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Business Begins: Katie’s Arrival

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She was the first one there, but that was what was expected of her. Adam Dixon had made it a point that she was to be on the bed, openly exposed and ready for him to enjoy. Katie Wilcox looked around the motel room and smirked. She’d be ready. She was already wet. She’d been wet since the “incident” occurred and the Jewelry Store Security Guard made his “offer.” She was all for being the pet to the retired cop. She didn’t care and in the end she’d have her rock.

As she slipped her shoes off and headed to the shower, disrobing as she went, she thought of the ring she’d had in her pocket for all of thirty seconds. It had been a gorgeous diamond and emerald bauble, one she had wanted desperately. She still didn’t know what had caused her to pocket the gems, but she did. Her fingers pushed her jeans off, leaving her pink thong and tight bra the only things left to shed when she remembered to grab her buddy from her purse. Katie turned around and dug through the small bag and pulled out her ten-inch toy. She grinned and tossed the toy on the bed, before heading back to the bathroom.

Once there she turned on the water to the shower and stripped off the little thong and tiny bra. She stepped into the hot steam and even hotter water; she felt the tension of the day melt away, though the memory of them hadn’t. Adam had caught her. He could have called the cops, but didn’t. She was thankful for that. His alternative was supposed to shock her but it hadn’t. She’d been in sticky situations before.

She’d been using her body since her mom walked out on her years ago and her dad, she didn’t even know him. Mom said he’d gotten what he wanted when she talked him into sex in exchange for a speeding ticket. Katie laughed as she remembered that conversation. “Funny, like mother like daughter.” She was about to get out of going to jail, by letting a freak fuck her senseless.

Katie finished her shower and dried off. She didn’t bother wrapping a towel around her body. There was no reason to really. Adam wanted her on the bed, wet and horny. She grabbed her vibe and climbed onto the King Size bed. She closed her eyes and recalled what had happened in the jeweler’s office after Adam had closed the door.

She’d been pushed into the back room and ordered to sit down on the small leather sofa that rested in the corner. It was faded and beat kaynarca escort up, but comfortable. She sat there while the hulk of a guard moved around the desk and sat down. He picked up the phone and started to dial. It was then that she remembered her mom and the story from so long ago.

“Look. You don’t have to call the cops. I gave the ring back,” she said with a set expression on her face.

The man just shrugged at her and put the phone up to his ear. Eventually a cop must have answered because the guard was no longer looking at Katie, but spinning his seat around and facing the opposite direction. She listened to them shoot the breeze for a few minutes and as they did she resigned herself to the fact she was going to do whatever she had to do to avoid being hauled off. She stood up and walked around the desk. Her eyes locked with the older man’s and she dropped to her knees. He stopped talking and said goodbye.

“Well, that’s one way to avoid prison,” he’d said to her.

While Katie remembered how his cock sprang free of his slacks, her hand moved over her right nipple while her vibe, flicked on low, ran over her left. She arched her back slightly and rubbed both pearls with feverish delight and then slowed her caresses as she imagined what had happened next.

She’d grabbed his cock with experienced hands and started to take him into her mouth, when suddenly his hand was in her hair and he was pulling her off.

“What the fuck,” she’d hissed at him. Her fingers still holding the thick balls, he’d pulled out his cock. “I thought you were gonna let me?”

“I am,” he told her. “First, your name.” He released her hair and ran his finger down her upturned face.

Katie smirked. “Katie Wilcox – Katherine – and you are?” she asked, her brow raised. It really didn’t matter to her what his name was. A cock was a cock, but he was all for wasting time so she figured why not.

“Adam Dixon,” he’d told her. He then aimed her face back to his exposed rod.

Katie got back down to earning her freedom, wondering what his rules were. Her mouth closed over his swollen member and her hands palmed and bounced his balls. Her fingers worked the marbles and she swirled her tongue around the hot tip of his shaft, before pressing against the front of it.

Her vibe traveled down her stomach orhanlı escort and over her belly button. She flicked it to medium and ran it over the moistening lips of her pussy. Her fingers worked both nipples, alternating between the two perfect beads of delight. Katie spread her legs wider, tempting herself to ram her cunt with her toy, but she held back as she imagined the full cock in her mouth, filling her up.

