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Bored at the Front Desk

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Scott was bored. Sitting at the front desk of a hotel at four AM, alone for the past three hours, tends to do that. Laundry was done, breakfast was done, all his schoolwork was done and the night audit wasn’t for another two hours. All he had to do was sit at his laptop browsing literal “safe for work” content and wait for the last check-in, who at this point probably wasn’t even going to show up.

When he was offered this job, it sounded great. Weekend night shift at a two-star motel with no one to bother him, save for the occasional meth head he had to shoo out. As an eighteen-year-old high schooler, it sounded perfect. But with the hours ticking by at a snail’s pace and nothing interesting online, he now craved any kind of social interaction that didn’t involve threats to call the police. Even the regular with constant unreasonable requests every night would be a welcome distraction.

Scott wheeled the squeaky, uncomfortable desk chair over to the motel’s computer. He found the last check-in scheduled and read the name. “William Beaumont” it read.

“Sounds a bit French,” Scott pondered, desperately searching for anything interesting, “Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll have some kind of accent.”

As he considered that pointless and inconsequential thought, he heard the front door open. In walked a man Scott guessed was in his mid 50’s. He was quite tall, with a decent build, greying black hair in a short clean haircut, and a bit of messy stubble indicating he didn’t hadn’t shaved for a couple days. He wore a blue button-up shirt, tan khakis and his only luggage was a small canvas duffle bag and a briefcase indicating he was here on business. He looked a bit haggard which was to be expected considering the time, but still awake enough to give Scott a friendly smile.

“God damn, he’s hot”, Scott thought, already trying to think of ways to stall him in order to have some meaningless small talk and keep him in view.

“Hello, how can I help you”, Scott recited from his mental script. He was never told how to address customers but considering what he remembered about the other employees that worked at the motel, anything above a grunt acknowledging a guest’s existence was pretty damn polite.

“Hi, I have a reservation for yesterday.” replied the man in a deep voice, a slightly worried expression on his face, “I know it’s late but I was wondering if it was still active?”

“Oh, don’t worry, we don’t move into the next day until six. I’ll just need your ID, and I can get you checked in right now.”

The man looked relieved and quickly retrieved his ID from his wallet and handed it to Scott. “William Beaumont, age 58 from Connecticut,” Scott silently read from the ID, mildly disappointing Scott that he had a pretty bog-standard American accent rather than the French he had imagined. The disappointment was cut short when William flashed Scott another smile.

“So, is there any sort of nightlife going on around here?” asked William, as Scott went through the overly complicated motions of checking him in.

“Not on a Sunday night in this city there isn’t. Or Monday morning, I guess.” Scott released a small chuckle at the mistake he’d made a dozen times.

William, after returning the chuckle, said, “Right that makes sense, I suppose,” then looked around nervously before continuing,” Maybe a… gay bar or something?”

Scott, caught a bit off guard, managed to stammer out, “N-none that I know o-of, not old enough and all th-that, b-but I can look that up for you real quick.”

“That would be great, thank you”. He gave Scott another smile while Scott quickly multitasked, checking him in and Googling gay bars in his city.

“Unfortunately, the nearest gay bar is about forty minutes south of here,” said Scott while handing him his key. “Also, you’re in room 117.”

“Aw, that’s a shame. I don’t have nearly enough time for that. Thanks for trying, though,” replied William taking his key and picking up his bags.

“No problem, and if you need anything else just come on down. I’ll be here all night,” said Scott, mentally praying to every god he could think of that William would come back.

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. You have a good night uh…” William leaned over the desk to get a closer look at Scott’s nametag.

“Scott”, Willam said as he nodded goodbye and walked down the hallway, out of sight.

“You too. Hope to see you later.” Scott returned, not sure if William heard that the last part.

Scott sat back in the terrible chair, it squeaking loudly in protest. The high of human contact, let alone with a guy as good looking as that was wearing off, leaving nothing but bored frustration. He felt his cock at half-mast in his pants and lamented not being able to take care of it for another few hours. Scott remembered the security camera practically boring a hole in his head, a constant reminder not to do anything “inappropriate” while at work. Scott settled in with a sigh, ready to go back to bahis siteleri counting the seconds until his shift was over.


