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Blue Water Boys � By Finn Lewis




For those of you who are still reading this far along I hope you”re enjoying it. This one”s not as long thankfully.


For those of you who”ve reached out – I thank you. It is very much appreciated.


As always this story is complete and utter bullshit. Honestly, it never happened.


If you”d like to offer comments you can email me at ail


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The next morning I was awake and dressed by the time Elin got up at just after 7am and we made breakfast for the boys talking as we did so. I felt no guilt whatsoever about what I”d done with her son the night before and was even then formulating plans about how to get him alone to do it all over again. Ren and Krystiyan were the first up, coming into the kitchen in just their skimpy little underwear followed shortly after by Isaak and Lucas who, I noted, eyed the two younger boys in their near nakedness with more than just idle curiosity. He was hot for them I could tell. I turned seeing Espen come into the living room dressed in the same Spiderman PJ bottoms he”d been in last night and nothing else, and for a few seconds our eyes met before he smiled almost shyly at me and came to sit next to me at the table. It occurred to me then that his Mom was probably the only one of us who hadn”t had sex last night and that included the two eight year old boys as well.


The day was planned. After getting showered and ready we set off towards Amsterdam with Espen and me in Elin”s car with her while Ren and Krystiyan rode with Lucas in Isaak”s old beat up VW. I took the front seat next to his Mom who drove us while Espen was in back, and every time I turned around to him I saw the smile on his face as he looked at me. He was in another sleeveless tank top and loose cotton shorts showing off his hairless pits and thighs and for the whole ride there I couldn”t stop thinking about how I”d sucked his rock hard dick the night before with the image of him sat on the couch talking nearly all of my six inches in his mouth scorched into my mind.


By the time we arrived back at Ghost it was late morning and as Lucas and Isaak grabbed their bags from the trunk Espen came to stand in front of me so I put both arms over his shoulders holding him close with his hair in my nose and his Mom standing by my side.


“What”d”ya think?” I asked him watching both Ren and Krystiyan jumping over onto the dive platform and bolting up the transom stairs to the aft deck. “Pretty cool huh?”


“I can”t believe you live on that. Can you really go anywhere in the world?”


“So long as it”s by the sea we can. We”ll probably head to Thailand after we leave here. The islands there are stunning.” As are the boys, I thought to myself.


“I wish I could go with you.” Espen said twisting his head around to look up at me.


“I don”t see why you couldn”t if it was okay with your Mom.”


I think that was the initial spark of an idea in Elin”s head. It”d take her another day to ask me if I meant what I”d said because she wanted her son out of the city for a few weeks at least while the riots died down. I chanced a look to my side seeing her expression and cocked my head towards Ghost. “C”mon, we”ll show you around and then I”ll make us lunch.”


It”d been close to two years since Lucas had left and other than the new galley benchtop and appliances, refurbished bathrooms and larger TV on the wall below deck in the living room, not much else had changed. It was still home to him. He and the two boys showed both Isaak and Espen and their Mom around and I followed behind watching. I spent an hour in the galley chatting through the opening windows to the aft deck as I prepared a Greek salad and grilled salmon which we ate outside under the sun shade with the view of the city across the canal. The boys dragged Espen downstairs to play video games leaving the adults alone upstairs with wine and beer flowing.


I suspect playing video games was probably the last thing the boys had in mind when they disappeared downstairs. I just hoped they”d take it to one of the cabins rather than getting it on out in the living room with Elin still there. Lucas grinned at me obviously thinking the same thing and when they came back up a little while later Espen couldn”t keep the smile off his face.


He followed me inside into the galley when I went to refill our drinks and I looked at him expectantly. “So, did they suck your dick or what?” I asked quietly and he nodded his head grinning.


“And did you suck theirs?” I whispered into his ear as I reached down cupping my hand around the small bulge through the thin cotton of his shorts hidden from view by the galley bench. Unlike last night he was wearing underwear today which held his semi hard cock and balls snuggly within but it was still a huge thrill to be able to touch him like that.


“Yes.” He squeaked looking down at my hand groping his sex and I felt him push into it.


“They get really hard don”t they?”


He nodded with his mouth opening at the feeling of what I was doing but he looked up at me when I took it away.


“Don”t worry…” I whispered. “I promise I”ll suck it again for you tonight if your Mom lets you stay.”


