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Best Bud’s Bro

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Note: This is a story about sexual relations between 2 minors, if you do not wish to read such material, go back now. Also, the names in this story have been altered for obvious reasons but the story has not. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way – let’s begin!

Section 1: First Time Touching
I think I in grade 6 (11 years old) at the time when I had my first encounter with Mitch’s brother, Vic, and first sexual encounter altogether. Mitch and I met in grade 1 and were pretty much the best of friends from the word go. Vic is 3 years younger than us (so he was 8 at the time). Mitch and Vic both have deep blue eyes. Mitch has light brown hair and Vic has blonde hair. I have green eyes and have dark brown hair with a naturally muscular build. Mitch has a similar build to me; I’m just broader than he is – in a muscular way, not a fat way. Vic has a narrower and lankier build then the two of us.
I slept over at their place one time and did the usual stuff kids do – Playstation, PC, swim, wrestle. The day was fun just to hang with my best bud. My mom was running late in picking me up from Mitch’s place the following day- which I, Mitch and Vic of course didn’t mind – but the time came when Mitch had to go off to his martial arts practice leaving me and Vic by ourselves. The two of us were just chilling in his room (with the door closed) and we got bored and decided to wrestle. It was nothing sexual at first but it eventually got to the point when we would stop and say in jest: “Awww, check at this position!” when we got into a position where our groins were touching or something of the sort. This happened a few times. Then all of a sudden we stopped and Vic began to feel my butt cheeks through my shorts, each cheek with each hand. Funny thing was that I was not at all taken aback by this and began to do the same to him. Vic had a nice round bubble butt that was wonderful to mush. We got bored of that and stopped.
Vic then said that he wanted to see my dick. I then replied that he had to show me his first if he wanted to see mine. He pulled down his shorts to reveal a bald, thin, rock hard member no more than 8cm long with a foreskin covering his dick entirely. I then showed him my mushroom-headed dick which was considerably longer and thicker than his, complete with pubic hair (I was an early developer). Vic seemed intrigued by my large dick and said that he would like to feel it. I said that I wanted to feel his too. We spent the next while with out hands down each others shorts enjoying the feeling of having another boy touching us downstairs. We would have continued to do so all day and night, but Vic feared that his mom or dad might enter the room and catch us in the act and we also expected my mom to arrive soon too to fetch me.

Section 2: Under The Covers
One year later I was sleeping over at Mitch and Vic’s place again. That night we had moved a double mattress into the lounge and slept there. I slept next to Vic on the double and Mitch slept on the couch, but nothing happened between Vic and me until morning. We were in the lounge taking turns to play on the Playstation. Vic and I were still under the blankets on the double while we were playing. When it was Vic’s turn to play against Mitch, Vic grabbed my hand under the covers and placed his hand under his underwear and onto his dick. He wanted me to feel him while he was playing! I did so with pleasure. When Vic lost the game against Mitch it was my turn to play. Of course I had to stop feeling Vic to play, but while I was playing Vic shoved his hand down my pants and began to feel my dick! We had our hands down each others pants as often as we could while we were playing, and Mitch was right there in the room with us having no idea what we were doing! That was all that happened between Vic and me on that day.

Section 3: Bare Truth
Five years later I still remembered those two times between Vic and I. I was now 16 with a nice 16cm long penis when fully erect escort bayan that was also very thick and hairy. By now I had a large knowledge-base about sex and looked at both gay and lesbian porn fairly often. Vic had just turned 14.
I was once again invited to sleep over at Mitch’s place. The day was fun with us mostly jamming guitar and talking rubbish – being dudes. That night Mitch took the mattress off his bed for me to sleep on and he slept on the base, like we have done many times before. I slept under my own large duvet spread. While we were dosing off and talking rubbish yet again, Vic popped into the room and said that was pretty freaked out by a horror movie that he recently watched or something like that and wanted sleep with us. We were cool with it and Vic slipped under the covers with me. Mitch then soon fell asleep (he’s a very deep sleeper). Vic and I tried to get to sleep on the single mattress but couldn’t. The two of us were just laying there, each wearing nothing but a pair of black jocks. Being sleeplessly bored I began to poke Vic in the stomach. He returned my pokes and gradually our pokes went south, mine more than his, and I grabbed hold of his erect penis though his jocks. I swear that it hadn’t grown and inch since I first touched it! Vic obviously didn’t like being touched like that anymore and slapped my hand away from his penis. I apologized and we continued to poke each other in the stomach. We got bored of poking each other and stopped, leaving my hand to rest on his thigh to which Vic didn’t object. Being persistent in touching Vic’s lovely little cock I grabbed his penis again, but Vic once again slapped my hand away. I apologized again, just to be polite.
About a minute later I said: “Sorry about touching your cock man, do you want to touch mine so we’re even?”
He said that he didn’t particularly want to, to which I replied: “Haha bru, just messing with you!”
As if I was. I badly wanted to touch him – do way more than touch him, and I wanted him to do everything back to me as well. A few minutes later Vic said to me: “Okay, I do want to touch your cock.”
I was shocked and excited to what might happen next. Vic’s hand came towards me, first on my thigh, then on my cock and then he put his hand underneath my jocks and began to feel me. About 2 seconds later he said: “I need to pee.”
Needless to say I was disappointed, but I then realized I was really thirsty so I said that I needed to get some water. We both exited the room together. Vic was walking in front of me and I took the opportunity to check out his beautiful butt through his tight jocks. But Vic never went to the bathroom to pee; instead he went straight to his bedroom. I followed him into his room and said: “Err, dude. The bathroom is on the other side of the hallway.”
“I know,” he replied. “I just wanted you to follow me here so I can have you all to myself.”
Little bastard, I thought to myself. He was having me on the whole time!