As she pushed the stiff head of her rod against her clit, her hips rose up and she moaned in pleasure. “Ohh…fuck me. Oh fuck my clit,” she said out loud to the imaginary lover in her mind.

She shifted back to the voice of Adam and his words of “fuck my cock” that still hovered in her subconscious.

“Keep sucking it sweetie,” Adam groaned out.

Katie increased her rhythm and worked her mouth deeper onto his shaft, pushing and swallowing. She angled her mouth and twisted the base of his cock so she could take him fully. In time she worked a way to comfortably start deep-throating him, which he enjoyed immensely from the sounds he was making.

As she fucked his cock with her mouth she thought of ways to earn her jewel as well as maintain her freedom. Her pussy was getting wet and slippery with juices so she slid her mouth to the base of his dick and ran her free hand down to her cunt.

When she touched her sloppy sex, she moaned and Adam growled. The vibrations of her lust rolled over his cock and she knew he liked it since he’d thrust his cock way into her face. She gagged, but took him and then she felt the hot seeds of his release coat her throat.

Katie growled deep as the toy, having been pushed into her slick hole, brought her all sorts of thrashing climaxes. She lifted her hips, drove the cock deep, lowered herself and pulled the plugging instrument out of her pussy. She ran the tip over her clit, flicked the toy to high and slammed it back into her waiting cunt.

“Ohhh… Mmmm…ohhh fuck… deeper, oh fuck me deeper,” she screamed to herself. She plunged her vibrator in and out, welcoming the slick sounds that filled the room. She longed for more, something real to grind against.

Her fingers moved down to twist and tease her clit, while one hand stayed on her left breast and pulled the nipple hard, leaving the vibe rammed into her pussy. She forced her body to tepeören escort cave into the images in her head. She recalled the hot seeds that filled her mouth. She remembered washing the thick member clean for Adam and then when he called her is pet, she remembered how she felt that tingling sensation of learning something new.

As she recalled those thoughts and images, the toy she was fucking herself with was scrapping the walls of her cunt and she left her nipples to push it harder and faster as she imagined how her orgasm in the office had filled her.

Katie had drunk all his seed and then dropped to the floor and spread her legs. She wasn’t hoping or expecting the guard to do anything. But when he followed her and opened her thighs wider and then ripped her panties off, replacing them with his face, she was ecstatic.

“Yes, eat my cunt, you Ass,” she grunted out, unsure if she could scream with the sales clerk next door. “Fucking jerk Eat me out ” she ordered him.

Adam left her pussy and grabbed her hair. He’d brought her face up to his and the smell of her juices enveloped her. “I’ll eat you out, but only Jill calls me an Ass.” He pushed her back to the floor and dove back into her sloppy cunt.”

Katie had felt a tinge of fear by his forceful glare, but that only added to the pleasure that was running through her. He plowed his tongue and fingers into honeypot and then added his teeth to the mix.

“You’ll be my whore, won’t you Katie girl?” he’d asked her.

She was about to come, so there was no way she was going to tell him no. “Fuck yes. Your whore. Your bitch. Your cunt. Just fuck me with that tongue of yours. Ohhh yes… ohhh… fuck yes ”

Katie screamed as her climax ripped through her. She covered the bed with her juices and felt the throbbing of her pussy run through every vein in her body. She shook with desire as she coated her toy, her hand, and the sheets with her syrup. “Mmm…” she moaned.

Her vibrator was eased in and out of her cunt while she slowly came down from the high she was on. Her fingers gripped the rod firmly. She ran in up and down her slit, flicking the vibrations down to medium and then low. Eventually she turned it off and pushed it into her mouth.

Her tongue worked the tangy and sweet juices from the ribbed edges and she cleansed every artificial crevice. She swallowed her nectar and grinned when she heard the hotel door start to open.

Her smile grew wider when she saw Adam Dixon walk in. “I’m ready Sir. Wet and horny for you. Just like you ordered.”

To be continued. . .

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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