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Bi-Curious Fantasy to Reality Ch. 03

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Mark and Josh’s cock’s were still soft, but I knew what I had to do.

Even though I felt the warmth of their semen in my ass and stomach, and boy did it taste good, I knew the final chapter of homosexual awakening was coming.

To seal the deal and tie me into cock-love I was feeling in my heart I knew I had one more task to fullfil. Not that it was a chore, having Mark and Josh take turns sliding their hard penises into my mouth and anus,I just knew that I wouldn’t be complete until I had brought them both to orgasm witht my mouth, swallowing their combined semen in one gulp.

But even in their aroused state, both Mark and Josh had recently cum in me and they needed my encouragement.

I dived onto Mark’s penis with wild abandon. I could still taste my ass on his cock but it only served to turn me on more. While I was delighting in the heady mixture of penis, semen and my own anal juices, I started wanking Josh’s sticky cock back to hardness. I was quivering with excitement about having Josh’s huge penis slide its way past my sphincter into my hot anal passage, having him fuck me till I screamed in plesasre, having him pull out and aim his gorgeous memeber at my mouth, spraying his delicious seed into me as I begged for more.

I knew before the night was out that I would be begging for their cum, begging for their cocks to channel their juice into my mouth, across my tastebuds and down my throat, loving every second of it, loving the fact that it was a man, and a man’s penis that was giving me such pleasure, better and hornier than any pussy.

Mark was hard so quickly. I had barely begun bahis şirketleri to enjoy the hard ridges and salty taste as he slid over my tongue before I had to pull back lest he came too quickly.

I switched to Josh’s incredible penis, flacid but still impressive. I moved my hands down to my sides, determined to excite him only with my mouth. I pondered the person I had been at the beginning of the evening, unsure of my sexuality and my previous man to man experience, compared to the cock-monster I was now, dying to feel the texture of aonther man’s semen sliding down my throat and into my stomach.

My sucking technique was superb and soon Josh was writhing on the bed. Mark was kissing my neck in the most sensuous way, making me crave him more and more.

But first I needed Josh in me. Not in my mouth, as fun as that had been, but in my anus, stretched to accommodate his enormous rod. I had no idea whether it would hurt or not but I knew I was willing to try.

Instead if fucking me from behind, Josh shifted me into my back and rested my legs on his shoulders. It was with some kind of ceremony that he shifted his hips forward, that magnificant penis, slowly opening me up, the huge head

slipping past my spinchter and slipping into my most intimate places. AS he did so, he leant down and kissed me, his tongue entering me, mimicking the progress of his cock as it snaked its way into my anal cavity.

I gasped and gave my tongue to him, swirling it around his, imagining his tongue was his cock. He sunk even deeper into me, and my mouth dropped open in a silent gasp. Mark’s tongue wasted no time bahis firmaları in joining Josh’s, breaking down the very last of my heterosexual barriers, not only making me a lover of cock, but a lover of men also, loving the effect their embrace, their mouths, their tongues could have on me, as well as their well-proportioned penises were having on my mouth and anus.

Josh began to pound me mercilessly, his horniness overriding all other senses. I swear he would have drilled me through the wall if Mark hadn’t have stopped him. I would have let him too, I was enjoying the pounding I was getting so much.

Mark practically pulled Josh out of me before replacing his penis with another, tasty member. I was barely aware of the difference, except Josh slid his cock over my lips until I let him into my mouth.

The next hour was intense, with both men taking willful advantage of my mouth and anus. They both fucked me in every position they could think of, without neglecting the needs of my mouth, not only for their hot cocks, but for their delicious asses as well. I had never even begun to imagine that eating another man’s asshole, feeling that ring of muscle drawing in my tongue, that the taste of it could be so arousing, but I couldn’t help myself. I happily licked and sucked both their anuses until my jaw was sore from the effort, but I still wanted to keep going.

Despite the best efforts from my mouth, my incredible ass kept both my lovers fixated. They said they didn’t know what it was, but the first time their hard cocks penetrated my lovehole, it was like they had come home and that there was no other kaçak bahis siteleri place they’d rather be. I was flattered by that but thought it was more to do with my sluttish behaviour and the fact and moaned like a whore every time they impaled me. I couldn’t help but love the feeling of their cocks in me, taking turns to pleasure themselves and me. I loved sucking them down, tasting my anus mixed with their precum, making me hornier and making me want to do evermore dirty thing with these two studs who were intent on using me as their fuck-toy.

They took their turns with my ass and mouth until they were both close to coming. Mark slipped out of my ass. “Are you ready to taste our cum bitch?” he said. “Yes!” I replied “Cum all over me, cum in my mouth, please”, begging for it. Again!

I kneeled between them and they presented me with two hard cocks.

I sucked them and wanked them with my hands, willing them to come in me. Josh started groaning first, quickly followed by Mark. I brought Josh’s huge penis to my mouth, letting his delicious semen squirt all over my tongue once more. Before I even had a chance to taste it, Mark’s penis pushed forward and began depositing his load all over me too.

This was my ultimate fantasy and was every bit as good as I had imagined, those dark nights alone, masturbating over gay porn, pretending it was real, and now it was, two loads of semen in my mouth, both different but equally tasty.

Finally my utlra-hard penis let fly, spilling it’s own seed onto my hot and sweaty body. I caught some in my hand and brought it hungrily to my mouth, savouring the taste of three men’s semen in my mouth and knowing that whatever happened next, I would cherish this moment and Mark (and Josh) would be able to have me any which way he wanted, whenever, wherever, I would be his willing fuck-buddy forever.

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