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Cab Mate To Bed Mate In Hyderabad With Saranya

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Cab Mate To Bed Mate In Hyderabad With SaranyaThis is yash 24 years from hyderabad. I am 5’9 height. Fair and good looking. I work part time for an MNC in Hitech city and im also a call boy too?? (she doesnt know my another life…) . I live in Ameerpet which is 12km far from my office. I get a company car for pickup and drop. I work from 5 pm to 10 pm. So I will be starting at 4 in the evening  in a cab and will be back at 10:30 in the night. Heroine of my story is Saranya. 5’4 height, Milky white skin, 36-28-37 superhot figure.Disclaimer: I have changed all names of people and local places for the safety of my Heroine2 years back on a summer Monday I started to my office in my office cab. We generally are only 3 people on our route. That day we had a new pickup in Madhura Nagar. We had to wait for the Employee to board the cab. As she was 10mins late, I was very much frustrated as we will be late to office. Then I saw a very hot looking girl boarded the cab. She is wearing a white churidar with a deep neck and loose hair. I just kept staring at her for at least 5mins. Then she introduced with a shake hand and told that her name was Saranya. I told my name and asked whether she is a new joinee. She told me that she was working in my company from 4 years. She is on maternity leave for nearly a year and returning back to work from that day.By her looks, she is very classy, neatly dressed and ensures not to reveal too much. She has maintained her body well and very difficult to say she has a 1-year son. I felt that it was my bad luck to find such a beautiful girl sitting next to me everyday who is married. As I cannot get her. But destiny has something else planned for me.Coming to the story, things are going normally between us, we became good friends and exchanged our numbers as well. I always sit at one end in the back seat, She sits in the middle and the other girl sits next to her. This is how we travel every day. Our bodies used to touch many times due to bad roads and turnings. Her husband got transferred to Bangalore just one month after her delivery and she is living alone in her apartment with her k**. She will drop her k** with her parents every day who lives in next street.As it was nearly 1-hour drive from my room to the office, I generally close my eyes and will pretend as if I am sleeping to avoid stupid discussions from my other cab mate. One day it was an ethnic day in office and she came in blue color saree with no back. Only a 1inch small strap kept hold of her blouse. Her navel was visible in her saree. As she sits to my right, I can clearly see her navel and blouse. I can makeout that she has very big boobs and nipples are poking from her blouse. Looks like she is not wearing a bra as it was a backless blouse. I saw a water patch at her nipples, may be she gave milk to her son just before coming. She noticed me looking at that patch, she immediately adjusted her saree and gave a smile with a blush on her face. I smiled back and turned my head away.I closed my eyes and tried to imagine her beauty.After some time I felt something very soft was touching my right elbow. I understood that it was her sexy waist. I kept my hand without moving. Thanks to Krishna Nagar bad roads, she came more close to me and I can feel my hand between her left boob and navel. My hand continued to rub her there due to shaking car and bad roads. I pretended to sleep. Even she didn’t move away. In fact she starting to move her body slowly to rub her nipples on my elbow. This continued till we reach office. The day looked very long for me as I was waiting for the drop time to see her again. Finally again during the drop time she sat next to me in the same position. I told her that it was a hectic day at the office. So will sleep till I reach my room, and said the same thing to the driver to wake only after reaching my room. I acted as if I am in deep sleep. After 5 mins I felt that she is moving close to me. I have intentionally folded my hands so that my elbow will point directly towards her boobs. She starting this again, to rub her boobs and waist on my hand. I brought my elbow more towards her.She was continuously istanbul escort rubbing her nipple on my elbow. I half opened my eyes to see her. She has closed her eyes and biting her lower lip while rubbing her nipple on my hand. This continued for another 10mins. I already had a hardon. I felt a soft hand moving on my thighs. I didn’t react. After 5 mins it moved to my zip and touched my penis on my formal trouser. I didn’t move. She rubbed her hand on it and felt the size. She pressed it slightly and removed her hand away as she is near to her home. I pretended sleeping till I reach my room.After reaching my room, I masturbated twice in the bathroom thinking of fucking Saranya in different angles and then went to sleep. I saw a message in WhatsApp from Saranya.Saru: HiMe: HiS: em chestunav (What doing?)Me: Trying to sleepS: You were doing something in the cab all day. Why don’t you do something elseMe: What do you want me to do?S: Your wishMe: nothing to do, as I am single in room (I mean to say, my room mate is not in room)S: Ahaa, Then why don’t you mingle with some one.I understood what she means to say. But I want her to break the ice as I cant risk of my loosing good will in office.Me: Who will mingle with me? I don’t have a girlfriend or wife to mingle.S: If you like someone tell me. I will help you to patch up.Me: sure will tell you.S: inka (what else)Me: chepali nuvve (you say)S: How am I looking today in saree?Me: Super vunnav. Looking beautiful and gorgeousS: Thank you, ipudu nijam cheppu (Now say truth)Me: Actually looking very much tempting and sexyS: (Sent a blush smiley) Thank