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Caught at a Peep Show Ch. 01

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It was a Friday night and I got home and cleaned up. I was going to a new XXX booth/ peepshow in town. My wife asked me where I was going and I told her I was going to play poker with the guys.

I jumped in the car and drove off, I pulled into the parking lot and sat in the car for a minute and looked around. I looked in the side mirror and saw my wife pulling up behind me and parking. She got out of the car and approached my car. She opened the passenger side door and ask me what I was doing here?

She got in and sat down. I was speechless, she ask me if this was a place where you jack-off while you watch a movie. Before I could say anything. she said that she wanted to go with me, because she wanted to see what I liked about places like this. She said that I could watch a XXX movie at home and jack off, why did I want to come here.

I told her that it was different to sit in a little booth and just think about how many people had jacked off in the very same place you are sitting, masturbating to a film you never seen before.

Well, we got out of the car and opened the door to the adult peep show. As soon as we walked in, they’re where dildo’s and all kinds of sex toys hanging on the walls for sale. My wife started handling them and asking me questions about all the different kinky toys.

She had a huge dildo in her hands, and she was sliding her hands up and down on the dildo like she was jacking it off. All the men in the store were already looking at her and when she started jacking on the dildo they started crowding around her. I took her by the hand and led her over to the counter to get the afyon escort change we were going to need for the movie.

We walked down a dark hallway and entered a booth. The booth was pretty small for two people but my cock was rock hard and my wife Pam was rubbing my crotch. I stuck five dollars worth of coins into the slot and the movie curtain opened and two guys where sucking each other’s cock. I was shocked and have never seen anything like this, my wife stopped rubbing my cock and looked at me and said, “so this is what you come here to see, men sucking men”.

I told her there must be a mistake. I opened the door and looked at the sign on the door and sure enough the sign said that we where in the booth for homosexuals. I entered the booth and was fixing to tell my wife we were in the wrong booth when I looked over at the wall and she had her hand wrapped around a very large cock.

The booth had glory holes in it and the guy in the next booth stuck his cock in the hole and she grabbed it. Soon she took my cock in her other hand and was jacking it slowly as she licked down to my ball sack. She licked it and teased it and took my balls in her mouth one at a time and sucked them and licked them.

I was beside myself with heat and flashes of sheer sexual pleasure. Then she raised my balls up and gently licked the bit of skin between them and my asshole. She looked up at me and said she couldn’t believe I had come here to suck and fuck other cocks, she said she didn’t know I was craving cocks instead of cunts.

Then she started licking my asshole, sticking the end of her tongue into agrı escort my ass, stabbing it back and forth. (I was going to tell her that we had gotten into the wrong booth but she was licking my ass so good, I just thought fuck it I will tell her later) She continued jerking my prick as her tongue bored into my asshole. I just shook with the sheer pleasure of it.

Then I felt her tongue lick up across my balls, stopping to suck each of them. She put her middle finger in her mouth and wet it well with her saliva. As she took my cock in her mouth and her lips slid down my length, she pushed her finger into my asshole. Before long she had inserted two more fingers in my loose ass.

Now her head was bobbing up and down, with one hand jerking my cock and her fist was plunging into my ass, massaging my prostate and making me see stars. This couldn’t last much longer, then it happened. I have never come so hard, before or since. I unloaded a huge load of cum in her mouth. She kept sucking and sucking until I finally softened.

She pulled her hand out of my asshole. Then she looked up at me and opened her mouth. I saw the pool of pearly white cum in her mouth as she ran her tongue around her lips. She put her lips to mine and forced my spent cum into my mouth. At first it grossed me out but then we started snowballing back and forth and I had tasted my cum before when I was by myself.

Pam then suggested that I suck the cock that she was still playing with. That’s when I told my wife that we were in the wrong booth that all these cocks were gay cocks. She told me that she had a fantasy of me sucking a akdere escort cock. And that she wanted me to suck the one she had in her hand. I told her that I wouldn’t be sucking a cock unless it was on a she-male.

She took the cock she was playing with and stuck it up to her pussy and pushed it right up to the wall. This cock was longer than mine and his was sticking thru a wall. She started fucking herself on this strangers cock right in front of me. She said she would fuck it till it cum in her pussy or my mouth.

She had never fucked anybody but me since we have been together. I didn’t want him dumping his cum in my wife’s pussy, but I didn’t want to suck his cock and have him cumming in my mouth ether. Time was running out. I looked down and he had already cum, my wife’s eyes were rolled back in her head and he kept fucking her, the cum was whipped up into a white lather.

When she regained her composure She was mad as hell at me for making her fuck this strangers cock, she told me to look down at her pussy, up until tonight my cock was the only cock to ever fuck her. Now it is all matted up with a strangers cum.

All I would have had to do was suck his cock and none of this would have happened. And it was one of her fantasies to watch me suck a cock. Now she ordered me to suck her pussy clean of all the cum that was pooled up in her gapping cunt hole.

I refused and she said that if I didn’t suck her love hole clean she would start sucking all the cocks in the porno shop. As I hesitated another cock was sticking in the glory hole. This time it was a big black one and my wife had it in her hand she bent over and licked the head of it. Then she looked up at me and ask me if I was going to eat her pussy?

My answer will be in part 2 of Caught At A Peep Show

If you enjoyed this story make yourself cum and taste it. Also VOTE!

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