

“Please.” She begged.

Well I was certainly ‘UP’ for another round.

We went at this three more times until Lisa was finally satisfied. She tells Sylvia that she can go. Sylvia responded by saying that she was out of tape anyway, turns and walks out of our bedroom. I lay there feeling both happy that I pleased my wife and very frustrated that I still have this stupid chastity belt on. Lisa reaches into her nightstand and retrieves something. Turning onto her side she hands me the object.

It’s a key.

It’s THE key.

I grab the key.

Leap out of bed.

Tear off the strap on.

Insert the key.


The lock springs open and I step out of the belt and throw it across the room. I turn back to look at Lisa. She smiles seductively and motions me over. Junior springs to attention and I jump onto the bed. I’m not going to admit how quickly I finished but the second and third times were defiantly better. By this time it’s nearly midnight and we’re both exhausted.

“Better get some sleep, I’ve got some more plans for tomorrow.” Lisa said as she turned out the lights.

My mind started racing. I didn’t get much sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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