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Christie’s Homeless Friend Pt. 02

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Christie sits up, takes Brian’s hand in hers, and proceeds to reminisce with him. “Sweetie, do you know what it is about you that makes us care so much? You’re honest, not just with us, but with yourself. You let your heart decide your actions, and that’s not something we see in many guys. It set you apart the first day we met. Remember that day?” Putting her arm around his shoulders, Christie reminds him of their first encounter. “You gave us change to play on the games in the movie theater when you didn’t have to. You could’ve been like other guys and just looked us over real good and then went about your day, but you didn’t. You made our day so much better with just that simple gesture of kindness, and then on top of that, you bought your second movie ticket for the day just so you could hang out with us longer. It was so sweet, and you were so nervous too,” recalls Christie, chuckling softly.

Brian smirks as he recalls the memory as well. Christie continues, “You’re too hard on yourself hun. So maybe you could have handled your job differently and been better off now. Is that going to change how much the three of us have been through, and how much you mean to us? Not a chance. You just lost focus, and need help getting it back. We get it, and that’s why we’re here for you.” She rests her head against his, “Again, we aren’t taking ‘No’ for an answer,” reaffirming her statement from before, followed by a peck on the cheek.

The kiss, as quick as it was, catches Brian slightly off guard, but he is unsure why. With that uncertainty, he shrugs it off, “Thanks again you two. I have never forgotten how kind you both have been to me, but I never really thought it started with the change at the theater.”

“Well, that was part of it. I think the rest is obvious,” Christie replies with a wink. “Nevertheless, you’ve been special to us from day one,” reemphasizing her point from memory lane.

He smiles softly back at her, “Same here,” nudging her cheek with his forehead much like a cat does when it’s being affectionate. “I think I should try to rest up some more, that soup made me sleepy again,” Brian says as he starts to make his way back onto the couch.

“Why don’t you take my bed then,” offers Christie without much of a second thought.

“What?” he replies, legitimately puzzled this time.

“Take my bed, it’s more comfy than this couch.”

He looks at Cindy for some kind of reassurance, then back at Christie, “but, that’s your bed.”

Christie giggles softly, “Yes, and I’m offering it to you because right now you need it more than I do.” She stands up, pulling him up by the hand that she’s been holding on to this whole time. Cindy stands up too and helps pull him to his feet.

The girls escort Brian to Christie’s room. The door is already open as they enter, and Brian immediately notices that Christie’s bed is bigger than it was before; upgraded from a full size to a queen.

“New bed?” he asks.

“It is. What do you think?” replies Christie.

Wondering why a lady Christie’s size needs a queen sized bed, “isn’t it a tad big for one person?” he inquires.

“For one, yes, but when we have guests sleep over, she usually sleeps with me,” Christie says referring to Cindy, “and she tends to roll around, so we got a queen so she doesn’t roll off again.”

Brian looks to Cindy, “again?” Cindy doesn’t say anything as her reaction is more like a dear caught in head lights.

Softly chuckling, “you didn’t think the rug on the side of the bed was just for you did you?” Christie remarks, easing the tension for Cindy’s reaction.

Brian ponders momentarily, “well… yeah.” The girls both chuckle at his straight-forward answer, and before Christie can respond, Brian inquires something else. “So if guests get her room when they stay over, why do I get to stay in yours?”

The question cuts the giggles rather quickly from the ladies. Christie further escorts Brian the few steps over to her bed as she simply explains, “Because you aren’t staying for just a night or two.”

Brian plops down on Christie’s bed, fairly confused about one other thing. “Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to have the smaller bed though?”

Christie shares a smile with Cindy, then turns to leave the room, letting her finger gently stroke Brian’s jawline as she moves away, “sweet dreams hun.” He makes eye contact with her as she walks towards the door, not breaking it until she closes it behind her.

Brian takes a moment to himself, thinking about Christie’s actions and any possible intentions she may have. Based on their history, he is used to her actions on a friendship only basis, but this felt different. The look she gave him on her way out was different. Thinking it was only because she was happy to see him again after so long, Brian shrugs it off and lies back on the bed. Thoughts of ‘what if’ circle his mind for a half hour or so, but his tired state eventually gets the better of him, and before he knows it, he’s fast asleep.