I sent him back outside with two beers for Lucas and Isaak leaving me a minute to adjust myself before taking my own beer and Elin”s wine out to her. I saw Lucas glancing down at his boyfriend”s brother”s crotch and then to me with a half-smirk. Busted.


An hour later we took a walk into the city visiting the Oudekerksplein and along the many rivers until late in the afternoon when it was time for Espen and his Mom to head back home. I”d had a quiet chat with Lucas when I”d signalled him to walk with me a little behind the others to discuss how best to approach Elin with the suggestion that Espen stay the night with us. It”d been planned that Lucas and Isaak would stay with us on Ghost for a day or two, but he told me then that they”d actually booked a room at a Hotel to spend a couple days together alone.


“Leave it to me…” He grinned. “She never says no to me.”


So, when Lucas suggested to Elin that Espen might want to stay for two or three nights with us I was a little surprised having expected only one night, but I couldn”t help smiling at the way the little guy was begging his Mom to let him stay. She gave in eventually, but not after pointing out the obvious that he hadn”t brought anything with him like a change of clothes or toiletries, but I assured her we had plenty to spare and that if he needed them, then Alek”s or Seb”s or even Lucas” older clothes would probably fit him. I asked if she”d mind if we took a short cruise to the north of France, perhaps to a little town called Calais I”d once visited with Alek. Not that I had any intention of looking for Olivier or to see what became of him, because I didn”t, but I did have some very fond memories of the four days Alek and I had spent there with him more than fourteen years ago.


Getting back to Ghost we bade his Mom farewell with promises to see her in a few days, and it wasn”t until after she left that Lucas told Espen of his and Isaak”s plan to spend the time in a hotel room by themselves. However, they did agree to stay for diner and then when the two younger boys begged them to stay and watch a movie with them, things got far more interesting. Ren and Krystiyan both stripped naked as soon as they got downstairs leaving their clothes strewn on the floor where they dropped them with their two little-boy dicks hard and pointing upwards from their hairless groins. Watching a movie had never been their intention and the two of them took hold of Lucas” and Isaak”s hands leading them to the couch. Isaak glanced at Espen and I saw the hesitation on his face, but when Lucas whispered something into his ear and kissed him on the mouth as the boys turned them standing side by side, the apprehension he felt seemed to evaporate and let Lucas lift his t-shirt up and over his head exposing his slim toned torso. I knew from what Espen had told me the night before that Isaak had only ever watched his brother and boyfriend sucking each other off, so having a naked eight year old Ukrainian boy about to blow him was going to be a first for the eighteen year old.


I suspect Lucas had some idea of what was going to happen and had positioned himself closest to Ren on purpose, so that when the time came it was his hand the younger boy took hold of. I mean, who could blame him? Ren was such a little cutie and being half American and half Japanese his body was slim and slender and sexy as fuck. He was also a horny little devil too as evidenced by the hard two and a half inch sprig of his erection pointing up at Lucas with his small rounded balls pulled tight underneath. I could almost feel Lucas” excitement from where I watched him willingly being led by the hand to stand in front of the couch and once there abidinpaşa escort he quickly strip off his own t-shirt grinning in anticipation at me.


With a hand on Espen”s shoulder I slowly led him over as well watching as both Ren and Krystiyan groped both the older boys” cocks through their shorts popping open buttons and sliding zippers down to the stops letting them fall to the floor. I turned us both so I was standing next to Isaak with my back to the couch the same as he was, but instead of Espen dropping to his knees I lowered myself down so he was facing his brother with a front row seat as Krystiyan pulled his briefs out and down freeing his rock hard six and a half inches of teenaged meat and taking hold of it. It”d been nearly two years since I”d seen Lucas” cock and looking around at Ren with a huge grin on his face as he handled it, I saw it was bigger than his boyfriend”s and a good inch longer than mine. I turned back to the short vertical pole of Espen”s cotton covered sex in front of me and slid my hands up under his sleeveless tank top telling him to take it off and went to work on his shorts. They dropped to the floor at his feet and right in front of my face was the hard length of his four inch dick stretching the fabric of his sky blue boxer briefs with pale stonewashed vertical stripes accentuating his obvious arousal.


