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Chemical Romance Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Helping Out

Nothing too eventful occurred during the week, apart from a couple instances of Audrey grabbing Cat’s butt playfully at work or teasing Alexa about anything she could think of. Sadly, no opportunities arose for anyone to have more fun at work. Although Cat was somewhat relieved, as the incident on Monday had been quite the exhausting experience. Friday evening she got home safe and sound, tired from the long week. Getting out of her sedan, and walking towards the house she heard someone yell out after her.

“Hey, Cathryn? Is that you?”

She turned around to see the Cassidy, the original receptionist, and another woman walking along the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. The two sauntered over and Cassidy started conversing with Cat.

“Oh hey I haven’t seen you since last Friday! How has work been?”

Reminiscing about, but trying not to think too much about Monday, she responded with a slight sheepishness in her voice. “Things have been usual I suppose… I’ve been chatting with Audrey from accounting and Alexa recently.”

“Oh that’s wonderful, I’m glad you’re getting along with more people at work. Haha, just don’t let Audrey get too flirty.” she giggled

Still suppressing the memories as not to get a bulge in her pants from this, she laughed with Cassidy and the other woman.

“Hey, so, how is your arm?” looking at the large blue cast around the entirety of Cassidy’s arm

Cassidy groaned “Ugh at this point it’s becoming annoying, I mean obviously it was painful as hell when it happened, but now that I’ve been fixed up and have pain meds, it’s just more of a nuisance,” she then pointed to the other woman “This is my friend Beth; she lives around here. And with me being cooped up in my house this arm was driving me crazy, she came and got me to go out and lighten up a bit. We went out to lunch and now are taking a walk around the neighborhood. Funny enough that you live here, and that we just happened to pass by too.”

Cathryn laughed, “Yea lucky coincidence. Well, I’m glad you’re doing alright, and if there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to call or text me.”

“Oh, I will thanks! Well, we’ll be heading on now so you can go inside, hope to see you all back at work soon!”

“Hope to see you as soon as you get back too, bye!” Cathryn took a sly look at both the women’s bodies tightly squeezed into the leggings they were wearing as they turned around and continued their walk.

Finally getting inside, Cathryn sat down to a nice little meal of rotisserie chicken, assorted vegetables, and a strawberry shortcake she allowed herself for dessert, with extra cream of course. Licking her fingers after indulging in the sweet cream of the cake, she wanted a shower to relax in.

She got a soft towel and soap and went into the bathroom. While letting the water warm up, she began to strip down her dirty clothes from the day. Her shirt unbuttoned and came off easily. Sighed in relief as her bra next popped off easily. Her pants peeled away from her hips and thighs, slightly moistened by the sweat produced from her crotch. Sometimes she didn’t know why she didn’t wear different underwear such as boxers or something similar to help giver her member some comfort. But her panties were soft and snug, and she was simply too used to wearing them.

Now getting in the to shower, the warm water rushing over her felt therapeutic on her skin and muscles. Hundreds of droplets ran down her body, soothing her after her interesting week, before dripping off and running down the drain.

Now shampooing and conditioning her hair, the slippery suds felt fantastic on her scalp and began to run down her shoulders and chest. And after rinsing them from her hair she began to use her hands to wipe the suds off of her breasts. Doing this she remembered the soft, supple breasts of Alexa she had loved Monday. Her movements around her breasts became more sensual as the image of that perfect pair played again and again in her mind.

Then a familiar ache began to arise between her legs.

She was happy to carry on with the thought of Alexa and rubbing the soapy water around her breasts and stomach. Then it continued down to her thighs and butt. All the while teasing herself by refusing to touch her endowment which slowly began to become erect and raise up. After more rubbing along her stomach and lower back, she wrapped her right hand around the shaft, lifting it up and causing it to get harder. She had to masturbate at least once a day or accidents could happen. So she leaned back as she took over herself and began slowly stroking the base of the shaft while pressing lightly against her still soapy breast.

Her now 16-inch cock stood up, fully hard, but still growing in size as she ran her finger along the underside of it like how Audrey had done before. A small jolt of pleasure was sent through her as she reached the tip. She found it to be more sensitive than usual and began rubbing around it in a circular motion. ankara escort bayan Her plentiful reserve of precum began to seep out as she continued giving some lubrication for that part, but for her massive shaft, even this wasn’t enough.