Vic closed the door, threw off his jocks and revealed his naked body; his tiny yet beautiful uncut penis, his small bush of blonde pubic hair above his penis and his nice flat stomach and tight bubble butt. I couldn’t wait to break him in. I too removed my jocks and revealed my naked body to him. We then both lay down next to each other on his bed. He wrapped his whole hand around my veiny, hairy monster member and began pumping my circumcised penis hard. I too took hold of his shaft, but just with my thumb, index and middle finger and slid his foreskin up and down his tiny penis with a firm grip. Our breathing quickened and I fondled his balls with my free hand. Vic began to moan softly, amazed that you can feel so good from fondling your balls and did the same to me.
“I’m gonna cum soon,” Vic moaned.
“Me too,” I said, but stopped masturbating him.
He too stopped wanking me and said: “What the heck?”
I replied by engulfing his penis in my mouth, burying my nose into his small patch of pubic hair and kocaeli escort bayan inhaled his sweet scent. Vic was breathless. This was my first ever time giving oral to another guy, but after reading a lot of erotic writings and seeing a lot of porn I felt I had a pretty damn good idea on what to do. I slid his foreskin all the way down his shaft to reveal a bright red penis head that was calling my name. I placed all of him into my mouth and used my tongue to caress his length while lightly bobbing up and down on him. Vic went nuts, though quietly – we didn’t want to wake up the whole household and have them discover us together like this. No more content with having just his penis in my mouth, I took both his balls in together with his penis; there was plenty of room and the three of them fitted cozily. Vic was in his element and urgently whispered: “I’m gonna cum!”
Eager to taste his man-milk I didn’t budge. I felt his penis begin to spasm in my mouth and then explode once, twice, three times, SIX TIMES in my mouth! I was amazed at what a punch this little pecker packed! I swallowed what I could. Hot semen oozed out from the corners of my mouth and covered his penis and balls, which I gladly licked clean. I have tasted my own cum before and wasn’t a fan, but now that I’ve had someone else’s I loved it!
“Your turn!” I said, lying down on my back and opening my legs wide.
Vic had no idea on how to give me oral so I had to give him guidance in how to pleasure me with his mouth. It took him a little bit to get the hang of it, but after that he had me moaning in delight and caressing his hair. He could only fit about half my penis in his mouth, any more and he would gag. Vic began to fondle my balls with his one free hand and masturbated the rest of my penis that he couldn’t fit into his mouth. This little dude was a natural. I was very close to cumming.
“You wanna taste my come, man?” I asked.
“Hell, yeah!” Vic replied.
I pulled away from his mouth, pushed him flat on his back and told him to open wide. I positioned myself so my penis was directly over his mouth and masturbated myself. Within seconds my white gold was shooting out from my penis and into his mouth. I shot 4 ropes of semen in his mouth, filling his mouth, but he surprisingly managed to gulp the lot down. A naughty grin spread over his beautiful, young face. That grin was too much for me. I moved in for the kill. Our lips touched and our tongues explored each others mouths. After we kissed for the first time I whispered in his ear: “I wanna fuck you.”
Vic said yes, but I could see it in his eyes that he was scared to do it. Honestly, so was I.
I got him to bend over as far as he could; I spread his ass cheeks and stuck my tongue in his tight virgin hole to lube him up. Vic began to breathe heavily and moan. I tongued him deeper and harder and Vic moved his ass against my face trying to get my tongue deeper and deeper. I pulled out of him and used my spit to lube up two of my fingers and stuck them both in his ass at the same time. Vic gasped in pain. I told him to wait and to get used to it. After a while he said that he was fine. I moved my fingers around in his ass, loosening him up as much as I could so I could stick my cock inside of him. After I was confident he was ready, I asked Vic to wet my penis with his spit as lube. He lovingly licked my cock all over until it was sopping wet. I lay Vic on his back and spread his legs so I could get to his asshole to be fucked. I wanted him so see me as I laid waste to his ass.