By now I think you”ve all got a pretty good idea of how developed I like my boys to be, or lack thereof, and to me at least, Espen was the epitome of boyhood perfection perhaps only a few months shy of the cusp of puberty. His chest and shoulders were starting to form some small definition and his waist tapered inward into a flat sexy belly, but he was still smooth and utterly hairless everywhere that mattered most and he”d only just begun to produce a tiny amount of clear, sweet tasting young boy jizz. I”d seen him naked in the dim moonlit living room of their apartment last night and explored every millimetre of his sex with my mouth. His cock was only now beginning to thicken from that of a very young boy, and when he was hard it was a good four inches in length with the tight band of his foreskin peeling half way down his sleek bullet shaped glans. It had a slight upwards curve to it and the slender shaft was so uniformly smooth without any bumps or ridges from bulbous veins that hindered my lips as they slid so effortlessly up and down. His soft spongy balls were still small enough that I could draw them both into my mouth at the same time and held snugly in their hairless pouch they”d contracted into a single round orb.


I held him with my hands on his hips brushing my lips against his stiffness with my head turned so I could see the others and pressed my thumbs up into his compact little balls as he watched what both Ren and Krystiyan were doing to Isaak and Lucas. They had no need to kneel in front of the two older boys; instead they simply bent at the waist holding their cocks up to their mouths in their small fisted hands and flicked them with the tips of their tongues. Espen”s hands went to my shaved head pushing himself against me watching the two younger boys wrap their lips around the swollen purple heads and circle their tongues lapping the pre there as Lucas pulled Isaak in for a wet sloppy kiss. They moaned quietly as my two boys held them both at the root, their hands unable to reach all the way around them and cupping their balls in the other opening wide to take in nearly half their lengths and slurping back up in unison. It was a sight to see two eight year old boys with their mouths stuffed with adult sized cocks, but the one I was most interested in was hot and hard against my lips stretching the front his briefs and I turned my attention to it. Almost reverently I hooked my fingers into the waistband around Espen”s slender hips and lowered them under my mouth exposing his half covered glans and the silky smooth expanse of his flat pubic mound under the creamy white shaft of his cock. God it smelt so fucking good.


I pressed the taut straining shaft if his slender cock against the smooth barren skin with my thumb just under his naked glans lowering my head down to his hairless balls gobbling them into my mouth and soaking them in spit. His rigid nail flexed along the side of my nose and his balls slipped free as I let them go slowly trailing the tip of my tongue up his steel hard four inches all the way to the tip. I rolled his skin up with my thumb and fingers over his head and then crested it with my lips peeling it back again as I sank down to the root pressing my nose into the soft expanse of his hairless mound.


I”m sure I moaned. He was fucking delicious. I groped a firm rounded cheek in my hand pulling him into me burring my face into his groin and breathed in deep caving my cheeks and rubbing under his cock with the flat of my tongue and then pulled away only to plunge back down on him again. His hips rocked back and forth as I made love to the eleven year old boy with my mouth soaking his dick in saliva until it was slick and moved effortlessly in and out between my tightly pursed lips. I looked up and saw he wasn”t watching me; instead his eyes were fixed on his brother”s cock held in Krystiyan”s hand sliding in and out of his mouth and I knew then what he wanted most.


“Krystiyan…” I whispered after sucking hard to the tip of Espen”s shining glans and swallowed his taste with my lips lightly caressing him there. Holding his cock at the base with my thumb and finger stretching his skin all the way back I had to whisper a little louder to the eight year old. “Krystiyan,” I repeated getting his attention. “Switch places with Espen so he can suck his brother and I”ll suck yours okay?”


Espen tore his eyes away from his brother”s wet glistening six and a half inches to look up at him, and for a brief few moments I wasn”t sure if he would, but then he grinned and raised his eyebrows silently asking Isaak”s permission. The older boy caved in almost immediately and nodded his head as Krystiyan slurped his way to the tip and let him go swallowing his own saliva licking pre from his lips. The two boys traded places except that Espen knelt down in front of Isaak while Krystiyan stood in front of me. I didn”t want to make him self-conscious so I didn”t watch, but I did hear Isaak moan so I knew his brother had probably taken his cock in his mouth. Not that I had a choice in witnessing this since Krystiyan chose that moment to lever his chunky three inch dick down and away from his hairless mound towards my mouth stabbing it between my lips and shoving all the way in smashing his boyish smoothness into my face.