Sixteen minutes, thirty-four seconds later, Scott heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Scott put whatever nonsense a teenager, bored out of his mind, thinks of on hold and tried to look alert. Eventually, the footsteps turned the corner and revealed they came from William, wearing the same clothes, but his hair indicating he just got out of the shower. Scott gave a genuine grin which William returned.

“Welcome back, did you need something else?”

“Yeah uh… do you… can you look up something else for me?” William looked around even more nervous than when he asked his first question.

“Uh sure, what did you need,” Scott replied, his curiosity piqued.

“Do you mind looking up “male escorts” in this city. I had a bit of a trip and I would like to uh…relax.” William said with an emphasis on “relax”.

“Oh uh… sure let me see here.” Scott quickly typed it into Google. The only results that came up were either obviously fake stuff you’d see advertised on the side of porn sites or were for the much larger city an hour away. Scott even tried using Bing and Yahoo with similar results before explaining the issue to William.

“Aw, that’s a shame. And with Craigslist’s casual encounters gone, that was pretty much my only option.” William said, a bit dejected.

“Yeah, sorry. I have that problem a lot in this city. Is there something else you’d like me to try?”

William pondered for a bit before turning his gaze back to Scott. He kept it on just long enough for Scott to realize he had stopped pondering and was checking him out. Scott didn’t think he was much to look at. At a mere 5′ 8 and 132 lbs., he knew he wasn’t physically impressive. The glasses certainly didn’t help either. Plus, a black polo shirt with the motel’s logo on it and baggy, dark blue jeans weren’t exactly the most flattering outfit. William, however, seemed to like what he saw.

William shifted his position to a more confident stance. “So, you have trouble like this too huh?”

“Yeah uh, not a lot of uh…guys are into things…like that in this town… unfortunately”, Scott added, moving his gaze to avert eye contact.

“Hmm, so you’re also interested in things like that?

“Oh um…yeah, I have that kind of…preference.”

“That’s great. Always be proud of who you are, and all that.” William’s smile became a bit more devious.

“It seems pretty boring up here,” William said, seemingly changing the subject. “Doesn’t look like you’re doing much.”

Scott, a bit caught off guard, responded,” Yeah, I guess I have everything done for the night. At least for the next couple hours.”

“Well, in that case, I have an idea. I had a few hundred in spending money and it seems there’s nothing to spend it on. How about you come to my room and uh…. hang out for a bit?”

The implication finally reaching him, Scott was dumbstruck someone was offering to pay him to have sex with them, let alone someone as handsome as William.

Scott wasn’t much of a prude but he had certainly never had sex with a complete stranger within minutes of meeting them. The “naughtiest” thing Scott ever did was with a thirty-six-year-old he had been chatting with online for a few months before being invited to a motel for a quick blowjob. It was awkward and uncomfortable for Scott, but apparently good enough for his partner to offer Scott a job. Several months later here he was.

“Tell you what. I have around four hundred in my wallet. Hang out for half an hour and it’s yours.” William said, sensing Scott’s hesitation.

Scott realized he wouldn’t get another chance like this. He didn’t want his entire sexual history to be giving an awkward blowjob and multiple phallic vegetables. He wanted something exciting and memorable. Or at least memorable for the right reasons. Plus, he could really use the money. Soon after getting the job, he found out he was being underpaid by at least four dollars an hour compared to other hotels in the area. Four hundred was more than his bi-weekly paycheck.

Scott peaked around the lobby and leaned over the desk to look down the hall, making sure they were alone before mustering up all his courage.

“A-alright. I could… hang out for a bit.”

“Perfect,” said William before taking a quick glance at the security camera behind Scott, “Are you allowed to be away from the desk for long?”

“Yeah, I can just say your TV was broken. That should give me some time. I’ll meet you over by the housekeeping door down the hall.”

Scott stood up and grabbed the front desk phone from the receiver, put it in his pocket and made his way into the laundry room behind him. As he walked toward the housekeeping door, whatever confidence he had slowly drained. He wondered what would be worse; going through with it, or backing down. He decided it would canlı bahis siteleri be far too embarrassing to turn William down now.