Breathing deeply now and having to rest her left shoulder against the shower wall to support herself, she began stroking herself faster and faster. But the water wasn’t a decent lubrication, and the friction soon built, becoming uncomfortable. She then remembered the soapy, slippery feeling of the shampoo and wondered how she had never thought of this before

(though probably a good thing as she might waste money buying enough shampoo to satiate herself)

She grabbed the bottle and squirted out a thin trail on the top of her rod all the way to the tip. The cold of the shampoo tingled as it met the flushed skin, and more jolts ran through her. Then she distributed the slimy goop all around, scooping some to rub again on the rest of her. The texture of it was incredible on her skin and she trembled as she began to fully begin stroking with most of her might. This went on for another few minutes and just as she felt she was about to blow, she stopped and let the beast throb for a bit while excreting more precum.

She loved to edge herself and this shampoo was helping tremendously.

Now a huge glob was spurted right onto the tip, causing it to bent down slightly and the pleasure swept through her more. Again and again, she brought herself just to the edge of climax before backing off, nearly being unable to contain it the last two times. “Ooh, oh careful. Oh gosh, this is fantastic, it’s slippery and wet like when Alexa straddled it.” Remembering this feeling nearly made her cum without even touching her dick.

“Golly oh this is goooood”

She knew she was reaching her limit and decided to finish up. Cat squeezed out every last drop of the shampoo without regard and furiously rubbed and stroked up and down. She went faster and starting grunting from the pleasure as her pressure built up higher and higher. Cat slipped a bit and her butt hit the warm, slippery tiles of the shower. This in combination with pressure it applied brought her to her limit.

Her legs tensed up and her arms froze with her hands squeezing her cock as hard as she could.

Cat’s eyes rolled back into her head as her mouth hung open and abs contracted. All the pressure was about to pour out.


The first rope of cum shot out rapidly and ruptured against the hard tile of the shower wall.


Cat’s eyes now closed and her teeth clenched as violent, rapid jets of her seed shot out and splattered everywhere in the shower as she struggled to stay up. Her smooth, nearly veinless cock twitched and bobbed as the orgasm shot out. Her breasts jiggled in tandem as each shot caused her to convulse. Clenching on as best she could and trying not to fall over, she continued to paint the shower with her cum faster than the water could wash it down the drain and the bottom inch of liquid in the shower was about half water and half cum.

Bucking for the last time the last incredible shot came forth, flying up and coating the shower head as she moaned one last time

“Oooh, fuuu……”

Trembling she sat down in the shower to take a breath and rest. She now knew she was going to have to allot some more cash each month to getting extra shampoo and conditioner.

After cleaning off following her explosive fun in the shower, she dried off and slipped into a soft pair of pajama bottoms and an old tank top. Then she was curled up in her bed to watch some comedy shows on tv before passing out, leaving the stand-up amusing stylings of Robert Malick still running.

“…Speaking of surprises don’t ya just hate it when you bring a girl home, she pulls down her pants and there’s a big floppy dick in your face? Ha sorry I meant ‘love it'”

The audience didn’t seem too impressed with that last one.

Now morning, a sliver of light poked through the curtains in Cat’s room. It poked at her eyelids until she opened them slowly and turned over in bed, allowing herself another 5 or… 30 minutes to lay there, give or take. Finally, she let out a silent yawn as she sat up in bed, adjusting to the light that was coming in. She looked at her alarm clock, 10:21.

“Wow, a Saturday where I’m up before noon, and also wow,” looking down at the blanket that was ever so slightly raised. “And barely any morning wood! This is looking out to be a good day.”

Cat trudged into the kitchen, ready to make herself some waffles drenched in syrup to continue her good morning. Just as she was reaching for the wobbling bottle of syrup on the top shelf her phone began to ring loudly, startling her and almost causing her to spill syrup everywhere.

“Oh, uh, *ahem* hello?”

“Cathryn! I knew I had the right number, it’s Cassidy. I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

Cathryn was surprised to hear her voice, forgetting mersin escort bayan their previous conversation and that this secretary had access to employees numbers.

“No you didn’t wake me up, haha it’s ok. What’s up?”