Have I told you how much I love bare, utterly hairless boys? Fuck me. Ren and Krystiyan were two of the sexiest and youngest boys I”d ever been with and I couldn”t wait to take both of their virginities, but sucking their very erect and excited little dicks was one of my greatest pleasures. Krystiyan”s balls were plump and tight underneath as I massaged them with my thumb and fingers sucking back and forth on his rigid prong chancing a glance to my side seeing Espen with more than half his brother”s cock in his mouth slowly moving his head in and out. The ice was broken, they”d crossed that line between siblings and I could see the look on Isaak”s face watching his eleven year old brother sucking him off knowing that it wouldn”t be long before he came in his mouth. But I didn”t want him getting there just yet. Isaak needed to take that final plunge and taste the forbidden fruit of his brother”s preteen dick so I reached out with my hand gently shaking Espen”s shoulder getting his attention.


“You want Isaak to do yours?” I asked and Espen nodded looking up at his brother from his kneeling position with his hand wrapped around the lower shaft of his six and a half inches half way in his mouth. “Stand up then and let him suck you.”


I did watch this time. I hooked a finger over Krystiyan”s shaft at the root with my thumb underneath pulling against his natural spring and turned my head towards them flicking my tongue up and down over the tiny mushroomed head between my lips. Isaak sat on the edge of the couch pulling his brother forward on his knees between his legs and surprised me by taking his face in his hands and kissed him on his lips. I watched for a few moments as their mouths opened with their tongues sliding over each other”s for the first time before taking Krystiyan”s hard nail back into my mouth sucking the eight year old boy down to the root and tickling the tight globe of his balls. Lucas watched as well and he caught my eye grinning as he combed his hands through Ren”s thick dark hair holding his head still slowly sliding his seven inch cock half way in and out of his mouth.


Fuck I was so turned on and I was the only one still dressed. Taking my mouth from Krystiyan”s diamond hard stiffy I gently guided him to sit down next to Isaak and quickly pulled my shirt off over my head as I stood dropping my shorts and briefs to my feet. I got back onto my knees as Isaak urged Espen to stand in front of him kissing down his stomach and then practically devoured adana escort his younger brother”s rock hard cock into his mouth. There was no doubt in my mind he”d wanted this all the times he”d watched Lucas and Espen together, and as I lifted Krystiyan”s feet off the floor planting them wide apart on the edge of the couch I knew this would only be the first of many times they pleasured each other.


Pushing Krystiyan”s legs back and rolling his ass up to my face I looked up at him and grinned, winking at him as I licked my lips. He giggled when I spread his cheeks apart with my thumbs exposing the pink oval of his anus and circled my tongue around the rim sucking a finger into my mouth at the same time to wet it. He knew what I was about to do because I”d done it so many times already over the last three weeks. He relaxed and pushed out when I zeroed in on the center of his hole slowly pushing in past the first knuckle and then the second. The taut band of his elastic ring curled inwards as I took his tasty little cock back into my mouth sucking him in and out two inches at a time as I twisted my finger pushing a little harder until I sank fist deep inside him. I toyed with his foreskin with my tongue sliding it back and forth over his miniature glans between my lips and rotated my finger in his ass curling it upwards to where I knew his immature prostate would be. I pressed into the small mass at the root of his three inch cock making his dick twitch and his inner muscle clamped down on me as he let out a boyishly high pitched moan.


I knew Espen would be watching even though I couldn”t see him and wondered if he was imagining what it”d feel like with my cock up his ass. Or maybe he was imagining he”d be the one doing the fucking? I don”t know, but if he was he certainly wouldn”t be the first boy to fuck me and I found myself actually wanting him to ask because I”d say yes in a heartbeat.


Krystiyan”s hands came to rest on my head and his hips rose and fell trying to lift up into my mouth as the moans got louder and closer together with the wet splurging sounds of my lips sliding up and down his rigid stick. Both Lucas and Espen were making similar sounds so I knew they were getting close and judging from the way he was pushing up into my face Krystiyan wasn”t far behind. My own cock was rock hard and dripping pre aching for the wet hot warmth of a boy”s mouth and I set to sucking Krystiyan off as quickly as I could. Espen came first in a body shuddering orgasm pulling his brother firmly into his groin pushing in as far as he could and, a few seconds later, Krystiyan wrapped his arms around my head curling his body around it as he reached his peak. His steel hard three inch cock thrummed in my mouth in climax and he moaned out loud quaking and giggling at the same time and the muscles in his ass clenched rhythmically around my finger gently squeezing his tiny prostate between it and my thumb on the outside. On the other side of Isaak and Espen I heard Lucas moan under his breath and then he groaned drowning out Ren”s huffing breath as he came in the half Japanese boy”s mouth filling it with his hot teenage load.