“Just roll with it. Get him to cum and be on your way,” he thought, the cynical thoughts overriding his previous excitement.

Some of the excitement returned when he opened the door and saw William waiting for him, a seductive smirk on his face. In return, Scott gave a nervous half-smile.

“L-lead the way.”


William opened the door to 117 and ushered Scott inside the small room. Being as cheap as it was it didn’t have much in the way of furnishings. A bathroom next to the door, a single king-sized bed, a table, and a TV on top of a dresser. Despite working there for so long, Scott didn’t get many opportunities to go into the rooms, leading to many unanswerable questions from guests.

While Scott briefly took in the mundane sight of the room, William shut the door and walked up behind him. Without warning, William put his arms around Scott and began kissing his neck. For a brief moment, Scott was frozen in shock, before calming down enough to grab at the strong arms holding him as William nibbled at his ears.

Not wanting to let his inexperience show, did the first sexy thing that came to his head and began grinding his ass against William’s pelvis, something hard poking back in response. As he ground into him, he began to get a vague idea of the size of William’s member. And from what he could tell, it was huge. Not cartoonishly big, but bigger than anything that had been inside him before. Scott wasn’t sure if he should be excited or scared.

William’s right hand came up to Scott’s cheek and pushed, moving Scott’s mouth towards William’s. As they kissed, Scott, deciding to take the initiative, probed William’s mouth with his tongue, getting a similar response. William’s hands continued to fondle and caress Scott’s body, his left hand moving lower and taking a firm grip on Scott’s covered crotch, eliciting a groan. His right hand grabbed the hem of Scott’s shirt, and slowly lifted it up.

The shirt coming off caused a brief lapse in their tongue wrestling, however, they hungrily went back at it once thrown aside. Now free, William’s left hand began exploring Scott’s bare chest before slowly making its way around Scott’s hips, toward his ass.

“You’ve got such a tight little ass,” William said, feeling, even though the jeans, Scott had a nice firm bubble butt. Scott could only groan in response as Willam rubbed Scott’s cock through his pants. As William rubbed harder, Scott felt his orgasm growing. William, sensing this, abruptly gripped hard, ending the growing orgasm, but still causing Scott to squirm in pleasure.

“Not yet,” William said as he broke the embrace and quickly walked past Scott towards the bed. He sat down, facing Scott and gestured him closer.

“Why don’t you turn around and let me see you get those pants off,” William said with a confident smile. Scott barely mustered a weak affirmation under his breath before quickly slipping his shoes and socks off before turning around and unbuckling his jeans. He began slowly pulling down both the pants and underwear, giving his ass a little wiggle in an attempt to look sexy. He then slipped out of them, stood up, and turned his head to look at William. If William’s rubbing at his cock through his khakis and hungry smile were anything to go by, he liked what he saw, much to Scott’s relief.

Willam lifted his hand and brought it down hard on Scott’s right ass cheek, eliciting a surprised yelp from Scott. His hand stayed there as he kneaded the firm globe. He then spread Scott wide open, his thumb dangerously close to Scott’s puckered hole.

“C’mere kid,” William said raising his hand up. Scott turned around and walked closer before William roughly pulled Scott into a straddle on the bed. Their mouths met once again as the older man took two large handfuls of Scott’s ass, his fingers lightly brushing the teen’s hole as he rubbed. Scott resumed his earlier grinding, this time cock to covered cock. In this new position, Scott could feel the size of William’s rod much more clearly and knew his thin four-and-a-half-inch pecker just couldn’t compare to the obvious length and girth of William’s.

After a few minutes of grinding and kissing, William seemed to be tired of the teasing. As much as he obviously enjoyed having a naked teenager in his lap to feel up and grind against, his body language said he was ready for more. He grabbed Scott by his hips and set him down on the ground on his knees before leaning back on his hands.

“You know what to do down there, don’t you? Get to it.”, William commanded.

Scott, eager to please, quickly went about undoing William’s pants. As soon as the zipper reached the bottom, William’s massive cock flopped down, bopping Scott on the nose. It was coming from the large fly in William’s boxers, his balls still hidden inside. It was obviously at full canlı bahis mast with at least eight inches of thick circumcised cock, pointed directly at Scott.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Scott got to work. He took the base of the cock in his right hand while using his left hand to fish out the warm sack from the underwear. He gave it a few long strokes before opening up and allowing the massive mushroom head into his mouth. Scott began sucking to the best of his abilities. William’s pleasurable groans told Scott his inexperience wasn’t too obvious.