By now, the girls have returned to the couch, and are anadolu yakası escort snacking on a sliced up apple. Christie has their snack on a plate which is resting on her while she in turn lies across Cindy’s lap, with her head against the arm rest. With Brian back in the picture, the girls find their playful nature returning to them as their worries have all but vanished. However, they find that new questions are arising.

Cindy revisits a conversation in her mind that the two had during their trip, and inquires Christie for clarification. “Do you remember several months ago when we talked about coming home, how we agreed that he would be our priority?”

Christie finishes her apple slice, gazing down at the plate, “I remember that there were several parts to that agreement. One had to do with finding him once we got home, and we’ve done that. Another part of it was how we would help him once we got here, which is a work in progress.”

“And then there was the part we had to really think about,” Cindy says continuing the list of points being recalled.

Christie looks up from the plate, “it was the part YOU really had to think about, because you know how open I am about stuff like that, and I know the idea of sharing wasn’t why you were sobbing in the middle of the night.”

“I wasn’t the only one,” Cindy replies. “You woke up in a few cold sweats yourself after you stopped talking about him so much.”

“Yeah, I know. It was from nightmares I had about his safety,” clarifies Christie.

“So…you did grow fonder of him while we were there.”

“I did,” Christie says, picking up on her lady’s persistence for her feelings. Christie takes the snack plate in her hand as she slowly sits up, and leans back into Cindy, putting the plate down on the cushion next to her. “Those nightmares reminded me of how much he meant to us before we left, and if we lost him, I’m sure the heart break would’ve been unbearable… for both of us,” Christie pauses briefly, then gets back to Cindy’s point, “Yes, I cried too… for the same reasons you did, and more.” With her arm wrapped gently around Cindy’s neck, and resting their heads against each other, Christie points out a few more details that Cindy isn’t aware of. “Sweetie, I love you, and I adore your happiness, and… I know that he is a part of that happiness, and that he has been for quite some time. It’s been night and day with how much you light up now with him here versus him being away from you for so long. I’ve never seen anything like it with any other guy you’ve been with. There’s something else I’ve noticed too…” she pauses again briefly, “my visions are starting to clear up and explain themselves again the way they used to before, just in the short time that he’s been here.”

Hearing that comes as good news to Cindy. “Sounds like you need him around just as much as me.”

Christie lifts her head and gives Cindy a reassuring smile. “I do, but he has to be ok with it too.”

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t he be?”

“Have you forgotten how different he is?” Christie says, reminding Cindy of what sets him apart so much from guys the ladies are used to meeting. “We’ve pretty much border lined the ‘friends-with-benefits’ role with him, and he’s never once acted on it in return even though I know he’s wanted to countless times.” Cindy nods in agreement. Christie continues, “We can ask him how he feels about this, just don’t be surprised if we get turned down.”

“Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t be, but then again, if we’re ready for it, I can’t see why we should hold anything back from him. I’m pretty sure we can still do it while maintaining the friendship we have.” Cindy replies confidently.

“Well, if we’re not holding back, then…” Christie takes the last apple slice and puts half of it between her lips, motioning Cindy with her finger to take the rest. Cindy smiles big before accepting Christie’s offer, taking in the other half of the apple, and meeting Christie’s lips lovingly. A few giggles are shared as Christie bites off her half of their snack, making for an awkward moment where each of them makes sure not to drop any of it from their mouths.

Christie gives Cindy one more sweet peck on the lips before getting up and taking the plate to the sink. Half way to the kitchen, Cindy gets an idea. Christie starts washing off the plate as Cindy approaches her from behind, wrapping her arms around Christie’s mid-section and leaning into her.

Cindy softly asks, “So um, where do you think we should sleep tonight?”

Christie smiles big again and turns beat red from blushing so hard.

The next morning, upon fading out of his dream, Brian notices he feels a lot warmer and very restricted in movement compared to how he felt when he fell asleep. As his senses start to register, he feels something very soft to his left, which is also pinning his arm. It is accompanied by a sweet smell, but he is unable to identify what it is. Before his eyes will open fully, he turns his head to see ankara anal escort that it’s Christie lying on his arm, facing away from him. He turns his head back for a second before he realizes what he’s seeing.