Almost in unison both Isaak and I withdrew from our boys and looked at each other as Lucas slowly recovered slipping from Ren”s mouth leaving his lips puffy and glazed in cum. I stood up hauling Krystiyan to sit on the edge of the couch with the eye of my weeping erection level with his mouth as Isaak lay back spreading his legs wide clearly expecting his younger brother to get down on his knees and finish what he”d started earlier. At the same time Lucas grabbed Ren by the back of his head lifting his face up and pulled him in for a serious make out session with their mouths open, their slick wet tongues slipping and sliding over each other”s. He turned the younger boy with his back to the couch and eased him down onto it getting on his knees between his legs and slowly licked and nibbled down his throat to his flat skinny chest and stomach and finally to his dick. All three mouths descended together, Krystiyan”s sliding half way down my six inches meeting his fisted hand, Espen”s almost to the root of his brother”s shaft and Lucas burying his face in Ren”s crotch scooping his puny little balls in with his tongue at the same time.


There was no way I was going to last more than a couple minutes in Krystiyan”s warm wet mouth because my God the kid knew how to suck an adult cock that was for fucking sure. His lips were so soft and his mouth was a furnace surrounding my glans and the three inches of my shaft that slowly slid in and out. I ran a hand through the short mousy brown hair on his head cupping his cheek in the other watching his lips. At my side Isaak was looking down at his little brother on his knees between his spread legs with his rock hard cock held up in his small fist taking four or five of his six and a half inches each time he went down on him. Further along Lucas had Ren holding his own legs up in the air with his hands under his knees as he ate his sweet little ass out digging his tongue into the smooth iris of his hole before looking over at me. He subtly held a finger up silently asking if it was okay to fuck him with it and I nodded my head watching him suck it into his mouth and then plunge down on Ren”s impossibly hard dick carefully easing his thick digit into his ass. I briefly considered swapping with Isaak so I could come in Espen”s mouth again but Krystiyan”s felt too fucking good to stop now. Besides, there was going to be plenty of opportunities over the coming weeks I was sure, and now that Isaak had had his first taste of a young hairless boy”s emission splashing over his tongue I couldn”t deny him the pleasure of feeding his brother his own hot load. Fuck. Incest between two brothers was a beautiful thing to watch.


Krystiyan”s skill proved far too good for me to hold back any longer, and watching both Lucas sucking Ren”s eight year old dick with a finger buried deep in his ass and Espen doing his best to take everything Isaak had into his mouth sent me over the edge first. I moaned and held Krystiyan”s head as my cock swelled pushing in a little further into the back of his mouth and exploded in a gushing hot orgasm. It lasted a lifetime as I shuddered with each thrilling pulse, my whole body tensing watching his eyes widen with his lips stretched obscenely around my shaft. He swallowed involuntarily at the first wave and then pulled away stretching my skin taut with his fist quickly bobbing his head in and out sucking hard and catching the rest on his tongue. He looked up at me then, grinning with his lips sealed tight around the ridge of my head and swallowed winching slightly at the texture of it. Ren reached his peak as I was coming down sliding out of Krystiyan”s swollen wet lips with his small pink tongue swirling around my head and cried out loudly, lifting his ass up off the couch slamming his groin into Lucas” face with the older boy having shoved two fingers fist deep in his tight little hole.


Maybe it was watching us that did it for Isaak, but about ten seconds later he too groaned putting both hands on the back of Espen”s head pushing him all the way down onto his cock. “Neuken… Ik kom in je mond…” I”m pretty sure I knew what that meant.


Right before I”d blown my own steamy load in his mouth last night Espen had told me how his brother had watched him sucking Lucas a half dozen times already, so this was far from his first taste of cum except this time it was his older brother”s. He took it like a champ holding it in his mouth and closed his lips around Isaak”s bloated head before looking up at him opening wide to show him. I”d never really acquired a taste for it myself other than the sweet syrupy nectar of a barely pubescent boy, but Lucas had. He turned to his boyfriend”s eleven year old brother reaching out with a hand on his face leaning in to kiss him with his mouth open and together they shared Isaak”s semen back and forth eventually swallowing it and breaking apart.