I poked my head at his hole and got that part in quite easily. I eased some more of my cock into his ass and Vic groaned in pain. It was a slow process to get three-quarters of my cock into his ass – which was all I was able to fit in. I then began to slowly and gently pump my rock hard penis against his prostrate gland. It felt wonderful to have his flesh tightly around my meat as I fucked him. Vic groaned kocaeli escort a little in pain at first but a few seconds later Vic’s face turned into an expression of pure delight.
“Oh, pump me harder!” he groaned.
I did. I gradually increased my pace and the amount of my cock I moved out of his ass before coming in to bang against his prostrate. We were both in bliss.
“Your ass is pure magic!” I told him between breaths.
“So is your cock!” Vic replied. “Now give me all you’ve got!”
I immediately did as I was told. I removed all of my cock from him except my head and then, as fast and as forcefully as I could, I rammed my penis hard into his prostrate.
“AH!” Vic exclaimed loudly as my penis connected with his cherry and Vic began to ejaculate. I was surprised that his exclamation didn’t wake anyone up. Three ropes of semen erupted a meter in the air from his cock and covered his chest with his juices. I felt his ass grip tighter around my penis, if that was at all possible – he was so tight already to begin with; I thought my penis was going to be crushed. While he was still ejaculating and super tight, I fucked him for all he was worth and ejaculated deep into his anus, milking my balls dry. Vic laid there, a semonic mess, while I waited for my cock to go limp so I could remove myself from him. My penis pulled out with a loud pop from his hole. The two of us lay on the bed, exhausted.
“Damn! That was fucking epic!” whispered Vic as he climbed on top of me to deeply kiss me; his semen covered chest pressing against mine. “Now I want to do you.”
He got off from on top of me and told me to lube his dick with my spit as I had done to him. I did so with pleasure. I asked him if he was also going to lube up my ass with his tongue. He said that it didn’t tickle his fancy. I was fine with it. After I was finished with him I bent over and revealed my hole to him. He just went for it and rammed his cock into me. It was a bit shocking at first, but after a few seconds I was fine. I had masturbated myself anally on the odd occasion so I was much looser than he was. He then began to pump me. I asked if he could go any deeper as I wasn’t feeling much at all. He said that he was in all the way. I couldn’t believe it! His cock barely touched the sides to my anal cannel and I estimated his cock to be barely halfway to my prostrate! He was just too small. I told him that this wasn’t going to work. He removed himself from me, disappointed.
A tear fell down his cheek and said: “I’m too small aren’t I?”
I held him close to me and kissed his forehead.
“Okay, I’ll make it up to you?” I offered. “How about you placed you dick between my cheeks and masturbate yourself between them?”
This seemed to lift his spirits and simply said, “Okay.”
I embraced him tightly and kissed him lightly once more before I fell down onto my belly. I felt him place each of his legs on either side of mine and felt his warm cock between my cheeks. He then rapidly rubbed his tiny penis between my cheeks, warming up my ass tremendously.
“Yeah, oh yeah,” he breathed as me fucked his cock between my cheeks.
I just closed my eyes and imagined he was pumping hard against my prostrate. Not so long later I heard him say, “Oh man! I’m cumming again!”
“Cum on my cheeks,” was all the instruction I gave to him, and it was all that he needed. Within seconds I was feeling warm milk being sprayed against my cushions. I then got up and kissed him deep on the lips. We were now both clearly very tired and I suggested that we finally get some sleep. Vic agreed. We then walked back into Mitch’s room, still completely nude, holding hands. Our jocks were still in Vic’s room, but we didn’t care. I glanced over at the person who I was the closest to in the whole world, still asleep on the base to his bed and without any idea on what his brother and I had done together. We got under my double duvet on the single mattress; me still having cum all over my ass cheeks and the two of us still having Vic’s cum all over our chests. We fell asleep in each other’s tight embrace, our nude bodies – especially our very erect penises – pressed hard against one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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