you.S: Andukena madyahnam ala akkada chustunnavu (That is why you were staring at me like that in afternoon)Me: Sorry, I could not resist myself. I lost my senses after seeing you today.S: What elseMe: cheppali (you say)S: What is your plan for Friday night after office?Me: Nothing. What about you?S: its my birthday on Friday.Me: Oh Advance Happy birthday, where is the treat?S: Come for dinner on Friday to my home.Me: SureThen she we wished good night and I masturbated again seeing her WhatsApp dp and went to sleep. I was very happy as I may get a chance to fuck her on Friday. But I was not sure if she has invited some one else. I wished her at night 12 and looks like she is expecting my call. She reminded me about the dinner plan and I said I will there by 10. She didn’t come to the office that day. I took permission and returned room early. Took bath and went out to buy Rose flowers and Chocolate cake for her. I reached her apartments at sharp 10. She lives in 3rd floor. I rang the door bell and open immediately. She is in satin blue nighty which comes till her knees. It is a deep neck and some part of her boobs are visible and feasting to my eyes. I gave her flowers and wished her Happy birthday. She was very happy, she gave me a small hug and said thanks. While hugging her boobs brushed my chest and I had an immediate hardon.We sat in the sofa. House was fully furnished and furniture looks very costly. Her husband must be earning a very high salary. I looked at her from hair to toe for 5mins. She bent her head in shy. I told her that she is very beautiful than any girl I know. She said Thank you and asked me for dinner. Then I remembered the cake I bought for her. She felt very happy as chocolate was her favourite. I kept cake on the dinning table and asked her to cut the cake. She cut the cake. I took a 1st piece and kept it in her mouth. She ate the cake and gave a small lick when I took my hand back. I felt chills all over my body.Then she took a piece and kept in my mouth. I thought this is the right chance, if not now then never. I catch her hand and ate all the cake and started licking her fingers one by one. She tried to pull her hand back. I held her hand tight and licked it clean while looking into her eyes.I kept my other hand around her waist and pulled her close to me. She kept looking into my eyes while I still lick her fingers. I took one more piece of cake and kept it on her lips. She opened her lips to eat it. Immediately avcılar escort I kissed her lips with cake still in her mouth. She did not respond for a minute. I started licking cream from her lips and ate cake from her mouth. she kept her hands around me and hugged me very tightly. She started kissing very fastly that I could not take my breath for 10mins. Then I started kissing all her face and then moved to her neck and started licking it just below her ears. She became mad with it and pulled me more close. I moved my hands all over her body on her nighty and can feel her bra and panty over her nighty. I pressed her bums on her nighty while kissing her neck. I pulled her nighty above her bums and pressed them very had. She gave a moan Aahhhh!! I pressed both her bums with both the hand and then rubbed her milky white thighs with one hand. She doesn’t have a single hair on her body. I took my hand on her front thigh and rubbed them very hard. I kept on kissing her lips all this time. I touched her pussy on her pink panty and pressed it. She gave a big moanAAAAAAhhhhmmmm… I kept my hand on her boobs above nighty and pressed them very hard while kissing her lips. I moved my lips to her boobs and started kissing her cleavage. She kept one hand in my hair and pulled me more on her boobs. I pulled nighty in one go and threw it away. She is in her black bra and pink panty with milky white skin. Her boobs are very big and trying to tear the bra to come out. I kept both my hands on her bra and pressed them. She closed her eyes and moaning heavily.I couldn’t wait for any longer, I removed her bra hook and removed it completely. Her boobs just popped out. Her boobs are very big 36 sizes, milky white with pink color nipples. Even though she is the mother of 1-year k**, her boobs are very tight and in good shape. Without wasting time I took her one boob in mouth and sucked her fastly. I pressed another boob while pinching her nipples between my fingers. She gave a huge moan as she got her first orgasm. I kept on sucking her boobs one after other. I felt something lite salty liquid is coming from her boobs when ever I suck them. I took my mouth away and pressed her boobs hard to see what is coming. I saw white color milk like drops is coming from her boobs. I looked at her eyes. She smiled and said “ne kosame dachipettanu motam tragedy (I stored my milk for you, drink it) I felt happy and kept sucking her boobs for another 20mins. Meanwhile, I kept my hand on her panty and saw it was fully wet due to her 1st orgasm. I kept my hand in her panty and noticed that she is cleanly saved with no hair. May be she waxed her whole body on same day.I rubbed her pussy and tried to insert one finger. As she already had her orgasm it is wet and my finger went inside easily. I finger fucked her pussy for 5mins and tried to insert 2nd finger, her pussy is very tight and my middle finger is not going. I became restless and try to pull her panty. Unfortunately I pulled it very hard and her panty tore into 2 pieces. She was shocked with this and also started laughing. I pushed her on the sofa and removed my t-shirt. I forcedly pulled her thighs and started kissing her thighs. She kept her hands in my hair and pushed me into her pussy. She has light brown color pussy lips. I gave a kiss on her pussy and sucked her outer pussy lips. It tasted salty but good. I opened her pussy and inserted my middle finger in one go into her reddish valley.