“Well I really hate to do this, but yesterday you said to call if I need anything. Well, my friend Beth forgot she had a doctors appointment this morning, which is really like her, oh she’s such a forgetful girl. You know she’s so bad, almost every year she’s late to the little birthday dinner that we and some other friends have, ooh this one time Jo and I….” in a cartoon-style secretary manner she had begun rambling but had just caught herself before she forgot what she called about in the first place.

“Oh, haha I do go on and on, anyway I called because I really need someone to help around the house with just a thing or two today, and it would mean the world if you could come over if it isn’t too much trouble.”

“Sure, don’t worry it! I’d be glad to help.”

“Oh thank you so much, it’s just difficult only being able to use one arm for everything. You’re a blessing today, I’ll give you the address but take your time getting here, there’s no rush.”

Cat rapidly finished her waffles, which were so good that she couldn’t help eating them fast in the first place. And followed the directions from her phone to navigate to Cassidy’s house.

After around twelve minutes she arrived in a seemingly quite normal neighborhood and pulled up to an egg white house with black shutters that had the same address as she was given and approached the door.

*knock* *knock*

Cat heard some rumbling around from inside the house then the door quickly opened, revealing

Cassidy, wearing a pale yellow t-shirt with a deep v-neck and grey leggings.

“Thank you so much for coming, I’m sorry I had to ask, but it really means a lot.”

Cat, looking away from the cleavage she was showing, responded, “Oh, uh, don’t worry Cassidy, I told you I’d help if you need it.”

“Ooh you’re just a peach,” Cassidy said, still apologetic, “And you know what else is sweet like peaches…” as she rushed into to the kitchen.

Cat became alert. *gulp* She wondered if this was similar to when Audrey had said ‘Or someone’ Monday before she had made her move on Cat

Suddenly, and to Cat’s relief, she immerged, “Iced tea!”

Cassidy brought a glass over to Cat and then grabbed a glass of the stuff she had been working on before Cat came over. “Ah, nothing like a fresh glass to keep you going.”

She arched her back and took a large gulp, causing her breasts which were already pushing the shirt to its limits to protrude further out and stretch the angle of the v-neck out. Luckily she had closed her eyes as she drank the tea and this allowed Cat to take a good, long look at the massive pair.

Cat might not have had morning wood, but this was enough to send a sizable twitch down her member she was hiding with baggy jeans.

“Mmm, that’s the stuff. Ha, sorry, I just love iced tea, always have some in the house.”

Cassidy then plopped down on her couch and offered Cat to sit down too.

“So have you really been liking working at the company?” She inquired.

Cat thought for a second, “Yea I really have been. I’ve only been out of school for a few years now, but I hope to have a higher position before long. I mean don’t get me wrong, I know I don’t have the qualifications to do a whole lot yet, but I want to do more hands-on work with chemicals, rather than mostly paperwork.”

“Oh don’t worry, you’re a bright girl Cat. Everyone has to start somewhere, but I’m sure you’ll end up where you want. Hehe just don’t let people like Audrey distract you too much, oh she’s a card.”

Cat agreed, laughing, “Yea I’ve only recently gotten to see what she can be like. People like Alexa and the intern are way more manageable.”

“Ooh, then intern, I don’t go for guys much, but he does have a nice little backside” Cassidy blurted out, “Oh I let that slip didn’t I? Well, I suppose it was obvious telling you about how much Beth was taking care of me. She is a little more than a friend to me, but we don’t talk about it much.”

Cat was actually surprised “I hadn’t really noticed, or at least I wasn’t paying attention to those things.”

“Ha, well, even so, we like to keep to ourselves mostly, even if it’s not a rare thing anymore. We just like it that way. Anyway, would you mind if we get started with some things?”

“Sure.” Cat replied and was suddenly thrust a basket of clothes.

“I’ve already tried to carry the basket down myself but almost fell down the stairs, and I was a bit reluctant to try again.” she laughed, “My washer and dryer are in the basement, could you put this load in while I start doing some dishes up here?”

Cat took the basket, overflowing with clothes and heavy enough to make her wonder how Cassidy nearly carried this with one arm down the stairs and headed down to the washer and dryer.