As Brian shoots up in shock, the movement causes Cindy to roll off the opposite side of the bed! He doesn’t say anything right away as the thud from Cindy’s fall catches him off guard. Christie stirs from the commotion as he crawls over to the side of the bed to help Cindy up.

“Well hello,” he says giving Cindy a hand, and pulling her back up onto the bed. He backs off the foot of the bed with slight confusion and asks, “what are you two doing in here?”

“Well it is kind of my room,” Christie sarcastically replies with her eyes not quite fully open, but with enough adrenaline flowing through her from Cindy’s mishap to be fully aware of her surroundings and the conversation at hand.

“Yes, of course, but I mean I thought you two would be sleeping in the other room,” Brian says clearing up the meaning of his question.

“Surprise?” Unsure of a direct answer, it is Cindy’s attempt at a response while gently rubbing her head from her fall.

Not really sure how to respond, Brian looks to Christie for a better answer. When all she does is smile kindly at him, he decides to take a moment to refresh and heads off to the bathroom.

“Really?! Again?” Christie teases Cindy for her short trip to the floor. “So much for a bigger bed being the answer to that dilemma,” she continues with a sweet giggle.

“In my defense, there were more people in the bed this time,” Cindy smarts back. “That didn’t seem to go well, did it,” referring to Brian’s shocked reaction. “Guess that counts for being turned down?”

“Not quite,” Christie replies, “wait until he comes back, he’ll be more alert then.”

A few minutes later, Brian comes back into the room. “So what’s going on here?” he asks while remaining standing near the door.

“Sweetie, come,” requests Christie. When Brian doesn’t budge, “Please?” Patting the bed in his spot. Cindy swallows nervously from his hesitation. When he still doesn’t move, Christie pulls the covers off of her, gets up and takes him by the hand, “Are you mad?”

“I’m confused,” he replies. “I thought you two only wanted me as a friend… so I don’t understand what this is all about.”

“That’s why you should sit down and let us explain,” Christie says, understanding his point of view. Accepting her reply as valid reasoning, Brian finally takes a seat on the edge of the bed. Cindy scoots up behind him, and Christie remains standing in front of him as she explains their actions.

“Sweetie, when we left at first, I could tell by your energy that you were doing alright. Obviously, we had communication through phones and all, but you know I pick up on way more than that… or at least I could, for a while.” Brian nods in agreement. “Well, the longer I was away from you, the less I could sense about you, and about anyone for that matter. Then there were those last several months that just crawled by… and…” Christie pauses for a moment, trying not to get too emotional, “we found ourselves really unable to think of anyone but you.”

Brian feels Cindy’s hand take a hold of his free hand that he’s leaning on; he looks back at her, seeing a soft smile on her face while also trying to hold back her emotions. “We eventually agreed that you were very important to us, and that when we got home, we would make you our top priority,” Christie continues, guiding his hand to her cheek and softly nestling into it. He is speechless as she shows her affection to his hand. He then feels Cindy lean her head on his shoulder, facing away at first as she’s intimidated by the thought that he might still turn them down.

Christie concludes, “Long story short, we feel blessed to have you around, and we’d love it if you stayed with us… permanently.”

Brian is momentarily speechless still as his heart skips a beat. He watches as Christie lovingly grazes his hand with her sweet lips, eventually making eye contact with her again. It is something he has dreamed of since the first day the three met, to receive the affection from this amazing lady who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. On top of that, the thought of being shared by her cherished other as well seems unreal as he’s never heard of it being a thing in his area, and for the most part, he is unsure of how to make certain they are being true to their word. However, since the girls seem to have a ‘just-go-for-it’ attitude, Brian figures what the heck, and says the first thing that comes to mind. “What?”

The girls are somewhat shocked at his response, as witless yet comical as it was. “Did I stutter?” Christie asks in her usual confident and matter-of-fact tone.

Brian, still not believing this is a hundred percent real, barely shakes his head ‘No’ as he looks to Cindy for any signs of foul play. When he see’s none from her, he looks back to Christie, “You ankara anal yapan escort are serious?”

As an answer to his question, Christie leans in; bracing his head in her hands, and gives him a solid, yet sweet and tender kiss on the lips. Her verbal response is minimal, “Very,” guiding his face towards Cindy who follows in suit with an affectionate kiss of her own.