There wasn”t a single stray drop left to clean up afterwards and we never did watch a movie. With plans to meet up with Isaak and Lucas when we got back the two older boys dressed and left for their own dirty few days together leaving me with three naked and horny boys to deal with. But, as I was seeing them off Lucas lent in and whispered something to me that made my heart race.


“He really wants you to fuck him you know… He”s been practicing with my five inch toy for a couple weeks now and he can get it all the way in there, so… if he asks, just say yes.”


I laughed and he cocked an eyebrow. “He already told me you said I should be his first so… yeah. But good to know.”


“That”s not what I said.” He grinned back. “I asked if I could fuck him but he said he wanted you to be his first. So you better, or I will.”


The next two hours were a chore I tell you. I sucked all three of them off in various positions sharing a dick with whoever”s mouth was closest while they scooted around taking turns on each other and I came in Espen”s mouth before we fell asleep in my bed somewhere around adıyaman escort midnight. And, true to Lucas” word, I sank my own blue five inch vibrating dildo all the way into Espen”s hole and turned it on with Ren and Krystiyan up close watching as I gave him his fourth orgasm of the night. Fuck, he almost squealed when he came that time shoving his crotch up into my face with his cock kicking in my mouth and I was thankful we were in a somewhat secluded part of the marina.


It was late morning by the time we finally made it out of bed the next day. Unable to resist Espen”s flaccid two inch cock I crawled down between his legs taking it into my mouth nibbling his loose foreskin with my lips and wriggling my tongue into the frilly band feeling him harden as he woke up. He took a deep breath slowly opening his eyes looking down at me with his dick in my mouth and spread his legs wide either side of my body giving me full and complete access to do as I pleased. I bathed his tight balls in spit and licked his bare pubis roaming my hands all over his caved-in stomach and chest before going back down on him again peeling his skin back and sucking in all four inches to the root. The other two boys woke and joined in on the fun as well with Krystiyan on his hands and knees over Espen”s head shoving his dick into his mouth which gave me a fucking perfect view of his virgin hole between his cheeks. Ren lay down on his stomach with his head near mine taking Espen”s cock when I gave it up for him and together we got the eleven year old boy off only a minute after Krystiyan came dryly in his mouth. The two of them lay side by side watching as I lifted Ren up in a classic sixty nine position and I took his hard little nail in my mouth as he reached trying to fit as much of mine into his. I licked up to his hole wetting it and snaked a finger in him moving back and forth sucking his dick and I felt it clench down watching his perineum pulse when he shot his blanks into my mouth and I wasn”t far behind.


After we”d showered and had breakfast we left port with Espen filming the event selfie style with a continuous stream of chatter on his phone with his shirt off wearing only his shorts. I happened to know he wasn”t wearing underwear and I grinned to myself seeing the fairly obvious tent in his shorts. He uploaded it to his Instagram and TikTok feeds introducing the three of us as his `bestest buds ever” telling his followers we were on vacation for three days, and in more than just one shot I could clearly see his erection. His fans were about to get something to talk about and I”m sure some of them would be masturbating over it for years to come.


Three days. He didn”t know yet that his Mom had asked me if I could get him away from the city for a few weeks due to the rioting and civil unrest at the government”s Covid restrictions, and I had little doubt he”d still be virgin by the next morning. Watching him in nothing but a pair of shorts talking into his phone”s camera I desperately wanted to drag him downstairs and rob him of his virginity right the fuck now, but unfortunately I couldn”t. I had to stay at the helm most of the day because we were hugging the coast heading towards Rotterdam so the boys sunbathed and lounged around on the forward deck where I could see them. Naked of course. And they tormented me mercilessly taking turns sucking each other off knowing I was watching but unable to join in. It kept me hard and my hand was in my shorts most of the time slowly stroking my cock but not enough to come. I was saving that for later.


They did as they were told when I asked them to put their shorts back on as we approached the Nieuwe Mass waterway about five in the afternoon and by the time we tied up at the City Marina it was close to seven. I really didn”t feel like cooking for the four of us so we Googled a place to go eat, the boy”s choosing an American cuisine restaurant not too far away called Encore Bar & Grill so we went ashore to catch an Uber heading into the city. The unrest wasn”t as bad here as it was in Amsterdam so it wasn”t that difficult to avoid areas where there were protests, mainly sticking to the riverfront with the lights of the city on both sides.


