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Bros Before Hoes Pt. 02

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It was the third day of Spring Break, and Dylan was officially bored. He had a lot of time to think over the blowjob that Peter gave him, however it really just confused him more. Not only was Dylan unsure about how their rendezvous defined his sexuality, but how would his relationship with Peter change? In spite of everything, he knew one thing for certain: he wanted it to happen again.

The problem was that Peter hadn’t been back to their room since “the incident”. At least, not when Dylan was there. To be fair, Dylan was spending a lot of time at the university gym to help him clear his mind (and if there was anything Dylan was passionate about, it was maintaining his ripped figure). So, there were definitely gaps of time when Peter could’ve stopped by the room when it was empty, but that doesn’t account for the fact that he hadn’t slept there the past two nights. Was Peter avoiding him?

Dylan assumed that Peter was sleeping over at his girlfriend’s apartment. And if that wasn’t enough to mess with Dylan’s head… he was also super horny. Every time he closed his eyes Dylan could see Peter’s throbbing cock shooting cum all over the two of them. It was like he could still feel Peter’s delicate lips sliding up and down on his own dick. Of course, with all this time alone Dylan could rub one out and satiate his hunger, but part of him couldn’t help but save his desire in hopes of a sequel with Peter.

Late that night, Dylan decided that Peter wouldn’t be back in their room again that night, and he figured that this was probably a message. The two of them should pretend like the blowjob never happened and move on with their semester as normal roommates. Dylan grabbed a beer and settled down to watch some TV. Maybe he would go out to güvenilir bahis the bars a little later and try and meet a girl he could fuck. It was already 11 pm though, and he was worn out from two days’ worth of ruminating.

Not 10 minutes later, Peter and his girlfriend Fran barged into the room, startling Dylan.

“Hey, man,” Peter said passively.

“Oh. Hey. Uh, hi Fran,” Dylan replied.

Fran gave Dylan a polite smile and then she and Peter sat down on his bed. Peter was acting completely normal. Like, so normal that Dylan had to wonder if he had imagined everything in the first place. Peter and Fran were cuddled up on the other side of the room, talking in low voices. Dylan didn’t know Fran too well, and it was pretty unusual that Peter brought her over to hang out at the frat house in the first place.

“What have you guys been up to today?” Dylan hated how awkward this sounded, but he was also lonely from spending two days without anyone to talk to.

“Oh, we’ve just been hanging out. We got lunch, saw a movie, other stuff” Peter replied.

Fran chimed in “yeah… other stuff” she giggled. The eye contact and knowing smiles between the two made Dylan’s stomach drop.

“Yeah, we were staying at Fran’s place mostly, but I thought we should get a change of scenery. You don’t mind if we sleep here tonight?”

“Nah, I don’t mind,” Dylan said, however, there was nothing he wanted less than to listen to the two of them snicker over inside jokes all night. Not to mention, the mere presence of Peter in the room was giving Dylan an pulsing erection that had no chance of going down.

One brutal hour later, Peter and Fran finally seemed to be asleep across the room. Very quietly, Dylan reached down to grasp his boner. güvenilir bahis siteleri It took everything in him not to moan out loud: he had never needed to cum more in his life. Dylan closed his eyes and thought back to Peter’s blowjob, bringing his dick out of his boxers and stroking himself slowly.

Almost instantly, Dylan felt something tickle his forehead. He opened his eyes and almost yelped in surprise: Peter’s face was hovering just inches above his own. Without speaking, Peter put his finger to Dylan’s lips to stop the question he was about to ask. Silently, Peter hopped up onto Dylan’s bed to straddle him.

Dylan’s own hand was still wrapped around his rigid cock, but he gladly removed it so he could feel the pressure of Peter’s body pressing down on his lap. For the second time ever, Dylan saw that hungry glean in Peter’s eyes, and he became aware that the only thing separating his dick from Peter’s was the thin fabric of some boxer briefs, which made his erection throb with longing.

“We have to be quiet,” Peter hissed. “Fran’s a light sleeper.”

“I thought you didn’t…”

Peter silenced him with an urgent kiss. Despite his throbbing boner, Dylan wanted nothing more than to taste Peter’s cum. As quietly as possible, Dylan maneuvered his body so he was the one on top. Just as he was about to take Peter into his mouth, Fran shifted in her sleep. The boys froze. For 30 whole seconds, Dylan’s parted lips hovered above the head of Peter’s cock. He could practically hear the blood pulsing throughout it.

Once the boys were sure Fran was still asleep, Dylan began giving the first blowjob of his life. He was surprised by how large Peter’s dick was in his mouth, and by how much he loved licking up the pre-cum iddaa siteleri forming on the tip. After just 3 minutes of Dylan bobbing his head up and down, Peter stopped him.

“I want this to last as long as possible,” Peter whispered.

Peter grabbed Dylan’s shoulders with a feverish strength. Without hesitating, Dylan let Peter decide how to move his body. In what seemed like an instant, Dylan was on his hands and knees, and his boxers were completely off. He had never felt so exposed in his life, which made blood rush to his dick. Dylan could sense Peter behind him, but he couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, he felt Peter’s tongue exploring his ass, and the warm pleasure of the sensation relaxed his body.

Slowly, Peter massaged the parts of Dylan that had never been touched before. Soon, his body stopped resisting the foreign sensations, and he gave in completely. Peter’s muscled arm reached under Dylan to stroke his cock, while his other hand gently rubbed the smooth inside of his body. Dylan kept his face pressed into the pillow so he wouldn’t wake Fran with his moans of pleasure.

Just as Dylan his climax begin like never before, he felt an aggressive pressure behind him. Peter was easing himself into Dylan’s body, and he felt himself stretch to accommodate the new size. He wanted nothing more than to be filled with Peter’s hot, dripping cum. The two were just moments into exploring this new position when Fran started to wake, her arms searching for Peter in a groggy daze.

The boys leaped from each other, throwing on their clothes in a hasty panic.

“What are you doing over there?” Fran mumbled in sleepy confusion.

“Borrowing a blanket from Dylan since you’re such a cover-hog,” Peter crooned. “Go back to sleep. I’m going to go make myself a little snack.”

Fran flipped over with a huff. Peter’s eyes shifted to Dylan’s, and with a sly smile he mouthed ‘meet me in the shower’. Before Dylan could give a reply, Peter slipped out of the room.

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