For the next couple of minutes, he sucked and licked every inch of William’s manhood, rubbing and occasionally sucking his balls, trying to give him the best blowjob of his life, while William smiled down at him, giving the occasional reassuring moan. Eventually, William leaned over and started groping Scott’s ass again, which, after temporarily replacing his cock in Scott’s mouth with a few fingers to gain lubrication, turned into full-blown fingering.

He started with one finger, going down one knuckle at a time before he began to quickly pump in and out. He then inserted a second finger, repeating the process until he was confidant Scott could handle a third. Scott meanwhile never stopped servicing the cock in front of him, the fingering eliciting long, vibrating groans from Scott that increased William’s pleasure further.

Scott was never able to get more than around halfway down until William ceased his assault on Scott’s hole, grabbed the back of his head and forced around six inches into Scott’s mouth and throat. Scott did his best not to gag, but he never had anything go that far down before. He coughed and gagged, producing a large amount of spit to coat William’s entire crotch before William finally released Scott’s head.

Scott shot off the soaked cock and started gasping and coughing. Just when it looked like he had caught his breath, William’s hand was back on his head, shoving him back down on the cock. This time, William forced him to bob up and down, using Scott’s head like a fleshlight.

“That’s it. Take that fucking cock,” moaned William while shoving Scott’s head back down, eliciting more gagging and spit.

Scott never felt sluttier, completely naked, getting face fucked by an otherwise fully-clothed man he had just met, who was old enough to be his dad twice over. Once more, William pulled Scott up for air before smiling devilishly.

“I think that’s enough lube, don’t you?” he said as Scott continued to cough. As Scott tried to give a response, William stood up, reached down and picked up Scott by the armpits, before tossing him onto the bed.

“Get on your knees quick. I want another look at that cute little ass.”

As William undid the buttons on his shirt and pulled down his pants, take neither completely off, Scott obediently complied, getting on his elbows and knees, bracing himself for what he knew was coming. William spread Scott’s cheeks apart, taking a second to admire how firm everything was, before dropping a big drop of drool directly on Scott’s anus. He pushed it in using his thumb, giving a brief pump before returning both hands to Scott’s ass cheeks.

“You ready for this boy?” William asked as he began rubbing his cock against Scott’s asshole.

“Y-yeah,” Scott muttered, barely audible.

“What was that? I can’t hear you. Do you want this or not?” he asked as he drummed Scott’s cheeks with his prick.

“Yes. I want it”

“Let me hear you say it. Tell me how much you want it”

“Please, put your cock into my ass. I’ve thought of this ever since you walked in. Please fuck me.”

William smiled. “That’s a good boy.”

Finally, William put his cock head against Scott’s anus and began pushing. After a second or two, the mushroom popped into Scott’s ass, eliciting a loud groan from Scott. William began pushing forward but found Scott to be clenching too tight.

“Shh, relax,” William cooed soothingly as he rubbed the small of Scott’s back.

Scott, having never experienced anything this large, was seeing stars, but William’s words broke through the delirium and he managed to relax his muscles a bit. William, in response, slid further into Scott, extracting a low moan from both of them. Finally bottoming out, William began slowly withdrawing from Scott before going back in a bit faster, then repeating the process in a slow rhythm.

“Oh god,” Scott moaned as William began speeding up, pumping in and out. The pumping became synced with Scott’s breathing. As it went in, Scott let out a quick grunt, before inhaling as it slid out, repeating over and over for what Scott hoped would be forever.

Eventually, William stopped caring about Scott’s comfort and the pumping became more urgent. Scott’s elbows gave out under the heavy assault, right before William gave a quick slap to Scott’s ass. The room was filled with moans and groans from both of them, along with a loud clapping noise from William’s pelvis smacking into Scott’s round cheeks.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Scott continued to exhale, before biting the blanket. To his surprise, he could feel his own orgasm rising, despite no one even touching his member at this point.

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