Easily izle spotting the detergent nearby, she began loading the clothes into the washer. After a few pairs of shirts, she came across one of Cassidy’s huge, and heavily padded bras. She had never seen such a large bra and held it up to her own chest. Part of her wished some of her endowment had gone there, but then she thought of the back pain Cassidy must have. Thank goodness she got to sit in a chair with lumbar support during her work day.

Then, a scent hit her nose as she took the pair of pants from the basket to the washer and saw a bundle of panties that was hidden until now. The smell took over her and she picked up a pair, apprehensively bringing it closer to her, but finally smelling it. The sweaty yet sweet scent filled her up as she forgot what she was doing, and her trouser snake slithered down her pants as it began to grow.

“Hey did you find the detergent?” Cassidy shouted down the stairs to her.

Suddenly pulled away from her fantasies, Cat snapped back to reality1 and answered quickly, composing herself “Yes, um, I got it. Uh, almost done here!” and quickly tossed in the rest of the clothes and started the load but not before adding an exuberant about of detergent due to the fact she wasn’t looking… as well as the fact that she was sniffing the panties one last time.

She hurried back upstairs to find Cassidy back in the kitchen, bent over trying to pick up a rag she had just dropped. With her posterior sticking out in Cat’s direction, she wondered if her ability to keep it in her pants was being tested.

Then Cassidy leaned back up, “Well if you’d be so kind to help out with something else, there’s a small patch of lime buildup in my shower near the drain and above the showerhead somehow. If you go into the bathroom and open the closet, some Lime-Away should be sitting on the top shelf and there’s an old rag too.”

Cat was amused with how much Cassidy worried over doing things, “No problem, I’ll get to it right away.”

And she did, going straight to the closet and finding the Lime-Away, but not seeing any sign of a rag. She began to look around a bit before seeing the cabinet under the sink. Opening it up, *eureka!* there was an old rag lying there. She grabbed it and quickly got to work, finding that whatever product it was must be super powered or something. For a moment she wondered if she had stolen chemicals from work because the lime buildup seemed to be rubbing away instantaneously. The tiles in the shower seemed to be brand new after the quick scrub; her job had barely taken any time at all. “Wow, and Cassidy thinks she’s rushing me around. Oh, she’s just too kind.” Cat said to herself

She began to put the amazing product back but knocked over a tub of toiletries and caused it come crashing down to the ground. “Oh, crap sorry!” Cat yelled out preemptively to Cassidy, “But don’t worry nothing is broken. I’m putting everything back where it was.”

Mostly normal items had spilled, creams and the like, but one object caught her attention and it took her a second to fully understand it. A moderately sized, ribbed green phallus lay on the ground and caught her full view. She picked it up quickly, embarrassed and hoping to hide that she saw it. A suction cup poked out of the base, and Cat looked over at the shower imagining the reason for its placement in the bathroom.

However, she knew she would start zoning off again and put it back, shortly before returning to Cassidy in the kitchen.

“Ha sorry about that, but everything’s ok now, and man, you sure do have some powerful Lime-Away.” Cat said, wondering what would happen next.

She had said this while walking behind Cassidy at the sink, but then she turned around.

“Shoot, I’ve to go upstairs to change into a different shirt because I’ve just splashed water all over this one while washing the dishes. Could you finish drying them and putting them away while I change?”

Cat, however, had not taken her eyes from the general direction of the soapy water that ran down her shirt. The cleavage had a light mist of water that made it shine as if it was a beacon calling out to her. But she promptly snapped back again, “Oh, yea that’s not a problem. Sorry you got your shirt all wet.” Although she wasn’t truly completely sorry to see her top like this.

“You’re wonderful, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” Her voice trailed off as she went off, climbing the stairs.

Cat began to towel off a black-speckled plate and continued to think about the bombardment of stimuli around her. The scent of the underwear she had just loaded was intoxicating, and the constant sight of Cassidy’s supple breasts and now butt made her wonder if she would catch on to her staring. She had noticed that after Monday’s events, she had become less shy about her urges and contained her lust less. She daydreamed about how Cassidy’s breasts would feel in her hands, rubbing all over them, teasing her nipples with her fingertips, even using her mouth on them. She wondered if the alluring scent from her panties would be even better from the source. *thump* She was so far off she didn’t even hear the sound of her dick stretching out from their pants and bonking into the cupboard under the counter.

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