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Cheering Up the Husband After Work

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Emily, a thirty year old curvy brunette, was doing dishes at the sink, waiting for her husband to come home. He worked a laborious job and often came home grumpy and tired. Emily was typically cheerful and happy-go-lucky, a ray of sunshine in the dark days of life.

She enjoyed doing dishes… well, not the actual dish-doing part, but she loved the warm water running over her skin. The sound of the water rushing. The bubbles, playing along her skin. She slowly closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth, and imagined her husband coming home.. the light smell of sweat on his skin. He’d be grumpy, frustrated with his employees. But then he’d see her at the sink.. doing dishes… wearing her purple t-shirt and red panties.

The sound of her husband’s vehicle pulling into the driveway stirred her from her day dream. She smiled, eager to see her husband’s cock. She’d been so aroused lately, loving her small mouth being wrapped around her husband’s curved, beautiful shaft, tickling the back of her throat.

Dylan walked into the door, throwing his keys to the table and sighing in relief to be home.

“Hi, honey!” Emily smiled, her brown eyes lighting up at seeing her husband.

“Hey…” he grumbled, giving her a swift kiss and heading straight to the bathroom to shower.

Emily pursed her lips, disappointed, but understanding güvenilir bahis that he was just tired. She didn’t mind the pursuit. So, she walked towards the bathroom, as well, hearing the water turn on and his clothes coming off. She heard him step into the shower stall and groan a little, enjoying the hot water on his sore muscles.

She walked into the bathroom, smiling, and slid open the shower door a bit. She loved looking at her husband’s body. He was beautiful. 5’11” and 165 pounds. Lean muscle built from hard labor, not training at a gym. He had the sexiest happy trail, running from his chest hair, down his stomach, around his belly button, then down to his cock. She loved watching him stroke himself. She loved watching him cum. God, she loved everything about him.

“Hey, you’re letting my hot air out!” Dylan grumbled when he felt the cold draft and her eager eyes on him.

“I’m enjoying the view.” She replied.

“Oh, yeah? Want to suck it?” Dylan replied, jokingly as he stroked his cock.

“Yes.” Emily replied matter-of-factly, swiftly removing her t-shirt and panties and stepping into the shower and dropping to her knees.

“Oh, my” her husband responded as her small, plump lips wrapped around his somewhat erect cock. God, she loved feeling it harden in her mouth. Going from somewhat limp, güvenilir bahis siteleri so easy to suckle and tease, to a full, erect cock whose head nestled against her tonsils.

“Mmm… baby” Dylan moaned, looking down at his wife. Her long, brown hair with sun-touched highlights was beginning to drip wet from the hot shower water rushing around them. Her hair entangled around her beautiful, large breasts… her nipples, always slightly erect. Her aerolas, just a slightly darker shade than her honey-toned skin. And fuck, that mouth. Sometimes the words that came out of it made him so angry, but the things she could do with that little mouth and tongue. He closed his eyes in ecstasy, feeling her moaning around his hard cock, feeling her tonsils vibrating against his head. He looked down at her face, watched how much she loved sucking cock… he stroked her hair, pressed his hands to the back of her head, and began to fuck her mouth, which she openly accepted, widening the back of her throat so his cock could fit more comfortably.

Emily reached down and began to rub her clit with one hand and pinch her nipples with the other. She loved touching herself with her husband’s cock in her mouth. Loved him watching her. Loved listening to him moan as he fucked her mouth and throat slowly, shivering when it felt too good.

“Honey, iddaa siteleri I’m going to cum..” he warned her. He felt her lips smile around his cock, and then she started sucking harder. Frantically. Desperately. His head thrusting against her tonsils. She stopped touching her clit and used her hands to fondle his balls, feeling them tight and ready to release.

“Oh God, baby,.. fuck” he groaned, the combination of the hot water rushing down his skin and his wife devouring his cock in pure bliss being too much.

“I want your cum all over me” Emily demanded firmly, sucking his cock until he started cumming… then she aimed his cum all over her tits, on her nipples, then sucked the rest of it dry, pumping more and more cum out. God, she loved the taste. The feel. The smell.

“Fuck” she heard her husband moaning, looking down at his naughty wife. She smiled up at him, looking so innocent and sweet even while covered in his cum. She licked her lips, then took her hands and rubbed his cum into her tits, loving the feel of it. She then lowered her hand to her pussy, rubbing some of the cream from between her legs and sliding it gently over her husband’s overly sensitive cock. He shivered, whimpered, her cream and her soft hand being almost too much. Then he watched as she closed her eyes and licked her cream off his cock. Sucked it slowly, sensuously.

“Are you in a better mood now?” She asked, licking his head one last time before coming up and kissing his lips.

“Mhmmm” he smiled as she got the soap and started to massage his body with it.

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