Brian melts from the overwhelming sensation that he receives from the ladies. He briefly notices how fresh they seem to be for having just woke up, which for now simply adds to how incredible this sensation really is.

As his lip lock with Cindy comes to an end, Christie restates her proposal, “So,” as he looks back to her, “will you stay?”

His heart flutters as he mentally recovers from their affections. A couple more passing glances to both ladies, and he finally gives them an answer. Looking to Christie, “You said yesterday that you wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer…,” his words bring an enlightened smile to her face, “so I guess I’m staying~”

Christie practically smothers him in a tight hug as she remains standing and wraps her arms around his head! Cindy also squeezes him from behind in excitement! Neither of them can actually speak at the moment because of how ecstatic they are!

As much as he loves the position he’s in, he reluctantly calls to their attention, “okay…choking…not breathing!”

The ladies giggle sweetly as they release him from their grasp, allowing him inhale deeply as he falls back on the bed with Christie going down with him as he is mostly her support from the hug that she has yet to fully release from.

Flopping over to his side but still resting on him half way, she asks “are you alright?”

Taking a few more deep breaths, “Uh huh~” is all he manages to get out.

“Mmmmm, good,” she purrs into his ear before softly nibbling on it.

He melts again as tingles simultaneously flow through his body.

“It’s so wonderful to have you back,” she whispers, resting her head against his as she snuggles into him.

He quietly smiles, thinking the same thing. His senses are still all over the place, but he manages to wrap his arms around her, giving her his own tight yet gentle squeeze. As he releases his hold a bit, he looks up and see’s Cindy still sitting next to him smiling. He lifts his arm up that’s on her side, welcoming her into the hug as well.

Cindy is kind of in an awkward position at first to join in the hug, but after a peck on cheek, she snuggles into him with her back to him, resting her head on his shoulder, ending up close to a fetal position.

The three rest for a bit, simply enjoying their embrace.

Brian eventually breaks the silence, “so… how’s your head?”

Christie cracks up laughing, not that what he said was really that funny, it’s just the way he said it.

Cindy doesn’t really say anything, just moans adorably as to not draw too much attention to it.

“Yeah Miss ‘We need a bigger bed’, how’s your head?” Christie teases as she lies over Brian and messes up Cindy’s hair, kissing her head in the spot Cindy was rubbing earlier.

Cindy giggles softly, turning her face into the blankets from mild embarrassment.

Christie continues her playful assault, putting kisses now in random spots on her lady’s head, not really paying much attention to the shift in position Cindy makes.

Out of nowhere, Cindy reaches back and in one quick motion, she picks Christie up and flips her up and over both her and Brian to the other side of them on the bed, landing her forcefully on her back and pinning her down at her shoulders!

“My head’s fine. Thanks for asking,” Cindy firmly states, smiling down at Christie who’s still slightly stunned by her sudden actions.

“Damn~” Brian says slightly stunned as well by what he just saw.

Cindy gives him a quick smirk as her attention remains on Christie, “are you done?”

“Maybe,” Christie brazenly replies, biting her lip as she smiles, wrapping her stunning legs around Cindy’s hips, or at least she tries to.

Cindy catches her left leg with her forearm, quickly overpowering her attempts, and redirects it to the side facing towards Brian, pressing her leg to the bed and holding it there as Christie’s beautiful toes point right at him. “Suck,” she orders, looking him dead in the eye.

Brian is dumbfounded! He knows Christie is flexible, but he’s never seen her in this position before! Quite frankly the fact that her leg being held down doesn’t seem to bother her at all is beyond impressive to him! As quickly as Cindy turns the tables, he’s not even sure of what to do, and so his voice cracks when he replies, “What?”

“Suck,” she repeats. “If she’s going to start shit, I’m going to end it by giving her jello legs,” turning her focus back down to Christie, but still speaking to Brian, “and now that you’re here, you can help.” Her own mischievous smile forms on her face.

“The fu…?” He is caught so off guard he can’t even think straight.

The ladies always manage to come up with new ways to render him speechless, and this is no exception! He’s seen Cindy’s dominant side before, so it’s still Christie doing it to him this time. The way she’s actively trying to rile Cindy up, and then not have any kind of protest in her current position is definitely a new one in his book.

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