She moaned very loudly AAAmmmaaaa…!!! I finger fucked her with two fingers. She is very tight even for 2fingers. She could not control it any longer, She pulled my Jean along with my panty. She saw the size of my cock and gave a very happy smile. She held it and pulled the skin back and kissed knob and licked pre-cum. I stood silently looking at her action. She took half of my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She sucked it for 10mins like she is waiting for it from years. She tried to take it completely in her mouth but failed as my fat cock could not fit her mouth. She took it out and said “inka na valla şirinevler escort kadu, ra tvaraga na pukulo pettey (I cant wait anymore, come, fuck my pussy)” These are the only golden words she spoke in last 1 hour of our foreplay.
I pushed her on sofa. Opened her legs wide and started rubbing my penis on her pussy, she became restless and shouted at me “ tvarara pettara” (do it fast). I remembered the safety and immediately took condoms from my jean and asked to wore it on my cock. She said “idenduku ipudu, ra tvaraga pettu” I said “safety is priority” She smiled and took condom from my hand and wore it n my cock. Without delay I pushed her on sofa, kept my cock at her entrance and pushed it. Only my bob went inside, She is tight like a virgin. She gave a loud moan “ammmaaaa noppi” (Ammma its paining) I asked do you want me to remove it?She said “Na puku lo modda duri 6months iyyindi. Na mogudu Bangalore transfer iyyaka asalu danini muttukoledu” (I Fucked 6months back as my husband left to Bangalore on work.)“vadi modda just 4inches and sannaga vuntadai, kani nedi chala peddadi. Aapaku motam tosey.” (My husband has a 4inch small and slim dick, your cock is very big fat, don’t stop. Push it completely)I felt proud, pulled out my cock a little and pushed it again, half of my cock was inside now. She shouted very big as her pussy was broken, I pulled it out and pushed it again and now full penis entered her valley and she gave a big moan. AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmaaaaaaaa.I slept on her and kissed her lips for 5mins without moving. After 5mins her pain is gone and she started to give strokes from down. I started giving her strokes from up. Slowly I increased speed and she is moaning heavily with little pain and pleasure. I fucked her heavily for 15mins and she already had her 2nd orgasm. I felt like I will cum very soon, so stopped fucking her. I changed my position and brought her above me in cowgirl position and asked her to fuck me. She gave strokes for 5mins and slept on me. I understood that she is tied and started giving strokes from down. She was shocked and asked me “inka avvaleda neku” (you still didn’t cum) I smiled and said “ninnu inko araganta anna veyyakunda ela ipotadi” (How will I cum without fucking you for another 30mins) She gave a smile and kissed me on my lips while I continued to give her strokes from bottom. I stopped again when I was about to cum and changed position.I fucked her for another 15mins in a missionary position. She had her 3rd orgasm. She said she can’t take it anymore in her pussy. Its more than 45mins since I was fucking her pussy very hard. I felt pity for her and removed my cock out. She took my cock in hand and removed condom on it and said don’t worry I will satisfy you. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She sucked it for 5mins, I was about to cum, I told her, but she was in no mood to listen to me. She sucked it faster and deeper, I lost my control and cummed in her mouth. I thought she will spit it out, instead, she chewed it and gulped it completely and licked my cock dry until she sucked every drop from my cock.I hugged her very tight and kissed her lips for 5mins. She is very happy and said thank you to me. I asked why thanks? She “I always wanted to get fucked like this from my college days. But my husband has a small dick and he will finish sex in 5-10mins and will sleep. I have never sucked his dick. I always wanted someone to give love to my whole body and wanted to suck his cock and taste his cum. Today my dream fulfilled because of you. Thank you so much”I hugged her again and gave her a french kiss for 10mins. I saw the time was 12:30. We have been fucking for last 2hours. She asked me to stay with her till Monday morning as her parents took her son to their native place and will return only on Monday evening. So there is nobody to stop us for next 2days.I will tell you in my next post how we spent that 2 days in her home all naked and How she fulfilled all her fantasies with me for 6 months. Sadly she left to Bangalore last month to live with her husband due to force from her family. Please write your comments and feedback about this incident from my life.Unsatisfied women evaru unna sare meeku manchigaa genuine ga good health condition and good privacy to full satisfaction kaavali ante nannu hangouts lo contact cheyandi mee pooku gudda baaga naaki dengi mimmalni satisfy chestanu mee details secret ga unchuta mailto:[email protected]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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