If you”ve never been to Rotterdam, I highly recommend that you do. It”s very underrated and not only is the river city beautiful, especially at night, but the boys there are fucking gorgeous. I”d say there are an above average number of young boys on the lookout for sex with other boys or men, and thanks to Alek”s dedicated tutelage and the years I”d spent perfecting it they were all too easy for me to spot. If I didn”t already have three horny boys on board already I”d definitely be making acquaintances with one or two of them and inviting them for a sleepover. Money may or may not be exchanged depending on the boy.


It was dark out by the time we were dropped off at the restaurant and the lights were dimmed inside. We were seated in a leather booth couch at the far end of a raw timber wall with large posters of famos American sports legends, but I could hardly keep my eyes off Espen. I knew without a doubt I was going to fuck him later that night and the looks he gave me while licking the sauce off his fingers from the barbequed ribs told me he knew it too. I had the deep fried Southern Chicken and both Ren and Krystiyan ordered, yeah you guessed it, burgers and fries. The two glasses of Jack on a single rock was hard to resist, so I didn”t. The boy”s all had Cokes and we sat and ate and talked and had a really good time just being us. As much as I wanted to get all three of them back aboard Ghost stark naked in bed and to sink my lubed up cock all the way into Espen”s pristine virginal ass, I was having too much fun to suggest we head back so soon. Desert followed and afterwards we strolled through the city streets for a little while watching the people protest at a distance. It was closing in on ten at night on a Saturday and the place was starting to come alive despite the unrest.


Espen was walking beside me, the top of his head reaching only as high as my chin, both of us watching Ren and Krystiyan cavorting and skipping along the cobbled street when I felt his hand slip into mine with our fingers entwined. I looked down at our hands and back up to his face smiling giving him a squeeze liking how it felt to be holding it. I loved the almost shy look in his piercing blue sapphire eyes, one of them hidden behind the curtain of his blond hair falling over that side of his face and that”s when he lent in to whisper up to me. “Can we go back to your boat now?”


I so wanted to kiss him right then. His lips looked soft and inviting and if I was completely honest with myself, I found I was more attracted to Espen than I was to Ren or Krystiyan. Don”t get me wrong, I loved them like my own and my cock got just as hard thinking about what I did with them as it did with Espen, but over the years I”d found that a ten or eleven year old boy was far more sensual and involved than those a year or two younger and I couldn”t wait to discover what it felt like to be inside him. I ordered another Uber and just over fifteen minutes later the three of us were stepping onto the dive platform at Ghost”s stern. I hung back a little so I could ogle Espen”s ass as he climbed up the transom stairs feeling my cock getting harder by the second knowing that sometime in the next thirty minutes or so I was going to be stretching his ring wide open with the head of my cock and then slowly sinking all the way into his hot little hole and fucking him.


He looked over his shoulder when he reached the top of the stairs catching me perving on his ass and grinned. Yeah, he knew what I wanted and I”m pretty sure he was just as eager as I was.


He was going to lose his cherry tonight and I couldn”t fucking wait.


Anyway, I”m going to be a complete bastard and leave you hanging there. I probably gave you the impression at the start that I was going to tell you about how I fucked him but, as usual, I got a bit carried away. Sorry about that, but Espen”s just starting to wake up so now”s probably a good time to show him how good a second fuck can be.


I know, I know… I still haven”t told you how I first met Lucas along with his dad and sister when he was only nine and how I took his virginity after only knowing him a few hours. Next time, I absolutely promise. Let”s just say he was a very sad little boy that his sister got all his dad”s attention and when he found out both Alek and I were more than willing to do all that stuff with him as well… Well, he wasn”t so sad the next morning. Maybe a little sore, but not sad. He was such a cute boy too and it was all too easy to get in his pants, especially with his dad practically throwing him at me and letting me do as I wanted. And I wanted. Very much. He was a sexy little fucker looking like a small miniature surfer dude with his blond hair in ringlets and pale honey bronzed skin all over… Fuck me I”m hard again now.


“Morning…” Espen whispers looking over at me with a slutty grin on his face glancing down at his hard cock and back at me again as if to enquire why my mouth isn”t on it yet.


“Morning,” I say. Time to get my ass up off this couch and show him how good an old codger like me can make him feel. I think I”ll wait until after to tell him he”s staying for at least three weeks.


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